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NFL Power Rankings

1.            Green Bay Packers (1) – The Packers never knew they would be in battle this hard.  Rogers got smacked around and the D got tore up for over 500 yards of passing allowed.  Somehow Rogers got the TDs they needed and in fact he got the one more TD that gave them a very hard fought victory.  An excellent win because they had to give everything they had to pull out this win.

2.            Carolina Panthers (3) – The Panthers had some difficulty early in the game getting the offense to work against a stout D.  The Panther D got burned a couple of times early and the Panthers found themselves down a fair bit.  On the road and in a harsh environment, would the least respected undefeated team fall apart? NO. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam led his team on several excellent drives and the Panther D rose up and stopped the Hawks and Carolina is undefeated and ready to take on all comers!  What a great win!

3.            Cincinnati Bengals (7) – The Bengals O and D have brought their A game to western NY and have forced an inadequately led Buffalo team into key mistakes and have a lead at the half.  The Bengals were able to roll in the second half and win this game going away.  A solid win with great O and good D.  I now believe in the Bengals.

4.            Denver Broncos (2) – Once more the same song as before.  Bad Offense, Manning a shadow of what he has been and without superb D and special teams they would be in trouble.  They have a slim lead at the half and will need the D to keep it up.  The Broncos turned it over a ton and then got golden turnovers back.  The D allowed Cleveland to hang around and force OT.  They did manage to pull out an OT win.  It was an ugly, ugly, UGLY win and this undefeated may not be long in this club.

5.            Pittsburgh Steelers (9) – A team that is lost against the Cardinal D.  Vick can run but he can only throw in negative numbers and that isn’t getting it done.  Pittsburgh is lucky they aren’t down by 4 TDs at the half.  Pittsburgh is getting my award for gutsiest team in the NFL.  Vick was bad but they plodded along.  Vick got hurt and the untested Landry Jones came in and drove them to the win.  Good D and surprising O and a team that is supposed to struggle without their starting QB is winning, winning and winning.  Great win.

6.            New England Patriots (6) – The New England Patriots went on the road and utilized at least effective passing, decent running and good special teams (probably something else they did to help them play well) and they were in control of a close game for most of the game.  The final score was closer than the game was.  They won and are undefeated.

7.            New York Jets (11) – The Jets are playing a mistake filled game and have kept the Redskins in the game despite playing decent D.  Fitzpatrick has to clean it up to give them a shot.  Coming off the bye the D was full of energy and got key turnovers and the O put up the needed points and they won this one in a laugher.  Great win.

8.            Atlanta Falcons (4) – The Falcons came into the Super Dome undefeated and having a chance once and for all to show they are the team in the NFC South.  They walked in and laid a really big egg.  Matty Fumble turned the ball over a zillion more times and this time that cost them their shot at an undefeated season.  I don’t care what the Saints record at home in prime time is.  This was all about the Falcons taking the next step.  They didn’t and they just may be the same old Falcons I thought they were.

9.            Indianapolis Colts (8) – Indy had a shot in this game, in fact they led for a minute or two once.  Luck couldn’t match Brady point for point.  There was an odd occurrence on a punt play that cannot be explained.  The Colts seem to be the NYJ of 2009 or so.  They can beat bad divisional teams and no one else.  I guess it’s a moral victory for Indy to lose only by 6 but a loss is a loss.

10.          Minnesota Vikings (12) – The Vikings are battling and have managed to get out to a slight lead at the half.  They need to get the running game working but may just need to try it off tackle a few times.  The Vikes had to claw and scratch for every point and made 3 FGs count.  Decent D helped hold the lead and the Vikings won a game on a day when they didn’t have their best stuff.  A quality win.

11.          Philadelphia Eagles (13) – The Eagles struggled early and then almost every time they were in a bad situation the Giants gave them a gift.  Eagles forced to punt and Giants rough the kicker, Eagles toss a pick, Giants penalty.  When the terrible mistake at QB, Bradford, tossed 3 golden picks, they didn’t allow one point.  The D played ‘well’ but one has to wonder if that was just because they played a bad Giant O.  It was a win.

