MR N’s #NFL Football Thoughts This Week‏ #NFLMusings

–          Josh Gordon has failed yet another drug/alcohol test and now may be suspended for a year and more by the NFL.  For a 23 year old who is a great receiver this is very sad.  I can only hope he can get his life together.  I want him to succeed in life even if it’s too late for the NFL.  Cleveland is going to cut bait with this guy.

–          Gronk does a lot of stupid things off the field but I have to give him full props for chugging a beer that was tossed to him during the SuperBowl parade and then spiking the empty in the street! Well done!

–          Dick LeBeau is now looking for another NFL team to work with.  That man needs to go fishing.

–      I have never been a Manziel fan but I sincerely hope rehab helps him get control of his life.  He needs that to live even if he isn’t successful at football

–          The Bucs cut Josh McCown about one year too late as they never should have signed him

As they come to me, I will present them in a weekly or more often fashion!



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