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NFL Power Rankings


1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – What in the ever loving hell is wrong with Seattle??? At home against a team you hate and the ability to bury them right in front you…and you can’t stop them from getting a lead taking Rush TD on 4th and 1? They have 30 minutes to give their heads a shake. The Seahawks gave their head a shake and got a key rushing TD to take a lead they never relinquished. Superb D in the second half allowed them to roll over their hated rivals and they have solidified their playoff spot while destroying the dreams of SF. lol.

2. New England Patriots (3) – Slow start on O but the D is playing ok and special teams has them out ahead early. The Pats poured it on and pulled away. Excellent D getting turnovers and solid Brady led O has them way out in front. A nice win for a solid team.

3. Denver Broncos (4) – The Broncos are not able to answer the Chargers D in the first half. Three Field Goals give them a margin of lead but they could use 7. There seems to be something wrong with Peyton and I am not talking about his health. He may just be suddenly old. The Broncos managed to get a TD from Peyton and solid FG kicks to win a key division game. They have locked up their playoff dreams now.

4. Green Bay Packers (2) – Rodgers is having issues getting his passing attack working in Buffalo’s cold home field. What a game. Aaron Rodgers actually didn’t play as bad as his stat line. He for the first time ever threw 0 TDs and 2 picks. The fact that his receivers dropped at least 5 including one sure TD for Nelson was the difference. A bad loss and now their spot in the playoffs is no longer about home field advantage.

5. Arizona Cardinals (6) – The Cards went on the road with a battered team and took on a D that had been playing lights out for 2 weeks. They used clean play, no turnovers and few penalties to key their amazing victory. The ability of the Cards to take advantage of the three key Ram misplays lead directly to their victory. When a team’s D is playing as tough as Arizona – four field goals are all you need. A superior win.

6. Indianapolis Colts (5) – Luck has to cut down on the pick sixes and get the team moving earlier in the game. They are down to a rival and need to get it going now. The Colts got just enough O and played good enough D to sneak out a win and wrap up their division. They need to get better on O and D in order to have any chance in the playoffs.

7. Baltimore Ravens (7) – The Ravens D is dominating and they are barely in the lead. They should blow out the Jags but may be mailing it in on O. The Ravens didn’t look good in this win but this win was critical in keeping their playoff hopes alive. An ugly but important win.

8. Dallas Cowboys (11) – The Cowboys evidently needed 10 days to figure out how to block pass rushers from hitting Romo. On Thanksgiving they were pushed all over by Eagle D. Today the Cowboys knocked the Eagles around and the Cowboy O tore up the Eagle D. The final score doesn’t represent how dominating a win this was for Dallas. They are in control of the division now.

9. Detroit Lions (12) – The same old sorry ass Lions were adding a push around D to their recipe. They found themselves down early. They have been able to get a couple of turnovers and that has them back in the game. The Lion O got the TD they needed and their D played another strong game. They won the game, they are in first in their division, they have a great record…and they still aren’t very good.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (13) – The Steelers have used a basic game plan and a nice pick six to have a good lead early on the road. This is a must win for Pittsburgh to keep having playoff dreams. The Steelers were able to get just enough out of their D to keep Atlanta down and Big Ben managed to pull out the points. A great win for Pittsburgh that was so needed to keep them alive.

11. Kansas City Chiefs (15) – A Chief team that has struggled lately and is having injury issues must play solid to keep in control of this game. Alex Smith used his rarely used arm to rip up the Raider D and put the game on ice really quickly. Still alive for the playoffs. A nice win.

12. Buffalo Bills (18) – Unfortunately for Buffalo they are having trouble getting points against the Packer D early. What can be said about the Bill D that hasn’t been said before? A superb game played by the D was the difference. They got a little bit of O and a lot of D and won a great game that no one thought they would. They are still alive for a wild card!




13. Houston Texans (8) – The Texan D got a key early pick six and are keeping the lid on a tough Indy O. They need a few points from their own O. The Texans really couldn’t get any points out of their O. The loss of Fitzpatrick didn’t help. The play of Watt can’t win games itself. A loss that virtually ends their playoff chances.

14. St. Louis Rams (9) – The Rams have seen the enemy and it is themselves. They played a super game of Defense but they had one golden turnover, they had one blown cover and one bad penalty and all led to 9 points. Their O could only manage six and that was that. They played hard but when faced with a team that plays their style but with better people…they didn’t have a shot. A tough loss.

15. Philadelphia Eagles (10) – It was instructive to have seen both Thanksgiving and this week. The Eagles O was on fire 17 days earlier and today all they could do is really fast 3 and outs. They were pummelled. They made errors on special teams, coaching and on O and D. Dominated and never had a chance. Ugly loss.

