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NFL Power Rankings

1.            Green Bay Packers (1) – on the bye.  They will have a good test when they play again on prime time in a battle of undefeateds.  It will be an interesting test of this offense against the best defense.

2.            Carolina Panthers (2) – The Panthers played their game right from the start.  Tight D, Caaaaaaaaam got it going and finished plays with aplomb.  The Panthers took a double digit lead and then continued to batter the Eagles.  The score might have gotten close but the game never was.  The Panthers whupped a bad Eagle team and got the win.  This isn’t a great win but it’s a win!

3.            Cincinnati Bengals (3) – on the bye.  The Bengals have had a great start to their year and seem very balanced.  It will be interesting to see if and how long they can continue on this roll.  I confess I keep waiting to see Dalton fail.

4.            Denver Broncos (4) – on the bye.  They have a great D and no O. They face GB on next Sunday night.  It will require Peyton to actually do something if Denver is to beat GB.  Will be a game.

5.            New England Patriots (6) – Pats have had to battle to be in a small lead in this match.  The O has fought hard and barely looks like it is cheating.  The D looks like it’s cheating.  Good start for them.  The Pats won the game but didn’t cover the spread.  I am sure they had to use every dirty trick they had to get this win.  How will they cheat to beat Miami?  We’ll see on Thursday.

6.            Minnesota Vikings (10) – The Vikings seem to have great issues stopping Stafford and the running game is none existent so far.  They need to tighten the D and get the O working or their season may be over.  The Vikings got the message and their D tightened up and the O put together some effective passing and running and were able to win this game nicely.  A good game by Minnesota.

7.            Atlanta Falcons (8) – Falcons are struggling to get anything going on the offense.  Ryan is making mistakes, Julio Jones is making mistakes and the coach is making mistakes.  The D is on and off and this is a lot harder than it should be so far for Atlanta.  The Falcons D managed to somehow hold on to the slimmest of leads and the crawled out with a 10-7 win.  Putrid O made the day a lot harder for the D.  It was a win but it was a very ugly win and that doesn’t make any Falcon fan feel good about this team.

8.            New York Jets (7) – The Jets are in a tough battle and had a brief lead early.  The D couldn’t keep the lid on NE all first half and now the O must get it done to get back in this one.  The Jets battled all game long and in the end managed to win the head coaches spread bet with a late field goal.  A moral victory to play this well and lose.  Brandon Marshall’s drop of a sure TD had a huge impact on this game and probably cost them any shot at winning.

9.            St. Louis Rams (15) – The D is having one of its great games and that has the Rams nicely out in front.  If they can keep the pressure up they will have this one.  A fine game.  When Stl plays this hard on D they are rarely beaten.  Combine that with decent O and now the NFL version of a bi-polar person moves on to their next game.

10.          Pittsburgh Steelers (5) – The Steelers luck seems to be ending in KC. The D is missing key stops and Jones can’t get the O going and they will have to play a heck of a 2nd half to win this game.  The Steeler magic is gone.  Jones couldn’t get the points needed against what is no way shape or form a good D.  The D couldn’t hold down what is no way shape or form a good O.  A game they had to win against a team they are better than and they lost.  A terrible loss for this team.

11.          Arizona Cardinals (13) – The Cards should have breezed through this match but alas they didn’t seem to have the fire to get it done in style.  They kept a small lead throughout and made one key D play to seal the win but to have had to battle that hard to beat a poor Ravens team is a sign that Arizona may not be as cohesive a unit as I thought they were.  It is an open question as to whether CJ3/4K was tackled (I believe he was) or not and that run was key to the Card victory.  It was a win.

12.          Miami Dolphins (19) – The Fins are on a roll and dominating every single aspect of the game.  They may have a 50 burger by the half.  Superb O, superb D.  A new Dolphin team and this game is over and it’s not even halftime.  The Dolphins had this game put away and coasted out.  Super win.  Can they muster this enthusiasm against New England on Thursday? That is the question.

