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NFL Power Rankings

1.            Denver Broncos (4) – Talk about using a bye for good.  The Broncos came out and ripped up the Pack D with excellent passing and running.  Peyton Manning looked like Manning of 5 years ago.  A super game from Manning, coupled with the miracle reappearance of CJ Anderson gave them all the points they needed.  The Bronco D shut down the Pack and Green Bay was done.  A super win by Denver, their best of the year.  If they play like this, they will be hard to beat!

2.            Carolina Panthers (2) – Full credit to Carolina for being able to function in horrific weather conditions.  The D played a solid 3 and took the 4th off for prevent purposes and played well in OT.  Caaaaaaam was terrific again and he powered the team to a hard fought victory in deplorable conditions.  A balanced team that can play anyone, any time and in any conditions.

3.            Cincinnati Bengals (3) – Cincy is in an emotional battle with a bitter rival and are matching the Steelers blow for blow.  The last team that scores will likely win this one. The Bengals were able to capture 3 turnovers and that changed the game.  Cincy was able to use the turnovers to get them the lead.  With the lead they were able to battle the Steelers into submission.  A tough fought win to keep them undefeated.  They nearly got caught here.  This offense can be slowed up.

4.            Green Bay Packers (1) – Well how about that?  Green Bay came into this game with Mr. Perfect at QB and we watched him bounce balls all over the grass like he was Bubby Brister.  The funniest parts were when Pyro and the Idiot in the booth would say ‘Wow, no one can extend a play like Aaron Rodgers’ then I watched the ball bounce harmlessly down the field and it was 4th down.  Rodgers in the end threw for 77 yards and had a rating of under 70.  He got drilled and banged his head off the turf *the broadcasters thought he just grimaced* and was pressured all night.  The Pack D was exposed for the bad secondary it always is.  They could get no offense working and couldn’t stop the pass or the run.  They got destroyed and that makes the NFC North a little more interesting now for the Vikings.

5.            New England Patriots (5) – The Pats had their hands full with a tough D until Wake got hurt.  Then the worm turned and the Pats started to roll.  The D played well and got some turnovers and Brady was on point.  It seems that the Pats employ either spray or material that makes it hard to grip their receivers.  That was made illegal over 10 years ago in the NFL so it’s no wonder NE seems to do that.  A big win at home which amounts to a big yawn as there is no way to beat New England in Foxboro if you play the rules since they do not.

6.            Minnesota Vikings (6) – The Vikes have solid Rush o and pretty good D and special teams but they are fighting for their season against a game BEARS team at the half.  The Vikings found themselves being handled by the BEARS D and O until late in the 4th quarter.  Bridgewater showed maturity to work the Vikes into a tie and then set up the game winning FG.  It was a must win for Minnesota to keep them up in the playoff picture and they got it done.

7.            Arizona Cardinals (11) – Arizona should not mail it in.  Nothing good comes when they do that.  They are down two scores to a bad Cleveland team and if they don’t turn it on on offense they could lose this game and that could destroy them in the division.  They need to try in the 2nd half.  Musta been a heck of a half time speech as the Cards came out ripping it and stormed back to catch Cleveland and then put the game away.  They only mailed it in for half the game which is better than some team’s use of the post office.  It was a win but they got it awfully ugly.

8.            St. Louis Rams (9) – The Rams are guilty of mailing it in again and they are just not good enough to do that.  Gurley is singlehandedly keeping them in front.  They need to work harder. This should be easy for them.  Ugly first half.  The Rams were able to get a bit going in the second half and won the game nicely.  A decent half effort (just like Zona) and that got them the win.  It could have been bad if they lost it.  They won.

9.            New Orleans Saints (14) – The Saints are rolling on O and Brees is just playng pinball with the Giants D.  Superb O and passible D and the Saints are in control at the half.  The Saints O was unstoppable and their D was pretty bad.  For New Orleans this is a win and that helps the poor D play seem not quite so bad.  They have won 3 of their last four and are now .500.  If they somehow make the playoffs it will be funny watching them be blown off the field.

10.          Seattle Seahawks (15) – The Seahawks are playing good D on the road and have managed one good drive and have a slim lead at the half.  For the record Heath launched himself at Lockette and that is what destroyed the kid.  Can Seattle hold on, one has to doubt.  Seattle actually lost the lead but the D gave a terrific showing in the second half and when it counted Seattle got the one more kick that won the game.  A gutsy, season saving win, on the road.