16. San Francisco 49ers (14) – The Niner D is playing inspired in the first half and have themselves a tiny lead in a tough place to play. Can they make the necessary plays on D and O to keep their season alive? The Niners could not muster any more than the seven they got in the first quarter. The inability to score any points has been the downfall of this team. They lost, they are .500. The illegal hit on Russell Wilson by Moody (crown of the helmet cannot be used to strike a QB) didn’t even impact the game as SF couldn’t even score a point in the second half. They are eliminated now and it looks good on them.




17. Cincinnati Bengals (19) – The Bengals are playing a solid game early and have a nice lead. The D is making a solid effort to disrupt Manziel. The Bengal D has just dominated this game. Key turnovers, stuffing the run and harassing the passer has given them a nice win. Dalton has been a dog but has handed the ball off well. A win for a team that is imminently beatable.

18. Carolina Panthers (21) – Derek Anderson has come in and is playing as well as Caaaam Newton has this year. If Anderson can continue to play better than Cam drives, the Panthers will be ok today. The Panthers D played one of their better games and they got just enough O to get the win and keep their rotten team alive in their rotten Division.

19. San Diego Chargers (17) – Solid D in the first half holding the Broncos to only FGs is good. Not able to do anything offensively but one FG is bad. The Bolts need to score points and fast. SD could not score. The Denver D just held them in check and down goes SD and now they must battle for their playoff lives the next two weeks.

20. Miami Dolphins (16) – The Dolphins have a nice start go downhill quick with a special teams error and they are down to the Pats early. Tannehill has had a bad game and his picks are total gold. The Dolphins D faded later and the Dolphins are simply blown out. An ugly loss that ends their playoff chances basically.

21. New Orleans Saints (26) – The Saints resurgent D was the story with tons of picks and sacks. Brees was solid and the game was well over in 15 minutes. This team is still not very good and their D is abhorrent but a win is a win and their division sucks.

22. New York Giants (25) – The Giants have a lead and they should be able to hold down a very challenged Redskin O. Manning was able to get three TD passes to ODB and that was the difference. A nice win in a season where those are few and far between.

23. Cleveland Browns (20) – The Browns have no answer early for the Bengal D and the Brown D isn’t up to the challenge so far. The Brown O never got on track and some of this is Johnny Manziel’s fault and the rest lies with his underperforming teammates. The D couldn’t stop the run. It ends their season formally. Now they can play for 2015 jobs and we can see if Johnny Manziel is the future for Cleveland.

24. Minnesota Vikings (22) – An excellent start to the game with great drives by the O had the Vikes out to a nice two touchdown lead. Two late first half picks by Bridgewater is creating nothing but trouble for the Vikes and they need to tighten up those turnovers as they are golden. The Vikings never got close to the goal line again. They missed two key field goals and lost by two. The missed field goals hurt but the two interceptions were solid 24k gold and that is what cost them this game. Goodbye playoff dreams.

25. Oakland Raiders (23) – The Raiders are in tough against a division rival on the road and need to keep the magic going and play fundamentally sound football. In a matter of 4 plus minutes the Raider D got shredded and this game went away. Chock another one up in the oops file. Carr and Murray and Mack looked good but you need more than 3 players to win in this NFL.

26. New York Jets (30) – A team with little offense is showing less than little and are struggling to keep the fans awake during this road game. They can win this if they can put together a drive or two. The Jets got their drive and even played some D. They battled a team with less or equal talent and won the game. Congrats, this win almost guarantees the Jets won’t get the number one pick. They can lose even when they win.

27. Atlanta Falcons (24) – The pregame loss of Julio Jones seems to have let the air out of the only good thing on Atlanta – their offense. Could be a very long day for the Falcons. A season of sucking continues as the Falcons just fade and aren’t able to get the points needed to cover what their D allows. A sucky team still alive in their sucky Division.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (27) – The Jags are getting decent play from Bortles early but their O line doesn’t seem to have the ability to stop the Raven rush. Bortles was pretty decent and the D played pretty good but the O line was the undoing. A fair effort for the Jags but they lost another.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28) – The Bucs have a bit of a running game and seem to have the pass O going too. A decent start for this haphazard squad. The Bucs did all they could in this game but inconsistent O play and injuries to key defenders let the air out of poor team. Another loss in a season of losses.

30. Chicago Bears (29) – What a horrible effort. Jay Cutler single handedly lost another game. He is just destroying what is left of pride and passion in the windy city. Bench him? I would release him. Oh and the D still sucks. Terrible loss by a terrible team having a terrible year.

31. Washington Redskins (31) – Very little offense has them behind early in a matchup that means more traditionally than currently. The injury to McCoy has brought a revitalized RGIII back and he has been decent. If their D could cover a WR it would be closer but alas they are being tore up by the pass. A loss that the D earned.

32. Tennessee Titans (32) – The Titans are playing like a baseball team with a 5-3 lead in an uninspired game. Can they play 60 today? On an aside…do Titan players go out to schools and such and tell kids to play 37 the way they do every Sunday? The Titans again played way less than 60 and lost the game. They are just the worst team in football.

There you have it! As always I enjoy sharing my  in game and post game thoughts with everyone! I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like! I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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