13.          New York Giants (20) – A pretty bad start for the G-men.  They are struggling to score and their D has been scorched by both the pass and the run.  They will need to get it going if they want to take advantage of this chance to bury the Cowboys in the division.  The Giants pulled out every weapon, especially D and special teams to win a game they had to win.  A pretty well played second half and the Giants won.  Well done and they continue to be in control of this terrible division.

14.          New Orleans Saints (18) – The Saints are able to move the ball against a bad Colt D at will and are running up a big score and could have this game put away early.  The Saints never had a problem in this game.  They simply took advantage of terrible Colt QB play and they won it nicely.  This is two in a row so the Saints have something to build on.

15.          Seattle Seahawks (22) – Seattle came into a short week off a terrible loss.  The team had some decent D but it was against a non-existent offense.  Lynch ran well and Wilson threw a TD.  The team got the win but Wilson did get sacked 5 times and picked twice.  The O line is still bad and you can’t tell if the D was better.  They just beat SF so that doesn’t mean anything.  Beat an NFL team.

16.          Washington Redskins (23) – Terrible start for Washington with bad D and poor O and they are lucky to have a score or so in the first half.  This game is close to getting out of hand.  Kirk Cousins silences every critic who isn’t either RGIII or his family.  A great second half that set an all-time record for a comeback for Washington.  Brilliant win and I never want to hear another person ask if Cousins is an NFL QB.  He is the man and RGIII is the draft bust.

17.          Oakland Raiders (25) – What a great start for the Raiders. On the road against a division rival and CMC explodes.  Carr is hitting all his throws, Murray is making a difference on the ground and Cooper is a game changer with the ball in his hands.  Cooper made a move when heading for the end zone that deked out one Charger and the second one fell down and he scored.  The D is playing well, special teams on point.  They are only up 24 and if all the prevent failures today tell us anything it is that Oakland better not play prevent…Well Oakland did play prevent but first they put up such a huge lead they couldn’t be stopped.  It was close and Oakland barely knows how to play prevent but they won the game.  A great road win for the Silver and Black and now they must build on it.

18.          Indianapolis Colts (9) – A terrible effort on O, D and special teams has the Colts trailing badly.  If they were in any other division this team would be a bottom feeder.  They may win the AFC south but they will be an ugly one and done in the postseason.  The Andrew Luck we now see is either a) hurt or b) over rated.  He seems to be morphing into the 21st century version of Jeff George.  If that can’t be fixed this team is in serious trouble.

19.          Philadelphia Eagles (11) – The Eagles were being trumpeted for their ‘success’ this year.  I think they won a game last week.  The Eagles went on prime time and got smacked by a better team.  The Eagles could get no offense at all when it counted and their D and special teams couldn’t make the stops.  By the time they broke one run they were way down.  The drops by their WR were not the reason they lost.  I think the person at QB combined with the mistake running the organization is why they lost.

20.          San Diego Chargers (14) – Perhaps San Diego will go into their locker room at the half and give themselves all a collective head shake.  Terrible start.  Bad O, poor D, uninspiring Special teams and the the Chargers find themselves at home trailing by 4 scores and their season is on the line.  Rivers can mount comebacks.  Can he mount this one? Rivers tried to mount another one and he came within 8 points.  His numbers and ability to come back are really helped by teams playing prevent against him.  Bottom line is this was a horrible loss and San Diego may be finished for the year and that won’t help build a new stadium in San Diego.

21.          Cleveland Browns (17) – McCown isn’t the be all and end all.  The Browns are going to have to get the O working, against a tough D, or this game is effectively over.  The game was over.  The Browns could never mount any offense and the D gave up too much.  Totally outmatched.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) – It seems to be official that the game has slowed down for Jameis Winston.  He is looking amazing and making great plays and the Bucs are rolling up the Skins.  The Bucs D didn’t do the job.  They had ample chances to make stops but they let the Redskins keep coming on and in the end they lost the game.  A great game by Winston marred by terrible game by the D.  Ugly loss.

