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NFL Power Rankings

1.            Arizona Cardinals (1) – A 108yd Kickoff return was about as easy as it could be for Zona and they are now trying to respond to the BEARS tying TD.  The scoring coming fast and furious.  The Zona D is bending but not breaking and have a slim lead at the half.  The Cardinals played a game of virtual pinball to serve a 40 burger on the hapless Bear D.  They were able to kind of take the day off on D and still rip a new one on the Bears.  Way to win a game you should win and in handy fashion.

2.            Denver Broncos (4) – The Broncos are a team that I cannot understand.  They are imposing an offense on Peyton.  They take the play call responsibility away from him for large parts of the game.  Manning has been calling his own plays for something like 15 years.  He is struggling mightily in those areas.  In the first half Denver looked easily beaten.  Manning had to call some of the plays and in the 2nd half that got the Broncos some points.  A late turnover won them a game they could have lost.  They still have major issues. I don’t understand what Elway is letting Kubiak do.

3.            New England Patriots (2) – Pats responded well to a loud stadium and an early deficit to tie the game and show they are not going away quietly.  The Pats have kept the pressure on and using turnovers they have quieted a crowd and taken control of a key road game at the half.  The Pats had this game in hand and prevent D’d it into a close one but they won it in the end.  Brady had a huge day and he might not even cheated but one never knows with the New England Cheatriots.  A win but somehow they still aren’t number one in my poll – because they cheat.

4.            Green Bay Packers (11) – The Pack had a tough time getting it going in the first quarter but Rodgers turned it on and put the Pack out in front.  The D then got burned by Seattle and found themselves trailing going into the 4th quarter.  Rodgers went off again with a great drive and put the Pack in the lead to stay.  A super home win and this team is creeping up as one of the league’s best.

5.            Carolina Panthers (8) – The Panther D is shutting down Houston early.  It has been hard but Carolina has crept out to a lead and their D shows every sign of holding this lead.  Can they?  They held on and battled to a win.  Caaaaaaam showed his mettle and got the score to win the game with a brave if foolhardy dive into the end zone.  A gutsy win and a pretty nice 2-0 to start the year.

6.            Dallas Cowboys (10) – In a defensive struggle in the first half and holding a very slim lead.  Very little O to show for it.  Appears the loss of Dez has hurt them psychologically.  This game was pretty much the worst played excuse for an NFL game I have seen in years.  The Cowboys played badly, Romo got badly hurt, and the Cowboys played badly.  They got a couple of breaks and won the game.  Everyone in the world thinks they will be just fine without Romo for a couple of months.  Don’t be surprised if they go 2-6 in their next 8.

7.            St. Louis Rams (4) – Perhaps the Rams are hungover from their week 1 win as they look lethargic early.  The Rams are being whipped on O and D by Washington and that is just ridiculous inconsistency for a team with playoff aspirations.  The Rams have committed an unpardonable sin and lost a game to a team they are demonstrably better than.  They seem to be the same old Sorry Ass Rams.  Ugly loss.

8.            Seattle Seahawks (5) – The Seahawks came out flat and couldn’t get the rush O going.  When Russell Wilson is the best rushing weapon you know there are issues.  The Hawks did hang around and by the end of the third quarter Wilson had the team in the lead and all the D had to do is hold the Pack and the game was there’s.  So the Hawks let GB go the length of the field to lose the game.  They are 0-2 and need D help something fierce.  Perhaps they just need to get a deal done with Chancellor.  Ugly loss.

9.            Minnesota Vikings (15) – Super start for Vikes has Minnesota going well early.  Excellent play on O and D for Minnesota and they are nicely in control and may put this game away by the 3rd Q’s end.  The Vikings used a good O, nice running game and D that got it done to win a division battle nicely.  How this team lost a game to a rotten Niner team may be the reason they don’t make the playoffs in the end.  They are 1-1 but have to know in their hearts they oughtta be 2-0.

10.          Pittsburgh Steelers (16) – Big Ben kept at it and got a nice TD early.  The Steelers are in an unexpected battle early.  Super O, Great D.  To be fair, beating this sad excuse of a SF team isn’t that much of an accomplishment.  A fine win against a bad team.  You must win these games and kudos to Pitt for winning one they should have.  Nice win.

11.          Cincinnati Bengals (17) – Excellent start for Bengals on O and D and they could salt this away by the half if they can keep it up.  The Bengals D is now having issues dealing with the variety of SD weapons and the O needs to answer SD.  The Bengals got the lead and held on to it with decent D.  For this team this is a good win and one that can help them in their battle for a playoff spot.

