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NFL Power Rankings


1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – The Seahawk D is amazing and playing lights out.  They have one issue and that is one CB who is making mistakes and has allowed one Carolina TD.  The play of Wilson has been great and with a four point half time lead, the Seahawks are in good position.  The Seahawks just played a solid second half and Russell Wilson drove the length of the field to put the game away.  The pick 6 by Kam Chancellor simply guaranteed Seattle would cover the spread.  Wilson and the Legion of Boom overwhelmed the Panthers and now await the next victim.  Excellent game.


2. Indianapolis Colts (5) – The Colts seem to have used the last week to find something that they haven’t had all year.  Their D is playing well.  They have getting good play from their front seven.  I didn’t even know they had a front seven.  The secondary is playing sharp.  Andrew Luck is being the dynamic force he always is.  Boom Herron is putting on a display for the ages.  Playing with an injured shoulder he is playing like a modern version of Emmitt Smith.  The Colts are looking amazing.  I have not seen them look this good this year.  They are about 20 minutes of winning a game in amazing fashion.  The Colts did it!  They waited until the 3rd last week of the season to play their best all round game of the year.  Simply amazing D and O and a solid team effort.  If they muster this effort again next week they will simply roll over the Pats and be on the way to Arizona.  Can they?


3. New England Patriots (3) – Can’t imagine what is going on in New England.  They have been beyond dominant at home all year and they came out flat today.  Before they even woke up, they were down two scores.  Finally, Brady pulled his head out of his ass and tied the game.  His tossing of a late first half golden turnover led to the crappy Pat D letting in another score and they trail at the half.  The Pats need to come out in the third quarter and quickly tie the game.  They need to play D more like they have previously at home or they will be going home after this.  So they got the kickoff and gave the ball back to Baltimore and allowed another TD.  They are hopefully getting their off-season plans ready.  Unless they wake up, this thing is over.  An exciting 2nd half that was highlighted by Brady singlehandedly carrying his team to victory.  Excellent D to take over the golden turnovers.  A nice win. 


4. Green Bay Packers (2) – The Pack D had a great first series and then Rodgers tore up the Cowboys and took a good lead.  The Pack D then played poorly and we’re tied.  The better O will win this game.  The Packers are making a lot of mistakes in play calling and in on field discipline.  If Green Bay gets the win here it will be because they tighten up their play and work hard.  Not playing a good game so far and will need to improve fast.  Superb play by Rodgers led the Pack to a nice come from behind victory.  Their D has so many issues and their QB has leg issues.  It will be a tough time in Seattle.


5. Dallas Cowboys (4) – The Cowboy D didn’t have an answer to the first drive by GB and were quickly down by 7.  A nice drive by the ‘Boys’ got the game tied.  A questionable PI call in the endzone helped Dallas get the score.  It was said in pre-game this isn’t an ‘allstar’ ref crew…so I guess we can expect poor calls.  Dallas held the lead through the first half and seem to have momentum early in the second half.  The sense that is hanging about the game is that the ‘not all star refs’ are heavily penalizing GB to the  benefit of the Cowboys.  The Cowboys tried hard in the end but it wasn’t enough.  Their D couldn’t make the stops and on a key play Dez Bryant didn’t catch a ball and let the ball hit the ground and that ended the game.  A non mother beating WR would have pulled the ball in but hey, you beat your mother, bad things carry on…karma.  Ok time to find a QB and a new coach and a new RB as Murray will never be the same again.


6. Carolina Panthers (6) – The first half of this game has been the titanic defensive battle that was advertised.  The Panthers are giving no quarter but have made the few key mistakes and that has them down.  Ball control, turnovers and missed coverages could end up being the tale of this clash.  The Panthers played as hard as they could but in the end, it was the mistakes that got them.  Caaaaam tossed a couple of key picks and initiated a fumble and that ended it.  In the end, the Panther D played great but made a few mistakes that were fatal.  A good year but they need to keep developing and hope that Cam grows into a better QB who makes better decisions.