23.          Dallas Cowboys (16) – Dallas is using a strong pass rush and effective rush attack and a basic pass offense to have a small lead at the half.  Everyone will be saying that Cassel is the second coming but let’s see if they can win this game first.  The Cowboys special teams put the team behind and the multiple golden turnovers baked by Cassell helped bury them.  They had a slim shot to try to do something in the end and they fumbled a punt.  A hilarious loss for a team that keeps somehow being considered good.  They are on a 4 game losing streak and they are simply mediocre and trending to bad.

24.          Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – The Jags came out playing super hard on O and D and rolled up the Bills for a huge lead.  The team went into full bore prevent and let the Bills all the way back in.  Bortles then manned up, took the team the length of the field and got the win.  A really nice win, especially overseas.  A good team win.

25.          Chicago BEARS (25) – on the bye.  Perhaps they could have overlooked the bad loss pre bye and concentrated on the 2 wins before that? No.  GM Pace basically announced people are playing for their jobs in 2016.  Which comes as news to BEARS Fans who still think it’s 2015.  Not a great example to set.

26.          Buffalo Bills (12) – The Bills D seemed to take the first half off and EJ Manuel played about as bad a first half as possible.  The Bills were buried.  The Offense got it going against massive prevent D and even drove to a lead.  The Bills D once more stunk out the house and they lost.  An ugly, ugly, ugly, UGLY game and this team is not as good as its press clippings.

27.          Houston Texans (24) – Oh my goodness.  The worst QB performance of the day award goes to Hoyer.  Abysmal is the new definition of Houston.  Terrible D, terrible O.  Absolutely terrible and they seem to have quit (although to be fair I don’t they have even tried today).  The game was 41-0 deficit by the half.  Houston scored a lot against prevent D which made this look closer than it was.  This Texan team is bad and that was humiliating.  I can’t see how Hoyer stayed in playing that way.  Evidently O’Brien (walking Deadman coach #2) is a Hoyer man.  Horrible team, terrible loss.

28.          Tennessee Titans (32) – The Titans are battling with Mettenberger at QB.  The offense has made errors and the D has allowed some plays and that keeps Atlanta in it.  The longer it is close the better the chance for Tennessee to lose this game.  The Titans couldn’t get more than 7.  If they had had Mariota, I think they would have won this game.  No O but a pretty good D and a good effort and a tough loss.

29.          Kansas City Chiefs (30) – A good start for KC.  Good D and decent O so far.  Alex Smith still at times looks like an incompetent buffoon at QB but he is what he is.  They do have a lead.  KC played their best game since week 1.  The D played well above its ability and the O showed like it had life.  This was a win for KC but I still see the flaws in this team and can’t raise any hopes until they win 2 or 3 more in a row.

30.          Baltimore Ravens (29) – The Ravens gave all they had on Monday night and often it just wasn’t enough.  Their secondary isn’t very good, their QB is way overpaid and not very good and their head coach isn’t very good.  He does whine well in post-game interviews though.  They had a shot late that ended in a red zone pure .999 gold turnover.  The Ravens can say all they want how ‘close’ they are to winning but you are what you are and they are 1-6.

31.          Detroit Lions (28) – A bad Lion team is taking advantage early of its opportunities and has a lead at the half.  Decent D, decent O. Nothing exciting but they have a lead. The Lions D failed in the second half to tackle or cover and that put them down so far Stafford couldn’t bring them back.  Another bad loss for a bad Detroit team.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (27) – The Niners came out on prime time TV and showed America exactly what they are.  TERRIBLE.  Crap-hole-neck was tossing balls all over Santa Clara. He hit a trainer in the head. He was like Oprah – ‘you get a football and you get a football and YOU get a football’.  The SF secondary covers like a see through bikini.  They generally just escort receivers into the end zone.  The D line got some sacks because Seattle O line sucks but in the end this team is just TERRIBLE.  It is an open question how teams lose to this laughingstock.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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