12.          Atlanta Falcons (18) – The Falcons have an early lead in a tight battle.  The Falcons are playing decent D and still have a shot at this game at the half.  The Falcons battle and kept it close and allowed the G-men to give them the chance to win the game.  Ryan did it again and won a game for Atlanta that they could easily had lost.  They are a pretty ugly 2-0 and a very, VERY lucky 2-0.

13.          Buffalo Bills (6) – Great start for Buffalo but alas it didn’t last and now they have to show they can respond to the Pats scoring a TD.  The Bills need to know that turnovers are gold and that they can’t play anything but their best to beat the Division cheating bully.  Can they come back in the 2nd half?  The Bills got it within a score and fell again.  It really wasn’t as close as the final score.  Tyrod Taylor turned it over twice when it mattered and that decided the game. The illogical fact of the day is that Buffalo’s strong O line was dominated by a Pat D with no pass rush to allow 8 sacks. uh huh.  Not ready for prime time.

14.          Kansas City Chiefs (7) – The Chiefs had their shot. The Chiefs had the lead on a really bad looking Broncos team in the first half and Alex Smith’s incompetence is singularly responsible for them not having a 28-0 lead in the first half.  Sure Charles fumbled twice but the game should never have been within 7 points if they had a real QB.  They will never win a thing with that guy leading their team.  They are not ready for prime time part 2 this weekend.

15.          San Diego Chargers (12) -The Charger D is having loads of trouble early.  Will this be a case of SD not able to even travel to Ohio and play well?  The Chargers show no quit and are battling now and giving Cincy everything they can handle early in the 3rd Q.  The Chargers were not able to hold back the Bengals on O and they ended up being on the losing end of a close one.  One wonders if this team is ready to take the next step or are they the same Chargers team from the last 5 or 10 years?

16.          New York Jets (25) – The Jets are in rare air right now…they have Ryan Fitzpatrick doing more good things than bad.  This has never lasted in the NFL before so I am hesitant to be all in here.  The D is averaging 5 turnovers a game, which is a lot of gold, but history shows that is hard to maintain too.  The Jets O is efficient and the D is playing well above their pay grade.  A great showing.  A considerable doubt as to whether they can keep this up. Must be seen more to be believed.

17.          New Orleans  Saints (9) – The fact the Saints are in a scoreless first quarter is a real head scratcher.  It took almost 30 but the Saints have a slim lead.  Will they tear it open in the 2nd half?  No the Saints simply mailed it in, in a manner that probably used every postage stamp in Louisiana.  Ugly doesn’t begin to describe this loss and now they need to figure out what they can do to not lose like this again.  A horrible loss.

18.          Oakland Raiders (26) – Oakland is giving their all in the first half and are spirited on O if a little lax on D.  Can they do this for 60 minutes?  The Raiders gave their all and their offense was amazing!  Carr, Murray and the gang put up an offensive show that would make Rich Gannon and Jon Gruden proud.  A great win and let’s see if the Silver and Black will have this bring the pride back.  Well done!

19.          Houston Texans (14) – The Texan D is shutting down Carolina early.  The Texans now find themselves having to come back, on the road, against a tough D with a dysfunctional offense.  The Texans battled right to the final gun but in the end were one possession short.  Good D but not shutdown D.  Good QB play but not good enough to get it done. Close isn’t any good and 0-2 is horrible.  They may be done in their division and it’s week 2.

20.          Indianapolis Colts (13) – The Colts couldn’t suck more if they gameplanned it.  The mass turnovers by Luck aren’t out of character but the lack of mass TDs to make up for them is.  The O is lost and seems to need huge help on the porous O line.  The ‘weapons’ are silent with a non-existent run game and inconsistent passing game.  The D puts little pressure on the QB and the secondary is hollow after Vontae Davis (who commits too many penalties anyway).  The team is a mess. They can fix it and they are in a division to get it done but that is one ugly start to a season.

21.          Baltimore Ravens (19) – The Raven D is being tested by a feisty young Raider O and the O is battling to keep them close in the first half.  This team needs to concentrate in the 2nd half or this one might slip away from them.  The Ravens D was a sad excuse for itself and if that is only because Suggs is gone…then the Ravens have great issues.  The D let them fall behind and a bad throw by Flacco iced the loss.  0-2 and a team that is looking bad.

