MR N’s #NFL Week 14 Power Poll‏ (Who’s the best team?) #NFLRankings #NFLStandings

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (2) – On the east coast in a titanic battle. To have a three point lead is amazing at this point. The D is bending but not breaking. Russell Wilson continues to be the best athlete on the field. He is willing the Seahawks forward in this game. The Seattle D has dominated the game and with solid play by Wilson the game is a great win for Seattle. Super duper win and they are on a terrific roll.

2. Green Bay Packers (1) – Well the Packers had first place in the NFL locked up after 30 minutes against the rotten Falcons. Then they played some of the most horrible prevent D and a disappearing O…they practically lost the game. I don’t quite know what happened but the best team in the NFL can’t be kicked around by Atlanta on their home field even for 30 minutes.

3. New England Patriots (3) – The Pats went to San Diego early and got used to the warm weather and pleasant sun. They also brought their D as they held the Chargers to only 7 offensive points. The O was challenged early and had to battle to get any headway. Finally they used a special teams play to get their first TD then they slowly got the lead and put it away late. A gutsy win and now New England is set up for home field advantage if they win their next 3.

4. Denver Broncos (4) – Denver has ripped off three rushing TDs and with a nice lead now they can unload their pass rush on the Bills O. This game is very close to being over early in the 2nd half. Not the dynamic Bronco machine but this was a nice win. Manning didn’t even toss a TD for the first time in years. A win is a win and they are solidly in control of their own destiny.

5. Indianapolis Colts (5) – The Colt Offense is being pushed around by the Brown D and they need to wake up again as they are getting in danger of being caught from behind by Houston. The Colts certainly didn’t do this the easy way. They trailed for basically 58 minutes and relied on the guile of Andy Luck to once more pull one out. An exciting win and one that saves their season.

6. Arizona Cardinals (10) – The Cards have basically hit the wall. Too many injuries, too many times. Lacking their QB and missing key secondary members has them struggling and it is likely going to cost them their great start to the year. Wow, Arizona climbed over the wall! What a super drive by Stanton and a 2 point conversion. The D turned up and shut down the Chiefs. A fantastic win that almost guarantees them a spot in the playoffs. Very well done!

7. Baltimore Ravens (9) – The Ravens are without Ngata, playing in the hot sun and are already having a very long day in Miami. If they can’t get the O going this will be bad for their playoff hopes. I give Baltimore full credit for pulling this together and winning the game going away. A super road win in a tough place and they still have post season life.

8. Houston Texans (11) – The Texans are battling and are managing to have a slim lead in a game they can’t afford to lose if they want to keep alive in the division. The Texans did just enough to win this game. They showed guts to keep going and pull it out. They are still battling for post season.

9. St. Louis Rams (14) – The Rams are slowly getting in control of this game with effective O and some good D. This is going the way they would like it to. The Rams didn’t play a super game but they played well enough on the road to beat a pretty awful team and they now still have playoff hopes.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (6) – The Eagles D is playing well but their O has been stymied like never before by the Legion of Boom. They are only down by three and this game is still within reach but what a battle it is. The Philly O never got a chance against a rock solid D. Sanchez doesn’t look like he’s much more than he was as a Jet. Down go the Eagles and now they must face a Cowboy team looking for vengeance. A bad loss.

11. Dallas Cowboys (18) – The Cowboys came out and ran the game plan they should run every game. They ran the ball constantly. That opened up the pass game and that was effective. The Cowboys never had to worry in this game and they were so far out in front they went into front porch rocking chair prevent D and that let in 21 late meaningless points. Superb win.

12. Detroit Lions (20) – Relatively stumbling in a game they should be running away in. Detroit needs to play better. Detroit never really got it going and kind of crawled past Tampa with a 2 score win. Not brilliant but rarely is this sad sack team brilliant. It is a win.





13. Pittsburgh Steelers (22) – The Steelers are in a fierce divisional battle and are having issues covering the number one WR of Cincy. They need to tighten up the D. The Steelers really brought their game here. The D held the line respectably and then the Offense poured it on and they actually blew out the Bengals in Cincy. A spectacular season saving win that keeps their hopes alive.

14. San Francisco 49ers (7) – The Niners seem to not be playing as hard as they should be. Kapernick is forced almost on every down to do it all himself. Their D has them trailing at the half and they must get it together to win this one yet. The Niners never got it together. Their O was stifled and looked pedestrian. Their D got beat by Oakland. They were fully and completely whipped by Oakland. I even had SF to win and cover and I have rarely laughed so hard. I think this loss, coupled with Seattle and Zona wins, means their post season dreams are dead.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (8) – The Chiefs are playing it very smart on the road. The use of a solid rush offense is keeping the Cards off the field and they have banged in two quick TDs. The way the Chief D is playing it is an open question as to whether they will allow Arizona to score 14. The Chiefs were never able to get another point and suddenly found themselves down. A total collapse by the O and down they went in a game they had in the bag. Shocking and may hurt their postseason chances.

16. Miami Dolphins (12) – The Fins are being really well led by Tannehill. He is calm, poised and a genuine leader and he has the Dolphins into a nice lead. A tough loss for Miami. They may have just sunk their season with this loss. They have had a decent year but inconsistency has reared its head too many times and now with 6 losses they will be likely outside looking in for the playoffs.





