MR N’s #NFL Week 3 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings


1. Cincinnati Bengals (3) – One could almost say the Bengals are being mean by using trick plays to take a nice lead. That is pretty unsporting lol. Totally in control. When the O plays like this, with that D…there are few teams that can beat these Bengals. Brilliant game.

2. Arizona Cardinals (2) – Failing to get their D to stop the Niners when needed and the O isn’t getting results early. Cardinals needed to start faster than they did and now they must ask a backup QB to lead a division comeback. Going to be interesting to see. The Cards storm back to a 6 point lead, the D is playing strong and the O is on point. Can they hold the lead for 13 minutes now is the question. The Cardinals deserve amazing credit for coming from behind and laying a whipping on a tough division rival. Great win by what is a great team.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (4) – Got lucky with a ST TD but their D is playing like crap in the first half again. Eagles can score points, that is not in doubt, their D can’t really stop anyone – that is also not in doubt. Eagle D has come out fighting again and look strong early second half. Another stronger second half but they need to battle to get a win against a tough divisional opponent. Another come from behind win and they deserve credit but this script won’t win in the playoffs. Well done but they need to tighten up the D something quick.

4. Chicago Bears (5) – The BEARS came out strong and played a super first quarter. The holes on the O line began to show and the team was battered by a strong pass rush but the Bears were able to get a FG here and a TD there and with some timely D and solid special teams the BEARS won their second night time road game in a row. They face a tough home divisional game and if they win that one they will be well in control of their division…it is all about the Pack next.

5. New England Patriots (6) – Patriots seem to be taking it easy against Oakland and that isn’t a good idea. Pats lead but the play of Brady is again underwhelming and one wonders if he is past his prime? The Pats squeak out a win in a game that should have been a blowout. Ugly and they aren’t very good.

6. San Diego Chargers (7) – Superb early drive and playing good D on the road. The Chargers are playing good O, decent D and have a lead at the half. Early second half TD has basically put this game out of reach barring bad prevent D and turnovers. Terrific win on the road and the Chargers continue to excel against their very easy first half schedule.

7. Seattle Seahawks (10) – The Seahawk D is just not the LOB of last year. Nearly every 3rd down when they could force deep punts and change the field position is lost to conversions. Something is up. Thankfully for Seattle the Offense is operating effectively and the Hawks have a nice lead going into the half. The Seahawks need to see if they can use the run and burn the clock. The Seahawks have set it up to win, can their D make one more stop? No, they played like crap, had no pass rush, poor route coverage and deserve to lose. Look like Washington’s D. The D is only lucky that the O was able to win it in the first possession of OT. Not last year’s Seahawks at all.

8. Denver Broncos (1) – Although being held only to a field goal early the Denver O is trending the right way. They keep successfully converting 3rd downs. The Broncos can’t get the points they are used to, the D can’t seem to stop the Hawk O and now they must come back in a hostile environment. The Broncos are being historically bad on O and they are in trouble mid third quarter. The Broncos have under 1 minute get 8 points, can they? They can and it was a great drive against a now suspect D. They never got the ball in OT and that kept them from winning.

9. Indianapolis Colts (13) – Luck leading the Colts O easily against the Jag D and Richardson looks legit again. Complete, total, utter, unarguable domination. The Colts are just breezing through and their D isn’t being tested either. A superb game and they won it going away.

10. Atlanta Falcons (25) – A total domination. The Falcons destroyed a division rival and did it in neat fashion. Solid D, good O running and passing and good special teams. Much is made about Devin Hester…I know Hester intimately. He is not a very good WR and he is now only a KR who can make a big play once in a while. Congrats on the record. By the way, how much horse manure is it that the NFL (NO FUN LEAGUE) calls high stepping with a hand behind the head into the endzone TAUNTING??? That is beyond the stupidest rule about taunting yet and needs to be quickly crushed. That is simply players having fun. The Falcons did well. I don’t argue they can score points. I sincerely question their ability on D to make stops when needed. They are NOT a great team because they blew out Tampa but it was a great win.

11. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Baltimore is finding out early that this isn’t the usual Browns of the recent past. Baltimore using offensive weapons I don’t know and can’t pronounce to take the lead back (Tallia-what?Kuzcyk-Who?). Baltimore seems to have found a good RB and on the positive he hasn’t punched out any women so far. The Ravens indeed were the last team to score and they pulled out a gutsy divisional win.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (20) – The Steelers played a great game and had it going on with a solid run game (LeVeon Bell is the Super-star weapon and they CANNOT afford to lose him ever) and even Big Ben was able to take advantage of Pittsburgh’s receivers running uncovered to toss a couple of TDs. The D and special teams played well and got key turnovers. A great win for them. I would like to see them do it again and having potentially lost 3 key defenders…this could be a very costly win.

