Round 1 NFL Draft Thoughts From My Sick Bed #NFLDraft #NFL

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Round 1 NFL Draft Thoughts

1. Tampa Bay Bucs – Jameis Winston QB FSU – Well TB says they are comfy with him and they say they have vetted his off the field antics.  I say he may yet have a felony before he has an NFL TD.  Unless they keep this kid locked in a safe room he is always a danger to be himself.  He has talent tho he does throw too many picks, is a touch too out of shape and I have seen more than one image from his film showing him with fear in his eyes.  Tampa hopes this kid is their franchise.  Good luck Tampa, don’t let him out of your sight.

2. Tennessee Titans – Marcus Mariota QB Ore – I really wouldn’t have drafted him here since they had Zack Mettenburger.  If I am a team looking for a QB I would be calling for Mettenburger right away. Mariota could be the next Russell Wilson but I am a touch hesitant to be super excited by his mild mannered way he carries himself.  He seems very laid back and that is not good for a leader.  He will bear watching.

3. Jacksonville Jags – Dante Fowler jr DE Flor – A superb pick for Jacksonville.  This kid will be a pass rush force for the Jags and they haven’t had a great rusher in a very long time.  He has fire, he has the ability to jet through a line and nail the QB.  An absolutely brilliant pick and this kid could be the face of the D in Jacksonville for a decade.

4. Oakland Raiders – Amari Cooper WR Bama – A great new Raider.  The likely best WR on Oak since Tim Brown.  This weapon will give the Raider O a real chance to succeed and add him to that team and now they have triplets with that super young RB and Derek Carr.  A fantastic pick and one that will make the Raiders better instantly.

5. Wash Redskins – Brandon Scherff OL Iowa – Well that is one mudder humping surprise.  The Skins have a ton of needs and they need help at the O line but they could have gotten a just about as good as one in the second round.  This is a reach, a head scratcher and truly a really Washington Redskin pick.  I will leave this with a hunh????

6. NY Jets – Leonard Williams DT USC – He is a super pick, he has nowhere to play in NY. They may have to trade Richardson or something.  This is a pick they didn’t need to make and he doesn’t fulfill even a hint of a need.  I know Bowles is a defensive coach but he mighta done better with an edge rusher.  This is a head scratcher in terms of he isn’t needed on the Jets.  I am a touch muddled by this one too.

7. Chicago BEARS – Kevin White WR WV – a solid need pick for my BEARS.  Of course they didn’t need a WR until they traded Brandon Marshall for a bag of potato chips.  He and Jeffrey will be a dynamic combo until Chicago trades Alshon for another bag of chips.  A great pick that will put the offense back to where it was last year…a great 2 way RB, 2 Super WR, a quality TE and a bum for a QB.  This may not make Chicago any better as long as the cancer of Cutler is on the team.

8. Atlanta Falcons – Vic Beasley DE Clem – A superb need pick for Atlanta.  They have added FA pass rushers for almost half a decade and not one has been decent.  This kid may just be the tonic the moribund Falcon D needs.  I think they will be more effective a D now with this addition.

9. NY Giants – Ereck Flowers OT Miami – A big need but a bit of a reach that follows the reach by Wash who took the G-man player.  I think this shows how dedicated NY was to taking a guy to fill their need but I wonder if this isn’t also a need they couldn’t have met in the 2nd round.  I think he will help, especially if they put on right tackle to replace the tackling dummy who played there last season.  Eli must be happy.

10. Stl. Rams – Todd Gurley RB Georgia – Despite the torn ACL this guy is gonna be a super addition.  Now Stl. didn’t need a RB since they had at least one good one but now they have depth and Mason might be a nice #2.  Does this make the Rams a contender? The answer to that lays solely on the shoulders of Nick Foles.  If Foles is for real then this pick is fine and all is happy.  If there is an issue still at QB then it doesn’t matter who they picked here.  Interesting pick but now great players are falling to mid pick teams and that must make them happy.

11. Minnesota Vikings – Trae Waynes CB MSU – A Brilliant pick.  The Vikes now have two solid CB along with a great safety and the Vikings are building a very good defensive secondary.  They really had to add this player and this will allow the front 7 to stay home and be more effective against the run and rushing the QB.  A very good pick and now Minnesota has to build on this with the next couple of picks.

12. Cleveland – Danny Shelton DT Wash – A great pick for Cleveland here.  How can Cleveland mess this up?  They generally pick gems and they turn out to be made of glass.  A superb addition to the sad Brown Run D and he will just make a force out of the front of the Brown line.  He will be the best D player on a Brown team that needs great players.

13. New Orleans – Andrus Peat OT Stan – The Saints certainly needed O line help and now they have added a good one.  A fair time to pick an Oline but I think I am more than shocked that he is the third one off at the 13th spot.  He doesn’t provide tiny QB with a weapon but perhaps some peace of mind.  They need to do something to give New Orleans a way to score TDs.

14. Miami Dolphins – DeVante Parker WR Louisville – A thrilled Fin HQ found this talent slide this far.  He gives them the best WR they now have on their team.  He will be a great weapon and he will make the other two better.  This gives the Dolphins a legit pass offense.  A surprise he slid to here and a great pick for Miami.

15. => San Fran – traded this pick to SD.

15. San Diego –  Melvin Gordon RB Wisc. – The Bolts badly badly needed a RB and now they have a feature back for the first time really since the halcyon days of Tomlinson.  Gordon brings a forceful back who will give the ancient Phil Rivers a bit more of a balanced O and will mean quite a difference to San Diego.  They may be able to hold a lead now since they have a back who can carry the rock.

