MR N’s #NFL Week 4 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings


1. Cincinnati Bengals (1) – On the bye, stand as the best team in the NFL to me until I see someone beat them. If that happens I will re-evaluate of course.

2. Arizona Cardinals (2) – On the bye, stand as the 2nd best team in the NFL and are impressively doing it with a backup QB. They are #2 until they lose to someone or unless they keep winning and Cincy loses then they move up!
3. San Diego Chargers (6) – It seems the Chargers have neglected to take this matchup seriously. Evidently they overlooked the Jags and it is hurting them early. They must turn it on, on both O and D, and they have about 35 minutes to do it. San Diego seems to have given their collective heads a shake and they are starting to walk away in this game. Rivers really took over and won this game for them. A solid victory after a shaky start but a win is a win in this NFL.

4. Indianapolis Colts (9) – Trying to watch an Indy drive with the most horrible camera work by CBS. Further tho, it is inexcusable for Indy to suffer 2 false start penalties in the red zone at home. They are lucky they scored a TD. Another excellent domination so far. A great win for a Colt team that is winning the easy games which isn’t as easy as it should be in today’s NFL. Solid win.

5. Baltimore Ravens (11) – Steve Smith is getting his ‘revenge’ with 2 early TDs and the Raven o is off and running and well out ahead early. Ravens are running and throwing as they wish and are slowly pulling away. Superb win. The Ravens also are winning the easy games. Will be interesting to see this team tested against another good team whenever that happens.

6. Dallas Cowboys (14) – The Cowboys had a great game plan and tore it up from the start. A powerful running game, accurate and turnover free passing. The D did enough to shut down the Saints but the grinding, ball control offense did the best thing…keep NO off the field. Brilliant game. Best of the year and now the Cowboys look like a good team. Can they keep this up?

7. Seattle Seahawks (7) – On the bye, coming off a win. I am not sold that the Seahawks are as good as the team that won the Super Bowl and the next game will help me figure that out.

8. Denver Broncos (8) – On the bye, coming off a tough loss. I am not certain how good this team is either and the week by week battles will help determine just how good or not they are.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (16) – That was a game that KC used to play last year in the first half. They were dominant on both sides of the line. The O line opened holes for Charles and Charles looked like a beast. The Line held up to give Alex Smith time to be effective and Travis Kelce at TE is a revelation. A superb O performance. Add that to excellent D and solid special teams and now we have to see if the Chiefs can do this again.

10. Green Bay Packers (17) – Pack answers with an O plan that took apart a kinda sleepy BEAR D. This could be a shootout. Two TDs early. The Pack are having their way on O and D is being decent. Green Bay playing their best game of the year so far. Makes Rodgers look prescient in his comments. They played well, took advantage of turnovers and lacklustre Bear D and won it going away.

11. San Francisco 49ers (19) – SF is playing poor special teams, Kapaernick has already turned it over, the Niners are down and their D is playing good. Not a great start. SF deserves full credit for gutting it out and taking a late lead. Can their less than 100% D make the key stops necessary to win this game? We will see. The Niners D indeed did enough to win them a game. Now they need to win another to really impress me. A win is a win.

12. Detroit Lions (13) – The Lions early have been keying on the run and that is being stifled, not surprisingly, by a solid Jet Run D. Pass the ball you nitwits. Detroit has managed to pull out a 2 td lead and if they can keep the D pressure up they should be ok. The Lions managed to eke out a win. Somehow this team is 3-1 and I give them credit for winning but they are not a very good 3-1 and will be whupped by a real opponent easily.

