MR N’s Week 7 Power Poll‏ #NFL #NFLThoughts #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Green Bay Packers (1) – on the bye.  They will have a good test when they play again on prime time in a battle of undefeateds.  It will be an interesting test of this offense against the best defense.

2.            Carolina Panthers (2) – The Panthers played their game right from the start.  Tight D, Caaaaaaaaam got it going and finished plays with aplomb.  The Panthers took a double digit lead and then continued to batter the Eagles.  The score might have gotten close but the game never was.  The Panthers whupped a bad Eagle team and got the win.  This isn’t a great win but it’s a win!

3.            Cincinnati Bengals (3) – on the bye.  The Bengals have had a great start to their year and seem very balanced.  It will be interesting to see if and how long they can continue on this roll.  I confess I keep waiting to see Dalton fail.

4.            Denver Broncos (4) – on the bye.  They have a great D and no O. They face GB on next Sunday night.  It will require Peyton to actually do something if Denver is to beat GB.  Will be a game.

5.            New England Patriots (6) – Pats have had to battle to be in a small lead in this match.  The O has fought hard and barely looks like it is cheating.  The D looks like it’s cheating.  Good start for them.  The Pats won the game but didn’t cover the spread.  I am sure they had to use every dirty trick they had to get this win.  How will they cheat to beat Miami?  We’ll see on Thursday.

6.            Minnesota Vikings (10) – The Vikings seem to have great issues stopping Stafford and the running game is none existent so far.  They need to tighten the D and get the O working or their season may be over.  The Vikings got the message and their D tightened up and the O put together some effective passing and running and were able to win this game nicely.  A good game by Minnesota.

7.            Atlanta Falcons (8) – Falcons are struggling to get anything going on the offense.  Ryan is making mistakes, Julio Jones is making mistakes and the coach is making mistakes.  The D is on and off and this is a lot harder than it should be so far for Atlanta.  The Falcons D managed to somehow hold on to the slimmest of leads and the crawled out with a 10-7 win.  Putrid O made the day a lot harder for the D.  It was a win but it was a very ugly win and that doesn’t make any Falcon fan feel good about this team.

8.            New York Jets (7) – The Jets are in a tough battle and had a brief lead early.  The D couldn’t keep the lid on NE all first half and now the O must get it done to get back in this one.  The Jets battled all game long and in the end managed to win the head coaches spread bet with a late field goal.  A moral victory to play this well and lose.  Brandon Marshall’s drop of a sure TD had a huge impact on this game and probably cost them any shot at winning.

9.            St. Louis Rams (15) – The D is having one of its great games and that has the Rams nicely out in front.  If they can keep the pressure up they will have this one.  A fine game.  When Stl plays this hard on D they are rarely beaten.  Combine that with decent O and now the NFL version of a bi-polar person moves on to their next game.

10.          Pittsburgh Steelers (5) – The Steelers luck seems to be ending in KC. The D is missing key stops and Jones can’t get the O going and they will have to play a heck of a 2nd half to win this game.  The Steeler magic is gone.  Jones couldn’t get the points needed against what is no way shape or form a good D.  The D couldn’t hold down what is no way shape or form a good O.  A game they had to win against a team they are better than and they lost.  A terrible loss for this team.

11.          Arizona Cardinals (13) – The Cards should have breezed through this match but alas they didn’t seem to have the fire to get it done in style.  They kept a small lead throughout and made one key D play to seal the win but to have had to battle that hard to beat a poor Ravens team is a sign that Arizona may not be as cohesive a unit as I thought they were.  It is an open question as to whether CJ3/4K was tackled (I believe he was) or not and that run was key to the Card victory.  It was a win.

12.          Miami Dolphins (19) – The Fins are on a roll and dominating every single aspect of the game.  They may have a 50 burger by the half.  Superb O, superb D.  A new Dolphin team and this game is over and it’s not even halftime.  The Dolphins had this game put away and coasted out.  Super win.  Can they muster this enthusiasm against New England on Thursday? That is the question.

13.          New York Giants (20) – A pretty bad start for the G-men.  They are struggling to score and their D has been scorched by both the pass and the run.  They will need to get it going if they want to take advantage of this chance to bury the Cowboys in the division.  The Giants pulled out every weapon, especially D and special teams to win a game they had to win.  A pretty well played second half and the Giants won.  Well done and they continue to be in control of this terrible division.

14.          New Orleans Saints (18) – The Saints are able to move the ball against a bad Colt D at will and are running up a big score and could have this game put away early.  The Saints never had a problem in this game.  They simply took advantage of terrible Colt QB play and they won it nicely.  This is two in a row so the Saints have something to build on.

15.          Seattle Seahawks (22) – Seattle came into a short week off a terrible loss.  The team had some decent D but it was against a non-existent offense.  Lynch ran well and Wilson threw a TD.  The team got the win but Wilson did get sacked 5 times and picked twice.  The O line is still bad and you can’t tell if the D was better.  They just beat SF so that doesn’t mean anything.  Beat an NFL team.

16.          Washington Redskins (23) – Terrible start for Washington with bad D and poor O and they are lucky to have a score or so in the first half.  This game is close to getting out of hand.  Kirk Cousins silences every critic who isn’t either RGIII or his family.  A great second half that set an all-time record for a comeback for Washington.  Brilliant win and I never want to hear another person ask if Cousins is an NFL QB.  He is the man and RGIII is the draft bust.

17.          Oakland Raiders (25) – What a great start for the Raiders. On the road against a division rival and CMC explodes.  Carr is hitting all his throws, Murray is making a difference on the ground and Cooper is a game changer with the ball in his hands.  Cooper made a move when heading for the end zone that deked out one Charger and the second one fell down and he scored.  The D is playing well, special teams on point.  They are only up 24 and if all the prevent failures today tell us anything it is that Oakland better not play prevent…Well Oakland did play prevent but first they put up such a huge lead they couldn’t be stopped.  It was close and Oakland barely knows how to play prevent but they won the game.  A great road win for the Silver and Black and now they must build on it.

18.          Indianapolis Colts (9) – A terrible effort on O, D and special teams has the Colts trailing badly.  If they were in any other division this team would be a bottom feeder.  They may win the AFC south but they will be an ugly one and done in the postseason.  The Andrew Luck we now see is either a) hurt or b) over rated.  He seems to be morphing into the 21st century version of Jeff George.  If that can’t be fixed this team is in serious trouble.

19.          Philadelphia Eagles (11) – The Eagles were being trumpeted for their ‘success’ this year.  I think they won a game last week.  The Eagles went on prime time and got smacked by a better team.  The Eagles could get no offense at all when it counted and their D and special teams couldn’t make the stops.  By the time they broke one run they were way down.  The drops by their WR were not the reason they lost.  I think the person at QB combined with the mistake running the organization is why they lost.

20.          San Diego Chargers (14) – Perhaps San Diego will go into their locker room at the half and give themselves all a collective head shake.  Terrible start.  Bad O, poor D, uninspiring Special teams and the the Chargers find themselves at home trailing by 4 scores and their season is on the line.  Rivers can mount comebacks.  Can he mount this one? Rivers tried to mount another one and he came within 8 points.  His numbers and ability to come back are really helped by teams playing prevent against him.  Bottom line is this was a horrible loss and San Diego may be finished for the year and that won’t help build a new stadium in San Diego.

