MR N’s #NFL Week 13 Power Poll‏ (Find out who’s the best/worst)

NFL Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers (2) – Green Bay D played a pretty decent bend not break for nearly 40. The Packer O has gotten a few excellent drives but needs to keep up the pressure. The game is tight now and could go either way. The Packers suffered a missed FG and even allowed a key 4th and 3 to be converted late but the D held on and they won a tight one. They are the best team in the NFL (today).

2. Seattle Seahawks (3) – The Seahawks went on the road into the home park of their most heated rival and dominated them from the kickoff til the eating of the Turkey legs on the field. Utter destruction of the SF offense by a D that played their best game of the year. They got enough O to walk away with a win that puts them in the #2 slot and now we need to see if someone is going to beat them again.

3. New England Patriots (1) – The Pats had trouble coming up with answers for Rodgers plays and found themselves down by more than a td for most of the first 40 of this game. The Pat O has finally made somewhat of a late surge and have brought the game to within 2. The Pats need their D to hold and they can have a shot here. The Pats got it within one score but just couldn’t get the play when they had to and down they went. They are no longer the best in the NFL.

4. Denver Broncos (10) – The Broncos came out onto a very loud and unfriendly field and quickly jumped to a nice lead and never looked back. As their D bent but didn’t break the offense just kept adding field goals and the game was never in doubt. A nice win.

5. Indianapolis Colts (11) – A bit of a slow start (like usual) for Indy but they have managed to get a small lead and this may just be a blowout waiting to happen. The Colts are well out in front and can make this silly if they don’t take the foot off the gas. The Colts just rolled and won this game going away. Prevent D allowed most of the Skin points. Nice win.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (13) – The Eagles went into Dallas on Thanksgiving and feasted on the Cowboys. They ate all they could, had seconds and took leftovers home. It was a massacre. The offense scored at will, the D was on point. They played a great game and for the moment look like the real deal in their division. With the NFL this year, their good standing may not last but it is what it is right now. Super win.

7. San Francisco 49ers (4) – The Niners got thrashed at home. Their Offense could barely complete a pass or rush for a yard. Kapernick was picked twice and looked badly being picked. To be fair though I think the SF WR (Lloyd) should have done more than simply stand there and watch while Sherman picked off the ball. The D was alright and their tackling of Lynch was inspired but with no offense they were dead. They need to win out now and get help, in order to have a shot at the playoffs. Their year is effectively over.

8. Kansas City Chiefs (7) – The Chiefs came out slow. Missing their starting safety Eric Berry really hurt their secondary and they were pushed about in the first quarter. Before they could get it going they were two scores down, the crowd was out of it and they had to play catchup. They couldn’t. The Chiefs got whipped again and now need to regroup as they face a really tough last quarter of their Sked.

9. Baltimore Ravens (8) – The Ravens D is playing hard and they have a lead but need to play clean O. The Ravens have a nice lead and now need to rely on their D to try to keep this game in control. The Ravens had a lead until the very end and then they lost it. They have had D issues and those got them today. An ugly loss.

10. Arizona Cardinals (6) – The Cardinals have to find the offense to make up for their early mailing it in or they are in severe trouble. The Cardinals continue to have trouble scoring and are allowing a ton of points from a crappy team. The Cards are in danger of losing two in a row and this loss could make them fall like a stone. Ok get your parachute on because this sad sack loss was ugly and you are now who you are…no good. (they would have fallen farther but for so many sucky teams in the NFL)

11. Houston Texans (19) – Houston is playing a conservative game plan and they have a decent lead early. It appears all Fitzpatrick needed was the proverbial kick in the pants by his benching and he is leading a strident Texan squad to a nice lead in a game that is basically over. When Houston can rip a team for that many points you know they had a good game. Well done.

12. Miami Dolphins (14) – Well Miami won the game. It wasn’t for a lack of trying to lose. They were even run over by the Jets for most of the first half. But for NY missing a ton of field goals they would have lost. If the NFL wasn’t full of rotten teams, this team would be lower but they keep winning so…




13. San Diego Chargers (15) – The Chargers are battling on the road. Rivers has served golden turnovers but the weather is decent and SD hasn’t quit. The Chargers need to play mistake free ball the rest of the way to keep this game close and have a shot late. The Chargers not only got their shot late they pulled out a gutsy East coast road win. Incredible victory that keeps their slim playoff hopes alive.

14. St. Louis Rams (17) – A super start for the Rams. QB Hill is having a day of days and is leading the Rams to a huge lead early. What a comeback for St. Louis. They needed a win like this and are still trying to keep themselves alive in the NFC playoff with this superb win. Well played on O and D. Excellent win.

15. Cincinnati Bengals (5) – The Bengals have mailed it in early and are struggling on O and D to simply get back into a game against a demonstrably worse opponent. Trailing as the game goes into the second half is the sole fault of Andy the overpaid pick machine Dalton. The Bengals were barely in the lead until late and then when TB got set up to kick a game winning FG, their head coach illegally challenged a play when he wasn’t allowed to and used that to get a play re-refereed (after hearing ad nauseum for the last week that the Booth WON’T officiate the game) and the booth officiated the game and called a penalty which the booth isn’t supposed to do and the Bengals won. It was a gutless, classless win. This team of dirtbags is in first but is going to slide in my power poll because I am offended.

