Pre Combine Thoughts Amongst Other Things‏ #NFL #NFLCombine


Saw today that Mariotta and Winston are both allegedly going to throw on Saturday at the combine. That would be great and beyond refreshing.  I believe the cynic in me will believe it when I see it.  Projected top QBs can never throw, their agents never let them.

Saw that Josh McCown is going to Chicago to discuss being the backup again.  Eeek.
Saw just today on Total ACCESS that Jameis Winston is ‘not a risk’ because he didn’t violate FSU’s code of conduct.  My thinking is if nothing Winston has done violates that code…I do not wish to see what a player has to do to violate it.
Happy Combine watching people.  As you know I am crazy so when not at work and on the weekend I will be watching every second of it that I can!
MR N the BEARS Fan

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