13. New York Giants (25) – That was a picture perfect game by the G-men. Eli was looking like he was a young man, his receivers were running good routes and making amazing catches. The run game with Jennings looked superb. I was totally impressed by the sudden good play of the NY Giant Offensive line. They had resembled tackling dummies at times. They dominated and kept Eli clean and opened huge holes for rushes. The D played well, their schemes were unable to be stopped and the pressure on the QB was the difference. That allowed their secondary to play stronger. A great team effort and superb win in the division. Now their task is to keep this roll going.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (3) – The Eagles are out to a good lead on the road by playing superb special teams and solid D. The O hasn’t really started working yet and they already are ahead. If they do their second half explosion this will be over early. The Eagles O can’t get going and they have slowly fallen behind and now it rests on the back of the Eagle O to get a TD to win the game. Foles looks like a rookie who can’t play in the NFL. He appears to be unable to get it done in the clutch and that is bad for Philly. Ugly loss.

15. Chicago BEARS (4) – Opening Drive was just about BEAR perfect and capped with a GB DB falling down and going boom while Marshall caught a TD. If the BEAR D can’t figure out how to stop GB this is going to be a long day. The Bears need to get their D more efficient 2nd half. It appears the Bears D isn’t going to show up today and the Bears need a miracle to pull out a game that is getting out of hand in the third quarter. Cutler added golden turnovers to a poor D performance and the BEARS get humiliated at home and now the team is at a critical crossroads. How good is this team?

16. Houston Texans (18) – Early on it is effective D and no O whatsoever. The Texans have to hope for a turnover and maybe, just maybe, a completion or two. Already a turnover for Fitz. Houston needs to explore other QB options. Fitzpatrick gives TDs or Picks he is all or nothing. The Texans have a lead but their Offense isn’t exciting or remarkable. It was enough to beat Buffalo while playing at home and that makes Houston, not Detroit, the worst 3-1 team in football.

17. New England Patriots (5) – I have to start this with the obvious point. Tom Brady made a big point before the season started that he would play until he “sucked”. Well Tom, hate to break this to you but you suck. You totally suck. You can’t throw a deep ball, you get upset and holler on the sidelines and you spend more time on your backside than when you are at home. The Pat D is a joke. They can’t cover, they can’t tackle a running back. The Special teams have issues. The Offense is a mix of never was and has been and this team is really close to circling the bowl and looking more like Pats of 1991 not 2013.

18. Miami Dolphins (20) – Miami looking more balanced in England too. Perhaps we have a meeting of two equal value teams and that can be a competitive matchup. (they just happen to both be really bad!) The Dolphin O simply needed to play against the Raider D in order to get on track. Starting to put it away early into the third quarter. Tannehill effectively makes his Head Coach look like a putz with his blazing performance. Excellent team win. Well done.

19. Atlanta Falcons (10) – The Falcons are in a battle and they didn’t expect this. Their Offense is able to move the ball but their D is having great trouble stopping Minnesota and they are in a tight one early. The Falcons questionable D is being pushed about and they find themselves down early in the third. The Falcons managed to roar back and take a slim lead but the D then let the Vikes back in front. It will come down to the heart of the Falcon D and the heart of Matt Ryan. Can they win it in 4 minutes? Short answer no. The Falcons D is pitiful and they are who I thought they were.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27) – Tampa Bay has managed to get themselves off to a fair start and to be tied after a quarter isn’t bad. The Bucs managed to get the game to within a score as time was running out but Glennon just couldn’t make the connection and it seemed the Bucs were defeated. They played a tough D stand and got the ball back and Glennon DID it! What an amazing come from behind win! Well done!

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (12) – Pittsburgh has shown some heart to keep it close with Tampa and that is impressive seeing how flat they seem off the mark. The Steelers would have been lucky to win this game. Tampa gave them all they could take and the Steelers D collapsed and lost a game they should have won going away. A very ugly loss by a team that is just not very good.

22. St. Louis Rams (22) – On the bye and need to look deeply into themselves and try to determine if this D can do enough to allow a battered O to grow and make this team at least a shadow of an 8-8 team.

