MR N’s #NFL Week 16 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.           Seattle Seahawks (1) – It is said that repeating in today’s NFL is the toughest thing to do.  I also say peaking at the right time is critical for success.  I give you Seattle – the no debate, no argument greatest team in the NFL.  The D is healthy now and that O is explosive.  I don’t believe any team in the NFL can beat the Seahawks now.  I honestly don’t think you could build an all star team from the next three and make a team that could beat Seattle.  They clinch homefield next week and then the next time they play on the ‘road’ will be in Arizona in February.


2.           New England Patriots (2) –  The Pats have had trouble defending against the Jet O.  That is hard to write.  The Pats need to get the O untracked or they are in danger of letting a winnable game slip past them.  The Pats barely and I mean BARELY got this win.  That was about an ugly a win as you can have.  They didn’t look good there and better play better in the playoffs.


3.          Green Bay Packers (4) – The Packers have had trouble getting the O working but have a slim lead and are starting to get on track.  Good D play.  The Packers D played solid and with the receivers actually catching balls the Pack won this going away and have made the playoffs.  Beat Det next week and win the division.


4.          Dallas Cowboys (8) – The Cowboys could eliminate the Eagles by winning and have been aided in this by indy who never got off the bus.  A blowout from the start, it is all over with 30 odd minutes to go.  A nice win but really was just a two team practice and score was kept.  Wonder what Commissioner Goodell might say about the ‘competitive’ nature of this game.  Not really fair to have one team not try when playoff standing is on the line.


5.          Detroit Lions (9) – The Lions are having trouble scoring against Chicago which I think makes them singular amongst every other NFL team.  The D is playing strong but if they can’t get more than seven they will have issues.  The Lions managed to get the necessary points and their D made the key stops they had to and they got another win.  The division title comes to week 17 vs GB.


6.           Pittsburgh Steeler (10) – Tough game for the Steelers.  They can still win their division but they gotta get the O working here.  Field goals won’t cut it in a really tough matchup.  This is almost a playoff game in week 16.  The Steelers really played hard and won this game going away.  A solid win that puts them in the playoffs.  For Pittsburgh to have postseason success they need to find consistency quickly.


7.         Arizona Cardinals (5) – Well the Cards tried but injuries finally caught up with this team of hard working individuals.  They had 3 key drops early and made one mistake in coverage and the game got out of hand fast.  Arizona has nothing to be ashamed of.  They have had a super year and just met a Seahawk team that is peaking at the right time.  They may yet win a wild card game.  A tough loss for a good team.


8.         Indianapolis Colts (6) – The Colts really had nothing to gain in playing this game and boy can you tell from how they are playing.  No effort on O and or D and they are so far down the game is over.  Heck the game is so not mattering to Indy they even pulled Luck.  The game is over and one can only think Philadelphia is cursing now.  Hardly competitive and means Philly is out because Indy didn’t have to play.


9.          Cincinnati Bengals (17) – Finally the Bengals played well at night.  Dalton still looked like an idiot more often than not but the D showed up. They had good special teams.  A solid run game and got 4 key picks.  Can they play good next week at night vs Pittsburgh? We will have to see.


10.        Denver Broncos (3) – Watching Denver play reminds me of walking behind the north end of a south bound horse.  Their alleged D has more holes than old underwear.  Speaking of old, may I introduce Peyton Manning…once a great QB.  The last 4 weeks he is a poor man’s Ryan Fitzpatrick.  His four picks cost the team the game.  They are a shadow of who they were last year and last year they were utterly destroyed in the Superbowl.


11.        Carolina Panthers (18) – The Panthers O is doing alright and Caaaaaaam is brave to be competing with the broken bones in his back.  The D is playing well and they have a lead at the half.  Gotta give Cam credit for playing that hard while hurt.  The Panthers got a hard fought win with a solid effort and their season comes down to week 17…win and in, lose and done.  Good job Caaaaaaaam!


