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NFL Power Rankings

1.            Arizona Cardinals (1) – The D is kicking it all over with great scores off turnovers and solid rush O.  Super start with game well in hand at the half.  Simply domination, a total laugher by the most balanced and talented team in the NFL.

2.            Denver Broncos (2) – The Broncos looked pretty poor and lethargic on O in the first half but had the D working well.  Manning got on a roll and the D keep ripping it up and the Broncos won a game pretty easily in the end.  There are still open questions about Peyton.

3.            Green Bay Packers (4) – Rodgers put on a clinic all night from the first minutes on.  He picked apart the Chief D and took advantage of every opportunity to jump to an early lead and then pile it on.  The Packers put the game away by the half and only let KC in when they took the foot off the gas.  An easy win by a team on a roll.

4.            New England Patriots (3) – Out to a good early lead but can’t tell if its talent or just cheating.  The Pats are well out in front as expected.  The Pats blew them away with a 50 burger.  A win for a team that can beat anyone at home, using any means necessary.

5.            Carolina Panthers (5) – D having issues early while it took nearly half the game for Cam to get it going.  Cam is getting good connections with his TE and they are finally out in a lead.  The Panthers were really challenged but managed to hold on to a win.  A great win to put them way out in front in their division but for the Falcons.

6.            Atlanta Falcons (12) – The early vaunted D has been ripped frequently and now they must battle back.  The battle seems to be can anyone stop a running back.  Early indication is no.  The Falcon Offense exploded in the second half and ran away with the game.  A brilliant come from behind win and makes them the team to beat in the NFC South for now but for the Panthers.

7.            Seattle Seahawks (8) – A well-played first half by the D and a struggle on O but they have a thin lead and if the D keeps up the pressure they could win this 6-0.  The Seahawks wore down a good D performance and put the game away with a flourish.  A great game against a bad team and now the road back to respectability begins anew.

8.            Minnesota Vikings (9) – The Vikings have the O going and with a good rush attack they are bringing it to San Diego early.  The Vikings continue to dominate the game.  A super win that they won pretty easily.  Decent O and solid D and the Vikings continue to challenge GB for this division.  If they hadn’t somehow lost to the horrible SF 49ers in the first week, they would be undefeated.

9.            Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – The Steeler O is off to a good start.  The Steelers are still having trouble getting a lot of points and this is turning into a battle.  The Steelers crawl out of St. Louis with a win and the seemingly serious loss of their QB.  A win that could mean their season.

10.          Cincinnati Bengals (11) – Cincy is trying to muscle the Ravens early and succeeding for the most part.  The Bengals are still playing a decent game; Dalton is causing them their only problems.  The Bengals showed their offensive mettle and were able to storm back and get a late come from behind win.  They are now the cream of the crop in the AFC North.

11.          Buffalo Bills (13) – What a great performance for the Bills in the first half.  Great D that is dominating and scoring, a good O, and this game is well in hand at the half.  The Bills O was excellent today and putting up a 40 burger while squishing the fish in Miami is classic good Bill play.  A super road win and now the Bills need to tear up the rest of their pre-bye sked to prepare for a rematch with the Cheatriots.

12.          Dallas Cowboys (6) – Excellent start with a solid rush game and the D playing well early.  An unstoppable rush attack has the Boys out in a great lead.  What the Boys needed was D that could hold a lead.  Terrible 2nd half D and they just let the game go.  The Cowboys were throttled, thumped, and looked ugly.  Their D sucks and that was an ugly loss.

13.          Oakland Raiders (18) – The Raiders are off to a good start and need to keep it up.  The Raider D is really playing well and they are starting to take control of this game.  The Raider Pass Rush made their first real appearance and their all day pressure coupled with an opportunistic secondary gave the Silver and Black a great road win.

14.          Houston Texans (19) – Excellent O and D that has had its moments and has them out to an early lead.  The Texans are having difficulty with D play and are actually trailing now.  The Texans seemed to have mailed it in early then realized they had to try and they did.  When they had to, they put the game away.  They are still alive in the fight for their division.

15.          Kansas City Chiefs (14) – The Chiefs came out and their D didn’t have an answer for Aaron Rodgers.  They quickly fell behind and that meant Alex Smith had to bring his team back from down by 14.  He had never done that before and tonight was another notch in that column. The Chiefs struggled to stop GB and struggled to score.  By the time they got 14 on prevent D the game was already over.  A very bad loss and a team that needs help at QB.

16.          St. Louis Rams (7) – First St. Loo blew up the field and now their O and D is kinda blowing it early.  The Rams are able to hang around and are keeping it close.  I have no idea how St. Louis was only able to manage 6 points in this game.  What a terrible effort and St. Louis should hang their heads in shame.  Terrible.