12.          Buffalo Bills (10) – EJ Manuel has taken his chance at regaining the reigns of the Bills and currently has pissed it away.  Ineffectual offense coupled with D that is missing plays and the Bills are behind and need to tighten up awfully fast or they might get blown out.  They didn’t tighten it up and basically got blown out.  The dream is over in Buffalo.  What happened to the D?

13.          Arizona Cardinals (5) – The Cards are dominating the game in every facet except the scoreboard.  The way the O and D is playing you would think they would be up by 28 and not just 7.  Well that was a shocker to Arizona.  The Cards O had the chance to salt away a win and when it counted Palmer tossed a pick and lost the game.  A game that they could have won.  Twice now Carson Palmer has had a chance to win a game and blew it and now it has to be asked – is he the solution or the problem for Arizona?

14.          San Diego Chargers (14) – Where to begin.  The Chargers D managed to pressure Aaron Rodgers and knock him about a bit early.  They had some trouble early getting the ball down the field but Rivers kept going.  He threw and threw and threw and THREW and battled GB TD for TD and it came down to the last second and they missed out by just THAT much.  An incredible effort and a loss that showed a team with a ton of heart.

15.          St. Louis Rams (16) – On the bye, the Rams must have been sitting around for a couple of weeks wondering which team they are.  They can play a game that can beat anyone and they can stink up a joint in a fashion worth equaling a garbage bag on a hot street corner in NYC in August.  Which Ram team comes out of the bye?  If, IF they trend towards the good then they have a shot still at post season and if they trend bad they have a good shot at a new head coach.

16.          Dallas Cowboys (17) – The Cowboys on the bye are on a 3 game losing streak.  They only still can see the top of the NFC Least because it is the least.  They have decided Brandon Weeden was so bad they will now use Matt Cassel.  Yeah.  Can you see 4 losses in a row? I think I can.

17.          Cleveland Browns (18) – The Browns had virtually built a shrine to Josh McCown as the second coming of Otto Graham but unfortunately for them their model was Josh McCown.  His collective incompetence has put the Browns in the hole and his mistake filled play will have to get better if they can have a shot here.  McCown continued to make errors but the odd decent play got the game tied and forced OT.  Then he couldn’t get anything going in OT and the D tired out and the Browns lost.  Another close but no cigar and close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and Russian bombing in Syria.

18.          New Orleans Saints (29) – The Saints came into a short week with their season slipping away.  They had played badly and worse.  They used the magic of their home field and all the mojo that comes with that to put up a great balanced offense and tough, stingy D to dominate the game and it only got close with some late game prevent D.  A great game for New Orleans. I need to see them do it again before I think this team is on its way back.

19.          Miami Dolphins (31) – The Dolphins seem to have found new energy under their new coach and are out in front with a nice lead. This is despite continued defensive indifference and bad play by Tannehill.  The Fins put the game away with decent O production and decent D.  Tannehill still turned it over twice and looked bad at times but they got the win and now they can try to build on that.

20.          New York Giants (19) – A tale of two different games.  For a few minutes Eli was 10 for 10 with a great TD and the Giants were out in front.  Then the worm turned.  Golden turnovers, terrible penalties, bad blocking, no ability on O and the Giants crawled out of the game with an ugly loss.  The D was able to grab 3 picks from a terrible Eagle QB and got 0 points.  Ugly loss.

21.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (23) – The Bucs took a bye the week after their rookie QB seemed to finally have the NFL slow down for him.  If they used this bye well they got healthy and grew from the positive of pre-bye, then this could be an interesting second half in Tampa.

