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NFL Power Rankings

1.           Seattle Seahawks (1) – An uncharacteristic slow start at home was overcome with the characteristic solid D play in the second half.  The Seahawks slowly wore down the Rams and then tore it up and won the game going away.  The beyond the shadow of a shadow of a doubt Best team in the NFL with home field till they play in Arizona in February.


2.           Green Bay Packers (3) – The Packers had to work hard to win the division but they did it and got a much needed bye.  Rodgers was the difference and he single handedly won the game for Green Bay.  They really needed this win and if they get healthy, they will be hard to beat in two weeks.


3.          New England Patriots (2) – With nothing to play for and biding time till their bye the game is going like a hard practice for the Pats early.  The Pats are going through the motions and those motions have them down to Buffalo half way through.  The Pats just decided this game didn’t matter and put the stamps on the envelope early.  Ok we will see how good they are come week 2 of the playoffs now.


4.          Dallas Cowboys (4) – The Cowboys have jumped out to a nice lead against a rotten team.  Romo and Murray and Mother Beating Dez have given Dallas a big lead and this game is all but over.  The Cowboys won the game going away and look ready to battle in the playoffs.


5.          Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Big Ben was tossing his cookies early and tossing at TD once the game started.  With the O line playing so strongly Ben has all day and looks composed in the pocket.  Out to a nice lead and if they can hold it they will be home next weekend.  The Steelers struggled in the 2nd half and Ben tossed some golden turnovers but when it came down to it…a key turnover and a deep pass and the Steelers will win their division and host the Ravens.  That should be blood on the field next Sunday for sure.


6.           Indianapolis Colts (8) – The Colts have nothing at all to play for (seems pride isn’t part of the Colt makeup) and they are playing like that early.  Luck got untracked and tore up the Titans and now has taken the rest of the day off.  The Colts should be able to hold the lead for the 2nd half.  The Colts managed to hold on and win the game.  Now they get to face a probably crappy team in the wild card but will have to tighten up their entire game to have any hopes of playoff success.


7.         Denver Broncos (10) – The Broncos blew out the Raiders and landed a first round bye.  Manning still doesn’t look like the Manning of 2 months ago.  I think that ship has sailed.  They have good rush O with CJ Anderson and will need to rely on that for playoff success.  The D has issues and their road to the Super Bowl may not be as rosy as last year.


8.         Carolina Panthers (11) – The Panthers brought real game today and dominated from start to finish.  The car accident seems to have created a more mature, dedicated and serious Caaaaaam and he is a leader now.  The Panther O played well and the D was amazing.  A superb win that gives them the division title and a playoff home game (mostly because the NFL is too stuck in its ways to have the teams re-seeded).  I hope they bask in the glow for a bit because it will likely all end next weekend.


9.          Detroit Lions (5) – The Lions battled the Packers right till the end.  They gave their all and played good D.  The offense struggled (as it often does)…two TDs to megatron wasn’t enough for the Lions.  They lost and lost badly to Green Bay and now get to go to Dallas and face a hot Cowboy team.  I see a one and done in their future.


10.       Arizona Cardinals (7) – The team that is doing it with baling wire, duct tape and QB whispering almost snuck another win.  Lindley did what he could with limited ability…he tossed some TDs, he tossed a LOT of picks and they ended up 3 points short.  I think it is not beyond the realm that this team can find enough to go to Carolina next weekend and kick some Panther ass.


11.        Cincinnati Bengals (9) – The Bengals D is having huge trouble with the Steelers O line.  They can generate no pass rush pressure and that is leaving their secondary hanging out.  The Bengals O needs to get more productive fast or they are on the road in a week.  Two picks for Dalton are golden and he should know better but he is what he is.  The Bengals used two key picks in the second half to help keep them in the game and just when it appeared they were starting to gain ‘Mo’…a fumble…a critical mistake by a DB and now it appears the Bengals only reward is a road game vs. Indy next week.  They are just not that good.


