MR N’s #NFL Week 8 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Denver Broncos (3) – The Broncos came out a little slow but had history to make and Manning was up to the task. He took apart the Chargers D, even was able to hit receivers when they were effectively double covered. A masterful offensive performance with a workman like D that was enough to give them another 14-point win. Now ten days to prepare for going to New England.

2. Arizona Cardinals (6) – The Cardinals are battling but this is going to be a 60 minute war. The injuries are taking a toll here as these two physical teams clash hard every down. It continues in a tight tie and will likely go down to the wire. The Cards O has been having trouble scoring in the second half and a fumble has put the Cards in a bad way and now the D has to respond or this game could be getting out of hand. An incredibly gutsy win for Arizona. Palmer went the length of the field for the leading touchdown and the D, especially the secondary, made the plays it had to make and they won. What a superb team this group is. It reminds me of the Patriots of the early oughts. They are better as a team than as individuals.

3. New England Patriots (8) – Excellent start on O and D. Brady in command and solid D has the game in hand early. The Pats have used excellent passing O and good D to rip apart the Bears and surge to a 5 TD lead and the game is effectively over. Excellent game by NE. Let’s see how they do against Denver next Sunday…

4. Kansas City Chiefs (11) – KC seems to need another bye to figure out how to get some production out of their offense in the first quarter. The Chiefs O has begun to pore it on and the game is quickly getting out of hand and now the Chiefs just need to use their feisty D to keep this game in control. The Chiefs have used some good O to take total control of this game and this will be a solid win and will actually put the Chiefs back in the conversation for a wild card. They do have a tough second half Sked ahead of them.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (14) – The Bengals got an early TD and now need to try to build on this early success. Excellent D played all game into the 3rd quarter and a good pick-off by the Bengals led to a quick 7 and now the Bengals are in better control of this game. Andy Dalton is potentially going to wear the dunce cap for his stupid failure to simply take a sack, instead he gets hit, fumbles and set up a Baltimore lead taking TD. He went from goat to hero and led the Bengals to a game winning TD. Not a pretty win but one they had to have to give them a shot at the division.

6. Seattle Seahawks (15) – The question has to be asked, does the Seahawk D just suck now? Are they simply a farce that got lucky using mirrors last year? The Seahawks are holding Carolina to FGs early but they need to get their O going too. The Seahawks keep getting held to field goals and are still looking to get seven somehow. The Seahawks manage, under the inspired leadership of Russell Wilson, to grab a very small late lead. Can they hold it for 45 seconds? They finally played good D. I guess one minute of good D when it counts is better than the 59 minutes of questionable D.

7. Detroit Lions (12) – Started a game way too early and evidently way early for the Lions. They came out flat on O and D and were in a deep three TD hole before you could say tea and crumpets. The Lions did battle back to bring it very close late in the game and in the end it came down to a FG chance. One wonders really, why Atlanta called a time out at 31 second left. A messy end with another chance for Detroit to pull one out…and they did. This team is a BUTT UGLY, terrible 6-2. I try to say a team is as good as their record but this team is a 2-6 masquerading as 6-2.

8. Green Bay Packers (4) – The Packers came out and were able to move the ball comfortably between the 20’s and got a TD but their O wasn’t firing on all cylinders in the first half but the D played alright. The second half brought a defense that failed to come out of the locker room and the second of 2 picks from Rodgers led to the Pack being blown out. A shattering loss and with Rodgers hurting his hamstring…one wonders how relaxed he felt after that?

9. Baltimore Ravens (5) – The Ravens are struggling early to get any O going but their D is fine. The Ravens had some success keeping the game close but right after halftime Flacco tossed a golden turnover and boom they are now chasing a team who is playing good D against them. The Ravens got a key late turnover and now have a slim lead and need their D to hold it for 4 minutes. This just in, they couldn’t and they lose a close one. The Ravens are still in first in their division but the division is a bit more wide open now.

10. San Francisco 49ers (10) – They were on the bye and they have a shot to have a solid second half with key players coming back from suspension and injury. Their best may be yet to come.

11. Dallas Cowboys (1) – Everything nice I said about Dallas…I take back. Only a team that is a joke and a shell of a good team could mail it in and lose to a horrible team…AT HOME. The injury to Romo should not have mattered. There was no way on God’s green earth they should have lost this game. Lose it they did and they better play extra hard next week . A terrible game.

