NFL Pre Training Camp Brief Thoughts‏ #TrainingCamp #NFLNetwork

Hey everyone,

We are getting closer to the start of pre-season!  The window for that will open in early August for the Hall of Fame Game.  Training Camps start in a couple of days or so.  I can’t wait for the start of real football and the end of the steady diet of non-football talk.
Interesting that people are taken aback that some think RGIII is a terrible QB.  He hasn’t been a superb QB since pre injury rookie year.
I believe Brandon Marshall is just having fun with the media. He stated that the best QB he has ever worked with was Kyle Orton. lol.
I will see everyone with much more steady content come August!
I head on vacation next week, will be back for pre season football!

4th of July Football Musings #NFL #NFLThoughts #Suspensions

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Happy 4th to everyone!  We are about 5 weeks from the first pre-season game of the year and the Hall of Fame Ceremonies!  This week in the NFL has sadly been about cheaters being caught.  The suspension of Antonio Gates brought about something amazing in pro sports.  He didn’t prevaricate, he didn’t deny, he didn’t get huffy or talk about drug test chain of evidence issues. He said he did it, he is sorry, he is responsible for what goes in his body and he apologized to everyone.  That is a shining example of what cheaters should do.

Didn’t hear that from Rolando McClain.  I find it hard to believe that anyone on the Dallas D uses performance enhancers.  Their play certainly needs enhancement and if they were using PEDs, the PEDs didn’t work.
A thought about Michael Sam in Canada.  I long have stated I felt he earned a shot.  He got his shot and he is pissing it away.  Evidently he turned up in Canada out of shape and with the mindset he could just walk in and dominate the league.  He had the chance to do what Cameron Wake did => be denied a chance in the NFL, head north, bust your ass until you are the best in the CFL, open eyes down south and make a grand return to the NFL.  Sam had the chance and just blew it.  Doesn’t matter what your color, creed or sexual preference is…an idiot is an idiot.
Have a super 4th everyone!
I need to come up with a season preview power poll so the goal is to have one by 3rd week of August at the latest!
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