12.          San Diego Chargers (19) – The Charger D mailed it in for the first half and Rivers struggled to get points going but in the second half…the Chargers gave up on the run.  They passed and passed and passed and got points after points after points.  After tying the game late they even stole the win.  What a great win and it keeps them alive for playoffs.


13.        Houston Texans (13) – Just about the best start Houston could have ever hoped for.  The D has a shutout through 30 and Case Keenum has got enough done to have a nice lead.  Can they hold it?  They expanded the lead and the D roared and Houston has stolen a win against arguably a better team.  Solid play by the O and great D and a nice win.


14.         Baltimore Ravens (7) – Where is the Raven O?  For a team sitting in a coveted playoff slot they are playing like crap.  The D can’t do it alone and being down deep to Houston is almost inexcusable.  Can Harbaugh rally his troops with a speech at the half?  The turnovers of Flacco were completely the reason why Baltimore blew this game.  This loss puts them in danger of missing the playoffs but the way Flacco has played no one should be surprised.


15.        Atlanta Falcons (27) – The Falcons have dreams of playoffs in this sucky division match and so far have brought more to the game than their opponents.  Can they sneak a win on the road here?  They not only snuck the win, they eliminated their hated rival Saints too.  The Falcons blew out the Saints in New Orleans and now have a win and in match in week 17 vs the Panthers.


16.         Kansas City Chiefs (11) – The Chiefs are battling for their playoff lives on the road and are in a tussle with a team that is very similar in ability.  This could come to last team who scores wins.  I have seen cheap shots in more than two decades of watching the NFL but that leg whip that 99 did on Big Ben during the TD pass is one of the cheapest I have ever seen.  He should be ejected from the game.   He wasn’t ejected, he needs to be fined.  Justice was served nonetheless as the Chiefs never really showed up and lost.  They are eliminated and that looks good on them.

17.         Buffalo Bills (12) – The Bills have a great opportunity to keep alive in the playoffs but they need to actually try here.  The O line should consider blocking Khalil Mack once or twice.  Orton is looking lost at QB and the D isn’t tight.  About 15 minutes to wake up or watch their season end in Oakland.  They never woke up and a late pick by Orton seals it.  I can’t understand how a team with opportunity in front of them just can’t muster the effort.  Shameful and another lost season.

18.         Miami Dolphins (20) – The Dolphins are having trouble dealing with any aspect of Minnesota’s offense.  Tannehill made a key golden turnover that lead directly to points.  Not much pride from Miami so far.  The Dolphins found a bit of pride and got a win.  They are done this year but they got a win they earned.  It was a win.


19.     _ New York Giants (22) – The Giants have gotten out to a good lead early but the D is slowly letting the Rams back into it.  Very chippy and dirty play on both teams early.  ODB is making himself felt in this game and is almost single handedly carrying the Giants into a comfy lead.  Will see if the D can hold it.  The G-men won this going away.  A nice win and this is two in a row in a lost season.


 20.           Oakland Raiders (25) – The Raiders, playing with nothing to lose, have a good lead against a listless Bill squad.  The D is playing strong and the O is getting threes instead of sevens but they have the lead.  Can they hold it?  Good on Oakland for not only holding it but building on it and sealing it with a golden turnover.  Superb win by an Oakland team that is coming on nicely and has a core to build with.    _________________________________________________________________________________

21.          Jacksonville Jaguars (28) – The Jags O line had real trouble early and that had them down and they looked rough.  Bortles got it going, his O line blocked a little and they got it going.  Better D in the second half coupled with the steadily improving O lead them to a nice come from behind win.  A very young team that snuck a nice win.

22.    Philadelphia Eagles (15) – The Eagles seem to have mailed this game in.  The total lack of discipline leading to well over 10 penalties is embarrassing to the franchise.  The total lack of cover skills by the secondary is embarrassing to the NFL.  If they manage to pull out a win  – they don’t deserve it.   The loss was so ugly it defies words.  What a way to end what had been a promising season.

