MR N’s #NFL Week 11 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings


1. Arizona Cardinals (1) – A really good first half for Arizona. Stanton has tossed 2 TDs and 2 picks but the Cardinal D is holding the Lions to simply FGs. If they stop turning the ball over and keep up the pressure they have this game. The Cardinal D is simply incredible and reminds me of the Seahawks last year. They simply dominate a game. Stanton is more than effective as QB and the Cardinals are the best team in the NFL as I thought they would be.

2. New England Patriots (2) – The Pats are the 2nd best in the NFL today, bar none. They are able to game plan to destroy the opposition of the week. It would be very interesting to see these Patriots head into Arizona in February to face The Cardinals for the Super Bowl. As for the game, they ripped the currently sappy Colts apart. Great win.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (3) – The Kansas City Chiefs have come out and played a pretty solid first half against a historic rival. The D is playing well and the O has put up a couple of scores. Will be a test of their mettle to see if they can hold on for a win. This was a superb win for Kansas City. This team has a D that gets better and better each week. With a strong run D and a vibrant pass rush they don’t need much O to make this work. They have a great Rushing attack and enough passing. A team to be reckoned with for the rest of the year and now I am a believer.

4. Green Bay Packers (6) – Excellent game so far for Green Bay. The Offense is ripping it and are putting it to the Eagle D. The Packer D is teeing off on Philly and this game is over and there is 30 minutes still to play. A great game by Green Bay. They won it going away and put a hurting on the Eagles. Spectacular and if they keep this going they are going to very hard to beat the rest of the way.

5. San Francisco 49ers (10) – The Niners have been able to move the ball between the 20’s but have only gotten a trifecta of FGs to start. They need to get 7 to get control of this game. They lead but it’s not a great game for them yet. The Niners were never able to get on track and have to consider themselves extremely lucky to come away from Jersey with a win. Terrible O but decent D. 6-4 is a fair record but this San Fran team isn’t very good.

6. Seattle Seahawks (4) – Seattle D was gashed twice by Charles and put them in a hole. The showing of a little life got them a late first half 3 but this team has a lot of work ahead to win this game on the road. The Seahawks gave it a good shot. Their rushing offense is a great weapon but without a complimentary passing offense (or at least the hint of one) they are almost a one trick pony. The Hawks D isn’t what it used to be and the Chiefs took advantage of that. Been a tough year for this team and now it’s fair to wonder if they will even make the playoffs.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (12) – The Bengals have jumped out to a nice lead on the road. Almost lucky for Cincy that this game isn’t on during prime time. They scored one TD by having the receiver fumble and then recover it in the end zone. They are by definition, winning ugly. The Bengals used a solid second half running game to take a nice lead. Heck, Dalton didn’t look like crap either. He tossed a couple of TDs and they won a great game on the road in a tough environment. I still don’t think they are any good but they are alive in their division and for the AFC Wildcard.

8. Miami Dolphins (13) – The Fins came out slow and had trouble getting the ball into the end zone. They struggled for a half then Tannehill turned it on and they won the game going away. The Dolphins have a decent D, a QB that can at times look good too. This team is alone in 2nd in their division and still have a legit shot at an AFC Wildcard if they can keep it going.

9. Baltimore Ravens (14) – On the bye and look at that…they moved up 5 spots. Well they had to for 5 reasons…1 they are a decent team and 2, 3, 4, and 5…4 teams that were top ten stunk so bad they don’t deserve to be in any top ten after their play. Win and keep it going Baltimore.

10. Dallas Cowboys (15) – On the bye and for reasons above, that is how Dallas moved up 5 places by not playing. Win and keep it going Dallas.

11. Denver Broncos (9) – The Broncos came out flat on O and D and were badly shut out for most of the first half. Their D was VAUNTED during pre-game as the ‘best this’ ‘best that’. They are being schooled by Shaun Hill. The Broncs may yet win this game but that was an ugly first half. The Broncos got manhandled in St. Louis. What used to be uncharacteristic for Manning, multiple picks, has now become commonplace. One is an accident and two is a trend. Peyton Manning has now been picked off at least 2x a game, 3 games in a row. The D was poor and inefficient. They got smoked and they don’t look like a good team.