16. Buffalo Bills (18) – The Bills are shut out early but their D is keeping them in a must win game early. Great D but by hook or by crook they need to find a way to get some points. Full credit to the Buffalo in that they used many ways to get points and they won the game going away! Great win and now they have climbed out of the playoff grave and are hunting contenders!




17. New Orleans Saints (21) – The Saints are on the road and the turmoil in the coaching staff isn’t helping the issues the team has on the field. It really appears that Drew Brees has lost good parts of his game. Somehow the Saints have pulled into a lead but they are having serious issues getting offensive production. Those issues were answered as Brees suddenly unleashed a fury of TDs and they blew away Pittsburgh. Good road win.

18. Dallas Cowboys (9) – Oh my goodness did they lay an egg?? Terrible play by what has been a dominating offensive line. Romo looked like classic late season Romo. He stunk. They were thrashed by Philadelphia and now face needing to win out to have a shot at the postseason. My how the mighty fell really fast. Ugly loss.

19. Cleveland Browns (12) – In an absolutely Defensive battle and have a slim lead as the two are battling in a must win for both. What a grand defensive stand the Browns are making. it will be hard for them to win this game 3-0 but they are over half way there. The Browns D and special teams couldn’t hold the line and Hoyer finally played himself out of his job. Manziel looked good so now it’s probably his to lose. The Browns may not yet be done but they are on life support.

20. Detroit Lions (24) – The Lions were able to overcome a nearly 2 possession deficit and then score every time they had the ball for awhile. Their D was solid against the pass and run and they won a key division match up going away. They didn’t look amazing but they won.

21. Atlanta Falcons (25) – A picture perfect start for this laughingstock team. Couldn’t have game planned it better. Can they hold it, with that terrible D? The Falcon D is playing way above its pay scale here and the O keeps getting points. It will require another epic collapse to lose this one. The Falcons beat a team outside of their awful division. A good win for Atlanta. I do not think this makes them any good. Win another one like this and maybe I can respect you a little.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (16) – Big Ben and his Steelers are early relying on LeVeon Bell and that is a good idea and they are in a nice place early in this game. The Steelers are simply not doing anything of note and if they don’t give their heads a collective shake they will lose this one and be in trouble in their division. The only thing that shook late was the D as it totally collapsed and was torn apart. An ugly loss.

23. Minnesota Vikings (26) – The Vikings are using accurate passing and good special teams to get out to a nice lead. Can they keep it up? The Vikings continue to use excellent special team and solid D and have built a great lead and are well in control. The Vikings won the game going away. A great win!

24. Carolina Panthers (22) – The Panthers O seems flat as usual and their D and special team are having issues too. This could be a long day for Carolina. For a team with little or no offense, being down by over three TDs pretty much means this game is over after 33 minutes. The game was over. Carolina never had a chance and only because their division is the worst EVER in football do they have a chance at the playoffs when 3-8-1.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (28) – Bortles looks decent today but he can’t make his receivers catch the ball. The Jag D seems flatter than usual today. And their flatness has continued and they are well down and likely done by early 3rd quarter. The Jags pulled together the greatest comeback in franchise history and stole a win. Way to go Jacksonville.

26. Oakland Raiders (23) – The Raiders have been pushed about badly by the Rams and find themselves 3 tds down very early. The Raiders are so badly down this game is over and no matter how many junk points they get they were blown out and this is ugly. It got uglier and uglier. We will just put this in the ooops column and hope for better next week.




27. Chicago Bears (20) – The Bears played 10 good minutes on Thanksgiving and then stunk like nobody’s business. An awful game. Bad QB play, terrible to non-existent pass coverage and horrible tackling. They were embarrassed, their season is over and they need to fire their coach and trade/cut their mistake of a QB.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29) – The Bucs are being Buc like but have managed to get a double digit lead early. Not playing well at all but they are leading as their opponent is playing terrible. The Bucs are who they are and with that they nearly won an improbably victory. They would have won but for the NFL ruling against them. Good try.

29. New York Giants (30) – The G-men have taken advantage of mistakes by their lesser opponent and they have a good lead early. They are rolling over the Jags and have a nice lead and one doubts they can be caught now. Want to talk ugly loss? The sad sack Giants allowed Jacksonville to come all the way back and defeat them. If they could only just decline the rest of their games it would be more merciful.

30. New York Jets (27) – The Jets played a good half and dominated on the lines of scrimmage for most of it. Geno wasn’t bad and don’t blame him for the loss because of that late pick. He played decently and if the darn kicker had hit a FG or two they mighta won another. Alas they lost. Fair effort.

31. Washington Redskins (32) – The Redskins have been playing energetically early but you can almost sense they cannot score enough early to hold a lead against the Colts. The Redskins couldn’t even hold a lead into the half and could barely get any points from 3 Indy turnovers are down now and it will just get uglier now. Colt McCoy did get some points and didn’t look bad but that D is bad and they are only not in last because the Titans are worse.

32. Tennessee Titans (31) – The moribund Titans are playing down to their ability and look very flat. The Titans will have to show heart they have never had so far this year to come from behind. Methinks this game is already over. The Titans were just rolled over. An ugly loss.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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