21.          Cleveland Browns (17) – McCown isn’t the be all and end all.  The Browns are going to have to get the O working, against a tough D, or this game is effectively over.  The game was over.  The Browns could never mount any offense and the D gave up too much.  Totally outmatched.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) – It seems to be official that the game has slowed down for Jameis Winston.  He is looking amazing and making great plays and the Bucs are rolling up the Skins.  The Bucs D didn’t do the job.  They had ample chances to make stops but they let the Redskins keep coming on and in the end they lost the game.  A great game by Winston marred by terrible game by the D.  Ugly loss.

23.          Dallas Cowboys (16) – Dallas is using a strong pass rush and effective rush attack and a basic pass offense to have a small lead at the half.  Everyone will be saying that Cassel is the second coming but let’s see if they can win this game first.  The Cowboys special teams put the team behind and the multiple golden turnovers baked by Cassell helped bury them.  They had a slim shot to try to do something in the end and they fumbled a punt.  A hilarious loss for a team that keeps somehow being considered good.  They are on a 4 game losing streak and they are simply mediocre and trending to bad.

24.          Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – The Jags came out playing super hard on O and D and rolled up the Bills for a huge lead.  The team went into full bore prevent and let the Bills all the way back in.  Bortles then manned up, took the team the length of the field and got the win.  A really nice win, especially overseas.  A good team win.

25.          Chicago BEARS (25) – on the bye.  Perhaps they could have overlooked the bad loss pre bye and concentrated on the 2 wins before that? No.  GM Pace basically announced people are playing for their jobs in 2016.  Which comes as news to BEARS Fans who still think it’s 2015.  Not a great example to set.

26.          Buffalo Bills (12) – The Bills D seemed to take the first half off and EJ Manuel played about as bad a first half as possible.  The Bills were buried.  The Offense got it going against massive prevent D and even drove to a lead.  The Bills D once more stunk out the house and they lost.  An ugly, ugly, ugly, UGLY game and this team is not as good as its press clippings.

27.          Houston Texans (24) – Oh my goodness.  The worst QB performance of the day award goes to Hoyer.  Abysmal is the new definition of Houston.  Terrible D, terrible O.  Absolutely terrible and they seem to have quit (although to be fair I don’t they have even tried today).  The game was 41-0 deficit by the half.  Houston scored a lot against prevent D which made this look closer than it was.  This Texan team is bad and that was humiliating.  I can’t see how Hoyer stayed in playing that way.  Evidently O’Brien (walking Deadman coach #2) is a Hoyer man.  Horrible team, terrible loss.

28.          Tennessee Titans (32) – The Titans are battling with Mettenberger at QB.  The offense has made errors and the D has allowed some plays and that keeps Atlanta in it.  The longer it is close the better the chance for Tennessee to lose this game.  The Titans couldn’t get more than 7.  If they had had Mariota, I think they would have won this game.  No O but a pretty good D and a good effort and a tough loss.

29.          Kansas City Chiefs (30) – A good start for KC.  Good D and decent O so far.  Alex Smith still at times looks like an incompetent buffoon at QB but he is what he is.  They do have a lead.  KC played their best game since week 1.  The D played well above its ability and the O showed like it had life.  This was a win for KC but I still see the flaws in this team and can’t raise any hopes until they win 2 or 3 more in a row.

30.          Baltimore Ravens (29) – The Ravens gave all they had on Monday night and often it just wasn’t enough.  Their secondary isn’t very good, their QB is way overpaid and not very good and their head coach isn’t very good.  He does whine well in post-game interviews though.  They had a shot late that ended in a red zone pure .999 gold turnover.  The Ravens can say all they want how ‘close’ they are to winning but you are what you are and they are 1-6.

31.          Detroit Lions (28) – A bad Lion team is taking advantage early of its opportunities and has a lead at the half.  Decent D, decent O. Nothing exciting but they have a lead. The Lions D failed in the second half to tackle or cover and that put them down so far Stafford couldn’t bring them back.  Another bad loss for a bad Detroit team.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (27) – The Niners came out on prime time TV and showed America exactly what they are.  TERRIBLE.  Crap-hole-neck was tossing balls all over Santa Clara. He hit a trainer in the head. He was like Oprah – ‘you get a football and you get a football and YOU get a football’.  The SF secondary covers like a see through bikini.  They generally just escort receivers into the end zone.  The D line got some sacks because Seattle O line sucks but in the end this team is just TERRIBLE.  It is an open question how teams lose to this laughingstock.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


MR N’s Week 6 Power Poll‏ #NFL #NFLThoughts #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Green Bay Packers (1) – The Packers never knew they would be in battle this hard.  Rogers got smacked around and the D got tore up for over 500 yards of passing allowed.  Somehow Rogers got the TDs they needed and in fact he got the one more TD that gave them a very hard fought victory.  An excellent win because they had to give everything they had to pull out this win.

2.            Carolina Panthers (3) – The Panthers had some difficulty early in the game getting the offense to work against a stout D.  The Panther D got burned a couple of times early and the Panthers found themselves down a fair bit.  On the road and in a harsh environment, would the least respected undefeated team fall apart? NO. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam led his team on several excellent drives and the Panther D rose up and stopped the Hawks and Carolina is undefeated and ready to take on all comers!  What a great win!

3.            Cincinnati Bengals (7) – The Bengals O and D have brought their A game to western NY and have forced an inadequately led Buffalo team into key mistakes and have a lead at the half.  The Bengals were able to roll in the second half and win this game going away.  A solid win with great O and good D.  I now believe in the Bengals.

4.            Denver Broncos (2) – Once more the same song as before.  Bad Offense, Manning a shadow of what he has been and without superb D and special teams they would be in trouble.  They have a slim lead at the half and will need the D to keep it up.  The Broncos turned it over a ton and then got golden turnovers back.  The D allowed Cleveland to hang around and force OT.  They did manage to pull out an OT win.  It was an ugly, ugly, UGLY win and this undefeated may not be long in this club.

5.            Pittsburgh Steelers (9) – A team that is lost against the Cardinal D.  Vick can run but he can only throw in negative numbers and that isn’t getting it done.  Pittsburgh is lucky they aren’t down by 4 TDs at the half.  Pittsburgh is getting my award for gutsiest team in the NFL.  Vick was bad but they plodded along.  Vick got hurt and the untested Landry Jones came in and drove them to the win.  Good D and surprising O and a team that is supposed to struggle without their starting QB is winning, winning and winning.  Great win.

6.            New England Patriots (6) – The New England Patriots went on the road and utilized at least effective passing, decent running and good special teams (probably something else they did to help them play well) and they were in control of a close game for most of the game.  The final score was closer than the game was.  They won and are undefeated.

7.            New York Jets (11) – The Jets are playing a mistake filled game and have kept the Redskins in the game despite playing decent D.  Fitzpatrick has to clean it up to give them a shot.  Coming off the bye the D was full of energy and got key turnovers and the O put up the needed points and they won this one in a laugher.  Great win.

8.            Atlanta Falcons (4) – The Falcons came into the Super Dome undefeated and having a chance once and for all to show they are the team in the NFC South.  They walked in and laid a really big egg.  Matty Fumble turned the ball over a zillion more times and this time that cost them their shot at an undefeated season.  I don’t care what the Saints record at home in prime time is.  This was all about the Falcons taking the next step.  They didn’t and they just may be the same old Falcons I thought they were.

