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Interesting past week in football.  Pittsburgh had two all time greats hang up the cleats – both Polamalu and Ike Taylor.  I did opine that it seemed Taylor had already retired the way he has played lately but none the less (sorry Zev!).  Those two will be missed as leaders and Pittsburgh has needed to upgrade the secondary for a while.  Perhaps a leading DB or Safety is their must pick at 22.

Aaron Hernandez the scum bag gang banging murderer was convicted today.  Good Riddance.  I did get a laugh from twitter tho…one person put out #Breaking News Hernandez convicted of 1st Degree Murder…Goodell suspends him for 2 games. lol
We are about 2 weeks from the draft so next week will bring my Mock draft!
Matt Forte is holding out on the BEARS and now the talk is they might package Forte with the first round pick to move up to take a QB.  They sure need a QB.  I loved having Marshall and Forte on the BEARS but they won us exactly 0 Super Bowls so life with them was nice but I prefer winning years.
Question asked tonight on NFLNetwork was who must get it right in the draft this year.
the team that stands out to me is the sad sack Cleveland Browns.  They have made a mess of their team with the past few years picks.  Last year spending two first rounders on total draft busts means they MUST get the two this year right or I would disband the franchise.
If Washington takes a QB and ousts RGIII they MUST get that right or the city of Washington will want heads on sticks.
that’s about all for now!
any thoughts on who you think must get this year’s draft right?
MR N the BEARS Fan

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