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NFL Power Rankings

Week 1 Power Poll 2015

1.            Arizona Cardinals (3) – A terrific team win.  Palmer was solid, the running game was great with Ellington and then good with his backups.  The D was spot on and they had brave and gutsy coaching and sealed a great win over a team that could be in the playoffs.  Excellent win by an excellent team.

2.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats came out with a plan and followed it to the letter, they covered Antonio Brown pretty well, pressured Big Ben, utilized an unblockable Gronk and lit up the scoreboard while interfering with Steeler headsets.  I have hit my limit with these guys.  They cheat.  They have been cheating for 15 years and have 4 Super Bowl titles to show for it.  I think they are lower than a snake belly or Barry Bonds.  They won but they will not be number one in my pool even if they go undefeated, as we will all know how they did it.  Cheaters.

3.            Denver Broncos (4) – A gutsy win that came on a defensive turnover for 6 points.  The Broncos offense was stumbling and Peyton Manning looked like the shell of himself that he has become.  The Broncs need to get their O working to have long-term success.  Not sure how long they can go simply on D, FGs and luck.  A good win nonetheless.

4.            St. Louis Rams (5) – The Rams O is struggling and their special teams needs to be tighter to get back into a tough divisional game at home.  Foles is finding it tough going against the Legion of Boom.  Will be a full 60 min battle.  No quit in these Rams as they battled back from behind and forced OT.  Super effort, great win.  They must build on this.

5.            Seattle Seahawks (2) – The Seahawk D is bringing it well and they are using special teams to get them an early lead on the road.  The Seahawks are in a battle and this will come down to the 4th quarter.  The Seahawks came from behind and had the game in hand late in the 4th then their D uncharacteristically blew it and it’s in OT.  They blew it in OT. I didn’t see this loss coming.  The D may just need Kam.

6.            Buffalo Bills (8) – Bills D strong but the O is still trying to move the ball down the field.  The Bills have come out firing on D and Taylor is getting it done on offense.  A great first half for Buffalo.  The Bills are imposing their will on Indy and dominating on the O line side.  Superb game.  What a superb start to the new Sexy Rexy Regime in Orchard Park.  The Bills won the game in the trenches and look like a team that wants to make a mark in 2015. Let’s see them do it next week!

7.            Kansas City Chiefs (12) – The Chiefs are dominating early.  The Chief O is exposing issues in the Texan secondary and their D is playing well.  In what has to be the surprise of the day, the Chiefs are blowing the Texans away.  It seems almost over now and there is 30 min left to go.  The Chiefs won the game going away and have started this season off with a bang.  Can they keep this level of excellence up?

8.            Carolina Panthers (11) – The Panthers are not playing the fierce D one expects early.  The Panthers managed to keep driving and finally got a small lead.  They need to concentrate or they may let a disinterested Jag team hang around and it will come back to hurt them.  The Panthers battled and won this game handily in the end.  It was a lot harder than it probably should have been.

9.            New Orleans Saints (7) – The Saints had opportunities right to the end.  Brees gave his all but he seemed overmatched by the Cardinal D.  Some of his passes batted down, sometimes he was batted down.  Their running attack was stifled and the defensive miscues not only cost them the game but started the infighting on the sidelines between Payton and Ryan the other.  Not a good loss.

10.          Dallas Cowboys (14) – They looked flat on O for the first half and struggled on D in the second half.  If not for a really bad call by NY the Cowboys would have likely lost their home opener again.  Romo drove for a late win.  The loss of Dez for a month or two may hurt more than this win helps.  An ugly game by an ugly team and they got a win they barely deserved.

11.          Green Bay Packers (15) – Surprising statement early is that Rodgers is being out played by Cutler in the first Quarter.  The Packers have had a great problem getting much offense going against the BEARS D which is a shock to many including a not very relaxed Aaron Rodgers early.  Rodgers kept going and in the end practically tossed as many TDs as incompletes.  It was more like a blowout but one prevent D outing made it a touch closer.

12.          San Diego Chargers (16) – They played badly in the first half and turned the ball over badly for points.  They then turned it around in the 2nd half, dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides and ran away with the game.  An excellent come from behind win.

13.          Indianapolis Colts (6) – The Colts are trying to find their way on the road early. Offense quiet in early days of this game.  Indianapolis is really struggling to get the O working and it may be a challenge all game.  The Colts have no answer on O or D and this is surprising as it is ugly.   In the end it was ugly. Prevent Defense alone gave the Colts a semblance of life.  They were dominated in all phases and need to see if this was a one off or does Indianapolis have a problem?

14.          Houston Texans (9) – The Texans need to develop more consistency in the secondary and get the ball moving or this will be a very long day.  I know they have a solid front 9 and 2 weak corners but who knew those two would be so exposed?  This team is getting creamed and it looks bad.  The D couldn’t cover and the O couldn’t get it done.  They need to regroup fast.

15.          Minnesota Vikings (10) – That has to be the most humiliating performance in the history of the Viking franchise.  You mail it in and don’t even try and look what happens? The Dregs of the NFL look like world-beaters.  There is no excuse for this lack of effort and every single Viking should be embarrassed to their core, as this loss will hang on them all season.  Get it together, that was despicable.

16.          Pittsburgh Steelers (19) – The Steelers D came out flat and the lack of communication in the secondary led directly to the first 3 NE TDs’.  With what came from the post game pressers the communication issues are kind of ironic.  The Steelers never really had a chance with both a fired up Pats team, a new D trying to find a way and a Pats organization that thinks its Barry Bonds and just cheats because it can.  The Steelers struggles will ease with LeVeon Bell returning but to be fair D’angelo Williams was superb.  A good effort that came close but circumstances and cheating held them back.