22.          Cleveland Browns (27) – Excellent start, Manziel looks super and the Browns have a good lead early.  The Browns have it going on O and D and special teams and are in the rare position of putting the game away.  Last year they could never hold a lead…will this year be different?  For a while it appeared like last year was going to happen again.  Tennessee came within 7 with 6 min left and I thought it was deja vu.  Then, John Manziel drove the team and fired a long TD to put the game away.  A new day has dawned in Cleveland and I am almost shocked to say it starts with John Manziel as their QB.  A great win.

23.          Jacksonville Jaguars (28) – I questioned openly if Bortles was a bust or not.  He has shown in the first half that he is the real deal.  Bullet passes, excellent footwork. He needs to do this all game and keep it up.  The Jags hung around all 2nd half.  A tired D managed to keep it tied and in the end, a gutsy and smart drive by Bortles led them to the game winning FG.  A superb win and a great effort for a team that has had few of either in the last few years.  It would be heartening if this was a turning of the page.  Super win.

24.          Washington Redskins (30) – Spirited Skins squad is bringing the heat to the Rams early.  The Skins are playing remarkable D and solid O and need to keep it up to steal a win here.  The Skins dominated on both sides of the ball and won this game handily.  Full credit to Washington.  They came to play and won it nicely. Well done.

25.          Tennessee Titans (24) – Mariota’s magic seems to be out of power early.  Turnovers are gold.  The Titans are getting schooled and Mariota is looking pedestrian this week. The Tennessee O can’t get anything going at the half.  Mariota showed what he had and driving the Titans to two TDs quickly and making the game close. The Titan D then dropped the ‘ball’ and let in a late score and down they went.  Not sure how good this team is but Mariota is a good franchise QB.

26.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32) – The Bucs are keeping the Saints off the board early which is a minor miracle.  The Bucs are battling and the rumors of their total lack of D may be exaggerated.  They need to do this for 60.  The Bucs did it for 60.  They played strong D and Winston showed guts and got the upset of the year done.  I don’t think there were 4 people on the planet who thought Tampa would win.  Well done.

27.          New York Giants (20) – The Giants needs to get the O working to get them 7 points.  The Giants D is playing well but they need to get more action on O or this could be a long day for New York in the 2nd half.  No one would ever have imagined that NY would badly mismanage the clock two weeks in a row and directly cause themselves to lose another game.  This is systemic and the year is slipping away as the wheels have come off already.

28.          Philadelphia Eagles (21) – The Eagle D is stepping up huge but the Eagle O is just not doing it so far.  They must get some O going or they will drop a key one at home.  The Eagles played like utter crap.  No rush, no pass. Bradford looked horrid, the D looked flaccid.  They are an ugly 0-2 and I think they are the ugliest 0-2.  Chip Kelly hopefully still can get a college job as he may be unemployed by mid-season 2016.

29.          Detroit Lions (22) – The Lions D is in some words chippy and in my words cheap shotting.  They are trailing the Vikes early and need to get going on O.  The Lions are being smoked by the Vikings and they look terrible and I find it funny.  The Lion offense is not going very far being led by Stafford and his brutally inconsistent play.  The D can’t make the stops and the O can’t score much.  Some still laughingly think this team will win the NFC North. I still think they will win only six.

30.          Miami Dolphins (23) – The Dolphin lines on O and D look suspect and Tannehill is single handedly keeping the fins in a game that they oughtta be winning easily.  How will they do in the 2nd half? The Dolphins continued to struggle on O and D and they kept the Jags in the game.  In the end the D was undisciplined and out of place and they watched a winnable game go splat.  What a loss for Miami and this shows the team is in serious trouble and not as good as many think they are.

31.          Chicago Bears (31) – Terrible special teams but a nice Cutler led TD drive has them still in the game early.  The Bears are answering TDs with FGs but on the positive Jay Cutler got hurt and that pretty much improves the BEARS o.  What will the 2nd half bring?  The 2nd half brought abysmal D and spotty O.  Losing the game by more than 3 scores exemplified the problems this laughable D has to deal with.  They were like a kitten being played with by a polar bear.  Ugly loss. Ugly 0-2.  The only good could be Cutler being out for any period of time.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (29) – The Niner D seems to have ability, I will continue to watch and see if they are for real somehow.  The thought that SF had anything was a mirage.  They look terrible and are being soundly thrashed by the Steelers.  The Niners do suck.  And suck and suck.  They were stomped on D and unable to do anything except score cheaply against prevent D.  A terrible team with no talent.

As always I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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