MR N’s #NFL Week 12 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings


1. New England Patriots (2) – Pats are feeling out the Lions D and trying to find holes and you almost feel the sense that a TD is coming. The Pats put up not one but three TDs and this game is pretty much over after 30 minutes. The Pats simply tore down the Lion D and won this game going away. They are on a roll and are the best in the AFC by far.

2. Green Bay Packers (4) – Packers were held scoreless for most of the first half then quickly knifed in for 7. This team is deadly with their calmness and patience. The Packers are still having difficulty getting as much offense as they are used to against a feisty D. They are barely in the lead late in the 3rd quarter. The Packers managed to get the scores they needed to crawl out of Minnesota with a win. It was ugly and they didn’t play well but it was a win.

3. Seattle Seahawks (6) – Seahawks seem to be firing on all cylinders in the first half. The fire and energy hasn’t amounted to a lot of points and they are only barely ahead of a team they have vastly outplayed. Seattle never let up and rolled over the Cardinals for an exceptional divisional win. Now they have the Niners on Thanksgiving and they could be better in control of their playoff destiny with another division win.

4. San Francisco 49ers (5) – The Niners are sleeping through the game and need to wake up or they might drop one they will severely regret, possibly by Thanksgiving night. The Niners snuck out with a win and it was about as ugly a win as it could be. Ok now it will come down to a showdown with Seattle with their season just about on the line.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – The Bengals battle scoreless for most of the first quarter then drew first blood. This could be a battle to the end. The Bengals are giving their all on the road and are in a slim lead. Their D is starting to be pushed around by Houston. They need another score to get back in control. They got the score and their D played well and they got a win. The Bengals looked better today than they have in weeks. They need to do this steadily for the rest of the year to have shot at the playoffs.

6. Arizona Cardinals (1) – Cardinals slow start on the road in a tough divisional game. They had trouble corralling Wilson and had some offensive issues with golden turnovers. The Cards should consider themselves lucky to be within one possession at the half. They were lucky then as they quickly fell behind by 16 and never mounted any sort of offense and down they go. This team was the best in the NFL and now they are simply not.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (3) – They came out flat and got manhandled on both sides of the ball. The Chief D couldn’t get a hand on Murray of the Raiders and perhaps the injury to that Raider kept this from being a total blow out. The Chiefs showed guts to come from behind and take a late lead but in the end their D was unable to stop a team that had destiny in its hands. A fair effort but they literally were beaten by a better team (tonight at least).

8. Baltimore Ravens (9) – The Ravens came into what used to be a tough environment and they brought their running game. They stomped huge holes through the Saints D over and over again until they built an insurmountable lead and won the game. A good win for them and sets them up well in their extremely competitive division.

9. Dallas Cowboys (10) – The Cowboys didn’t garner many headlines after the division game but they did the important thing…they won. They were on the road and had to battle but in the end Tony Romo showed some amazing heart to drive the ‘Boys the length of the field for the victory. This creates a battle on Thanksgiving for who will be in control of their division. If Dallas doesn’t get silly and simply runs, runs and then runs more – they should be ok.

10. Denver Broncos (11) – The problems of the Broncos continue and they find themselves down at home to a team they ‘should’ be dominating. It is becoming more and more common that beating up Denver isn’t as special as it used to be. They need to really go hard to get ahead here. The explosive Bronco O lived up to its reputation as they quickly blew out the Dolphins and the game was theirs. A good win but their D still has issues.

11. Indianapolis Colts (18) – Colts have been playing good D (for them) and their O is slow to get it going but they are a 2nd half team. The Colts better start getting some offense as they are relying on their D to keep them in a tie. A sudden boom and the Colts have a huge lead and now can almost play prevent for the rest of the way. The Colts really needed a win and they won this game handily and perhaps this will help right the sinking ship?

