MR N’s #NFL Week 5 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. San Diego Chargers (3) – The Chargers have come out of the ‘Gates’ afire (superbly pun intended!) The team is ripping it with the pass, as expected, and the run (no one expected). The Score would have been at least 4 TDs but for a red zone turnover. Blazing start. The Bolts were never challenged. The D was solid, the O was amazing and the Chargers simply rolled. A very good team who is hard to beat.

2. Indianapolis Colts (4) – Colts D is playing far fiercer than one would expect and will make this game interesting. Not much offense but pretty good D has them in a tight game with the lead. The Colts deserve credit for playing one of their best defensive games of the year and they combined that with some gutsy O by Andrew Luck and the Colts won a good game. They are now one game away from controlling their division and they have that chance on Thursday.

3. Dallas Cowboys (6) – A dominant, brilliant drive by the Cowboys ruined by a Murray fumble. Turnovers are gold. The Cowboys are struggling to score TDs but have managed to get a slim lead. They need production to put this one away. Can the Cowboy D make the necessary stop to win the game, it is looking bad as the Cowboy D is looking inefficient. The last 2 minutes of the Cowboy D was embarrassingly bad and they can count their lucky stars they crawled out of this game with a win.

4. Denver Broncos (8) – Bronco pass O is right on the game and are taking it to what should be a tough Cardinal D. If Denver gets 1 more TD one may start to think the game is over. The Broncos couldn’t be stopped. The O was relentless and the D played well enough to carry this game. The Broncos rolled and now they are on a good roll.

5. Seattle Seahawks (7) – What can you say about their Monday night performance. Russell Wilson showed once more he is a man among men. He toyed with the REDSKIN D and their inability to put a spy on him led to his gashing them for over 100 yards rushing alone. The Seahawks dominated the game from the start and would have scored 50 if they hadn’t penaltied themselves out of many scoring shots. A great game but they best make an effort to clean up the penalties before it costs them a game.

6. Green Bay Packers (10) – They had a great win in a game that was a laugher. They rolled over a team that had no chance and I give them full credit for that. I am not ready to anoint them as Super Bowl contenders just yet. They need to take on a top team on a Sunday and show me what they are made of. They are improving, let’s see them beat Dallas or Cincy.

7. San Francisco 49ers (11) – SF is in a game with a feisty Chief squad. It is all that SF can do to lead by a FG at half time. Going to be interesting to watch them perform in the next 30 minutes. The Niners gutted out a win. The Special team kicking was the difference and the D played well. Solid running game. A very nice win. Good win SF.

8. New York Giants (13) – The Giants don’t have the same fire they had the last 2 games and will be interesting to see if they can get it going. The Giant pass rush is what I thought it was. It is good against bad O lines and not great against any other type of line. The NYG put together 2 excellent 2nd half drives to take control of the game and they win one that they had to fight for. Well done.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – Yet another special teams TD for Philly. Question is, can they score an offensive TD? Early returns is just Field Goals so no. Eagles have played another good first half and now need to show consistency in the second half and hold onto this lead. The Eagles managed to put together a 60 minute performance that has righted their somewhat sinking ship and keeps them alive in the suddenly competitive NFC East.

10. Baltimore Ravens (5) – The Raven D is holding the Colt O at bay early and this looks to be a low scoring affair. Baltimore is finding out my tried and true rule is law…turnovers are gold and Flacco looks bad today. The Ravens offense just didn’t show up and the inconsistency of that part of their team makes one wonder how good this Raven team is. A poor loss for them.

11. New England Patriots (17) – Came out of a week of turmoil with a determination. They were humiliated on prime time and they had to face a storm in the media. They came out on fire, Brady looked like 2007 and the questionable Pat D played very well. This was their best game of the year. Can they do it again? We will have to see. Brilliant game.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (1) – So coming off a bye, looking more powerful than ever before, the Bengals got a chance to show the new guard was here. What happens? A D that had been flawless for 3 games was exposed as pitiful. No pass rush, poor route covering, bad run stopping. The Bengals D stunk. The O was back to being the Dalton led mess of 2013/2012/2011. An embarrassment. Now Cincy has to figure out if this was an outlier or are they simply a pretender.