12.          Baltimore Ravens (14) – The Ravens are in a win and get help situation but don’t seem to be playing as good as one would think they would be so far.  The total lack of offense by Baltimore is shocking.  How awful is Baltimore to not be blowing this bad Brown team away?   The Ravens got a win and made the playoffs.  Congrats!  You are the worst team in the playoffs in a long time and it won’t take much of an effort to make this sorry team one and done next week.


13.        Houston Texans (13) – Solid D and workable O was going ok for the Texans but a golden turnover has the Texans down.  The Texans have battled back to a lead and the way everyone seems to be playing they could yet sneak into the playoffs.  Well done Houston. You played hard and won the game.  They didn’t make the playoffs but played pretty well.  They need a ton of help on O and keep the D humming and they will be alright.


14.         Kansas City Chiefs (16) – Chiefs need to win and have tons of help and so far are bringing it in this divisional matchup.   Excellent effort from the Chiefs D has the team in good shape and a key early 2nd half turnover could seal this deal.  A gutsy game by Chase Daniels and the Chief D got them an unexpected win.  The Chiefs need to get better on O to have a shot in 2015.


15.        Buffalo Bills (17) – The Bills are going down with the QB that brought them to this sorry state and so far Orton is playing like a vet QB who couldn’t win a game to get his team in the playoffs.  Orton has driven the Bills to a bit of a lead and with New England not attempting to play; this game may belong to Buffalo.  The game did belong to Buffalo.   They didn’t play great but they did try.  A nice win to end the year. It may not be as positive as it could have been as they stunted EJ Manuel with the use of Orton.  Buffalo needs to figure out what they are doing at QB and fast.


16.         San Diego Chargers (12) – In a win and in situation the Bolts don’t have the energy one would think they would have early today.  The Chargers got a TD but are being punished by a resurgent Chief D and are down and facing playoff elimination and the clock is ticking.  The clock ran out.  What a colossally horrible effort that was.  I am shocked and offended and the Chargers should be more shocked and offended.  Terrible effort and it killed off a playoff dream.  Now Rivers may as well retire.

17.         Atlanta Falcons (15) – What can I say about Atlanta that I haven’t already said?  The D is a joke, a bad joke.  They can’t cover, they have issues tackling.  The team cannot score enough to make up for what that group of imposters allows.  An ugly loss that puts their coach out of work.  They have so many issues I wouldn’t expect them back in the playoffs for a couple of years at least.

18.         Miami Dolphins (18) – Dolphins struggling to get O working against a reasonably effective Jet D.  With nothing to play for one wonders how hard Miami wants to play.  The Dolphins continue to play like they wish the year was over.  The Dolphins were never really interested and lost badly.  Can’t fault them as once their playoff hopes ended they all were looking for the door.  Tannehill is the real deal.  There are some comers on D.  They aren’t far off being a contender.


19.     New York Giants (19) – The G-men seem to be wanting to end the season on a roll and are playing tough early vs. their rivals.  Good pass offense by Eli has the Giants battling and they could yet sneak out a morale aiding win.  The Giants couldn’t do it.  Their D let them down.  Well that was quite a year and it may be time for Eli and Tom to have their parade.


 20.           Oakland Raiders (20) – Ah Oakland…they went on the road and met a buzz saw of Denver rushing O and some good D play.  They got blown out and the D got thumped.  Another to put in the OOOPS column.  Carr had a fine rookie year, Hayden is a good young CB, Mack is the MAN on D, and Murray is the RB future.  I am given hope by Davis jr saying Sparano may yet be their coach.  If they keep Tony this team is on the way up faster than if they try to start over with some ‘sexy’ name coach.


21.          Philadelphia Eagles (22) – In a divisional game with only pride on the line the Eagles are playing ok early.  A still up for grabs battle and the Eagles are keeping it competitive.  The Eagles dug out a win and that is a nice way to end a disappointing season.  They need to continue to grow and really need to figure out who their QB is.

22.      Jacksonville Jaguars (21) – The Jags O is having the expected issues with the Texan D but a key pick six for the Jag D has them out in a lead early.  The Jags are still battling but need to get points against a tough D.  The Jags gave their all and kept their heads in the game.  A good young squad that has to keep moving forward.  They are a team with hope.

