MR N’s #NFL Week 10 Power Poll

NFL Power Rankings


1. Arizona Cardinals (1) – The Cardinals are battling and despite a fair effort, they trail in the first 1/2. There is a feeling that the Cards will eventually will out in this game. Will be interesting to watch. The Cards battled, Carson got hurt (again) and then the backup put up a key TD and then the D exploded, took the Rams apart and they won the game going away. They were described tonight by an idiot in the broadcasting booth as ‘lipstick on a pig’. That is the definition of the 7-2 Lions. It will be good to watch Arizona play Detroit. If this team loses to Detroit, I will then respect Detroit.

2. New England Patriots (2) – On the bye. The Patriots have pulled their franchise back from the brink with wins over, politely speaking, not the best in the NFL. They will have to keep this rolling for the rest of the season and they need to do their work against some legit teams. They beat on Denver. Can they beat on a few more big boys? We will see.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (3) – Having difficulty getting their O to work on the road and are trailing early. The Chiefs are still struggling on the road and need to get focus on their fundamentals or they will just be trailing all game. KC pulled out a victory on the road after being dominated by the Bills D for most of the game. Well done KC, now you must continue to show guts in the tough part of the sked.

4. Seattle Seahawks (5) – The Seahawks struggled and looked poor for the first half and I was again questioning if this team had any heart still. In about 7 minutes in the 4th quarter, they chewed up the Giants and spit them out. A poor 45 and a great 15 minutes. It’s a win!

5. Detroit Lions (7) – Lions off to a good start using their key weapons of Bush/Stafford and Megatron. The Lions are playing good D, decent O and have a bit of control on their usual retinue of penalties. We will see if they can keep it up. The Lions barely managed to pull out a win. They are 7-2 and lead their division and that is all well and good but for the life of me, they just don’t look elite. I can’t get away from the gut feeling this is being done with mirrors.

6. Green Bay Packers (8) – The Pack are on fire. They came out and just dissected the Bears. Rodgers has a myriad of weapons that he uses at will. The D is playing good enough to keep things difficult for opposing O’s. Right now this is one of the hottest teams in the NFL and right now I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the NFC Championship game battling to make the Super Bowl. On a roll.

7. Indianapolis Colts (7) – on the bye. They had a rotten game in the first half and they have had some great ones. If the Colts can play like the team they can be for the rest of the season they will be odds on fave to be in the AFC Championship game. If they stink out the joint a couple of times then they leave the door open for others. Going to be something to watch.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (13) – The Eagles came out with a solid game plan and were quickly aided by back to back turnover that led directly to 10 points. The Eagles D had their best game of the year (against one of the most offensively challenged teams in the league mind you). Sanchez was decent. He was not all that and he was actually less than I thought he would be but he does enough to help a team win. They won the game going away and now are about 2 weeks from the Thanksgiving match-up that will help decide their division.

9. Denver Broncos (14) – The Broncos came out asleep and quickly fell behind the Raiders. Yes. They fell behind the Raiders. Luckily for them they gave their heads a shake and got a kick in their behind and now they have a lead and are slowly putting this out of reach. Peyton finally got it in gear and rolled up the Raiders and put a 40 burger on them and then took a rest. Nice win. Now beat someone who is good.

10. San Francisco 49ers (16) – The Niners have jumped out to a quick lead and need to really pile it on as they have issues holding leads. The Niners have a good lead at the half and can hold the lead in this game with good D and ball control offense in the 2nd half. Can they? The Niner D faded in the 4th quarter and were barely able to get a tie and go to OT. Can they get the win yet? Through the help of New Orleans creating a new kind of turnover, the Niners won. It is said their season is saved. I say they are 5-4 so let’s not buy tickets to the Super bowl yet if you are a SF fan.

11. Cleveland Browns (12) – The Browns came out and showed the shut down D they had when they dismantled the Steelers. The Brown D was impressive and simply took over the game. The Brown O was efficient and the game was over pretty quickly. If Cleveland can do this against Baltimore then this division is theirs.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (4) – The Bengals stunk in prime time, again. Dalton looks terrible as a QB. He can’t throw the fade, he makes poor decisions and looks so often as a deer does in headlights. The Bengals D had issues dealing with the run and pass. A colossal collapse and now their entire season is in doubt.

13. Miami Dolphins (10) – The Fins are in a tough battle on the road and are having trouble covering a healthy Megatron. Tannehill is battling but he, more than most knows that Red zone turnovers are rat poison. The Dolphins need to play tighter to have a shot in this game. I give the Dolphins credit for playing this game very well and doing everything right but winning. A great effort but now they must turn around and play a division game on Thursday.

14. Baltimore Ravens (15) – The Ravens appear to be trying to beat the holiday postal rush and are mailing this one in early. The Ravens are being hamstrung by questionable play by their QB Flacco and that is hurting their chances at the half. The Ravens continued to battle and slowly pulled away for a win. It was a lot harder than it should have been but a win is a win.

15. Dallas Cowboys (17) – The Cowboys evidently thought they didn’t need to prepare to play this game and it shows early as their D is terrible and they trail early. Tony Romo has got it going in Merry Ol’ England and has the Cowboys out to a good lead. Dallas was able to take control and just ease off the gas pedal and win the game going away. Workmanlike victory and now they need to still rush the ball like they did earlier or good teams will beat them.

