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NFL Combine Weekend Thoughts (I must work during CB/Safety workouts!)

I watched and saw and got a lot of impressions…

About QB – Winston is a superb talent and has great football IQ and on the field will be a great QB but…we learned he is mentally sharp, very intelligent and can really think through everything.  That means his “episodes” including the crab legs, his rant on a table top against his sister and his conveniently never charged assault on the girl…weren’t the bad decisions of a stupid kid.  These were the acts of a very intelligent person who really thinks things out.  That makes him potentially very scary.  I have a theory to have him be guaranteed effective and not an off field problem.  Keep in in a hyperbaric chamber – sealed until right before kickoff, then let him and and have him play then put him back in it after.

Mariota has all the measurable and just reminds me of Russell Wilson.  What team doesn’t want their own Russell Wilson?  I don’t see why Tennessee would take him but that franchise isn’t known for being smart in their football decisions.

TEs were under-whelming – the one I like is Kyle Williams who is a big body, good blocking, good hands guy.  He can be had round 2-5 so no worry about reaching into first for a TE this year.

WR seems to be a 2 man show with Cooper and White.  Both will go top ten and both should be nice additions to the NFL

There is only one ‘great’ OL man and that means if someone needs one they must get into the top ten of the draft.  His name is Scherff.

There are at least 3 great D line men and I will be very happy to see Shelton, a nose tackle ala Ngata, land with my BEARS.  Someone will get Leonard Williams and he will potentially be a force to be reckoned with.

There is one exceptional RB available and if Minnesota is going to part ways with the child beater then they need to add Melvin Gordon.  If he slides then Arizona would be happy to land him.

2 funny moments…

1. Mike Mayock rapping lol

2. The coach had to stop the onfield drills by the linebackers as they were so bad and not doing it right they had to do it again.  That has NEVER happened.  Don’t you want to draft a LB who can’t follow instructions and doesn’t care that every team is watching?

Anything catch your eye?

MR N the BEARS Fan


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