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nfc west

Seattle Seahawks  – We all saw the play that ended the Super Bowl and it may be the worst call ever in that stage of the big game.  That is in the past.  The Super Bowl loser hangover probably can be ignored when considering this team.  The Hawks didn’t sit still.  They re-signed Russell Wilson, one of the best QBs in the NFL, they traded for TE/WR Jimmy Graham and that will open holes for Beastmode.  The addition of little Tyler Lockett will energize kick returns and add speed to the outside.  The O line is solid (they traded their Center since his replacement last year was super when Unger was hurt) and does the job.  The D…is the best D in the NFL.  A solid front 4, a great corps of LB and the best secondary probably ever in the history of the NFL.  Right now Cam Chancellor is holding out because he’s upset he willingly signed a contract.  He will be back for the opening game.  The schedule is fine for this team.  Here is the deal…during the year there will be injuries and they will drop a game then.  They will lose a game at home they shouldn’t and they will drop another along the way.  I see them 13-3, they are number one seed, and they will represent the NFC in Super Bowl 50.

Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals were 11-5 and went as far as they could with baling wire and clothespins holding their offense together last year.  This year they start with a healthy Carson Palmer and an improved line with additions from the draft and free agency.  The WR are still a solid group and the improved line could impact the running game in a good way.  The D is amazing.  They need to develop a bit more consistent pass rush but they are solid against the run and have a dynamite secondary that is arguably the best in the league.  The special teams are decent too but could use a bit more excitement on kick returns.  The schedule is solid and this team is built for success.  If the O and D are on then 13-3 is not out of the question.  If they are hit by injuries on O again then 10-6 could be their downfall.  I think 12-4 is the record, that may not win the division but should get them a wild card again.

St. Louis Rams – The Rams come off a year of great D and woeful O.  They decided that showing Sammy the door would not be a Foles move…:) The addition of Nick Foles at QB, Todd Gurley at RB and additions to the O line could have this team score just enough to allow for their incredible D to win a lot of games.  There may not be a better front 7 in the NFL then this gang and their safeties aren’t bad either.  The Corners could use improvement but with such a front 9 the back 2 aren’t critical.  Brilliant special teams help too.  The schedule isn’t bad.  If the Rams O clicks under Foles then this team could surprise everyone and win 12.  If the O struggles then another 8-8 (and the end of Fisher in STL) could happen.  I think they will be exceptional and be 11-5 and in the battle for NFC wild card.

San Francisco 49ers – Some teams go through changes and some teams go through CHANGES. The Niners are not recognizable now.  They have a new coach, a new D co-ordinator (who is a great offensive mind if that makes sense) and a new O co-ordinator.  They have lost their vet RB, key aspects to an Oline that has been fading already and more people out of what was once a good D that they may not be able to stop a leaf blowing across a field.  They have a QB who was so desperate to fix his game he went and ‘retooled’ himself.  The WR are two aged former Ravens and their TE was the invisible man last year.  They won’t be able to stop the run or the pass for that matter.  It is a tough schedule and if everything goes well they could be 3-13.  I think they get lucky once and finish 1-15 but they could also be equally capable of matching Detroit as the 2nd 0-16 ever.  A horrible team.

There you have it, as always I love any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements!

Preseason Power Poll is next to come!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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