17.          Indianapolis Colts (20) – The Colts seem to have a good game plan and have a nice lead early.  The Colts gave that lead up for Lent and now have to find if the O can score while the D tries to stop the bleeding.  Andrew Luck gave his classic comeback performance and pulled out a win.  The D tried to let Tennessee back in but Luck had his way.  An ugly classic regular season win for Indy.

18.          San Diego Chargers (15) – The Chargers are now seeming to show they don’t like to travel to even the upper Midwest.  Poor start for the Bolts.  The Offense can’t get it going for San Diego.  The Chargers were poor on O and D and not great on special teams either.  A bad loss that shows many holes in the Bolt team.

19.          New York Jets (16) – The Jets are struggling mightily on all parts of the game.  The Jets have scored but a few points and their vaunted D looks pretty terrible today.  This was an ugly loss.  The real Ryan Fitzpatrick appeared and did just enough to lose them this game.  An ugly, ugly loss.

20.          Philadelphia Eagles (28) – The Eagles O is better early than it’s been all year, can they keep it up?  The Eagles are scoring in every way possible and might have a lead their D can’t lose.  The Eagles let NY back into the game but their D managed to hold on to a win.  They played ugly but an ugly win is better than an ugly loss.

21.          New York Giants (27) – The Giants needed to get out to a strong start to make up for the first two weeks and they did.  Good D, decent O and taking advantage of turnovers put them way out in front.  Before parades are planned for NY, let’s remember they allowed 15 4th quarter points today and managed to win because they were up 22.  They lost the first two when they did that and their 4th quarter collapse hasn’t been fixed.  They are not who people think they are.

22.          Baltimore Ravens (21) – Ravens are having trouble making headway against either line of the Bengals.  Ravens having trouble keeping up with the Bengal offense and have little pass rush.  The Raven D gave them a late lead but then it couldn’t hold the lead and Baltimore lost a close one that may haunt them in January.

23.          Cleveland Browns (22) – Early on it appears that this McCown can’t get the offense working.  The D is having some issues and the O can’t get it done yet.  The Browns made some noise late against prevent D but never really had a chance.  The choice to bench John Manziel could be the sole reason why they lost this game.

24.          Jacksonville Jaguars (23) – The Jags are in a tough spot trying to beat a better team in their home den.  Hard to tell if their D has issues or if New England is just stealing their signals.  Bortles is struggling which happens to almost every QB in Foxboro.  The Jags never had a shot and were blown out.  A bad loss but that happens to teams playing in those conditions.

25.          Washington Redskins (24) – The Redskins had a winning game plan in week 2 so what did they do? Go totally away from it, run barely 25% of the time, turn the ball over in critical situations and lose.  Cousins seems to have his anathema in the Giants.  He played terribly and his golden turnovers put them in a deep hole they couldn’t get out of.  They did get 15 in the 4th quarter to make it closer so all is not lost.  They need to run 50% of the time and rely on that and D to be successful.  Poor game.

26.          Tennessee Titans (25) – Bad luck and bad D and the Titans have a long road back already.  Titans roar back against the suspect Colt D and now they have a decent lead.  The Titans O under Mariota does enough to win and they need a D that can do enough to win a game.  The D let the O down and they lost a close one.

27.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) – Inconsistent play on O and D has the Bucs battling to keep up with Houston.  Well-played simplistic game plan has the Bucs in a lead.  Tampa Bay did all it could but misplays and mistakes cost them the game in the end.  A team still learning how to play together.

28.          New Orleans Saints (17) – Early success by McCown has the Saints hopeful and the D is playing well.  The D stopped playing well and are letting a lot of free runners in the secondary.  The Saints battled and I give them credit for the old college try but in the end, there just isn’t enough talent on this team now to win games like this.

29.          Detroit Lions (29) – This terrible team looked terrible again.  Stafford is an overpaid bum and he loves golden turnovers.  The D can’t seem to stop anyone and the offense can’t really score.  0-3 looks pretty good on a team many thought would win the NFC North.  I didn’t, I still think they will win 6 and lose 10.

30.          Miami Dolphins (30) – The abysmal performance of the Dolphins on O and D continues.  Flat, disinterested D has allowed this game to get away and they are so far behind at 30 that this may be over.  The Dolphins are terrible and lucky there are two worse teams in the NFL.  No heart, no effort, poor coaching.  A terrible team of overpaid hacks.

31.          Chicago Bears (31) – The good is the BEARS D is playing really well.  The bad is there appears to be no BEARS O.  They only trail by 6 at the half but I really doubt they can score 6 today.  The Bears couldn’t manage a safety.  Shutout and looked terrible on O.  The D played it’s best game but that does little when the O can’t get inside the 40.  Ugh.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – The 49ers continue their version of American Horror Show.  It doesn’t matter the venue they still scare their fans with horrible play.  Colin Crapernick went in the off-season to redefine himself. He did it well he is Mister Pick Six.  Terrible but not unexpectedly bad first half.  Well nothing happened in the second half except for San Fran making sure everyone knows that this team is the worst in the NFL. Terrible team.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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