12. Cleveland Browns (13) – Brown D playing a good game early but finally got beat by a good throw by Ryan but they are battling early. Need some O. The Browns have started to put up points and if Hoyer could only get better connections with Josh Gordon they would be leading. What a great finish for Cleveland. You can’t say Cleveland does it easy but it seemed late that terrible picks and clock management was going to blow the game but it was almost a miracle. Nice win and this was a game ‘old’ Cleveland would lose. Well done!

13. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – Great start for Eagles! They have used special teams to help them get out into a healthy lead early. it is not overstating anything to say if Philadelphia doesn’t win this game their season is dead. The Eagles have nearly 30 in the first half and need to have their D keep the Titans at bay. This game is still in question. The question was answered early in the second half when the Eagles blew away the Titans. It was a great game for Philadelphia and now they need to build on this as they have a serious battle on Thanksgiving.

14. Miami Dolphins (8) – About as good of a first half as they could have hoped. The D playing well and the O has put up the points and now they need to see if they can do this for 60 minutes and come away with a key road win. The Dolphins were in the game right up to the point when they suddenly allowed three touchdowns and one two point conversion in a row. Wow the game went away really fast. An ugly loss.

15. San Diego Chargers (17) – The Chargers D is playing pretty well. Rivers tossing a pick six from the six of the opposition is a 14 point swing that could cost them the game. Being down by four at the half is lucky for San Diego. San Diego was barely able to hold on to get a win. I give them credit for getting a win but they didn’t look great doing it. A win is a win.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (16) – On the bye. I considered kicking them down some after seeing how horrible the Jets were and remembering how this team lost to THAT but alas they have been given a break. If they lose the next game, they will drop like a bag of rocks.

17. St. Louis Rams (15) – Took advantage of a golden turnover worth millions to grab a lead on the road. No real offensive success but the D is playing hard. They need to score points to get control of this game. The Rams did score a lot of points late but they cost themselves 14 by stupid penalties. Those plays showed that St. Louis didn’t deserve to win and they still had a shot late but a Super Pure Golden turnover cost them their shot. A loss they earned.

18. Buffalo Bills (22) – What an incredible game by the Bills. The D was on fire, Orton (since he was alive and able to breathe) was able to tear apart the hapless Jet secondary. The game was over quick and Buffalo is raising it’s head out of the playoff grave. They need to beat Cleveland to keep faint hopes alive. Best moment…Chandler shoveling snow as his TD celebration!

19. Houston Texans (12) – The Texans O is having trouble getting any positive plays early and now they have to work harder to play catch-up. The Texans took their time but finally have started putting up points and their D helped with six on their own. It will likely go down to the wire here and best team will win. The Texans O backslid and Ryan Mallett was overwhelmed and the Texans lost this one. That pretty much undoes all the positives of the last few weeks.

20. Chicago Bears (28) – The BEARS O has struggled again and Cutler has stumbled early. Their D is playing well but that isn’t something to count on. The Bears did get seven but they have to really get it going or they will lose something like their millionth this year at home. I give Chicago credit as their D stepped up and Cutler made some good plays and they won their second in a row at home. The Bears could beat Detroit on Thursday and get back to .500 which would put things back in the possible column for this team in what was two weeks ago, a lost year.

21. New Orleans Saints (21) – The Saints used to be a tough team to beat at home. Now it seems teams just have trouble figuring out where they want to beat them. They have serious D issues and if they can’t figure out how to stop the run they are not going to make the playoffs in their crappy Division.

22. Carolina Panthers (26) – On the bye. This team is schizo and just terrible and sometimes not bad but they are impossibly still alive for their division. If they keep winning they could crawl on their belly into the playoffs.

23. Oakland Raiders (32) – The Raiders came out on a short week and their D was on fire. Carr was amazing. Latavius Murray is THE MAN at RB for Oakland. I think the worm has finally turned for Oakland. After leading for a long period their team fell behind. Traditionally the Raiders would have collapsed. But today young FRANCHISE QB Carr rallied the team and marched for the game winning score. Going forward the next six weeks, this team is going to be a very hard one to face. Excellent game. They are no longer the worst team in the NFL!!!!