13. Detroit Lions (15) – Stafford has turned it over twice and that of course is gold. The fact their D has provided 9 points has them in a first half lead but they are self defeating so far. The Lions march the field, look like they are about to take a big lead and another Golden turnover and the Lions can’t take control. Self defeating Same Old Sorry Ass Lions. Reggie Bush ran for a nice TD…he beat on the Packer Rush D like they were a one year old girl…oh wait, he only does that at home. Ugly but this will be a win that saves their season from being lost in week 3.

14. Dallas Cowboys (22) – DeadManCoaching seems to think he got a reprieve last week. The Cowboy D is horrible early and the big 0 the Cowboys put up in the first quarter kinda defines that O. That horrible coverage that led to the 2nd long Ram TD is just laughable (Merrill Hodge said in 4 weeks the Cowboys could look like a SuperBowl contender…really???). The Cowboys seem outmatched. Will need a serious half time pep talk from #DMC to make this a game. Dallas using it’s weapons to put them in good condition in a game they were well out of early. The Cowboy D managed to make one play to win the game for them. Everyone will speak about how great the Cowboys are and boy will they be wrong.

15. New Orleans Saints (24) – Saints out to a quick lead but that surprises no one. Saints D has bent and not broke twice and if they keep that up New Orleans will be ok. The Saints have a slim lead and now need to see if they can work the clock and seal the deal. Saints have enough edge with their running game to burn out the clock and get them their first win. I would personally be concerned about how hard it was for them to win what should have been a laugher.

16. Kansas City Chiefs (26) – Two relatively evenly matched teams battling it out early. The Chiefs managed to turn the battle in their favor and had a nice lead by the half. The Chiefs manage to hold a ten point lead but the Dolphins D is starting to make a mark in the second half. The Chiefs pulled away and won the game going away. Pretty amazing results considering how bad they looked week 2. We need to see which Chief D and O appear in week 4.

17. Green Bay Packers (12) – Turnovers are gold and the Lacy fumble put the Pack down early. Green Bay is close and they are a dangerous team when they are behind but close. The Packer O has been stifled by the Lions and the Pack now find themselves way down in the division and look like a team in trouble.

18. Houston Texans (11) – D holding G-men quiet early but little from the Fosterless O. Don’t really know what the Texans’ D was doing on the long 1st half drive for the Giants. They look completely beatable. Hmmm. What is going on with the Texan D and O? Fitzpatrick is showing clearly how turnovers are gold and this team isn’t in any way good enough to win a game when they turn the ball over. An ugly loss and now the wheels fall off a bad team.

19. San Francisco 49ers (17) – Off to a good start with the offense working and the D holding Arizona to field goals. Niners got about the best first half they could ask for and now they need to see if they can hold this first half lead. This just in, they can’t. The Niners O has gone self destruct mode and the one time they had the ball first and goal at the 5…they penaltied themselves into a 3rd and goal at the 34 and a missed FG. It’s kind of funny. A team of 2 halves. Once more super first half and a bad, undisciplined and mistake filled second half. Merge this team with Philadelphia and they would win every game 70-0 but the 49ers are just a sad sack 1-2.

20. Miami Dolphins (14) – The Dolphins O isn’t able to get any traction and their D was solid 1st Q but starting to fade late in the second. Tannehill is showing a lot of gumption and guts to make the plays as he has but they haven’t been able to fully solve the Chief D in the first half. This is practically a coming out party for Tannehill who is looking great today. Alas they couldn’t come back and the Offense just couldn’t make the necessary plays. The Dolphins need to win next week or their year may already be over.

21. Carolina Panthers (8) – Early on it was evident that the normally stout Panther D front 7 was not on it’s game as the Steeler line pushed them around from the get-go. Caaaaam looked more invalid than superman. Obviously his ribs and ankle are still troubling him. The appalling lack of offensive weapons showed its ugly head again and one really has to wonder how Carolina will score any points with that crew? Add to it golden turnovers from both Offense and Special Teams and the recipe for disaster is perfectly seasoned. The Panthers got smoked. They looked terrible. If their D isn’t going to play a rock solid 60 minutes they will be steamrolled by everyone they face. Ugly loss.

22. St. Louis Rams (21) – Austin Davis has the Ram O working and they look good. They seem to have gotten a nice match against a crappy D. Excellent O and a nice D off a golden Romo turnover has the Rams nicely out in front in the half. Ram D looking hollow early and are in danger of letting Dallas into a lead. Davis does all he can but drops are keeping Dallas in the game. The Ram D really is solely responsible for their losing this game. Had they played just their normal level of D and this game was there to be won.