17. San Diego Chargers (13) – They came out with a great pass rush and that harried Brady and helped get the Chargers out to what seemed like a nice 11 point lead. An injury to the punter on a block seemed to affect the psyche of the Bolts. Their Powder Blues couldn’t save them as their D slowly wore down and one mistake in coverage and the Pats had beaten them. Good effort but now they face another tough game next week.

18. Buffalo Bills (16) – The Bills D is not able to stop the Broncos at all when needed. They are down a ton and playing in the thin air…this is just about as bad a start as they could have envisioned. Well the Bills were not in this game but were able make it look much closer with some scoring against prevent D. Me thinks the dream is done for Buffalo. Hopefully they can still win 8.

19. Cincinnati Bengals (15) – The Bengals are managing to get some pass O but they are having issues stopping the number one RB of Pitt. They need to tighten up the D. The D didn’t tighten up, it collapsed. The Bengals ended up eating a 40 burger at home and Dalton couldn’t get enough offense to answer for the mistakes of the D. A bad loss and now Cincy must win out or face elimination.

20. Cleveland Browns (19) – Terrible O early as Hoyer keeps playing like he wants Manziel to play. The D has them in the lead but can it keep it up? The poor old Browns. Hoyer tossed a game ending pick that could be his time in Cleveland ending. The D played 58 good minutes but in a 60 minute game that is about as useless as not showing up. Their season rested on them stopping the Colts twice from the 1 yard line. They called at time out and gave Indy a rest. They then were somehow not ready for the snap and were beaten. Manziel time.

21. Carolina Panthers (24) – The Panthers have turned turnover gold from New Orleans into points and are close to running away with the game early. Their need their D to keep the lead for them. The Panthers had another one of their rare great games and blew away the Saints in New Orleans. A great win for them and somehow this awful team is still alive in the division race.

22. Minnesota Vikings (23) – The Vikings have a lead but are struggling to keep the Jet offense in check. I will let everyone read that slowly again. What the hell is wrong with the Viking D??? The Viking D is horrible and they nearly cost them the game. They snuck away with an OT win and should thank their lucky stars they won this game.

23. Oakland Raiders (26) – A gutsy, nothing to lose attitude has the scrappy Raiders out in front of the Niners at the half. Good D play and some decent moments of O. Don’t know if they can keep it up but it’s fun to watch and a good start for them! What a super finish for the Raiders. Excellent play by Carr, superb running by Murray. Solid D. A great, great win for the Silver and Black. I think they are about to make a huge mistake by getting rid of Sparano. I hope the new coach (Harbaugh?) doesn’t change any of the key parts. Oakland is building a good young team here.

24. Atlanta Falcons (21) – The Falcons came out flat and their D looked as terrible as it always does and they found themselves deep in a hole. Then the second half brought a fierce comeback and the Falcons nearly won the game. They were rotten and good. About as good a definition to their season as exists. They suck and are still in first in that laugh for a division.

25. New York Giants (29) – Simply running the game the way they planned to. Great O, good D, game almost over in the first 20 minutes. The G-men rolled to their 4th win. A great game against a terrible team. Well done New York.

26. New Orleans Saints (17) – Turnovers are gold and with a Saint D as bad as it is they can’t afford turnovers. A terrible beginning and they need to turn it around. What a terrible effort. The D was rotten and the O was flat or worse. A terrible loss but because they are in a rotten division they are still alive.





27. Jacksonville Jaguars (25) – The Jags are battling and hanging around against division rivals. Open question if they can keep this level of play up. The Jags couldn’t keep it up and like so many of their games this year couldn’t play 60. A young team that needs to keep moving forward.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28) – The good news is they got three points and only let in seven in the first quarter. Tampa needs to get some O going. The Bucs gave away the ball too much via golden turnovers and they never were in this game. A lost season continues with no real plan shown by anyone in the organization.

29. Chicago Bears (27) – The Bears looked terrible. The Bears d still can’t stop anyone doing anything. The Bears d is lucky there is a back of the end zone that has a wall behind it or the other team’s O would just keep moving the ball across America until it hit the ocean. The O? It is starting to remind me of baseball teams that can score and win after eliminated from the post season. The Bears put up 3 TDs late when down by 5 tds. Try scoring 3 tds in the first quarter when it counts. Terrible team, terrible loss.

30. New York Jets (30) – The Jets are turning the ball over in many exciting ways. They know how to create gold in New York. Despite their uneven play they are still in the game. The Jets played their best game since they beat Pittsburgh and nearly won this game. Good D and solid rush O but they were just that short and lost.

31. Washington Redskins (31) – Washington is really playing like the worst team in the NFL. They keep playing this bad and I may be forced to make it 31a and 31b. Get it together Washington. The Skins couldn’t score a point at home. The issue isn’t McCoy or RGIII or Cousins. That O line is the WORST and no QB can be productive behind that pile of crap. Oh and Gruden is coaching like an arena league QB. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Blow the whole ugly thing up.

32. Tennessee Titans (32) – Reminding everyone why they are the worst team in the NFL. Horrible start and in a deep hole. They never climbed out of this hole. A rotten effort by all and they are simply a terrible football team.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


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