24. Detroit Lions (19) – The Lions haven’t won a game in New England in over a decade and this is going to be a tough one, so far their O is not having much luck. Two field goals by the offense isn’t enough to make up for the at least 3 TDs the ‘vaunted’ Lion D has let in so far. This game seems over at the half. The game was over. Detroit is starting to lose often and if they lose to the Bears on Thanksgiving they will be heading south in their division fast. A terrible game by a pretty bad team with (for now a winning record).

25. Atlanta Falcons (20) – Matt Ryan says it is quirky that his team is 4-0 vs the NFC South and 0-6 against the rest of the NFL. That isn’t quirky, it is defining two things…one is the NFC South sucks, 2 is the FALCONS SUCK. The Falcons draw first blood with a TD and their D is pitching a shutout early! Atlanta barely holding on to a slim lead and the relentless pressure of the Brown D is starting to take a toll on the Falcons. Well Atlanta had the lead up til 6 seconds left and then lost. Now Atlanta is 0-7 against any team not in the NFC South. Quirky? No ATLANTA SUCKS.

26. Minnesota Vikings (23) – The Vikings had many moral victories early holding the Packers scoreless for 12 minutes was a good one. They now must get their O moving to keep this game close. The Vikings have to be given full credit for playing a great 45 minutes (so far). They need just a little more O and 15 more minutes of D and they could sneak a win. It was a matter that the Vikings couldn’t get points they needed and lost a close one. Well played for what it is worth.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (25) – Bortles is trying to get things going and he is moving the ball albeit not into the end-zone early. Good D but they may tire. Bortles is playing horribly but their D is keeping them in a very low scoring affair. The Jags suddenly got rolled up and and now they need to figure out if they can get more out of Bortles. The D can’t do it alone and the Offense is needing some focus. A poor game.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27) – The Bucs are playing a good game on the road early. The Bucs could easily win this game. The Bucs have held the lead for most of the game and they are about 15 minutes away from humiliating a seemingly hapless Bears squad. The Bucs fell behind and were unable to get the needed points. McCown simply threw the game away with golden turnovers. The Bucs just faded and didn’t play a full game.

29. New York Giants (29) – The Giants played a pretty good 58 minutes but in the end their D couldn’t make the stops and they lost another game. Much has been made of the superb catch ODB made. It was a great catch. The thing is the kid said that making that catch was FUN. He said that right after his team blew a lead and lost a game that almost mathematically eliminated his team. He needs to learn that catching the ball is ok, winning is fun.

30. New York Jets (24) – I had not had the ‘pleasure’ of watching the Jets play football for 3 straight hours until early Monday night. Let me just say that they are the WORST team I have ever seen. I had previously had them slotted in about 27 in the poll but OMG that was just horrid. As the Bills tore them pillar to post I just kept thinking…how did Pittsburgh lose to this bunch of nobodies? The Jets are the Sixers of the NFL. One more loss and they are locked in 32.

31. Tennessee Titans (31) – The Titans thought letting Philly receive was a good idea but the 107 KR for a TD put the damper on that. They are quickly in a hole and need to really get it going to be back in this game. The Titans are only still in this game since their O is playing a D that lets teams stay in games. They are still down by 10 and have a lot of work to do. Utterly destroyed by the Eagles. The Titans D had played well early today and certainly played better the last two weeks but this game was ugly and they lost interest as it went on. Another bad game for a BAD team.

32. Washington Redskins (30) – The Redskins are hanging around in a game they have no business being a part of. Being down by three at the half is a moral victory for a team that seems to lack leadership only in Quarterback, Offensive line, Defense and Coaching. I am doubting it is close at the end. The Redskins managed to lose by four so that is a moral win but they never really were in it. All the focus is on RGIII. That O line is horrid and some of the coaching is bad. This is a horrible team. I believe they are the worst in the NFL.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan