MR N’s #NFL Week 7 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys have had issues with D and they have made some dumb penalties and they are lucky to be tied with the Giants at the half. What will the 2nd half bring? The Cowboys get credit for not giving up the run…they played ok D and got the points they needed and won a division match handily in the end. Another solid win by the best team in Football.

2. Indianapolis Colts (2) – Colts have had trouble scoring points against the Bengal D. Andrew Luck is showing a lot of heart to keep the ball moving against a tough D and the Colts are battling well. With more than 2 td’s the game is almost over in the third quarter. A brilliant win, dominating on O and D. A super team on a roll.

3. Denver Broncos (4) – A great win, the game was over within minutes. Peyton was not to be stopped and his D performed admirably and before anyone knew it, it was nearly a 20 point lead. The Broncos rolled. I give them full credit for a superb win. I am not 100% sure they are this good but they played really well.

4. Green Bay Packers (5) – Excellent opening drive. The Packers are starting out to dominate and this could get out of hand quickly. They are just blowing the Panthers away. Just a brilliant O performance has them very far out ahead. Green Bay has had this game won since the kickoff. Great play on O and D, superb performance. A team on a roll.

5. Baltimore Ravens (8) – Got an early lead and a turnover recovered by their D puts them in good position early. A bad pick by the Ravens stopped a red zone chance and that is bad. The Ravens are managing to get the scores when they need them and have a nice lead. A pretty solid game by the Black Birds and they are making a nice move on what is an open division. This was a great win for Baltimore and they need to keep this up.

6. Arizona Cardinals (10) – Arizona is having a bit of a hard time keeping ahead of the Raiders. Palmer has to watch out he doesn’t create too many more golden turnovers. Arizona didn’t seem to be totally into this game but they turned to an effective run offense and wore down the Raiders and won the game going away. Compared to the rest of their division, this team is the class act.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (7) – On the bye and they must have spent the week watching Dallas take down the Giants and they should have been game planning how to try to take control of their division back from those Cowboys. Good luck Philly (hope you worked on your D too).

8. New England Patriots (9) – The Patriots came out and found themselves being battled for every inch of the field on every play. The Pat offense had to give their all just to get points. The Pat D was pummelled by a strong running attack and they had issues covering too. For a long time this game was in doubt and only through the strength of playing a short week at home did they manage to gut out a close one. A win is a win.

9. San Diego Chargers (3) – The Chargers may be guilty of looking past this game to their upcoming tilt on Thursday with Denver. They are having to work awfully hard to be barely ahead of not great Chief team. To collapse and lose at home to KC is terrible for this team. They so badly needed to win this game. They have Denver on Thursday and then their post bye sked is brutal and now they may end 6-10. What happened to the Chargers?

10. San Francisco 49ers (6) – The Niner D, saddled with even more injuries, came out flat. They had no pass rush, their coverage was mistake filled and what little O they could inspire was well represented by a missed FG. In the end San Fran was on the receiving end of a record setting performance. They got destroyed on the road and they aren’t this bad but they did look bad.

11. Kansas City Chiefs (15) – The Chiefs are playing as hard as they can on the road in San Diego and are able to keep it very close. If it wasn’t for the dropped passes they might be in the lead. The Chiefs used their power run to eventually wear down the Chargers D and they hung around and won the game. A super win for this team but I think people shouldn’t read too much into it as the schedule gets much harder.

12. Detroit Lions (17) – Lions D is showing to be as formidable as advertised. Detroit also is playing self defeating as they usually do and are trailing early. The problems of the Lions continue every game. Win or lose. They continue to be undisciplined and mistake filled and that is making this team lose way too much. The Lions D managed to get a turnover at a key juncture and they Lions won one they didn’t seem to have a shot in. Another win for a team that has a record far better than the team is.

13. Miami Dolphins (20) – Nice recovery by Miami from a slow start to take an early lead. Dolphin D playing well, Tannehill perfect early. This game is going perfectly for Miami early. A great first half for Miami on the road. The Dolphins are dominating the match and will have to collapse to lose it now. A great win for Miami and one they must try to build off of.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (11) – Very, very early returns show an almost non-existent Bengal O line. The Bengals O can’t get any points. The Bengals can be thankful that their D is playing as hard as it is and keeping them in this game. Being shut out by the Colt D is a new low for Cincinnati’s struggling offense. In the end being shut out by Indy is humiliating and the Bengals suck now.

15. Seattle Seahawks (12) – The Seahawks are struggling on D missing key components. The Seahawks D is being pushed around the Hawk O is harmless so far. Now Seattle must find a way to come back from a deep hole with few offensive weapons. 2 field goals isn’t exactly the resume for victory on the road. Russell Wilson did all he could to win the game but it was the shocking mistakes by the D that led to yet another Seattle loss. This team is sinking fast now.

16. Cleveland Browns (13) – The Browns haven’t been able to get much offense going but have played shutout D for 15 minutes. The Browns can’t convert in the red zone for TDs but are getting 3’s. In the second half the Browns were never able to get the offense rolling and then the D got tired and the Browns took an ugly beating on the road and must re-assert themselves next week before they become the same old Browns.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (21) – It has been said that Pittsburgh has ‘saved their season’ with this sloppy win on MNF. I hold back on that pronouncement. The Steelers played just about as badly as they could on O and D for almost the first third of the game. They were the recipients of 2 golden turnovers and they put both of them in and the rest was history. Turnovers are gold and the Steelers got the win. Let’s see them beat Indy next week before we say their season is saved.