7. Denver Broncos (7) – The Broncos D has issues.  I have focused on that fact for weeks.  Their secondary has missed a ton of coverages.  The Broncos are poor in press coverage and poor in man to man.  They resort to holding to make up for their deficiencies. The pass rush can’t get through the Colt blocking.  Manning is missing most of his throws and CJ Anderson seems slowed by injury.  They may have just got a lucky turnover to keep them in this game otherwise they are simply fighting for their playoff life.  The Broncos never managed to get anything going at all.  Manning was terrible, their D was porous and in the end this sad shadow of last year’s Bronco team is done.  I think if all is fair Peyton should hang them up.  This team’s window has closed. 


8. Baltimore Ravens (8) – The Ravens got off to the best start they could hope for with two quick TDs and then their D slid back and allowed the Pats to tie.  A late first half pick led to the third Raven TD and a half time lead.  If Flacco and the D play way above their heads for 30 more minutes, they will win this game.  Gutsy call, going for it on 4th and 6.  Making it and adding another TD is a feather in the cap for the only Harbaugh not at Michigan.  What a final half.  The Ravens thought they had it but were beaten by a trick play and a late bad pick by Flacco.  The taking of a timeout by Baltimore late was completely classless and he should be ashamed.  The loss was going to be a good effort by the Ravens but it was just cheapened and made ugly by the utter lack of sportsmanship.  To force that punt was so classless I am so unimpressed.  You should have just lost with dignity.  Harbaugh is the kid who won’t give up and holds his breath until he turns blue. A postscript note is that the 5 year old coach just can’t lose with dignity.  He publicly accused the Patriots of cheating via substitution and it is clear that the moves were legal.  How immature is he to be out coached and his QB out QB’d and he still has to cry that it wasn’t fair.  Get a pair John; obviously you aren’t man enough to lose with class like Marvin Lewis did.



9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Detroit Lions


11. Arizona Cardinals – it’s funny how even Kurt Warner was considering offering his services for Arizona during the Wild Card.  it says something about Lindley that it really seems likely that a QB retired for several years, who is 43, likely, would have outperformed him.


12. Cincinnati Bengals

13. Houston Texans

14. Kansas City Chiefs

15. Buffalo Bills – The hiring of Rex Ryan as Head Coach is an inspired choice for this franchise.  Ryan comes into a great situation for him…a team with a D better than what he left, a good running game in place and the same division.  It would not be hard to believe that Ryan could have the Bills in the playoffs next year, 2016 for sure.


16. San Diego Chargers

17. Atlanta Falcons

18. Miami Dolphins

19. New York Giants


20. Oakland Raiders – I was heartened to read this week that Tony Sparano is now the favorite to become the full time head coach.  They keep Sparano, keep building, and watch out for the resurging Silver and Black.


21. Philadelphia Eagles

22. Jacksonville Jaguars


23. San Francisco 49ers – nearly every assistant is up for interviews for HC or O/C D/C jobs.  I didn’t even realize Eric Mang-idiot was on their staff


24. New Orleans Saints – The news that Rob Ryan is staying on as D/C is a bit of a shock.  It appeared it was that Payton and him couldn’t stand to be in the same room anymore.  We will see how long this lasts.


25. Minnesota Vikings

26. New York Jets

27. St. Louis Rams


28. Cleveland Browns – Manziel threatens to spend the entire off-season in Cleveland.  Hotels and bars get ready for the weekly party…TMZ get your cameras ready…Smirnoff…they will need vodka.


29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – They have spent time studying Mariotta and Winston.  Not sure if either is a franchise QB but if I leaned towards one, it is the Duck.


30. Tennessee Titans


31. Chicago Bears – They have hired a new GM and Ryan Pace may be the best hire they have had since Ditka in the early 80’s.  Pace is a football guy who has a plan and is ready to build.  He wants D that will try every play.  That I would enjoy seeing.  He has a relationship with Doug Marrone from when they were in New Orleans and Marrone would be a good HC for Chicago.


32. Washington Redskins


There you have it!  As always I am thrilled to have anyone offer thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements…just read it and make me happy!  I will also accept money, preferably tens and twenties!

 MR N the BEARS Fan


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