9.            Indianapolis Colts (8) – Indy had a shot in this game, in fact they led for a minute or two once.  Luck couldn’t match Brady point for point.  There was an odd occurrence on a punt play that cannot be explained.  The Colts seem to be the NYJ of 2009 or so.  They can beat bad divisional teams and no one else.  I guess it’s a moral victory for Indy to lose only by 6 but a loss is a loss.

10.          Minnesota Vikings (12) – The Vikings are battling and have managed to get out to a slight lead at the half.  They need to get the running game working but may just need to try it off tackle a few times.  The Vikes had to claw and scratch for every point and made 3 FGs count.  Decent D helped hold the lead and the Vikings won a game on a day when they didn’t have their best stuff.  A quality win.

11.          Philadelphia Eagles (13) – The Eagles struggled early and then almost every time they were in a bad situation the Giants gave them a gift.  Eagles forced to punt and Giants rough the kicker, Eagles toss a pick, Giants penalty.  When the terrible mistake at QB, Bradford, tossed 3 golden picks, they didn’t allow one point.  The D played ‘well’ but one has to wonder if that was just because they played a bad Giant O.  It was a win.

12.          Buffalo Bills (10) – EJ Manuel has taken his chance at regaining the reigns of the Bills and currently has pissed it away.  Ineffectual offense coupled with D that is missing plays and the Bills are behind and need to tighten up awfully fast or they might get blown out.  They didn’t tighten it up and basically got blown out.  The dream is over in Buffalo.  What happened to the D?

13.          Arizona Cardinals (5) – The Cards are dominating the game in every facet except the scoreboard.  The way the O and D is playing you would think they would be up by 28 and not just 7.  Well that was a shocker to Arizona.  The Cards O had the chance to salt away a win and when it counted Palmer tossed a pick and lost the game.  A game that they could have won.  Twice now Carson Palmer has had a chance to win a game and blew it and now it has to be asked – is he the solution or the problem for Arizona?

14.          San Diego Chargers (14) – Where to begin.  The Chargers D managed to pressure Aaron Rodgers and knock him about a bit early.  They had some trouble early getting the ball down the field but Rivers kept going.  He threw and threw and threw and THREW and battled GB TD for TD and it came down to the last second and they missed out by just THAT much.  An incredible effort and a loss that showed a team with a ton of heart.

15.          St. Louis Rams (16) – On the bye, the Rams must have been sitting around for a couple of weeks wondering which team they are.  They can play a game that can beat anyone and they can stink up a joint in a fashion worth equaling a garbage bag on a hot street corner in NYC in August.  Which Ram team comes out of the bye?  If, IF they trend towards the good then they have a shot still at post season and if they trend bad they have a good shot at a new head coach.

16.          Dallas Cowboys (17) – The Cowboys on the bye are on a 3 game losing streak.  They only still can see the top of the NFC Least because it is the least.  They have decided Brandon Weeden was so bad they will now use Matt Cassel.  Yeah.  Can you see 4 losses in a row? I think I can.

17.          Cleveland Browns (18) – The Browns had virtually built a shrine to Josh McCown as the second coming of Otto Graham but unfortunately for them their model was Josh McCown.  His collective incompetence has put the Browns in the hole and his mistake filled play will have to get better if they can have a shot here.  McCown continued to make errors but the odd decent play got the game tied and forced OT.  Then he couldn’t get anything going in OT and the D tired out and the Browns lost.  Another close but no cigar and close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and Russian bombing in Syria.

18.          New Orleans Saints (29) – The Saints came into a short week with their season slipping away.  They had played badly and worse.  They used the magic of their home field and all the mojo that comes with that to put up a great balanced offense and tough, stingy D to dominate the game and it only got close with some late game prevent D.  A great game for New Orleans. I need to see them do it again before I think this team is on its way back.

19.          Miami Dolphins (31) – The Dolphins seem to have found new energy under their new coach and are out in front with a nice lead. This is despite continued defensive indifference and bad play by Tannehill.  The Fins put the game away with decent O production and decent D.  Tannehill still turned it over twice and looked bad at times but they got the win and now they can try to build on that.

20.          New York Giants (19) – A tale of two different games.  For a few minutes Eli was 10 for 10 with a great TD and the Giants were out in front.  Then the worm turned.  Golden turnovers, terrible penalties, bad blocking, no ability on O and the Giants crawled out of the game with an ugly loss.  The D was able to grab 3 picks from a terrible Eagle QB and got 0 points.  Ugly loss.

21.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (23) – The Bucs took a bye the week after their rookie QB seemed to finally have the NFL slow down for him.  If they used this bye well they got healthy and grew from the positive of pre-bye, then this could be an interesting second half in Tampa.

22.          Seattle Seahawks (15) – Seattle came out strong with effective use of Jimmy Graham and solid D.  The Seahawks put themselves nicely ahead and built on that.  By the third quarter the Seahawks had ripped a nice lead and looked in control.  The 4th quarter brought another defensive collapse and with the game on the line the O couldn’t get it done and they lost again.  The Seattle team we once knew is just a memory and this team makes critical errors in coverage that costs them game after game after game.  Just a mediocre team.

23.          Washington Redskins (20) – The Redskins are battling to get any offense against a tough D.  Turnovers have allowed them to keep this game close and they have a good shot at winning it yet.  Cousins gave away golden turnovers and they helped put the game out of reach.  They had no answer to a tough D and their D couldn’t get any stops when needed.  A very bad loss.

24.          Houston Texans (26) – A team that is going through the motions and is locked in a battle with a division rival.  Can’t say that Houston is playing a lesser light as Houston now is a lesser light.  Houston was able to put together a fairly coherent effort and put the Jags away.  The D had some issues holding down Bortles but the O got it done in a variety of ways.  A decent win.

25.          Oakland Raiders (25) – On the bye and CMC had a week to rest and continue to grow together.  The Raiders are an enigma.  Great youth talent, solid vets and a great coach.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s hard to watch.  They need to find consistency and the Silver and Black can be full of pride again.

26.          Chicago BEARS (24) – The BEARS O is having trouble getting 7 but smartly take 3 when the chance occurs.  The BEARS D is letting a bad Lion team run roughshod over them and they need to get a rush on Stafford or at least cover his receivers in the second half.  Cutler put the BEARS on his back and carried them with great drive after great drive and put them in the position to win.  Then the Bears D blew it. Then Cutler put the game into OT.  By then everyone seemed tired and with numerous ‘questionable’ ref calls against Chicago it was almost no surprise that the Bears lost.  The D cost them any shot that the refs left with them.  A bad loss but another great day by Cutler.

27.          San Francisco 49ers (30) – A team that seems dysfunctional to the core.  They were able to complete passes almost non-stop because the D they threw against couldn’t really rush or cover.  The D managed to get a few turnovers.  When the game was on the line the coach had to physically count to make sure he had only 11 on the field.  I swear I saw him take off a shoe to count with his toes too.  They won, I am not sure how and they are bad but they won but they are bad.

28.          Detroit Lions (32) – The Lions finally got off the schneid with a win at a Bears team that didn’t bring much D.  Stafford pretended to be an NFL QB again and put up something akin to 500 yards.  Megatron’s archeological remains were dug up in Ford Field and he had a big game.  Helped by brutal calls and their D was nothing worth noting they did win.  Will they win another?