18. St. Louis Rams (24) – A powerful drive for a TD shows STL is ready to play physical football against their division foe. Excellent Offensive finishes in the red zone have them out to a nice lead. A lead keeps getting bigger and this is a great a start as the Rams dreamed of last night. The Ram D bent but didn’t break and they gutted out a close win in this matchup and that bodes well for St. Louis.

19. Houston Texans (18) – The Texans played a pretty solid start to the game with good O and nice D and then committed the beyond horrible golden red zone turnovers twice in a row and the game was gone. This team will GO NOWHERE with Fitzpatrick at QB. They need a QB stat.

20. New York Giants (19) – The Giants have brought their better game to this clash and managed to keep it a tie on the road. Can the G-men do it hard for another 30 min? The simple answer is no. The Giants D couldn’t stop the Cowboy run attack and a key turnover was gold and ended any shot they had. The G men tried pretty well but a loss is a loss.

21. New Orleans Saints (16) – Saints continue to have problems on the road early in this game. New Orleans out to a lead on the road and that is a good place for them and their D is improved. The Saints continue to lead late in the third and are fairly impressive so far today. The Saints had this game in the bag but then a critical turnover by Brees led directly to a Lions TD and down they went. A good opportunity to come out of the bye strong ends in another loss. Bad.

22. Buffalo Bills (27) – Offensive struggles are aggravated by a golden turnover and they trail early. Suffering injuries to their 2 top RBs means the Bills are going to have to get contributions from lesser lights and WRs to have shot in this game. The Bills decided to turn the ball over 4 times and now face a Minnesota team that is dominating the line of scrimmage and this is looking ugly. The Bills didn’t quit and Kyle Orton found the fountain of youth and had a game winning drive for a touchdown. Amazing comeback. Can the Bills build on this? We will see.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars (28) – Solid D by Jacksonville is keeping this game close early. Two costly interceptions on Bortles are hurting the otherwise good Jag D show early. No offense yet. The Jags turned on the O and they poured it on and won it going away. A great win for Jacksonville!

24. Washington Redskins (29) – Excellent opening drive ends with a golden red zone turnover. That kind of thing haunts a team. The Skins are having trouble getting touchdowns and they will need those to win this game. Colt McCoy makes an amazing return to active play and shows the stuff he had in Cleveland. He turned around a moribund Redskins offense and got them the points they needed to win the game. Great comeback!

25. Carolina Panthers (23) – The open question continues to be, where is the Panther D? Whether the Panther O? Did anyone make the trip to GB for Carolina? The Panthers are basically finished and now will just score the odd garbage td against a 2nd half prevent defense. The Panthers seem to be a team without any talent and I sense the end is near for Riverboat Ron and his coaching staff. A bad loss.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) – On the bye. Tampa has a unique opportunity ahead of them. All the teams in their division suck (Tampa does too) and through some sort of stupid flaw in the NFL this division gets a playoff spot for leading it. Tampa, you suck, but…you have as much shot as winning this ugly thing as anyone else. On the bye you were the only member of the NFC Shlocky South to not lose. Well done.

27. Chicago Bears (14) – Fierce Bear D right out of the box. Then they thought playing tough for 3 plays was their requirement as they didn’t show up for Miami’s second drive for a TD. A terrible pick by Cutler has the Bears in a bad spot and this looks like Chicago has decided to not show up again. Blowing it at home is shameful and Chicago just looks bad again. Ineffectual O and poor run D and this team has to have a miracle to come back in this. They didn’t get one and now are at the crossroads again. A schizo team.

28. Atlanta Falcons (22) – Falcons seem to be out of sorts and added a turnover to make things even better for them, not. The Falcons down 2 scores and look like they cannot figure out how to beat the Raven D. Atlanta just doesn’t have it today and are not even making this competitive. A good team would certainly try to bring something on the road. Alas the Falcons are not a good team and this was just an ugly loss.

29. Tennessee Titans (25) – Tennessee Titan D is playing very well early and setting the tone of the game early and are controlling the REDSKINS well. The Titans managed to get a TD and are gaining good control in the game at the half. Unfortunately for Tennessee they forget they must play 60 minutes and once more they choked and lost a game they had in the bag. This is now twice (almost 3 weeks in a row but for a lucky blocked FG) and the Titans have serious issues if they can’t win games that they have nice leads late in. Very ugly and you must question if this team has any heart.

30. Minnesota Vikings (30) – Minnesota is very slow starting but managed to use a recovered fumble to get them a 3 point 1st Q lead. Bridgewater has finally thrown a TD and that is but the first of many for what will be a great career (I believe). The Vikings have a lead and are starting to play solid Rush offense. The Vikings were in the enviable position of having a 6 point lead and all their D had to do was to make the stop. It didn’t and they lost. This isn’t the first time the Viking D has blown a game for them and I fear it won’t be the last.

31. New York Jets (31) – The Jets came out on the road, on a short week and had a superb game plan. They played the game nearly flawlessly for most of it and came within a blocked FG of winning it. Geno Smith is an aggravating QB…he can look like he shouldn’t be in the NFL – then he looks like a kid you can build a franchise around. Oy vay NYC.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – The offense isn’t incredible but the D is playing pretty decent again. This makes almost 6 quarters in a row for the Raiders D to not play like crap. The Raider D couldn’t play 60 and Carr couldn’t get the points they needed. It was a game effort by the Raiders and they might have beaten other teams but they stand winless and need to cut down on penalties and play 60 minutes consistent.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


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