13. Arizona Cardinals (2) – Being shredded by Peyton Manning may mean playing at altitude is hard for these desert warriors (I might have thought they would use the bye week to get to Colorado early). They need to really turn it on or this game is over. This just in, the game is over. Reduced to using a rookie 3rd string QB, nearly double digit drops, CB Cromartie looking like a small speed bump that Denver receivers just hopped over. The Cardinals got schooled and humiliated and now must take a restocking of themselves to see if they legitimately can have a shot in their division.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (21) – Pittsburgh seems to be able to control the rookie QB and if the Steeler O can get a score or two then they will be in good shape. The Steelers played a pretty good D and combined that with an O that didn’t have its best in order to win a road game. Was in no way pretty but as always, a win is a win in the NFL.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (9) – The Chiefs are battling the Niners tough on the road. Decent D and Sort of effective O has them still in the game at the half. The Chiefs battled and I give them credit for that. Their D even made the stop it had to make to give them a late shot. Alas, Alex Smith threw a key pick and that golden turnover ended this game. Tough luck KC.


16. New Orleans Saints (24) – What is the deal with Jimmy Graham and I don’t ask that solely because I spent more than one first round fantasy draft pick on him. The Saints are having trouble scoring TDs and are barely leading a team they normally push around at the half. The Saints struggled on D for 60 minutes and nearly lost the game. They managed to squeak out an overtime win and I give them credit for that as the new rule says – A win is a win in this NFL.

17. Houston Texans (16) – There doesn’t seem to be any ability for the Texan D to win any battle with the Cowboy O line. The Texan O is doing nothing and their D is decent so the game is very low scoring. The game has been one of futility for the Texan passing O and it all comes down to a 2 minute drive to tie. The Texans had one amazing drive against prevent D but just came up 3 points short. Good effort but they now will be facing losing 2 in 4 days and falling out of first in the AFC South.

18. Miami Dolphins (18) – On the bye, they really needed the rest having had to fly back from Merry Old England. The Dolphins are coming off a great win but it also came off the backs of a horrible team so it is worth what it is. Can Miami do it better or the same against a team who can play football? We will see.

19. Cleveland Browns (28) – Hoyer looking under a lot of pressure early. The Brown D seems to be regressing as the early season heads toward the mid point. They are suddenly deep in a hole and the way they played 1st half I doubt they can come back. After sleeping through the first half they explode and play good D and O and now have a shot at winning this game when it first appeared out of reach. The Browns may have finally turned the corner. 16 unanswered points and they win a game that they were out of. A great win and one they might be able to build on. Well done.

20. Detroit Lions (12) – The typical Lions, they have a lead but I do not see them playing good or effective ball. They win but I am not sure how. The Lions pulled out the tried and true self defeating playbook. Stupid penalties, turnovers and mistakes and they lost a game that they should have won going away. So much for this team, Same Old Sorry Ass Lions.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20) – Tampa is showing a bend don’t’ break D that is allowing FGs not TDs so that is good so far but they need to score too. The Bucs are keeping it close which is all they could hope to do. Glennon broke the Bucs into a late lead and despite their losing it in overtime the Bucs can take pride in what was a great performance on the road. Using a proper QB may just save this team’s season from disaster.

22. Atlanta Falcons (19) – Atlanta is showing a bit of O and D and keeping it close against the Giants. The Falcons are playing it tough on the road and their O line seems to be winning the battle (and the Falcon O line has major issues!) The Falcons D again was the reason this Falcon team lost. The simple fact is the Falcons have serious D issues that will dog this team the whole year. An ugly loss.