12. Houston Texans (20) – Ryan Mallett’s first start is going great. He looks in control and confident and has the Texans in a nice lead on the road. Can the Texans keep up the pressure, we will have to see! The Texans played a great game. Mallett may make all the difference to this team. He doesn’t toss multiple picks, he commands the O and has a great arm. The D can relax and just play without being burdened by short fields. This change may save the Texans and they may still have a shot at the playoffs. A good win for them.



13. Cleveland Browns (11) – The Browns have started poorly and Hoyer is inefficient and the Brown D is getting pushed about. If not for a red zone pick by Cleveland, this game would be a blowout already. The Browns need to play harder. The Browns had another bad game and this was at home. The D couldn’t make the stops and they couldn’t get any real points. A really bad game and this team regressed badly today.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (8) – I guess everyone can ratchet back the ‘Sanchez is a great QB’ talk. Philly showed up for the start of the game and got quickly destroyed. The D has been massacred and they are even having trouble snapping the ball. Can they wake up and come back from a 27 point deficit? I am doubting it. The Eagles have been utterly destroyed. Any garbage points they score late notwithstanding. They were on the receiving end of a fifty burger. That D, which people had spoken lovingly about, showed its worth. The Eagles better bring it on Thanksgiving or Dallas will make sure they eat more than Turkey that day.

15. St. Louis Rams (19) – Superb play by D and O gave the Rams a nice lead. Hill is looking sharp at QB and the Ram pass rush is putting great pressure on Peyton. A great first 30 but an open question as to if they can hold on to win. Amazing game by St. Louis. This is the third great win for this team. Their Defense can make the difference when it gives a 60 minute effort. Hill was solid at QB and it is not beyond possible that if they play like this, week 12 – 17 they may yet have a shot at the playoffs.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (17) – The Steelers beat the Titans but man did they have to work hard to do it. Their D had to fight for it and was barely able to do what it took to sneak out a win. Ditto for the O who managed to use a strong running game to just squeak by a demonstrably worse team. If I am Pittsburgh I am not too pleased with that effort. They better work on getting it together on the bye as they still have a shot to make the playoffs but they must play better.



17. San Diego Chargers (18) – The Chargers seem to be mailing it in again. I know it must be hard to get energy up to play Oakland but COME ON San Diego. They are just doing enough to have a small lead but they should be way out in front. They could blow this if they aren’t careful. The Chargers never really tried and they barely scraped by with an ugly win. It will be interesting to see if they can be more motivated as they start to take on top flight teams.

18. Indianapolis Colts (7) – The Colts seem to have been a mirage. They now just fold when faced with a modicum of D. Luck is no longer able to carry this team out of the holes it falls in. If they don’t do a major head shake and get it together…they may yet lose the division to the suddenly hard charging Houston Texans. It is make or break time for Indy.

19. Detroit Lions (5) – The battle of the 2 NFC elite in the desert is on and Detroit is finding it hard to score against the Cardinal D. They have been burned by two pass TDs and they are being pushed about even with their vaunted run D. They have to really give all they can and keep the stupid penalties to a minimum or they won’t have a shot in this game. The Lions were never able to get any sort of yardage against a real D. The Same old Sorry Ass Lions finally had their moment of definition on national tv. They are not as good as their record. They are just a bad team, with a good record (for now).

20. Atlanta Falcons (23) – Like a scientific experiment…when two awful things face each other, can one rise above the other? The Falcons so far have shown that isn’t true as they have stumbled to a first half 3-3 tie. The Falcons used some golden turnovers from Caaaam to take a nice lead then their crappy D let the Panthers back in it. If not for a really easy field goal being missed, they would have lost. Ok, they are in first in their division. The other fact is…this team SUCKS.

21. New Orleans Saints (16) – Ugly is how one can describe the early effort of the Saints. Baffling how the offense can struggle with all those weapons. They need to figure out how to take on the Bengal D during halftime or this game is over. The game was over. They never figured out how to stop the Bengals and their O couldn’t get anything going. It appears the sun is setting on the career of Drew Brees. The Saints D is just terrible and with the O no longer able to score every 60 seconds every game is a battle – home or away. I think they are only still alive because everyone in their division is terrible but in reality this team is bad and getting worse.