 23.      St. Louis Rams (14) – The Ram D got smoked by Eli and his weapons a couple of times and have started cheap shotting all over the place.  The Rams got the O working and are within one possession at the half but need to play smarter and cleaner to stay in this.  The Rams basically have given up since being eliminated from the playoffs.  The previous staunch D is just going about the motions and their O isn’t lighting it up either.  The Rams had mistakes and poor effort and penalties and that led to a loss.  Go figure.

 24.       Cleveland Browns (23) – Manziel got his team a field goal which is a step forward for them this week.  Good D play but they are down and need points from the O to get back in this game.  Manziel got hurt and Hoyer came in and got the Browns almost all the way back.  They gave a good effort and came up just that close.  A tough loss.

 25.       San Francisco 49ers (16) – The Niners had a great 30 minutes but they needed to play 60.  The season continues and after 15 games Kaepernick has not got a TD in the 4th quarter.  SF ran for over 350 yards and lost.  No team had done that before if ever.  What a terrible loss by a team who’s D just quit in the second half.  People think this D is good but it isn’t.  The Three turnovers were pure gold and why the Niners lost.

26.        New Orleans Saints (21) – For a team who controls it’s on destiny they don’t seem to be trying very hard.  D is playing ok but the O can’t get points.  The Saints O couldn’t get on track and when the game was on the line and they needed one TD to win…they turned it over and lost.  Good bye New Orleans.  Good thing they play the blues in the Big Easy because Saints fans must be sad now.

27.       Minnesota Vikings (24) – The Vikings have brought their game to South Florida.  Decent D, that has grabbed a key turnover and solid O and they have a nice lead at the half.  The Vikings gave their all on O and but for the odd turnover it did enough to win.  The D did just enough to lose.  They should not have played prevent when only up by 7 and they lost.  Ugly.

28.      New York Jets (26) – Geno Smith is playing his best O of the year.  The Jet D is giving their all.  Typical tough play by the Jets against a hated rival.  This could come down to the the 4th quarter.  The Jets lost by one point.  They played really well.  Geno Smith looked amazing and if he can do that again next week he may yet be the NYJ franchise QB.  Good effort.

29.       Washington Redskins (31) – The Redskins have really played well (for perhaps the first time this year) and RGIII is looking solid.  Good, accurate deep passes coupled with a feisty D pass rush has them in the lead.  One never knows if the Skins D will hold a lead.  They usually don’t.  They have 10 or so minutes to show if they can or not.  RGIII tossing a bad pick late doesn’t help a slowly collapsing D.  Amazingly they held what they had to and got a win.  Wow.


30.    Chicago Bears (30) – The best effort by the BEARS in the first half in weeks and weeks.  Claussen looks good, the O line is blocking and the D tackles too.  Revelational to say the least.  Can they play 60 today?  Well the Bears actually played pretty good.  They only lost by six and they really seemed to give their all.  A pretty good effort for Chicago and they don’t normally give good efforts.  Well done for a loss.


31.             Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29) – Very little to no O once more by this sad excuse for a team.  They have kept it close for 30 but I doubt they can do that for 60.  They couldnt play 60 and were put away nicely.  A team with huge issues and they need a ton of help.  Oh they play next week but they really suck and should be concentrating on the 2015 draft.


32.             Tennessee Titans (32) – The Titans are a mind bending team.  Anyone who was able to watch just the first 30 minutes of the Thursday night snore fest saw a Titan squad who played tough.  They had passing O working, solid Rush D and decent pass rush.  Once more, somewhere around the 40th minute.  They stopped.  They just fold their tents and quit.  This has to be coaching.  How can 53 guys not care to play 60???  A team that is full of quitters is terrible and the worst team in the NFL.

There you have it!  As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone!  I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like!  I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties – Charlie Brown’s sister said it first – all she wants is what she has coming to her, all she wants is her fair share!  Merry Christmas everyone!!!!



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