22.          Seattle Seahawks (15) – Seattle came out strong with effective use of Jimmy Graham and solid D.  The Seahawks put themselves nicely ahead and built on that.  By the third quarter the Seahawks had ripped a nice lead and looked in control.  The 4th quarter brought another defensive collapse and with the game on the line the O couldn’t get it done and they lost again.  The Seattle team we once knew is just a memory and this team makes critical errors in coverage that costs them game after game after game.  Just a mediocre team.

23.          Washington Redskins (20) – The Redskins are battling to get any offense against a tough D.  Turnovers have allowed them to keep this game close and they have a good shot at winning it yet.  Cousins gave away golden turnovers and they helped put the game out of reach.  They had no answer to a tough D and their D couldn’t get any stops when needed.  A very bad loss.

24.          Houston Texans (26) – A team that is going through the motions and is locked in a battle with a division rival.  Can’t say that Houston is playing a lesser light as Houston now is a lesser light.  Houston was able to put together a fairly coherent effort and put the Jags away.  The D had some issues holding down Bortles but the O got it done in a variety of ways.  A decent win.

25.          Oakland Raiders (25) – On the bye and CMC had a week to rest and continue to grow together.  The Raiders are an enigma.  Great youth talent, solid vets and a great coach.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s hard to watch.  They need to find consistency and the Silver and Black can be full of pride again.

26.          Chicago BEARS (24) – The BEARS O is having trouble getting 7 but smartly take 3 when the chance occurs.  The BEARS D is letting a bad Lion team run roughshod over them and they need to get a rush on Stafford or at least cover his receivers in the second half.  Cutler put the BEARS on his back and carried them with great drive after great drive and put them in the position to win.  Then the Bears D blew it. Then Cutler put the game into OT.  By then everyone seemed tired and with numerous ‘questionable’ ref calls against Chicago it was almost no surprise that the Bears lost.  The D cost them any shot that the refs left with them.  A bad loss but another great day by Cutler.

27.          San Francisco 49ers (30) – A team that seems dysfunctional to the core.  They were able to complete passes almost non-stop because the D they threw against couldn’t really rush or cover.  The D managed to get a few turnovers.  When the game was on the line the coach had to physically count to make sure he had only 11 on the field.  I swear I saw him take off a shoe to count with his toes too.  They won, I am not sure how and they are bad but they won but they are bad.

28.          Detroit Lions (32) – The Lions finally got off the schneid with a win at a Bears team that didn’t bring much D.  Stafford pretended to be an NFL QB again and put up something akin to 500 yards.  Megatron’s archeological remains were dug up in Ford Field and he had a big game.  Helped by brutal calls and their D was nothing worth noting they did win.  Will they win another?

29.          Baltimore Ravens (22) – Baltimore seemed to stumble out of the gate.  Flacco was playing poorly and turning the ball over and the secondary is just about New York Jets 2014 bad.  They can’t cover and can’t figure out why they can’t cover.  Baltimore struggled and struggled and allowed bad TDs and lost an ugly game to a terrible team and that means…Baltimore is a terrible team.

30.          Kansas City Chiefs (21) – The Chiefs are having huge problems on offense and that his to live with and revolve around QB Alex Smith.  The D is playing ok but they need to turn it on or this may spell the end of their season.  Kansas City played pretty good D for the whole game but had virtually No O and that was their downfall.  5 game losing streak since their first win, this team is rapidly circling the bowl.  Bad loss in a winnable game.

31.          Jacksonville Jaguars (27) – The Jags are putting up a few and letting a few in and all in all are playing as about as good as they can in the first half.  They still have a shot in this game.  Bortles played hard all second half and did about all he could to help Jacksonville but the Jag D couldn’t stop the bleeding and the game got away from them.  They need D help.  A tough loss.

32.          Tennessee Titans (28) – The Titans have a good weapon in Mariota but the D is having a great amount of trouble and the Titans are in danger of being blown out.  The Titans D got them blown out.  Mariota tossed a couple of picks and the D couldn’t make the stops.  This team needs a lot of help.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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