29.          Baltimore Ravens (22) – Baltimore seemed to stumble out of the gate.  Flacco was playing poorly and turning the ball over and the secondary is just about New York Jets 2014 bad.  They can’t cover and can’t figure out why they can’t cover.  Baltimore struggled and struggled and allowed bad TDs and lost an ugly game to a terrible team and that means…Baltimore is a terrible team.

30.          Kansas City Chiefs (21) – The Chiefs are having huge problems on offense and that his to live with and revolve around QB Alex Smith.  The D is playing ok but they need to turn it on or this may spell the end of their season.  Kansas City played pretty good D for the whole game but had virtually No O and that was their downfall.  5 game losing streak since their first win, this team is rapidly circling the bowl.  Bad loss in a winnable game.

31.          Jacksonville Jaguars (27) – The Jags are putting up a few and letting a few in and all in all are playing as about as good as they can in the first half.  They still have a shot in this game.  Bortles played hard all second half and did about all he could to help Jacksonville but the Jag D couldn’t stop the bleeding and the game got away from them.  They need D help.  A tough loss.

32.          Tennessee Titans (28) – The Titans have a good weapon in Mariota but the D is having a great amount of trouble and the Titans are in danger of being blown out.  The Titans D got them blown out.  Mariota tossed a couple of picks and the D couldn’t make the stops.  This team needs a lot of help.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL Week 5 Power Poll #GoJaysGo #Cometogether‏ #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Green Bay Packers (1) – The Pack have managed to have the lead at the half.  The Good is that Aaron Rodgers threw a pick at home for the first time in a long time and that means he’s just a normal QB so people can shut up about him now.  The Pack needs to keep the D pushing to hold down a game Ram squad.  Rodgers over came TWO picks to lead his team to what was a pretty simple victory.  To win this game that easily and turn it over too shows a solid team effort.  Good win.

2.            Denver Broncos (2) – Denver is having great trouble dealing with the fast Oakland O and Peyton is having trouble moving the ball on the ground or in the air.  If they aren’t careful, they could lose this one today.  The Broncos got very little O but they got some decent special teams and a key pick six and they won again.  If the O can ever get it going…but that clock is ticking.

3.            Carolina Panthers (3) – Evidently you can spell disrespected ‘C-a-r-o-l-i-n-a’.  While perfect on the bye, the Panthers were virtually left off every list of undefeated contender.  They have a great D and an O that is getting the job done.  They get the best linebacker in the NFL back in Luke Kuechly.  Ignore this team at your peril.

4.            Atlanta Falcons (4) – The Falcons have had trouble getting the ball down the field and Ryan has turned the ball over twice already.  A pretty poor effort and I can’t help but think Atlanta is mailing it in a bit.  I have to give Atlanta a little credit.  They mailed it in for most of the game and then, after turning it over and creating gold 3 times Matty Ice got it done.  Not a lot of credit for an ugly win but it’s a win.

5.            Arizona Cardinals (5) – About as good as a start as they could hope for.  Solid O, super D, golden turnovers given to them on a platter and they blew out the Lions for 30 minutes. Only prevent D can make this close now.  Prevent D couldn’t stop the flood of turnovers that quickly turned this into a laugher.  A great win over a terrible team.  The return of Ellington is heartening.  Let’s see them do it against a winning team next.

6.            New England Patriots (6) – Pat using D, ok O and every cheating way they can to get out into a small lead.  The Pats D is covering Dallas like they know what plays are being called.  Oh, they probably do.  The Pats just rolled over the Cowboys with a passing O and good D.  They won it nicely and that means they are still undefeated.

7.            Cincinnati Bengals (8) – The Bengals lack luster effort on D seems out of character for the 4-0 team.  The Bengal O is trying to keep them in the game but there seems to be a lack of effort on all sides for the team.  The Bengals O kept battling and came all the way back from 17 down to tie and and then won it in OT. A gutsy win to keep a battling Bengals squad undefeated.

8.            Indianapolis Colts (10) – The Colts showed heart and desire that is rarely shown on a short week.  Hasselbeck who’s 40 and badly ill all week managed to suck it up and he ran a brilliant offense.  The D had issues early but came on late and were the reason they salted the game away.  It was a brilliant and gutsy win, in the division, for a team fighting for its season while trying to get healthy.  To be 3-1 now with no Luck for 2 games…amazing.  This team shows it has heart and good leadership.

9.            Pittsburgh Steelers (15) – What can be said about this game?  Vick struggled for well more than 45 minutes to get anything out of the offense.  Then they picked off Rivers and not a soul but the QB even considered tackling the Steeler and they had 7.  Then a Big Ben drawn up play led to 7 more.  With time running out (faster than even time could run) Tomlin called a gutsy wild cat play and LeVeon Bell drove to a win with 18 seconds left (or 0 by the way they counted time in San Diego).  A great win for Pittsburgh as they are showing how a team battles when their starting QB is hurt *Dallas? Dallas? DALLAS????*

10.          Buffalo Bills (16) – A game of D and precious little O.  Shut out nearly the whole half by Tennessee makes one question the validity of the Buffalo’s O.  Evidently they can’t rely on the next man up at RB and WR.  They are missing their weapons and their O suffers because of it.  Decent D so far.  The Bills D kept this game close and in the end, Tyrod Taylor took it upon himself and won the game.  The D even made a nice stop in the end.  I think this was a nice win after a poorly played first half.  A very nearly must win that they got.

11.          New York Jets (12) – On the bye, good time for them to get healthy and ready for a long second part of the season.  They are playing much better than expected and it will be interesting to see if they can keep it up.

12.          Minnesota Vikings (13) – On the bye.  The Vikings are starting to roll and the offense is starting to gel.  Had they not lost an inexcusable game to open the year the Vikes might be making Green Bay look over their shoulder already.

13.          Philadelphia Eagles (23) – Bradford has brought on a wall of boos with a key end zone pick and he is barely able to get his team out to a 3-point lead at the half.  OK D so far but the O is struggling again.  The Eagles really turned it on in the second half and rolled over the Saints.  By a large margin, this was the best offensive performance of the year for Philly.  Before we celebrate, let’s see them do it again.

14.          San Diego Chargers (11) – The Chargers slept through the first 3+ quarters and had a 4-point lead.  Rivers was in the midst of a good drive when he threw a pick and then the Steeler started to run the pick back.  The receivers decided it wasn’t their business and started to consider where to go for dinner.  The O line thought running on a hot night in San Diego wasn’t good for them.  Phil Rivers did try to run down the Steeler but he was the only one.  The Steeler actually slowed down and jogged 20 odd yards in.  I have never seen a team quit like that.  Abominable behavior.  The Chargers battle back and got a lead again.  The home team side tried to help by running 18 seconds off the clock.  Then the Charger D had to make one stop to win and they couldn’t and they lost.  This in the end was an ugly loss.

15.          Seattle Seahawks (7) – The Seahawks O line has been playing it’s best so far early in this game.  A number of times a very questionable first quarter O line has been dominating against the first quarter best D line.  The Seahawks need to keep the pressure up and they might steal one on the road.  The Seahawks put the game virtually out of reach with a 17-point lead in the second half.  Then the unthinkable happened.  What used to be a great D collapsed and allowed 17 unanswered points in regular time and three more in OT.  The Legion of Doom is now the Legion of Crap.  A terrible loss by a now simply ordinary team.