12. Miami Dolphins (13) – The Dolphins struggled mightily on O but managed to use Golden turnover to get a lead. Not playing great but able to take advantage of the rookie QB and have a decent lead. The Dolphins are poring it on and I give them full credit for this. The Dolphins are nicely out in front and if they hold on, this could be considered a winning streak. It is a winning streak and now let’s see the Dolphins beat someone.

13. Indianapolis Colts (2) – The Colts seem to have recovered their old script and are mailing it in early. They are behind a bumbleeeee colored Steelers and need to wake up. It appears the Colts have declined to wake up and will have to come back from nearly 21 down in the second half to pull out a win. An absolutely horrible 30 minute performance that they should be ashamed of. The Colt O line is continuing to be a shadow of itself in the 2nd half and this hole the Colts are in is pretty deep and time is ticking. The Colts offense gave their all and got within 8 at one point. Unfortunately the Colt D played like utter crap and allowed a really sad type of O to score 50+ on them. A beyond ugly loss. This should have been played on halloween as the Colts were like a horror show.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (7) – The Eagles are in a slug fest with a seemingly even ability opponent. Will be fun to watch. The Eagles keep challenging but can’t get many points. The Eagle O line is protecting Foles but only just barely as the Cardinal rush keeps getting close and closer. The Eagles got a TD to take a lead and the D is starting to get turnovers and that could be the difference in a close game like this. That TD led to Philly taking the lead but the Eagle D couldn’t stop Arizona and then Foles got them to within inches of winning but it was a heart breaking loss. Game effort but they were just ‘that’ much not good enough.

15. Cleveland Browns (16) – A slow start and for the sake of his sanity amongst the slowly growing calls for Manziel…Hoyer needs to put a whupping on the Raiders. Hoyer is in the lead at the half but he needs to get a lot more offense if he wants to not be harrassed out of his job. The Brown O is just scuffling and having a world of difficulty getting any sort of production against the Raider D. Again, let me repeat that…they can’t seem to make any yards playing against OAKLAND’s D. The Browns finally were able get their TD and they won this game with room to spare. Not pretty but the Browns are still alive in the AFC wild card and not out of it for their division yet.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (17) – The Steelers have started out well and need to keep up the pressure as the king of comebacks is facing them. I have to give this Steeler squad a lot of credit. They can only operate their game plan as hard as they can and they are whipping the Colts. They are beating them a new one and well done. Now their aged D has to hold down what should be a hard charging Colt comeback. The Steelers keep putting up points and the Steeler D is applying great pressure. If they can keep this up, this will be a signature win for this team. What a great win for Pittsburgh. They scorched for amazing points and their D did what it could to only allow about 5 tds but that was enough for the win. Well done, but don’t start counting on the D.

17. San Diego Chargers (9) – The Chargers had a short week with a tough divisional road game. I give their D full credit for playing a tough 1st quarter. They held Denver to two successive three and outs. They could not maintain that and that is not unexpected. Rivers and the offense got a bit of scoring but not enough to make a difference and they lost a game that no one thought they would win.

18. Houston Texans (19) – The Texan D is holding their own against the rookie and have kept the Texan woe-be-gotten O in the game early. The Texans have taken advantage of turnovers and have used their O to get a very nice lead as the game heads into the 4th quarter. The Texans won this one handily and are now playing decent football when they don’t turn it over a zillion times. Good win.

19. New Orleans Saints (21) – The Saints came out and were able to move the ball comfortably between the 20’s and got a TD but their O wasn’t firing on all cylinders in the first half but the D played alright. The second half brought an excited defense that took advantage of 2 key turnovers and Brees tore up the Packer D and the Saints ran away with it. Now they have a shot to win another on Thursday and be in control of their division ala Indy a couple of weeks back.

20. Buffalo Bills (22) – To no one’s surprise, even Kyle Orton was able to take the ball and score on a horrid Jet D. They jumped up to a nice lead and that has inspired Jet insanity. The Bills have dominated the first half with solid O and ok D. Can they hold it against an O led by an injury prone hasbeen? We will see. They keep getting threes and stretching out the lead. The big question is can the Bill D hold a double digit lead for a victory? The Bills have pulled away and have gone to NYC (ok Jersey) and blown the sad sack Jets away. Solid win.

21. New York Giants (20) – On the bye. This team has played great and terrible. They need to decide who they are as they start the second half. They could make the playoffs or be eliminated in 3 weeks.