22. Buffalo Bills (21) – The Bills came out on a short week and were only able to move the ball between the 20’s. I heard non-stop how Kyle Orton was the saving grace of the franchise and that he had better numbers than Jim Kelly or Joe Ferguson. After I got up off the floor I watched him be unable to get touchdowns and he led his team to a loss. They are now 3-3 under Orton and 2-2 under EJ. Scuffling and losing with a young franchise QB grows a team, Manuel learns in these games. Scuffling and losing with ancient Orton, Orton learns how to keep cashing a check. A team whose hot start is a distant memory and their season is basically done.

23. Minnesota Vikings (22) – The Vikings have been up and down to start the game. The D has been hurt by the pass and Bridgewater isn’t getting the ball to his receivers – that is key to beating a poor Bear D. They trail and need to get more efficient on O to win this game. The Vikings D poor tendencies reared their head again today. Terrible pass defense let them get picked apart and they couldn’t score enough to make up the deficit. They lost a game in Chicago and very few teams do that anymore.

24. New York Jets (27) – On the bye and they had one of their better weeks as so many teams stunk…this pile of patooie looked good by just not playing. If they beat Buffalo they can legitimately move up next week.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (28) – On the bye and they had one of their better weeks as so many teams stunk…this pile of galoopally looked good just by not playing. If they beat Indy they can legitimately move up next week.

26. Carolina Panthers (26) – When a bad team is at home and plays a bad team it can lead to a lot of things, like a 3-3 snorefest tie at the half. Caaaaaam turned an ugly game into a nightmare by tossing picks. The Panthers battled back against a porous D but lost when their kicker missed a 36 odd yarder. Pretty good definition of the Panther season. A team that has some D but really needs to dig for O.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29) – No one that I know thought the Bucs would have a shot here. They are playing gutsy with points off turnovers. They have a slim lead and their D is having a field day against a really rotten O line. The Buccaneers had arguably their best game of the year here. They won a game in a romp, on the road. Good passing, solid rush O and good D. I think this game has to be understood as a one off. Most teams won’t play that bad O line as the Skins did. It is a win and they are laughingly still in consideration in the WORST division in football.

28. Chicago BEARS (31) – Chicago started very slow but managed to get the ball to their key receivers and have jumped out to a nice lead. Cutler has tossed a pick already and he is a pick 6 waiting to happen. All in all though it is a great start for the sad sack Bears. Real doubt their D can hold this lead. The Bears won a game at home, which is a revelation in itself. Cutler didn’t play like a complete tool and made some good throws. I even witnessed Bears defenders making TACKLES. It is a win. They still are a poor excuse for a Bear team but they finally won a game at home.

29. New York Giants (25) – Eli is tossing picks and that is taking away from his one TD. The Giants D is doing a good job stopping the Niners in the red zone but they still trail and this seems like another second half blowout to come. The Giants had a zillion opportunities in this game. Eli being picked off half a zillion times didn’t help. They have a shot to win it right to the end and couldn’t. 5 losses in a row, I think the Giants need to make some hard decisions about the future of this team. Time for their Coach and QB to consider riding off into the sunset.

30. Washington Redskins (24) – RGIII has turned it over twice. No surprise as the right tackle has been doing his best impersonation of a tackle dummy and allows free runs at RGIII’s throwing side. Bad O-line play hampered Cousins and now it hampers RGIII. They need to change O linemen not switch QBs. Poor first half effort. They added a horrible second half effort and that added up to a terrible game. The Redskins were just bad. When your O line doesn’t block anyone it is impossible to score points. A very ugly game by a very bad team. Now one wonders what is worse, their O line or their entire D?

31. Tennessee Titans (30) – The Titans gave a super effort and nearly beat Pittsburgh. If they can keep up that kind of effort they will not be in 31 very long. Mettenburger is a legit QB and that D is solid if it just tries all game. Somewhere in the mess that is the Titans, there is a real football team. Maybe they can get it going and end the year strong? We will see.

32. Oakland Raiders (32) – The Raiders are on the road and haven’t looked terrible. They haven’t gotten anything with their ground game. Their passing game has been mostly stymied. They have turned the ball over and they punt a lot. They are only down by 7 at the half, a moral victory. The Raiders gave what all they had and they lost by only a touchdown. Carr tries hard. On the positive I think Oakland may just have a running back. Murray, the 6th round pick from Central Florida, shows promise. If I was Oakland I would be featuring this kid the rest of the year. Khalil Mack continues to show why he is the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Good effort. Keep it up, use Murray, you may just win one yet.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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