MR N’s Random #NFL Friday Football Thoughts‏ #NFLThoughts @NFLNetwork

Interesting that Dez Bryant is considering holding out from game 1 if not provided a long term deal.  I rarely think Dallas is smart in personnel decisions but not paying this trainwreck of a player is a smart move.  There are a lot of good young kid receivers coming out of college every year and many do not carry the baggage that Bryant the mother beater does.

The NFL Network has pulled NFL AM to ‘reconfigure/rethink’ it.  Personally I see this as a bad decision as I have just now sickened with the uber sensationalistic crap that passes as morning news on every single channel.  I was all set to watch NFL AM.  Now stuck with sports hightlights until if and when NFL AM comes back.
I just read that Pittsburgh is ‘favored’ to win the AFC North.  I don’t know about that as on the face of it I feel the Steelers still have issues with D for starters.
That is all for now
I am jonesing for NFL and can’t wait for the Hall of Fame game!
MR N the Bears Fan

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