16. Houston – Kevin Johnson CB Wake – a good player and he helps with holes that Houston has suffered with forever.  He will go in and start from day one.  The Texans have a potentially awe inspiring front 7 with JJ and Clowney.  Adding Johnson gives them at least one Corner who can cover someone.  Last year they had no one who could cover anyone.  A useful pick for Houston.

17. => San Diego – traded this pick to SF along with a 4th in 2015 and 5th in 2016.

17 San Francisco – Arik Armstead DE Oregon – The Niners have basically no one on D anymore with retirements, thugs and druggies.  He will be the start of the return to decent play.  He may not be fully impactful for a couple of years but by then the aged Niners will be more retired too.  I don’t think this makes SF any better than the worst team in the NFC West but they have one good defender now.

18. Kansas City – Marcus Peters CB Wash – With the loss of Eric Berry to illness the Chief secondary became ordinary.  Now if Peters is clean off the field he could be a solid Corner and that may be the ingredient needed to make KC’s d more formidable again. They haven’t been consistently good on D for a couple of years!

19. Cleveland – Cameron Erving C FSU – Well now that is an interesting pick.  Cleveland needs help on the o line and this guy will help right away.  I don’t think they have a QB or a RB or a WR or a TE or a decent CB2 but I guess it had to start somewhere and Cleveland’s two good picks here in the first round really depend on what Cleveland does later before this draft can be judged.

20. Philadelphia – Nelson Agholor WR USC – He is a solid WR and fills a need on the Eagle team.  Since Philly has dumped every decent WR they had in the last couple of years they needed to add one somewhere.  He has speed and that will give the Eagles some special team ability that they haven’t had since DeSean Jackson played there.  Good pick.

21. Cincinnati – Cedric Ogbuehi OT A&M – The Bengals need help.  They have had issues on O line and this kid can grow to become better.  The Bengals need to develop more talent at QB and it is possible that Dalton will be a bit more relaxed and less pick prone with a better O line in front of him.  An ok pick but not a brilliant one.

22. Pittsburgh – Bud Dupree DE Ken – He is a great pick for this spot.  Dupree was a potential top ten pick but somehow fell.  Pittsburgh does have a need for a pass rush specialist but they really needed to get a secondary help here.  A good pick up but doesn’t really meet the biggest need.  Will have to see what the 2nd round brings.

23. Detroit – => traded pick to Denver

23. Denver – Shane Ray DE Miss – His college team may not be the only thing that is a Miss.  He has judgement issues with choices.  He seems like Michael Sam and that makes me wonder about how good are pass rushers from Missouri or are they just scheme dependent.  Denver needs help with pass rush and pot is legal in Denver.

24. Arizona – D.J. Humphries OT Flor – a solid pick for the Cards and they need help to protect Palmer behind center.  I had thought this man was the #2 O line and for him to slide that far is great for Arizona.  This team’s line is better now and they can then use other picks to help other needs.  Good pick.

25. Carolina – Shaq Thompson LB Wash – a bit of a reach here for a team that has no holes at LB.  A head scratcher that moves to the top of the head scratcher list.  I don’t see this as meeting a need or picking the best available.  I frankly can’t understand why they picked this guy.

26. Baltimore – Breshad Perriman WR UCF – A great pick that fills a huge need on the Ravens.  They needed to get fast on WR and they need someone who can help catch those Flacco long bombs and this guy fills that void.  Torrey Smith dropped as many as he caught and that may be an issue for Perriman.  Still a good pick.

27. Dallas – Byron Jones CB UConn – A speedy talented Corner who can help the horrid Cowboy secondary.  They have been abysmal in coverage and this guy will bring speed to keep up with the fast WR who regularly tear Dallas new ones every week.  He isn’t a pick specialist but knocking them down doesn’t hurt.  Good pick.

28. Denver – => traded pick to Detroit plus 5th pick 2015, 5th 2016 and G Manny Ramirez who is just being Manny.

28. Detroit – Laken Tomlinson G Duke – an odd sort of pick for Detroit here.  They needed O line help but this guy isn’t really a 1st round pick but he can guard Stafford so Stafford can toss more picks with less pressure against him.  Seems like a Same Ol Sorry Ass Lion pick to grab a 3rd rounder in the first round.

29. Indianapolis – Phillip Dorsett WR Mia – This kid is fast, super fast.  Can he catch everything or will just be an addition much in the like of TY dropton?  He needs to be more consistent at catching but he is another weapon for Luck.  That may not make them any better in the areas they need to fix.  Wasn’t the O’s fault New England kicked the crap out of them every single time they met.

30. Green Bay – Damarious Randall S ASU – Green Bay needed secondary help and this player gives them some of it.  He can cover a receiver out of the slot and that will help the sometimes questionable CB on Green Bay cover better.  A fair pick but perhaps they missed on which Safety they should have picked.

31. New Orleans – Stephon Anthony LB Clem – a late 1st reach for NO and he may not be the help they think they got.  He may start fast but he could be a project and it will remain to be seen how great he can be.  Why pass on Malcolm Brown one wonders.  A ho hum pick.

32. New England – Malcolm Brown DT Tex – a fantastic pick.  That this top 15 talent fell to 32 for no reason.  He will be a force on their front 7 and will help stifle opposing O’s.  The Pat D just got better and he could be a star.  Fantastic last pick.


There you have it!  Was a tough write up while being so ill but if I can’t sleep I can type on a laptop.  As always I would love any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements!


What does everyone think of round 1?  Round 2 and 3 thoughts tomorrow!

 MR N the BEARS Fan


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