16.          St. Louis Rams (9) – The Rams are battling in Green Bay.  They picked off Rodgers, which is a great thing and will shut up a lot of people.  They are having trouble keeping GB O in check and Foles is turning the ball over in a golden fashion way too much.  A cleaner second half is needed to have a shot at this game.  The Rams never got it going and couldn’t play catchup.  Foles kept creating golden turnovers and they never were in this game. Another poor effort and a bad loss by the league’s schizo team.

17.          Dallas Cowboys (14) – Good Cowboy D keeping pressure on Brady. The O can’t get anything done in the first half and will need a new plan to make it happen today.  Dallas is now in a deep hole.  Losing badly at home to New England makes them winless since Romo went down.  Having a good pass rush means very little when down by 3 TDs.  An ugly loss by a team losing their place in the division and 2 more losses and their playoff hopes may sink too.

18.          Cleveland Browns (24) – The Browns seem completely out of this game.  They have little drive and the O seems to have no excitement.  If only they had a spark they could call upon to inspire the O like a Manziel or something.  Guess they will just keep looking like crap.  The game is practically over at the half.  The Browns showed amazing heart and battled back from the brink and took advantage of terrible prevent D and got the game tied.  They then played a brilliant OT and won a game.  This is the kind of win that might now turn the page for Cleveland.  A great, great win.

19.          New York Giants (18) – The Giants seemed to have decided early that they didn’t have to try to beat SF and that almost came back to haunt them.  The Giants are not good enough to mail it in on anyone.  They struggled to move the ball and struggled to play D.  By late in the game it looked like they would just lay down and lose it.  Eli then took it upon himself and drove for a late game winner.  An ugly win by an ugly team that is now favored to win the NFC LEAST.

20.          Washington Redskins (20) – The Redskins D has been playing really well for the first half and have been able to hold down what has been a pretty prolific Falcon O.  Cousins did offer a golden turnover so the lead by Washington is small but it is a moral victory so far.  I cannot give Kirk Cousins enough credit for the game he played.  When challenged late by Matt Ryan he answered it with amazing drive after drive to give his team the shot to win.  All they needed was A D to make a stop.  Somehow.  They couldn’t. It really seems like nothing has changed in Washington since RGIII’s rookie year.  Until the QB plays solid D no one else seems to.  The OT pick 6 is not the point, the bad D cost them the game.

21.          Kansas City Chiefs (17) – Very little effort so far by the Chiefs but they are comfortably out in front and could have this game put away early in the second half.  How bad are the Chiefs today?  Their vaunted D let the BEARS come all the way back.  With the game on the line, Alex Smith actually threw a great ball and his WR so badly tried to catch it that they lost the game.  A shuddering thud of a loss that could derail their entire season.  It was THAT bad of a loss.

22.          Baltimore Ravens (19) – Solid game by the Ravens on both O and D.  The only bad seems to be a missed FG in the first half-otherwise Baltimore is in control and having their way in this game.  The Ravens thought it was over and never gave it a second thought.  Their prevent D let Cleveland back in the game and when it came time to turn it on again they could barely force OT and then they played a poor OT and down they went.  A very ugly loss.

23.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29) – Winston is playing the best game of his pro career.  Doug Martin is an unstoppable weapon.  The Bucs D is playing all right.  They are in the best position to win a game at the half they have been this year.  The Bucs O was finally working.  Jameis Winston took 5 games to figure it out and he had it going today.  The D played ok but Winston led his team to a nice victory.  Way to go kid.

24.          Chicago BEARS (28) – The BEARS have very little talent and have managed to get a limited amount of O so far.  The D is struggling to hold down the Chiefs.  Only down by 11 or so at the half, they will be lucky if the game doesn’t get away from them in the 2nd half.  Well color this BEAR fan shocked.  Jay Cutler took the Bears, down by 14 and led them all the way back and won the game.  I won’t say he isn’t still a bum but that was a nice win by the BEARS.  Way to go guys! Two in a row, I never expected that!

25.          Oakland Raiders (21) – A great start for Oakland.  Flashy offense and pesky D and they have a short lead and are pretty much in control of this game at the half.  Oakland lost control, missed 2 key FGs and then Carr threw a game losing pick 6 and they lost a key division matchup.  This almost certainly kills any hope Oakland had at being relevant in the division this year.

26.          Houston Texans (22) – The Texans showed no heart and little desire and that kind of sad sack approach to football is rarely shown on a short week.  O’Brien did it again by switching QBs mid-stream.  Well over 100 yards in penalties that put the game out of reach.  They have one WR who eventually will be covered so that will be it for their offense.  Not having a leader on the team destroys the team’s identity.  This team has no heart and no leadership and it’s now an open question if they can win another game.  Terrible.

27.          Jacksonville Jaguars (25) – The Jags have had a lot of trouble on D and Bortles turned the ball over in a golden fashion and cost them 7.  They are down and it is an open question if they can come back in this game.  Bortles got it going in the second half and basically matched TB point for point but they did that down one score and their D couldn’t make any stops and they lost.  Good O, bad D and costly golden turnovers.

28.          Tennessee Titans (26) – The TItans have managed only 3 points or so but the D is pitching a shutout.  I can’t see the D keeping that up and the O should score something.  They are really struggling in the first half.  Mariota battled against a tough D all day and almost did enough to win the game.  The D didn’t have answer to a mobile QB and Tennessee lost a close one.  A tough loss.

29.          New Orleans  Saints (27) – The Saints are not having much luck getting the O to work but the D is off to a good start in the first half.  It will all be on Brees if they Saints are to make this happen.  So much for the good start of the D.  I am betting Sean Payton had some words for Ryan the other after nearly allowing the world’s most dysfunctional O to put up an almost 40 burger.  Brees had no answer to the stream of scores allowed.  The Saints showed just how bad they can play in this loss.

30.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – The Niners came out with a bit of energy and were happy to face a team going through the motions.  When not a whiff of pass rush appeared the nervous Colin Crapernick was able to relax and move the ball.  The D made the odd stop and kept the game within reach.  By late in the 4th quarter the Niners actually had a lead and looked like they might pull off a win.  In the end, their D couldn’t make the stop they needed and they lost a close one but they are no longer the worst team in the NFL.  At least this week.

31.          Miami Dolphins (31) – On the bye, a terrible team who canned another coordinator during the bye.  Will their new feisty coach inspire a new attitude and bring about a team that cares.  I wait to see.

32.          Detroit Lions (30) – Trying hard to be the worst team in the NFL they turned it over 4 times in first 6 possessions and that is almost as bad as it can be.  The team plays to lose and are doing a good job of that so far.  Stafford threw 3 golden picks and finally was pulled for Dan ‘I don’t know what the end line in the end zone means’ Orlovsky.  An ugly game played by now who is officially the WORST team in the NFL.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS (and Blue Jays) Fan

MR N’s Week 4 Power Poll‏ #NFL #ESPN #NFLNetwork

NFL Power Rankings

MR N’s Week 4 Power Poll

1.            Green Bay Packers (3) – The Packers got a quick TD to start but they seem to be not playing as hard as usual.  I guess it is hard to get yourself up for a game against a no account team.  Funny, the Pack can shred a bad team in their division but they have to stop mailing it in while in San Fran.  The Packers did mail it in but only so much to slide away with a 14-point win.  They could have won by 50 but why break a sweat against that gang of Pop Warner wannabes?

