#NFL Thoughts About the McCoy Trade, Etc‏. #NFLFreeAgency #NFLNetwork



We are less than a week before official free agency hits and there was a big trade.  On the surface it is ground breaking…


Philadelphia Eagles send #1 Running Back LeSean McCoy to Buffalo for LB Kiko Alonso.
on the surface it is super star for super star and now Buffalo gets their RB Rex wants while Philly tightens up their LB core.
Philly sees F/A RBs like Spiller or Child Beater as a good replacement while Buffalo found using backups last year while Alonso was hurt worked fine.
go deeper…McCoy doesn’t like that he was traded.  He has never played home games outside of Pennsylvania, ever.  He isn’t a spring chicken.  He may either refuse to go or go and not be interested in playing.  He may play but not be the guy he was before as he is just getting older
Alonso was transcendent as a rookie LB then suffered a severe injury that was freak in nature.  Is there any guarantee the re-habbed Alonso will be able to play at the level he had as a rookie?
Neither team may be getting what they think they are.
As I said above…free agency comes March 10.  Last night I saw that Darnell Dockett – just cut by Arizona – signed with SF.  How can that happen 4 days or so before free agency????
Paying bazillions for Suh may seem like a good idea but that potential free agent brings a ton of baggage.  He is his next stomp/etc from a 1 year suspension and it’s not if it’s when.
that’s it!
any thoughts?
MR N the BEARS Fan

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