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First – Well done Indy. Adding Andre Johnson along with Gore and Cole are nice additions. I saw a humorist on twitter state the Colts are building to win the Super Bowl in 2011 lol. I think that Johnson will do more than be a solid vet 2 but he might inspire TY Dropton to hold on to more balls tossed his way. I think Indy is beyond any doubt the fave in the AFC South now.

Second – What in the what is Philly doing? Since Chip has come to town, he has gotten rid of his two best WR, his best RB and their best pass rushing LB. They have replaced with a solid middle LB who isn’t a pass rusher, no WR to speak of and Ryan Matthews? Matthews is the current version of the crystal chandelier. Every and I mean EVERY talking head says ‘Chip Kelly has a plan’ ‘Chip Kelly is the smartest man in the room’ He must be a genius because his player moves make no logical sense and in NO way are the Eagles better today than they were last December. If Kelly is that smart…how many Super Bowls has he won in Philly…I will wait while you all count to zero.

Third – Chicago – They are sticking with Cutler for 2015. I kind of feel there is no need to uber analyze my team. They cannot win anything but a quasi-high draft pick using Cutler at QB.

Fourth – DeMarco Murray, as of 8:30pm on Wednesday evening had not signed. I think the NFL is wise to the fact that 497 touches is not going to be conducive to solid running production in 2015. Buyer beware.

Any thoughts?


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Free Agency Day One Thoughts‏ #NFL #NFLFreeAgency #FreeAgencyFrenzy



A lot happened in the last 15 hours so I may not comment on all of it but I will comment on the ones that struck me…

Seattle trades Center Unger and their #1 for Jimmy Graham and a #4.  Seattle had a young center who played effectively for most of the year last year while Unger was hurt and adding Graham to the Lynch/Wilson Offense makes the Seahawks – on paper – the absolute Super Bowl 50 faves.
The Saints giving up their only TD threat (I will just ignore the Mercedes Lewis signing) is a step backwards and with everyone on O just getting older this trends badly for the Saints.
Revis back to the Jets and they also signed Buster Skrine.  Revis is years past ‘RevisIsland’ and Skrine is ok as a corner.  However in the case of the Jets and their ‘WORST SECONDARY EVER’ this is an improvement and will make them better.
Foles from Philly to STL and Bradford from STL to Philly.  My first thought was ‘both teams still need a QB’.  I am not really straying from that.  A lot is being made of Foles 2013 but that may have just been his moment in time.  I will post a picture of my eating of my favourite Chicago BEARS hat if Foles throws 26 TDs with only 2 picks in 2015 for the St. Louis Rams. Bradford may only be in Philly temporarily as he may be a ‘Chip’ (pun intended) to use in moving up to draft Mariotta.  He is also the Webster’s definition of injury prone.  Look it up – Bradford’s pic is in there.
Gore to the Colts (along with a couple of Defensive F/As) is a good move for Indy.  Frank Gore isn’t what he used to be but he will give Indy a year or two of a decent RB to help balance that woefully unbalanced O.  If his plane mate Andre Johnson signs to be a vet WR then this is a very successful Free Agency period.
Willis Retired from SF and Jason Worilds also retired. It is refreshing to see younger players choosing to be healthy in their life and not playing until they are Earl Campbelled.
Speaking of SF – losing a key O line guard and Willis and signing Torrey Smith…this is a team sliding downhill fast and are currently looking at residing in the basement in the NFC West.
Arizona signed Both Iupati and Woodley and they are a QB away from being dangerous this year.
More to come later/tomorrow
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