23. Tennessee Titans (18) – Seem out of their depth already and it’s very early. Unable to do anything at all against the great Bengal D. Shutout at the half. Utterly destroyed. This isn’t even laughable anymore. No O, No D. No chance. Tampa Bay like.

24. Washington Redskins (23) – A workman like efficient first drive by Cousins that intermixed accurate passing and solid runs for a TD. Very un-RGIII like as it looked efficient. Another brilliant drive by Cousins and the Skin O is on a roll. Excellent O that has the Skins in the lead near the half. Seeing D’angelo Hall carted off the field isn’t a big deal as he covers as well on a cart as on the field. The Skin D has allowed Philly to roar back and now Cousins must try a comeback. Cousins leads them back for a tie and this will come down to the wire. In the end it was valiant but Cousins couldn’t get it done. RGIII knows too well how the D lets teams beat Washington.

25. New York Giants (31) – Give NY credit they are getting some rushing yards but not many points. Well I just witnessed the best offensive drive by Manning and the G-men and Cruz’s Salsa and if the NYG can do that steadily they will start to turn the ship around. Manning is having a great game, has reduced the turnovers to 0 and have a nice lead. Congrats to the Giants for winning a nice game. They played well on all phases and avoided the turnovers. Do it again.

26. Buffalo Bills (9) – Inability of the offense to quickly answer the Chargers could mean a long day for the Bills unless they get it going. Bills can’t seem to get anything going still and the time is ticking in the first half. Buffalo needs to come up with a new plan as they are lost against SD so far. The Bills seem to have no shot, remains to see if there is a miracle here. The Bills stunk and never had a hope.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – I had no idea how bad this team is. To be totally fair, the problems the Bucs had on D were related to the problems on O. McCown and later Glennon both made some good throws that were simply dropped. There were key drops by RBs, WRs, TEs and at least 3 times in the first half when the game wasn’t totally out of reach – balls were dropped that would have been first downs, extending drives, giving D a much needed rest. About the D, to be completely gutted because McCoy was out is symtomatic of a serious problem. No team in football should be totally useless because one guy is out. As for the QB situation, once more I state that Glennon is their franchise QB and McCown is a very old, effective backup. It was said on Thursday night that Lovie Smith has a plan. He needs a new plan. The Bucs, who received a 50 burger on national tv, are a terrible team.

28. Cleveland Browns (27) – Hoyer is leading the Brown O effectively and they have a nice early lead. Brown D starting to fade with injuries mounting to key members of the line. Hoyer is leading a good fight and this game could come down to last score wins. Excellent effort for Cleveland, their D let them down at key moments and that was the difference.

29. New York Jets (28) – Geno Smith is a lot better than he was last year but he still has painful growth to get through. He tossed a huge pick six, made some over throws, bad decisions and poor clock management. The Jets have a solid front 7 and a TERRIBLE secondary. They have little offense and are a team in trouble.

30. Minnesota Vikings (29) – The Vikings unable to get anything going early against the questionable Saint D. Does Cassel’s limp mean it could soon be time for a Bridge over Minnesota’s Trouble Water?? Bridgewater in and early returns are pretty positive, he doesn’t seem out of his level and his legs give the Vikes a new angle not seen since I don’t know when. Bridgewater is nifty in the pocket and he throws a nice ball but sadly he can’t catch what he throws. The Vikings D can feel pretty good about holding the Saints to so few points. All in all the Vikings played as good as they could in this loss.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (30) – Their D can’t stop the run or pass in early going. Henne providing his usual 0 offense (BORTLES!!). It has become a joke and Henne really needs to step aside. D is exhausted already and they can’t stop Indy. The Jags brought in Bortles and he put up some points. He needs a full week of practice and perhaps the Jags can get this turned around.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – Derek Carr seems to be a well balanced QB and he is doing what he can to keep the Raiders in the game early. The Raiders are still in the match which is a bit of a surprise. The Raiders really played well and Derek Carr is amazing and that last pick wasn’t on him. Good game on O and D.

There you have it! My rule this year is if a team loses, no matter how well they play…they drop 1 and an ugly win means up 1. Get blasted or blast someone and they can move more. I think this is equitable in the parity filled NFL. If you win, you are better than those that lose.

As always I love to get all thoughts, comments, arguments and agreements! It is a lot to read so I just appreciate someone reading my weekly NFL short stories! I will happily take a contract offer from or money, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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