23. Minnesota Vikings (30) – Teddy Bridgewater is a revelation. I haven’t seen such a talent at QB since the 1998 Hey Day with Randall Cunningham. He is a leader, he throws a great ball and runs like the wind and slides like Russell Wilson. Good days are ahead with Bridgewater at the helm and they have a shot to win it today. The Vikes O has put the team well out in the lead and now it comes to the D to hold on. This game could be over if the Vikings can play D. The Vikings impressively stormed back into the lead with the brilliant play of Bridgewater and now with a late and gutsy 50+ yard FG they now have a two possession cushion to work with. Can they hold on? Not only hold on but put the game on ice. Brilliantly played. A fabulous win and the Bridgewater led Vikings are on the way!

24. New Orleans Saints (15) – It must be an internet rumor, that New Orleans has a Defense? I see no example of it on the field. They can’t stop the run, they can’t cover receivers…There doesn’t seem to be an offense good enough in the NFL that can win games with a team D that bad. The game was so over by the end of the first half. The Saints are in serious trouble and if they can’t play any D they will have a horrible year.

25. Carolina Panthers (21) – Carolina has yet to have a 1st down in the red zone and we now know why. They were inside the 20 and penaltied and sacked out to the 40. That is an ugly start to a game. No Offense but for one good pass and their D can’t seem to get on track. One is an accident and two is a trend and they are in a hole. The D can’t stop the Ravens and the O can’t score enough. Bad recipe. If the Panthers can’t turn this around in 3 weeks the season is done and their coach is gone.

26. Tennessee Titans (23) – They are so not good that they cannot afford to turn the ball over if they want to have a chance and it appears a 14 point hole in the first quarter is nigh on insurmountable. The hole gets deeper the D plays badly and their backup QB shows why he hasn’t played for 3 years. Tennessee has not much chance with Locker, no chance without him. The O and D line are stumbling and this team is poor and looking worse.

27. Washington Redskins (24) – Kirk Cousins didn’t have a great game. He was about average but he never looked like he wasn’t the right fit for that offense. The issue lay squarely on the right tackle (Tackling Dummy #74 I believe). Cousins was hit, pressured, forced…all night long. The running game couldn’t get on track as the Skin O-line just stunk. Add that to a very questionable D and it was lucky they didn’t allow 50 points. About as ugly as a loss can be and the Oline has to tighten up and the D has to try to figure out how to make a play or two.

28. Cleveland Browns (28) – On the bye and a team that is better than last year but still needs to learn how to win. It will be interesting to see this team if it can reach that critical stage.

29. Buffalo Bills (26) – Buffalo seems to have deep issues making their offense work. If it isn’t clock management and communication issues, it is drops. Somehow they got a lead at the half and now it is an open question if they can hold it for 30 minutes. The Bills D seems to show that they are getting winded by the long drives by Houston. Lucky for them the Texan O isn’t Peyton Manning esque. The Bills tried but they just can’t get anything out of their offense and down they went.

30. New York Jets (29) – The Jets are able to play good D and keep the game low scoring early as their offense continues to try to find any rhythm. The Jets need to take some shots on O to try to get back in the game. The Jets have issues scoring and it really seems to lay with Geno Smith. Doubt switching to Vick will help but I believe in the NY madhouse it is inevitable. The Jets need to switch DBs not QBs.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Bortles has given the Jaguars something i haven’t seen since the days of Mark Brunell. They have a QB who is a born leader with a great arm and swift, smart legs. The Jags have managed to stake an early lead on the west coast through a pretty solidly played early part. The Jags have started to turn the ball over and that is my other rule…teams that are only ‘this’ good, cannot turn the ball over. The game is sliding out of control. The Jaguars cannot overstate the great step forward this loss was for them. Bortles gives this team hope and they are on the way back to respectability. It won’t be overnight but it will be coming sooner than people expect.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – Oakland marched the field in England for a TD…maybe they need to play on another continent? Oakland takes the early lead on the ‘worst tackling’ award by being unable to bring down Wallace. Carr ok, the D is just horrible. The Raiders are just sad sack and without question the worst team in the NFL. An injury to Carr can’t help this mess.

There you have it!!! As always I just love any thoughts, comments, statements, arguments or agreements! Just enjoy my NFL weekly short stories and make me smile! I will also accept money, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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