23. St. Louis Rams (22) – Austin Davis unable to get the O working early. St. Louis really needs offensive production to give them a shot. The Rams seem to be totally flat coming off their bye and need to wake up or this one is over already. The Rams fell so far behind that the few garbage TDs they got late make the final closer than this game was. They never had a shot here. Ugly.

24. Carolina Panthers (25) – They managed a special teams TD and that goes above the over under for Panther O production already. The Panthers don’t seem to be a team built to come back from a 14 point deficit. Will have to watch and see. The Panthers put together an offensive show that seemed unlikely and they won a game going away. The had the good sense to take advantage of golden turnovers. Not sure how good this team is, they need much more analysis but I still fear not very good.

25. Chicago Bears (15) – Bears answer a special team TD and a turnover with their own turnover and a nice TD. The BEARS O is starting to roll and it is an open question as to whether this game is over with them scoring 21. The BEARS D played about as badly as I think they have in years. To allow the Panthers to score 24 points on offense is horrid. This team is a joke and their season is effectively in the toilet.

26. Buffalo Bills (29) – Buffalo O is showing exactly what I thought Orton would provide…nothing. Their D is keeping them a teeny bit in the game. The Bills battled and I give Kyle Orton credit in how he effectively drove the Bills to a key tying score and then led them to an improbable road win. Well done Buffalo. Sadly this might make Buffalo think Orton is the answer and he isn’t.

27. Minnesota Vikings (23) – The Vikings had little hope in this game and whatever hope they had ended when Bridgewater was ruled unable to play. Christian Ponder started and performed exactly as one would expect. He was out of his league, overwhelmed and couldn’t get any points for his team. The Viking D actually played pretty good for a while but grew tired and got pushed around all second half. The Vikes need to get Bridgewater back under center and start again. We will see in week 6.

28. Washington Redskins (27) – The Redskins played just about their best game of the year but they just don’t have enough talent for that to equal a win against a great team. Cousins was solid. He had protection once his tackling dummy of a right tackle left the game and a raw rookie took over. He was victimized by many drops and the rush offense was non-existent. A pretty good game that was a 10 point loss which kinda shows how good this team is (or actually isn’t).

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Bortles is playing a bit of a rookie game so far with a pick and some questionable tries but he is a leader. The Jags D didn’t play badly but Bortles was unable to get the offense rolling and they never got off the ground and down they went again.

30. Tennessee Titans (26) – Locker’s return to the starting has done wonders to a so far questionable Titan O. Titans playing their best football of the year so far against the Browns. Tennessee may be lucky they put up 4 TDs before Locker got hurt as Whitehurst will provide them no offense. He somehow has got them 2 tds and that means Cleveland’s D is BAD. The Titans have allowed Cleveland back in the game and now they need to hang on to win. The Titans had the game and gave it away. I think the loss of Locker meant their O never had the ability to grind out the clock. Ugly, disheartening loss and at home too.

31. New York Jets (30) – How bad are the Jets? We all know they can’t cover. When their D line gets punished and pushed around then there are severe issues. Geno Smith is doing his best ‘please play Michael Vick’ performance leading to almost non stop punts. And Vick came in and nothing changed. The Jets are just so ugly and bad it wouldn’t matter who was playing QB. The D is bad, the receivers are bad, the special teams bad, the coaching bad. This was a very ugly loss by a very bad team.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – on the bye. They have a new coach and I wish Tony Sparano luck and I thought he was great in Miami and unjustly canned there. Can he turn this around? No. Can he get them fired up to win a few? No. I still see this team going 0-16. A team will have to massively mail it in, turn it over 10 times and not show up to lose to this team. This is a mess and I think it will be 4 years before they can put a contender on the field. They have a QB (Carr) and a MLB (Mack) and very little else. Draft well, trade the first pick for volume and aim for when Manning, Rivers and Smith have retired and Oakland will win the West…in 2018.

There it is! As always I am happy to just have someone read my work! I welcome any thoughts, comments, arguments and agreements! I would also take money…preferably tens and twenties!


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