2.            Denver Broncos (2) – Incredible D and just passable O has the Broncos out to a nice lead at the half.  It could be well more but for a key Manning golden turnover that changed the game 10 points in the favor of the Vikes.  The D needs to keep the hammer down and hope that Peyton can put the game away in the 2nd half.  The Broncos D were challenged mightily and nearly lost the game but they combined with some solid O to just squeak out a win.  The O seems to be coming on and once it gets comfortable this team will be scary good.

3.            Carolina Panthers (5) – The Panthers have used great D and solid O to take a good lead and look really in control of this game.  Only massive prevent D can let Tampa back into it.  The Panthers rolled the Bucs and never were challenged.  The D was excellent and CAAAAAAM got it done when he had to.  Another solid win and I can’t wait to see them play Atlanta.

4.            Atlanta Falcons (6) -Brilliant first half.  The Falcons are running roughshod over the Texan D.  Superb rushing, excellent game play calling by Matt Ryan and the Falcons are pitching a shutout on D and are up 4 TDs.  This game may be over.  The Falcons were never challenged. They dominated on all sides and wound up winning it in a laughing fashion.  Great game and I see their only challenge being the home and home with the Panthers yet to come.

5.            Arizona Cardinals (1) – Arizona is being physically challenged on every down and has had to go fight like hell to simply keep this game at a 1-point deficit.  Arizona is noted for being able to wrangle a win in the end and it will take all they have to do that today.  The Cardinals had their chances and they came very close.  In the end, Carson Palmer couldn’t make the plays needed to give them a shot to win.  This loss will hurt and could impact their playoff spot when it is all said and done.

6.            New England Patriots (4) – On the bye, probably working out their next way to cheat to beat any team they face at home or on the road.  They fell in my pool because I have no respect for them or the way they represent the Barry Bonds School of how to play in the NFL.

7.            Seattle Seahawks (7) – The Seahawks played decent D for most of the game.  The O line is terrible and puts Wilson in danger constantly.  Wilson’s fumbling has to be a huge concern going forward.  The Hawks got a tiny lead and then were able to hold on by having the refs miss an obvious foul.  At least the Seahawks own it.  A bad call, gave Seattle the game.  A win but this team seems to be a shell of what I thought they would be.

8.            Cincinnati Bengals (10) – The Bengals jumped out to a nice lead but have let KC hang around.  For being such a ‘dominant’ team, they don’t look dominant.  They need to bear down or they risk letting this game get away from them.  Cincy was in trouble in the 2nd half when the Refs gave them the game with a bad call.  Cincy won it going away but it wasn’t in doubt once the Refs put on their Bengal jerseys.

9.            St. Louis Rams (16) – It appears early that the Rams have decided to bring their A game once more.  It’s funny how they play super once every three games.  Superlative D and barely effective O has them out in front, barely, early in the third.  The Rams were able to get the O working and put up just enough points to win a key division battle.  A great win by a team that can beat anyone…every other week or so unless they don’t bother to show up like they do every other week.

10.          Indianapolis Colts (17) – Starting the game with no Andrew Luck is tough and the Colts have to be credited for keeping the game close in the first half.  The D has been pushed around and will need to really push to keep the Colts in a shot to win.  The Colts hung around, battled, took it to OT, put together a miracle drive, and won the game.  A gutsy win with a backup QB.  Well done.

11.          San Diego Chargers (18) – The Chargers are not able to perform offensively as well as they would like.  They are getting some points but not getting TDs every time.  The D is doing ok but not tight.  The Chargers were pushed on D and faced OT but for the heroics of Phil Rivers.  Rivers drove the length of the field and the Chargers won.  A gutsy win.

12.          New York Jets (19) – The Jets came out with a stout defense and effective O and took control of the game right from the start.  Out to a huge lead late they fell into the prevent D style and let Miami to claw their way back into the game.  The Jets are going to let this game be much closer than it really was.  The Jets won but letting a bad team think they can accomplish something isn’t a good plan.  A win overseas is a good win.

13.          Minnesota Vikings (8) – The Vikings have been battered by a fierce Bronco D from the start.  Bridgewater took nearly 30 minutes to finally find a passing rhythm.  The Rush attack appears to be stifled.  The D is doing ok but must keep up the pressure or the game could get out of hand.  Credit the Vikings for battling back and using all they had to bring themselves to the brink of victory.  A young team played their heart out and just lost a close one.

14.          Dallas Cowboys (12) – The Cowboys had the O working on and off early and the D had moments of exceptional play and then seemed to take plays off. The loss of LB Sean Lee to concussion may be pointed at as the moment the worm turned.  I suggest the D wasn’t as good as everyone thought when he was there.  I give Weeden credit for driving the field to give his team a chance to win late in the 4th.  Then the D couldn’t stop the Saints in regulation and then couldn’t stop them in OT.  A loss that falls firmly on the questionable D.  Fitting for a questionable team.

15.          Pittsburgh Steelers (9) – The Steelers did better than I thought they would without Big Ben.  Vick wasn’t terrible.  LeVeon Bell was super.  I haven’t seen running skill like his since I watched Barry Sanders in the late 80’s.  Bell cuts at full speed.  Remarkable.  What was also remarkable was watching the almost self-proclaimed and very arguable best WR Antonio Brown drop a TD pass that would have given his team the win.  The Steelers also couldn’t use up 4 minutes of the clock with the ball and the lead and the D couldn’t stop Baltimore from getting 35 yards twice when it counted.  Sure, the kicker missed some Field goals but this game never should have come down to the kicks.  A bad loss.

16.          Buffalo Bills (11) – Needing a strong start to make a statement, the Bills came out flat.  Tyrod Taylor needed to shine and he has stunk.  They are lacking 2 weapons but that shouldn’t hamstring their O.  No O, lack of great D performance and they are in a hole and can come back if they can get it going.  The Bills O drove the ball twice into the red zone and twice Rex went for it, giving up 6 points that would have meant the game tied in the fourth.  His calls to go for it killed momentum and kept Buffalo out of it.  A terribly coached game.  A terrible loss and just how good is Buffalo?

17.          Kansas City Chiefs (15) – The Chiefs had a slow start with Alex Smith looking like a bum in the first half.  Somehow, the Chiefs have stayed in this game and are within a FG at the half.  This has to be a good sign for them and this game could go either way in the 2nd half.  The Chiefs had a real shot in the second half but then the REFS blew a replay, got a call wrong, turned the game on a 14-point margin, and ended the Chiefs chances.  Terrible when the NFL officials decide a game.  Good effort but KC can’t beat Cincy and the Refs.

18.          New York Giants (21) – The G-men came on the road and are using solid D and effective O to take control of a game in a difficult road environment.  Eli is using a variety of weapons and had the game well in hand.  I almost think one more TD and NYG have a win.  Will bear watching.  The Giants gave Buffalo every opportunity to get back into the game but then Buffalo said no thanks.  They got a win on the road in a game they were not supposed to win.  The Giants deserve credit but not a lot of credit.

19.          Baltimore Ravens (22) – The Ravens came into the game in desperate straits.  They had never lost 4 in a row under Harbaugh and now they have to wait at least 4 more games to do it this year.  They won a game that they should have lost.  They gave Pittsburgh every opportunity to beat them.  Missed field goals, poor defensive plays, and bad offensive play calls gave Baltimore their first win.  They had some decent rush offense and played sporadically well on D but I wouldn’t start saving playoff money if I lived in Charm City. This team is bad and will not make the playoffs.

