MR N’s #NFL Week 9 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Arizona Cardinals (2) – Carson Palmer is good for a couple of picks a game so he got a golden pick six out of his system early. Now the Cards need to show heart to come back and score after this. The Cards are battling but having issues getting points. Cards O and D starting to be heard from and Arizona is taking over the game in the third. The Cardinals won this going away. An absolute brilliant game and this team is a force to be reckoned with.

2. New England Patriots (3) – The Patriots couldn’t have designed the first half better if they were playing it on paper. To take the ball away early, stop Denver O on almost every turn and score at will? Now they need to see if they are not often tested D can hold a near three TD lead for a victory. Classic great Patriot game. They tore apart the Broncos and dominated the entire game. Now the Pats are on a roll and currently the best team in the AFC.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (4) – A quick early TD has the Chiefs out in front of a bad team. Going exactly as one would think, the Chiefs are well in front early. Chiefs aren’t able to blow the Jets out early but they are nicely out in front and in control. In the end, a workmanlike win. They scored enough, stopped enough on D, and won it by two TDs. Good game.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (5) – Cincy appears to have quasi mailed it in and are struggling against a demonstrably worse team. The Bengals have clawed (pun intended) into a short lead and one has to assume that time is on their side and the Jags will fade. The Bengals should have stomped a mud hole in the Jags and they had to fight to win this one. They had better bring more to Thursday or they could be in last place in their division in 4 days.

5. Seattle Seahawks (6) – Seattle is in control but not dominating the way everyone on the planet thought they would. What was startling was the comment made that Seattle was having trouble coming up with answers for the Raiders D. The RAIDERS D. I still can’t understand that. The Seahawks got this game under control, fell into the usually useless prevent D and barely got away with a slim win. Ugly. It is a win but that is the dictionary definition of an ugly win.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (16) – We fall to the always popular, you are what you are. Pittsburgh is now first place in their division. They totally dismantled then blew away the Ravens. On the back of destroying the Colts, this Steelers O has now put up 94 points in the last 2 weeks. They have the Jets coming up so one would think, barring a total mail it in collapse; Pittsburgh will be 7-3 after week 10. The Steelers are on a legit roll and if they can keep the O rolling and the D playing decently then they can control this division. Excellent win.

7. Detroit Lions (7) – On the bye. They are 6-2 and by definition are the best team in the NFC North and one of the two top teams in the NFC. I cannot get around the fact they are beyond lucky and just aren’t very good. They will either fade away, win the division and be one and done or win the Super Bowl and we’ll all just scratch our heads and say ‘how did that happen’?

8. Green Bay Packers (8) – On the bye. The Pack needed this to rest the most important hamstring they have (Aaron Rodgers’ hammy probably has it’s on status face book page) and they need to figure out their plan for the 2nd half. They need to tighten up the D. They still have a shot at the division (will take a lot of work) and at a wild card (less work)…it is all on the D.

9. Indianapolis Colts (13) – The Colts dominated the game from almost the start and the final score wasn’t even close to representing how much of a butt whipping they put on New York. Good win.

10. Miami Dolphins (12) – The Fin D has started out strong and the O scored first. This could bode well for Miami today. The Dolphins have a two score lead and are looking all world in the first half. Tannehill is performing superbly again and that is his second or third great game. He is legitimately developing into a quality NFL QB. The game is going better than Miami could have dreamed by being way ahead in a blowout. A great game, super play by O and D. Superbly done. Are the Fins for real?

11. New Orleans Saints (19) – The Saints came out flat on O. They moved the ball but critical red zone turnovers kept them off the scoreboard. Their D bent but didn’t break and held a sad excuse for a Panther O scoreless until finally Brees got it rolling and in less than 2 minutes the game was over. A really good win for the now first place Saints and on the road on a Thursday. They have the division in hand and a pretty easy sked ahead of them.

12. Cleveland Browns (15) – Early struggles, Hoyer needs to get it going this week. The Browns have been able to kick a lot of FGs and then took advantage of a dumb Buc D penalty and have a decent lead now. The Browns had to work very hard against a not very good team to get this win. They now have a shot to make a move in their division if they can win a big battle on Thursday. Right now, on the strength of this effort, I would seriously doubt their chances.

13. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – Maclin gets the Eagles out to a quick lead and that is what helps the Eagles perform. With Foles hurt, the Eagles turn to Sanchez (The Butt Fumbler) and now the game is an open question. The Eagle D is keeping a relatively vanilla Texan O in the game and Houston still has a shot. The Eagles had to work hard but they got the job done on the road. A solid win with D playing kinda poorly at times.

14. Denver Broncos (7) – Came out of the gate slow, Peyton got picked, the D played like veritable ten tons of crap and before anyone knew it, they were down by about 20. They have to play lights out in the second half just to make this a close game. They never had a shot and were pummeled from start to finish. A rottten game, and they had ten days to figure this one. Terrible. I question the Bronco heart.

15. Baltimore Ravens (9) – The Ravens went to Pittsburgh with the division lead on the line and they got destroyed. Punished on O, pushed about on D. One wonders now which is the real Raven team. Their inconsistency finally has hurt them in their battle for the division and it is so tight that division losses like this one may hurt come January. Bad, bad game.