22. Washington Redskins (24) – The Skins played like a team possessed…with football players. How unusual for them. They were pushed around by the Cowboy line but the they managed to hang around in the game and Colt McCoy was able to keep the mistakes to a minimum and the D played arguably their best game this year. In a mind numbing shock the Redskins won. I don’t know how and don’t expect this to be repeated this season. This was a great game for them.

23. St. Louis Rams (18) – Rams got an early lead but Davis is also learning that turnovers are gold. Troubles on Offense are added to trouble playing within the rules by the D and the penalties have helped the Rams to fall deep in a hole. The Rams have let the game completely get away and one has to wonder if Fisher is now on the hot seat as his team just slides into oblivion in their division. The Rams never seem to have been in this game and now their team is at a bad crossroads.

24. Minnesota Vikings (30) – The Vikings are having great trouble getting any O but their D is off to it’s customary strong start. The Vikings have managed to work out a FG and a TD and now their D has a 10 point lead to hang on to. The D couldn’t hold the lead but their O led by a gutsy Bridgewater got the tie and they got a great OT win. Way to go Minnesota. They need to get their D in order to keep this momentum rolling.

25. Carolina Panthers (25) – The Panther O is marching all over the field on what should be a good D. The Panthers are playing decent D but need to get 7’s on O not 3s. Panther early O success has stilled and the Panthers are in another tight one…tied in the third quarter. The lack of getting touchdowns have put the Panthers behind late and they need a miracle to win this one now. They didn’t get one and maybe people will stop talking about this team as good.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (23) – Blake Bortles is the future for this team but he really needs to work on his vision downfield. It hurts Jag opportunities and leads to pick sixes. Good D early though. The D continues to play well and the O continues to stumble and they need points quickly. They aren’t getting the points and they keep allowing points and the Jags keeps sliding down and are almost certainly playing for a draft pick now. The Jags are not as totally bad as their record. They need to keep their head up and keep trying.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) – No O, ok D…not really a recipe for success early today. The Bucs are having a lot of trouble simply getting across midfield and unless they can work some consistency into their offensive game-plan they are in a lot of trouble. The Bucs took a late lead, gave that up and committed a terrible game losing OT turnover. Ugly with a capital U.

28. Atlanta Falcons (28) – The Falcons came out in England on fire and got a big lead but unfortunately for them the Falcon D plays the same on both sides of the Atlantic and the Falcons blew a huge lead and lost a game they had in the bag. A terrible team, no matter what continent they are on.

29. Tennessee Titans (29) – Rookie QB Mettenburger (SP) is showing a decent ability early. A key turnover and many missed chances have led to a Titan D getting tired and now the D can’t stop the Texans and Tennessee, who usually can’t hold a lead, now has to try to come from behind. They couldn’t come from behind or stop the bleeding and lose another. A team in serious trouble.

30. Chicago Bears (27) – The BEARS are spending most of this game just trying to get a point and to somehow hold down the Pat O. The Bears have decided they didn’t want to play well on the road this week either. When a team is poor and struggling…turnovers are not just gold they are rat poison. The Bears are dead and buried and there are 30 minutes still to play. Barring a miracle this will simply be the ugliest loss of a very ugly year.

31. New York Jets (31) – The Jets, buried early by the Bills go to Vick. He has flash and experience but in the end he does about as much successful play as Geno does. There is much being made by the fact Vick led the Jets to 2 TDs late in the first half. I am not convinced the Bills simply went to prevent D. The Jets are no better with Vick and that is a fact. Want even more proof of this? Vick’s inherent fumble ability hasn’t left him with age and he keeps fumbling the Jets chances at victory to the other team. It is at a time like this when the Jets must be really happy Oakland is in the NFL otherwise they would be, without a shadow of a doubt,the WORST team in the NFL. Just awful.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – The Raiders idea of a great wild cat is to bring in Matt Schaub and have him throw a pick. Me, I would just stick with Derek Carr. The Raiders are able to move the ball and their supremely questionable D is bending so far and not breaking. Holding Cleveland to only field goals in the first half is at least a moral victory. The Raiders can’t score any points but they are playing inspired D and that is keeping it close. The Raiders D finally faded and Cleveland got a decent lead. Carr has no quit and him and he rallied the Raiders to make it within 10 but that was all. Carr is the man for Oakland and Mack is the man on D. Oakland needs 51 other players and they can start back on the road to respectability.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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