20.          Washington Redskins (25) – Excellent start for Washington.  The Skins used solid D and good O to have a lead at the half. The Redskins will have to keep the pressure on to keep this game in control.  The Skins D got exposed a little but Cousins rallied the team.  With courage under pressure, key accurate throws and a determination not seen at QB in Washington since Theismann.  Washington has a franchise QB, it is Kirk Cousins and he defeated Philly today.  Super win.

21.          Oakland Raiders (13) – The Raiders traditionally struggle early on the road and this game is no exception.  The D let a sad excuse for a Bears O take a lead.  Carr battled back and got the Raiders the lead but the D let the BEARS back ahead.  The 2nd half could go either way but I would believe the Raiders will wear down the Chicago D.  The Raider D got the pick, took the ball, and got the lead and it was a pretty well played 28 minutes in the 2nd half.  The last two minutes didn’t work so well and the Raiders lost a tough one to a really bad Chicago team. That loss may haunt the Silver and Black this year.

22.          Houston Texans (14) – The Texans, who are built on D strength, have shown little of that early.  Being taken apart by the Falcons on the ground and in the air.  Houston is in a huge hole and I am not sure that O can score 4 tds in a half so this game may be over.  The game was over.  The Texans endured allowing a forty burger then had the added ignominy of fumbling the final vain attempt to score into allowing 6 more points.  Ugly game, played ugly, and I now have serious questions in regards to whether or not the Texan D is any good at all.  And really, rotating QBs?

23.          Philadelphia Eagles (20) – Bradford has looked poor to mediocre and the D has not been able to stop the Skins.  The Eagles look like a team that needs to have a great locker room meeting to get a better effort out of this squad.  The Eagles D played their best game of the year and in the second half, Bradford even looked like an NFL QB for a few plays.  He drove them to a late lead and then watched while the D couldn’t stop Washington and they lost.  Another loss for a bad team.

24.          Cleveland Brown (23) – The Browns are in a slugfest on the road in Cali.  The D is bending and not breaking and so far, the O has answered everything that San Diego has done.  Can they keep it up for 60?  The Browns put up an amazing effort and they battled to the end and got them in the position to win but after a long fight the D couldn’t muster, one more stellar effort and they lost a close one.

25.          Jacksonville Jaguars (24) – An excellent effort by Jacksonville in the first half has the Jags in this game.  Bortles looks good and the D looks solid.  Can they keep it up for 60?  The Jags gave everything they had and played inspired on D and took the game to OT.  A valiant effort by a young and up and coming team and they deserve credit for almost getting it done.

26.          Tennessee Titans (26) – On the bye.  They must feel pretty good with the start of the Mariota era.  He has looked all world and so far, he is the Best QB in the last draft.  They have the inconsistencies on the O and D line to work on but at least they have their QB slot filled admirably almost for the first time since Steve McNair.

27.          New Orleans Saints (28) – The Saints were able to keep the weapons of the Cowboys in check once they got their feet under them.  Brees, coming off injury, looked a bit more like Brees.  He was able to make necessary throws and that kept the Saints close.  The D got pushed around but did stiffen when absolutely necessary.  Brees led his team to a potential GW FG (missed) and then hit the game winning OT TD pass.  A good win for a bad team.

28.          Chicago BEARS (31) – The worst QB in the NFL, Jay ‘I suck’ Cutler, has had a good start to his day.  He drove Chicago to an early lead and battled back to retake the lead at the half.  The D has played well early but tends to tire.  Cutler is still his traditional pick away from giving away the game.  It is due.   The interception came and put the Bears down. Somehow, the Bears battled back and won the game with a miracle field goal.  People may think this makes either a) Chicago good or b) Cutler good.  The correct answer is neither and can Chicago at least lose enough to get the first pick and get a new QB?

29.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27) – Winston continues to throw pick sixes and make bad rookie plays.  The Bucs have D issues and their O has no leadership so this team is having trouble getting much done so far today.  Winston was solely responsible for losing another.  One hopes the kid will learn from his errors but he is making the same bad plays that haunted him in College and he’s just not good enough or in good enough shape to win the game himself when he tosses multi picks.  Ugly loss.

30.          Detroit Lions (29) – The Lions came to the great northwest and gave their all on D.  They tried hard on D for 60 and that was their best defensive play of the year.  Their O wasn’t able to make any noise until very late and that means they left it in the potential hands of chance and chance wore a striped shirt and a bad call cost them the game.  Play better on offense and that won’t matter.  Lesson here. Good loss for a winless team.

31.          Miami Dolphins (30) – A terrible team started flat and got shut out for most of the first half and were so far down that even prevent D couldn’t get them back.  Tannehill even blew a couple of open shots to make the game closer.  A bad team that is threatening to give up the season now.  I can’t believe they have tried at all yet.  A team with no heart and a soon to be fired coach. And he was so I was right!

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – They got burned for a quick 7 but then their miserable excuse for a defense have played pretty well for the first half.  They have very little to no O but are somehow hanging around in a game they have no business being in.  If the Niners had any talent at QB they would be better than the slugs they are now.  No offense, no heart, no talent, no ability.  No home crowd advantage.  A terrible team that is an embarrassment to that proud uniform.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


MR N’s Week 3 Power Poll‏ #NFL #NFLNetwork #PowerRankings #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Arizona Cardinals (1) – The D is kicking it all over with great scores off turnovers and solid rush O.  Super start with game well in hand at the half.  Simply domination, a total laugher by the most balanced and talented team in the NFL.

2.            Denver Broncos (2) – The Broncos looked pretty poor and lethargic on O in the first half but had the D working well.  Manning got on a roll and the D keep ripping it up and the Broncos won a game pretty easily in the end.  There are still open questions about Peyton.

3.            Green Bay Packers (4) – Rodgers put on a clinic all night from the first minutes on.  He picked apart the Chief D and took advantage of every opportunity to jump to an early lead and then pile it on.  The Packers put the game away by the half and only let KC in when they took the foot off the gas.  An easy win by a team on a roll.

4.            New England Patriots (3) – Out to a good early lead but can’t tell if its talent or just cheating.  The Pats are well out in front as expected.  The Pats blew them away with a 50 burger.  A win for a team that can beat anyone at home, using any means necessary.

5.            Carolina Panthers (5) – D having issues early while it took nearly half the game for Cam to get it going.  Cam is getting good connections with his TE and they are finally out in a lead.  The Panthers were really challenged but managed to hold on to a win.  A great win to put them way out in front in their division but for the Falcons.

6.            Atlanta Falcons (12) – The early vaunted D has been ripped frequently and now they must battle back.  The battle seems to be can anyone stop a running back.  Early indication is no.  The Falcon Offense exploded in the second half and ran away with the game.  A brilliant come from behind win and makes them the team to beat in the NFC South for now but for the Panthers.

7.            Seattle Seahawks (8) – A well-played first half by the D and a struggle on O but they have a thin lead and if the D keeps up the pressure they could win this 6-0.  The Seahawks wore down a good D performance and put the game away with a flourish.  A great game against a bad team and now the road back to respectability begins anew.

8.            Minnesota Vikings (9) – The Vikings have the O going and with a good rush attack they are bringing it to San Diego early.  The Vikings continue to dominate the game.  A super win that they won pretty easily.  Decent O and solid D and the Vikings continue to challenge GB for this division.  If they hadn’t somehow lost to the horrible SF 49ers in the first week, they would be undefeated.

9.            Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – The Steeler O is off to a good start.  The Steelers are still having trouble getting a lot of points and this is turning into a battle.  The Steelers crawl out of St. Louis with a win and the seemingly serious loss of their QB.  A win that could mean their season.