16. San Francisco 49ers (10) – San Francisco seems to have not used their bye to get ready for this game. The D has its moments but the Offense is just scuffling and struggling and they will have just under 10 minutes to try to win this game. This just in, they couldn’t win it. The Niners failure on offense to get anything really going is damning to the hopes of this team. They blew a winnable game at home and looked bad doing it. Coming off a bye, losing a division game like this? Horrible. So much for this team having an open road to the playoffs. It is uphill slugging now.

17. Dallas Cowboys (11) – The Cowboy D got a great play early and now Weeden has a lead to work with. Cowboys are in a tough one but the D is really doing well early. Weeden throwing a lot and not to Bryant and his red zone picks are deadly to this team. The Cowboys have to be the stupidest team on the planet (and that is saying something!) The Cowboys lost badly and that is the third loss for them. Every time they lose, they pass more than they run. I said they can’t get cute or it will cost them. They have gotten cute 1/3 of the time. They had better run more in the second half or they will be in trouble.

18. St. Louis Rams (23) – The Ram D came to play today. Their pass rush is terrific and their coverage has been excellent. If the Rams had any sort of productive offense they would be running away with this game rather than tied early in the 4th quarter. The Rams managed to use some effective special teams to set up a FG and then continued to play solid D (with the odd bad secondary play late) to win an improbable victory. That is exactly how this team can be successful. 60 minutes of insanely tough D and a few lucky breaks. Solid win.

19. San Diego Chargers (17) – The Chargers haven’t won in Miami in a long time and their play in the first quarter isn’t helping that. SD has no answer on offense and their D can’t make the stops and are getting into a deepening hole. Being utterly destroyed. The thing San Diego has to realize is their schedule becomes impossible after their bye. By losing this game, they may very well be looking 6-10 in the face. The Chargers should just ashamed and they looked like garbage. The team is falling apart.

20. Buffalo Bills (20) – On the bye. Who would have thought the Bills would be this far above .500 on their bye? I thought they would only win 4. They are well on their way to what I predicted a ‘superbowl’ year for them with 8 wins. Good to watch some success for this team. Can they sneak into the playoffs? Will be fun to watch.

21. Houston Texans (18) – The Texan O line is being pushed around by the Eagle D and the Texan D has been caught out of place so this is a pretty poor start for Houston at home. The Texan D knocked out Foles and that has helped the Texans’ O about as good as anything. The Texans are battling and being much more competitive than anyone thought they would. Decent effort but losing Foster late to injury stopped any hope they had. A tough loss.

22. Minnesota Vikings (24) – The Vikes have had chances early but Bridgewater MUST become more accurate on his deep balls. It is costing Minnesota sure TDs. The problems on the Minnesota D are bad and getting worse. One has to wonder how defensive guru Zimmer has a team this bad on D playing for him? The Vikings have started to be felt in this game with better D and some offensive points. Leading in the third but need their D to hold a lead which they have a lot of trouble doing. The Vikings D actually held a lead when it mattered and they got a win. I don’t think they will win any awards for this one but a win is a win.

23. New York Giants (21) – We now know which team showed up, the bad one. They got schooled. Their coverage was terrible and they could do little against a questionable Colts D. An ugly game.

24. Washington Redskins (22) – Offense struggling early to get any good production. RGIII suddenly on fire and the Washington O is looking better than it has in weeks and they have an early lead. The Skins have still struggle to score and their D is making mistakes and penalties and that is putting them in trouble on the road. The Redskins stormed back to take a lead but then the Redskins D couldn’t seal the deal and they lost a close one.

25. Carolina Panthers (25) – The Panther D played a really solid 28 minutes or so. That is the good news. They didn’t play a great last 32 minutes and the O was flaccid and they barely got ten points. A team who’s D is not good now and whose O sucks. Hope they enjoyed first place as that is just going to be a dream and the season’s highlight already in the rear-view mirror.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (26) – Jags are battling on the road and are still in the game. Bortles is having significant trouble getting anything going and the D has played well but is getting tired. That was the tale of this game. The Jag D played hard for as long as they could and the Jag O got some points but not enough. A fair effort but a ten-point loss.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27) – It appears the Bucs are trying to feel out the Browns D and see how the game plan looks early. The Bucs are doing the classic bend not break D but giving up 3’s and then a seven has them in a hole that their stumbling O may not be able to recover from. The O couldn’t recover. Glennon did some good things and some horrible things and in the end, they were within five but that still counts as a loss.

28. Atlanta Falcons (28) – On the bye. A team that is mathematically alive in their division but realistically is one of the worst in the NFL. Just how bad? The last half of their schedule will tell us.

29. Tennessee Titans (29) – A team that needs a bye and a good head shake. They play in fits and starts but have no consistency and I fear no heart. Hope they found one on the bye, perhaps visit a certain Wizard in Oz?

30. Chicago Bears (30) – On the bye and they have not looked this bad since before Walter Payton was drafted. Just a team playing terrible and need to find out if they want to battle or quit. It all starts in week 10 against Green Bay.

31. New York Jets (31) – That the Jets start the game down 7 and Vick having issues getting first downs should be surprising no one. The Jets have no O and their D is getting beat. Anyone surprised now? The Jets are lucky they have a TD and this is another long day for the sad sack Jets. The Jets did get some offense but in the end, it wasn’t enough to make up for their constant defensive liabilities. The Jets are just dismal.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – The Raiders have played a pretty terrific game on the road. They have had not a lot of luck scoring on offense. Most of their points have come on special teams but the Raiders are playing a decent game. The Raiders never gave up and their D played a solidish game and the O took advantage against prevent D and brought it very close. They keep this up, they might win a game this year.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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