 23.      San Francisco 49ers (25) – The joke that is SF got a win with some nice early O and D that played ok.  They got the win and they lose their coach.  Who would really want to coach this team?  The QB is not the star that everyone thinks he is.  He has issues and a lot of them are just above his shoulders.  The D is not getting any younger and once badly injured…it often leads to more injuries.  I think Harbaugh will to be seen as getting out right as the sun was setting on the Niners.

 24.      New Orleans Saints (26) – The lost season can’t end soon enough as the Saints have trouble moving the ball early against the lowly Bucs.  The Saints are so bad they are now in danger for being pounded by Tampa.  I think this is as sad as I have ever seen them play since the Saints stopped being laughing stocks in the NFL.   The Saints battled back and got a win.  Now they will fire the D co-ordinator and then face the unenviable task of figuring out the future of a rapidly aging team.

 25.       Minnesota Vikings (27) – Bridgewater showing early how brilliant Minnesota was in acquiring this franchise QB.  Better days are ahead for the Vikings.  Those better days don’t seem to include today as the Viking O is so flat lining that I think it is dead.  They have managed but 3 points against a terrible D.  Finally a TD pass from Bridgewater has provided some life for Minny.  That TD was enough to give Minnesota the win.  They have a future but need to seriously improve the D or having a franchise QB won’t matter much.

26.        New York Jets (28) – The Jets are playing well again in week 17 and it’s kind of funny how they have heart finally after a season of no heart. The Jets are playing well and are going out with a fight at least.  Geno Smith has done enough to prove to me he is the franchise QB of New York.  I just assume this team is too stupid to recognize it.  The Jets need help all over and canning the coach and GM won’t fix all that is wrong here.

27.       St. Louis Rams (23) – The Rams came out and played a very hard for the first half and held a lead for a while.  The lack of O really started to be felt and in the end two field goals were not enough to match the Seahawks.  Good effort but this team needs to keep the D coming on, keep working on fixing the O line and they need to find a QB of the future.  A team with issues.

28.      Cleveland Browns (24) – The Browns had a week of turmoil and immaturity but are bringing all they have early.  The Browns D is playing well.  Connor Shaw isn’t horrible and the Indians are tied with the Orioles 3-3.  The Browns played pretty good considering how sad of state the franchise is in.  A loss and now they need to cut a bunch of first round picks and figure out the next step.

29.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31) – The Bucs have nothing to lose and are just playing to make New Orleans look bad.  The Bucs have jumped out to a nice lead and with the D playing hard they are in good shape.  Tampa stopped playing and got put away.  What a team of quitters.  They are in a mess and need to find a direction to move forward.  Who is their QB?


30.        Tennessee Titans (32) – The worst team in the league is playing their usual hard style early.  Can they play 60 today?  They couldn’t play 30 and are down and this may be ugly by the time it’s over.  The Titans tried harder in the second half than they have in a long time.  It was never a blow out and in my view they are no longer the worse team in the NFL.  They need a ton of help going forward and need to get players in who want to try hard for 60 minutes.


31.             Chicago BEARS (30) – The abomination of the season was shown by the first offensive set of downs.  Only the 2014 Bears could take a 2nd and 1 and false start and delay of game it into a 2nd and 11 and eventually punt.  Fire the QB.  The lack of production continues but two field goals have them up by three in an outdoor snore fest.  The Bears again showed no heart on O and barely scored against a weak D and lost.  What a fitting ugly way to end an ugly year.  Fire nearly everyone is my suggestion.


32.             Washington Redskins (29) – The sad sack Redskins are down double digits early on and this could be ugly soon.  The severe lack of D for Washington is still a constant.  The Redskins can’t stop anyone.  The Skins in the end were destroyed and I think they deserve to end the year with the award of WORST team in the NFL.  They need a ton of help on O and D.  What a mess.

There you have it!  As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone!  I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like!  I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties – Charlie Brown’s sister said it first – all she wants is what she has coming to her, all she wants is her fair share!  Happy New Year everyone!!!!

 MR N the BEARS Fan


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