10.          Cincinnati Bengals (11) – Cincy is trying to muscle the Ravens early and succeeding for the most part.  The Bengals are still playing a decent game; Dalton is causing them their only problems.  The Bengals showed their offensive mettle and were able to storm back and get a late come from behind win.  They are now the cream of the crop in the AFC North.

11.          Buffalo Bills (13) – What a great performance for the Bills in the first half.  Great D that is dominating and scoring, a good O, and this game is well in hand at the half.  The Bills O was excellent today and putting up a 40 burger while squishing the fish in Miami is classic good Bill play.  A super road win and now the Bills need to tear up the rest of their pre-bye sked to prepare for a rematch with the Cheatriots.

12.          Dallas Cowboys (6) – Excellent start with a solid rush game and the D playing well early.  An unstoppable rush attack has the Boys out in a great lead.  What the Boys needed was D that could hold a lead.  Terrible 2nd half D and they just let the game go.  The Cowboys were throttled, thumped, and looked ugly.  Their D sucks and that was an ugly loss.

13.          Oakland Raiders (18) – The Raiders are off to a good start and need to keep it up.  The Raider D is really playing well and they are starting to take control of this game.  The Raider Pass Rush made their first real appearance and their all day pressure coupled with an opportunistic secondary gave the Silver and Black a great road win.

14.          Houston Texans (19) – Excellent O and D that has had its moments and has them out to an early lead.  The Texans are having difficulty with D play and are actually trailing now.  The Texans seemed to have mailed it in early then realized they had to try and they did.  When they had to, they put the game away.  They are still alive in the fight for their division.

15.          Kansas City Chiefs (14) – The Chiefs came out and their D didn’t have an answer for Aaron Rodgers.  They quickly fell behind and that meant Alex Smith had to bring his team back from down by 14.  He had never done that before and tonight was another notch in that column. The Chiefs struggled to stop GB and struggled to score.  By the time they got 14 on prevent D the game was already over.  A very bad loss and a team that needs help at QB.

16.          St. Louis Rams (7) – First St. Loo blew up the field and now their O and D is kinda blowing it early.  The Rams are able to hang around and are keeping it close.  I have no idea how St. Louis was only able to manage 6 points in this game.  What a terrible effort and St. Louis should hang their heads in shame.  Terrible.

17.          Indianapolis Colts (20) – The Colts seem to have a good game plan and have a nice lead early.  The Colts gave that lead up for Lent and now have to find if the O can score while the D tries to stop the bleeding.  Andrew Luck gave his classic comeback performance and pulled out a win.  The D tried to let Tennessee back in but Luck had his way.  An ugly classic regular season win for Indy.

18.          San Diego Chargers (15) – The Chargers are now seeming to show they don’t like to travel to even the upper Midwest.  Poor start for the Bolts.  The Offense can’t get it going for San Diego.  The Chargers were poor on O and D and not great on special teams either.  A bad loss that shows many holes in the Bolt team.

19.          New York Jets (16) – The Jets are struggling mightily on all parts of the game.  The Jets have scored but a few points and their vaunted D looks pretty terrible today.  This was an ugly loss.  The real Ryan Fitzpatrick appeared and did just enough to lose them this game.  An ugly, ugly loss.

20.          Philadelphia Eagles (28) – The Eagles O is better early than it’s been all year, can they keep it up?  The Eagles are scoring in every way possible and might have a lead their D can’t lose.  The Eagles let NY back into the game but their D managed to hold on to a win.  They played ugly but an ugly win is better than an ugly loss.

21.          New York Giants (27) – The Giants needed to get out to a strong start to make up for the first two weeks and they did.  Good D, decent O and taking advantage of turnovers put them way out in front.  Before parades are planned for NY, let’s remember they allowed 15 4th quarter points today and managed to win because they were up 22.  They lost the first two when they did that and their 4th quarter collapse hasn’t been fixed.  They are not who people think they are.

22.          Baltimore Ravens (21) – Ravens are having trouble making headway against either line of the Bengals.  Ravens having trouble keeping up with the Bengal offense and have little pass rush.  The Raven D gave them a late lead but then it couldn’t hold the lead and Baltimore lost a close one that may haunt them in January.

23.          Cleveland Browns (22) – Early on it appears that this McCown can’t get the offense working.  The D is having some issues and the O can’t get it done yet.  The Browns made some noise late against prevent D but never really had a chance.  The choice to bench John Manziel could be the sole reason why they lost this game.

24.          Jacksonville Jaguars (23) – The Jags are in a tough spot trying to beat a better team in their home den.  Hard to tell if their D has issues or if New England is just stealing their signals.  Bortles is struggling which happens to almost every QB in Foxboro.  The Jags never had a shot and were blown out.  A bad loss but that happens to teams playing in those conditions.

25.          Washington Redskins (24) – The Redskins had a winning game plan in week 2 so what did they do? Go totally away from it, run barely 25% of the time, turn the ball over in critical situations and lose.  Cousins seems to have his anathema in the Giants.  He played terribly and his golden turnovers put them in a deep hole they couldn’t get out of.  They did get 15 in the 4th quarter to make it closer so all is not lost.  They need to run 50% of the time and rely on that and D to be successful.  Poor game.

26.          Tennessee Titans (25) – Bad luck and bad D and the Titans have a long road back already.  Titans roar back against the suspect Colt D and now they have a decent lead.  The Titans O under Mariota does enough to win and they need a D that can do enough to win a game.  The D let the O down and they lost a close one.

27.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) – Inconsistent play on O and D has the Bucs battling to keep up with Houston.  Well-played simplistic game plan has the Bucs in a lead.  Tampa Bay did all it could but misplays and mistakes cost them the game in the end.  A team still learning how to play together.

28.          New Orleans Saints (17) – Early success by McCown has the Saints hopeful and the D is playing well.  The D stopped playing well and are letting a lot of free runners in the secondary.  The Saints battled and I give them credit for the old college try but in the end, there just isn’t enough talent on this team now to win games like this.

29.          Detroit Lions (29) – This terrible team looked terrible again.  Stafford is an overpaid bum and he loves golden turnovers.  The D can’t seem to stop anyone and the offense can’t really score.  0-3 looks pretty good on a team many thought would win the NFC North.  I didn’t, I still think they will win 6 and lose 10.

30.          Miami Dolphins (30) – The abysmal performance of the Dolphins on O and D continues.  Flat, disinterested D has allowed this game to get away and they are so far behind at 30 that this may be over.  The Dolphins are terrible and lucky there are two worse teams in the NFL.  No heart, no effort, poor coaching.  A terrible team of overpaid hacks.

31.          Chicago Bears (31) – The good is the BEARS D is playing really well.  The bad is there appears to be no BEARS O.  They only trail by 6 at the half but I really doubt they can score 6 today.  The Bears couldn’t manage a safety.  Shutout and looked terrible on O.  The D played it’s best game but that does little when the O can’t get inside the 40.  Ugh.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – The 49ers continue their version of American Horror Show.  It doesn’t matter the venue they still scare their fans with horrible play.  Colin Crapernick went in the off-season to redefine himself. He did it well he is Mister Pick Six.  Terrible but not unexpectedly bad first half.  Well nothing happened in the second half except for San Fran making sure everyone knows that this team is the worst in the NFL. Terrible team.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan