Fantasy Football Draft Thoughts‏ (August 2015) #fantasyfootball #NFL

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I have just recently completed my first of 10 online fantasy football drafts.  For years my view has been that the value of picks in a snake draft goes like this:

1. first pick 2. tenth pick 3. 2nd pick 4. 9th pick 5. 3rd pick 6. 8th pick 7. 4th pick 8. 7th pick, 9. 5th pick 10. 6th pick.
My first analysis of the available fantasy Running Backs doesn’t seem to show the top 5 to be egregiously better than the next 5 RBs.  This has caused me to consider now if the 10th pick is better than the 1st in 2015.
Here’s why I think that way:
With the first pick you get the ‘best’ RB of your choice but then in the 20th and 21st round you get a 2nd tier WR and then a mid second tier RB.
When you pick last  you get a top 10 RB and the 1st or 2nd best WR in the game, that is followed at 30 and 31 where you land a low second tier RB and a mid second tier WR.
It is early and the games need to play out but my early feeling is I would rather have 2 top 10 at the top of my draft
the evidence from my first draft is I got RB CJ Anderson of Denver and WR Odell Beckham Jr NYG.
any fantasy football thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
it’s fantasy football season!

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