17.          Cincinnati Bengals (23) – The Bengals came out with a plan, just push hard on O and D (cheap shots and cheaper shots accepted) and take the game to the opposition.  They blew out Oakland but played pretty dirty.  Adam Pacman Scumbag Jones may be the lowest form of human debris in a NFL Uni today which is pretty strong a statement.  A big win but I won’t start planning a parade route.  Let’s see them win an AFC North game.

18.          Atlanta Falcons (22) – Atlanta showed they have dash and elan on offense.  They also showed their D, despite moments of effectiveness, is just alot like what they were before.  The MNF crew heaped praise on a D that most of the time looked pedestrian…especially in the 2nd half.  The Falcons got a win because someone missed a FG.  Not a dominating win and My view of them hasn’t really changed.

19.          Baltimore Ravens (13) – The Ravens played hard for most of the game but in the end it was a Golden turnover that lost them the game.  They were able to harry and bother Manning but they just couldn’t get it done on the offensive side and that is not good for a team with playoff dreams.

20.          New York Giants (18) – The G men used to stand for Defense.  That isn’t so much so far this year.  Eli struggled to get the ball moving in the first half but got the ball moving better in the 2nd  The Giants had worked hard in the 2nd half to get themselves in the lead, with the ball, driving for the endzone with less than 2 minutes left.  The questionable call of Giants history had Eli throw it away, stop the clock and kick a FG giving them a 6-point lead.  The other uber questionable call was Coghlin telling Jennings to not score a TD.  Sheesh.  Then the G-men D couldn’t stop Dallas as they stole the game.  Good effort, poor ending.

21.          Philadelphia Eagles (17) – Well the first half was about an ugly a first half a Chip Kelly team in the NFL has ever put on National tv.  The second half was much better with Bradford ripping it and the D even stepping up.  If not for a great pick in the end zone the game wouldn’t have turned on a missed FG in the fourth quarter.  The Eagles have serious issues in the secondary and if they can’t figure out how to use the run this could be uglier later.

22.          Detroit Lions (20) – The Lions had their way early proving once again that turnovers are gold.  The whole ‘they can’t play on the West Coast’ seemed mute.  Then the second half started and turnovers were indeed gold as Detroit started turning it over.  Key moment, the unblocked Marv Ingram literally destroying Stafford.  The team just folded up like a card table after your visitors left.  Ugly loss.

23.          Miami Dolphins (25) – The Dolphin D is being pushed around by Washington which no one thought would happen.  The Dolphins have yet to be able to impose their will on O or D in the first half.  The Dolphins held on and pulled out a win.  The D was pretty good but the O struggled and they really won because of one special teams effort.  I still have questions about this team.  Also The THUG Suh kicked the helmet off the face of Alfred Morris. He is like a rabid dog and should be banned from the NFL.

24.          Tennessee Titans (30) – If there was a statement game today it was made by Tennessee.  The headline is – ‘you drafted who first? Look at who we got!’ Marcus Mariota was beyond amazing.  He threw 4 TDS in the FIRST HALF!  The Titans ran the table with passing and running and great D.  A spectacular win.  They aren’t this good but that was a great win.

25.          New York Jets (31) – The Jets D is holding up but the O is having issues early.  Fitzpatrick has turned the corner and got the Jets out in the lead at the half.  Playing spirited ball.  The Jets rolled in the 2nd half and put the game away.  Well played on O and good D.  A nice win.  Can they do it again?

26.          Oakland Raiders (21) – This didn’t work today.  Carr got dinged up, the D got pushed around and the usually game tough Raiders were badly treated by a dirty Bengal team.  My advice, tear that one up and start fresh.  Nothing to see there.  Try harder.  Don’t do what you did today.  I won’t write them off until they lose that badly again, at home.

27.          Cleveland Browns (24) – Browns are playing a solid early game and show signs of being ready to battle.  The injury to McCown could have been bad but John Manziel rips out a nice TD pass and the Browns are in this game at the half.  The 2nd half was ugly.  The Browns got destroyed and now they need to see if they can put together a good 60 minute effort.

28.          Jacksonville Jaguars (27) – The Jags have had early opportunities but they are shooting themselves in the foot and that could bite them later.  Bortles looks terrible and that must change.  The D has issues.  The team is going through the motions and it’s only the first half of the first game of the year.  The Jags played better in the 2nd half but in the end lost.  They had chances but didn’t make the most of them.  Bortles must improve and fast.

29.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – I give SF credit they played their game plan and won the game going away.  It helped that their opponent didn’t want to block or tackle but that is not SF’s fault.  The Niner run game did well and the D played well.  Will they do it again?  I don’t think so.  I still think they are terrible.  You do have to try to beat them though.

30.          Washington Redskins (29) – The Redskins look pretty good early and will bear watching.  The Redskins are playing really hard which is kind of surprising.  They look like a team on a mission in the first half.  The Mission ended in the 2nd half.  They kept it close but the O couldn’t do enough.  The D was much better.  They need more consistency from Cousins.

31.          Chicago BEARS  (28) – Pretty good start for the severe underdog Bears as their O is moving the ball and the D is playing decently early. The BEARS are giving it all on D and it’s helping this team to stay in it.  A tie in the first half is a moral victory for Chicago.  Leading by 3 is a miracle.  The Bears had 30 minutes of game in them.  In the end Cutler was like Cutler and this can be chalked up as another ugly performance, at home, against a hated rival.  Only 15 more games of that redundant bum at QB for Chicago.

32.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) – Ouch.  Jameis Winston got a lesson quick in the NFL.  He looked like the wide-eyed rookie and got treated as one.  Porous D, questionable coaching, bad O and golden turnovers.  How to lose 101 was the Tampa game plan.  Start again Tampa or maybe get the #1 pick again.

As always I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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