16. New Orleans Saints (11) – The Saints have started slow and will have to wage another comeback here. New Orleans has nowhere to go but up. They are in a hole and need to be efficient on O to make a comeback happen. The Saints stormed back and had a lead but a ridiculously bad D play has put them in OT. Can they win the game? Nope. They fumbled the ball inside their own 20 in OT to lose the game. That is a 1 oz. gold bar of a turnover dipped in pure .99999 platinum. Nice loss New Orleans, now even your ‘can’t lose at home’ thing is gone.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Pittsburgh evidently decided they didn’t need to show up for this game and are suddenly in a deep hole. Can they wage a comeback or is this another blowout loss waiting to happen? The Steelers are giving a lesson in my golden rule (Turnovers are gold). The constant picks and fumbles have them very deep in a hole and one has to wonder now if they can come back. The simple answer is no. I will go back to what I said last week. The Steelers are what they are. They just lost to a horrible Jet team and they had their passing offense dominated by the worst defensive secondary in the NFL. Pittsburgh you are BAD.

18. San Diego Chargers (19) – On the bye. This team had the first half under control until they stunk out the joint in a game they had to win. Their schedule gets brutal now so good luck SD in winning 7.

19. St. Louis Rams (18) – The Rams are battling early and even have a lead at the half. One wonders if they can get enough 2nd half O to win this game. The easy answer was no. The Rams suddenly found themselves facing the buzz saw of the Cardinal D and in seconds the game was over. A pretty good effort for about 45 minutes then splat. An ugly finish.

20. Houston Texans (21) – On the bye. We are, I think, all hopeful that the bye will bring us back Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt on the field together. The Texans are better than I thought they would be because of Foster’s good play. If they win 7 I will be impressed.

21. Buffalo Bills (20) – Superb Bills D early has them in control of this game. Their O scored a 7 early but have started to stumble and need to get a few more points to be better able to get this win. The Bills gave their all but it seems that Kyle Orton is not the answer. The Bills D played a super game and if the O had just gotten another TD, they could have won this one.

22. Minnesota Vikings (22) – On the bye. The Vikings have to be happy to be 4-5 now. They must continue to see growth with Bridgewater and they must continue to keep that Neanderthal Child whipping psycho off their team. The Vikes have a shot at 8-8 and that would be good.

23. Atlanta Falcons (28) – The Falcons have only one thing going for them and that is that Tampa seems to be playing worse than them so far. It is a tribute to how bad Atlanta is that this game is so close at the half. Whichever teams plays worse will lose. The Falcons got another TD and put the game away. Don’t anyone start making post-season plans here. They have swept Tampa Bay; they haven’t swept the best teams in the league.

24. Washington Redskins (24) – On the bye. The Redskins have seen 3 QBs and many forms of loss. It won’t matter who is under center if that D plays as bad as they have this year. A team that needed to get a lot better on the bye.

25. New York Giants (23) – The Giants played 30+ solid minutes of football and had a lead at the half. The G-men actually had the game going well beyond their best expectations. Suddenly, it was gone. They never showed up in the 4th quarter and were rolled over. Another terrible effort and this was just one quarter of a terrible effort but the results are the same.

26. Carolina Panthers (25) – The Panthers lost control of the game early with 2 back to back golden turnovers and they found themselves in a hole. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaam was never in rhythm and still looks hurt. The lack of offensive weapons hurt them and they just got pushed around and never had a shot. Ugly game and the real Panthers (bad, no scoring) are starting to appear.

27. New York Jets (31) – Excellent start for the Jets. They have managed to jump out to a big early lead but now need their rotten D to hold the lead so good luck with that! The Jet D keeps making picks and that is beyond understanding but well done Jets so far. They may just win this one unless they collapse. The Jets have won a game that was given to them on a silver platter. Win another and I will be impressed.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (26) – The Jags have nothing to lose, playing in their ‘2nd’ home park. All they have to do is keep battling and they will stay in this game against a disinterested opponent. The Jags D is the culprit to their trailing at the half. They have having issues both stopping the run and covering the pass. The Jacksonville D wasn’t able to get the job done and now they have a long flight, no bye and likely being totally out of sorts when they play next week.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27) – Early returns are just terrible and the Bucs need to tighten up the early terrible mental mistakes or this will be over fast. The Bucs are still in the game and it is just a battle of bad going on here. The Bucs win the prize for being the worst team. McCown is no help at all and the Bucs D is poor and the Bucs coaching is bad and this team is just bad.

30. Tennessee Titans (29) – Mettenberger is performing well against what should be a stout Raven D. The Titans are playing pretty well and are keeping themselves in this game. The Titans seemed to run out of gas and never get involved in any sort of effort to win this game after the first 15 minutes. A team that seems to be going through the motions.

31. Chicago Bears (30) – Turn out the lights, the party is over. Stick a fork in them…any other analogy you like please insert here _ _ _ _. The Bears came out with their season on the line and Jay Cutler just melted into a puddle of nothingness. Bad throws, bad reads, picks galore, fumbles. The game was over in 2 minutes. It is now time for Chicago Bears lawyers to figure out how to, as cheaply as possible, get out from under the Cutler contract.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – Great start for Oakland and I would say it’s a moral victory to have led Denver by 4 points for a period of time in this game. The Raiders now have three legit things going for them. Sparano is a quality coach and deserves a 4-year, no cut, contract to build this team. Carr is the best Rookie QB in the league and gives Oakland their best QB since Rich Gannon in 99. Khalil Mack is a superb LB and will be the QB of the Raider D for the next decade. Be patient, grow with this troika, and watch the wins in 2018. In this game, they are just being overwhelmed but that isn’t a surprise. The Raiders were crushed but they never had a chance.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan