MR N’s Random NFL Thoughts 2 Weeks Out of the Draft‏ #nfl #nflthoughts #nflnetwork

Well been a couple of weeks since I posted about the draft.  Thought about doing a whole draft grade for each team but have been busy, tired and actually read one on Bleacher Report that was pretty good (check it out if you need draft grades).

Ok let me start with Ray McDonald the scumbag.  I drank the koolaid initially and felt ‘a dirtbag who sacks the QB for us is our dirtbag’.  I hated Rickey Henderson with a passion until he joined the Toronto Blue Jays and helped them win a 2nd World Series (I liked him for 4 months then hated him again after he left).  McDonald was defended in a Mike Huckaby defends a child predator style by Bears owner McCaskey who said he talked to the parents but not the woman who is the victim of McDonald. ‘Women victims have bias against those they accuse’.  I know, I think some owners should just own and not be heard.  Well McDonald struck a woman who was holding a baby and now he’s no longer a BEAR.
I did love what burgeoning team leader Kyle Long said after McDonald was cut “Good Riddance”.
The NFL deal with the Pats and Brady and the deflated ball or two is just another fine example of the NFL not knowing how to deal with anything.  If you can’t figure out which tool was used to measure the balls and each one gives a totally different set of figures…how can you figure out if balls were deflated or not?  By the way…when the balls were “deflated” NE led Indy 17-7.  When the balls were all fully inflated NE beat Indy 28-0.  Real impact on the game for sure.
OTAs are on now but there is very little NFLN coverage.
Hope everyone caught up in the Texas Floods are ok.
Take care football fans,
MR N the BEARS Fan

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