11.          Oakland Raiders (18) – A masterful game for Oakland.  Superb Offense hitting on passing and running.  Solid D. The Raiders have stormed out to a great lead and now they may have a second chance in a row to see if they can play prevent D.  The Raiders played superbly on O and D and won this game going away.  A super win and you can see the Pride is back with the Silver and Black.

12.          New York Giants (13) – Eli has ODB and that is great and they are putting up points.  ODB can’t play D and neither can the Giants secondary.  They are down and maybe 2 more tds allowed and this game will be over.  Terrible D.  The Giants O managed to practically set every record and I think their D set every record for worst secondary play.  Close is no cigar in the NFL and everyone’s excitement in the shootout will overlook how bad the Giants D played to allow a 50 burger.  Can anyone play D? Can JPP give them a hand? He needs to add some explosiveness and perhaps some fireworks?

13.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) – The Bucs D seemed like it was a Halloween ghost, simply being phantoms that Falcons caught balls through and ran through.  Suddenly the D started getting golden turnovers and Winston started rolling and now the Bucs have a lead.  Can they hold it and upset Atlanta? Right now I would say no.  The Bucs let Atlanta right back in it.  They couldn’t get any points in the second half and let Matt Ryan take it down and tie it as time expired.  The Bucs then showed incredible heart and took the opening OT kickoff about 69 yards in 8 minutes for the field goal that won the game.  Great win for this young team.

14.          Atlanta Falcons (7) – Falcons were running roughshod over the Bucs in every way but scoring.  That started to hurt them when the Ball started getting fumbled and picked off.  Turnovers are gold and giving up 13 points on them is bad.  Atlanta has to tighten it up or risk losing a game they should win.  Atlanta D played a better 2nd half while Ryan got the O working and they forced OT.  Unexplainable was the lack of effort by the Falcon D in OT. They let the Bucs march the field and then the O couldn’t get it done and the Falcons lost a terrible game that they should have won.  Does everyone remember when people said this Atlanta was better than Carolina when both were undefeated? Ridiculous.  Same old sorry ass Falcons.

15.          Washington Redskins (16) – on the bye…What do good teams do on a bye? Work out new Offensive schemes like Denver? Work on resetting the D like Miami? Washington? They went to court to battle to keep their last name.  That should help the rush offense.

16.          New York Jets (8) – The Jets suffered a key loss with Fitzpatrick going down.  Geno Smith coming in, well #ThathelpedNoOne. The fact the Jets D seems to have not bothered to show up in Oakland is the real problem.  They are getting blown out in Oakland and this is extremely embarrassing for what is supposed to be a good team.  The Jets D never gave a good accounting and Geno Smith was terrible and the Jets lost.  This team looks bad.

17.          Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – The Steelers were keeping it close and battling with Big Ben.  The loss of Bell at RB may be fatal unless their next man up mantra can pull a rabbit out of the hat again.  Big Ben blew this game.  He tossed 3 golden picks and that was the reason Pittsburgh lost.  He was the reason they lost the game and he took the blame and good for him.  Bad for Pittsburgh and now they must battle to get something out of 2015.

18.          Miami Dolphins (12) – The Dolphins tried to maintain the energy of the last two wins but the odds were long from the outset.  That they held New England to 9 points only for about half the game was a good effort.  The season ending injury to Cameron Wake let the air out of the D and they simply collapsed and got rolled up in the late stages of the game.  Tannehill had a forgettable day and the Dolphins were blown out.  It has happened to better and worse teams playing in Foxboro.  With the way New England plays and cheats it is basically impossible to win there.

19.          Indianapolis Colts (19) – The Colts got to play in a monsoon.  The wet conditions led to a lot of difficulty handling the ball.  The wet conditions did not have an impact on Andrew Luck continuing to make bad decisions and throw picks all over.  The Colts were shut down for 3 quarters and finally got it moving in the last 15 and tied the game against prevent.  They scored first in OT and then with a shot to win, Luck tossed another golden turnover and they lost.  A terrible team.  They fired their OC. They should fire their QB.

20.          Philadelphia Eagles (20) – on the bye…still alive in their pitiful excuse for a division, they now face a ‘must win’ match against Dallas.  I hope Philly can win that one.

21.          San Diego Chargers (21) – The Chargers are battling on the east coast and Rivers is not looking too bad while their D isn’t looking too good.  A complete street fight and the last man standing will win.  The Chargers continued to battle up and down the field on O and D and just when they needed to make one last stop they could not and the Chargers just barely lost this game.  A great effort that needed just a little more finish on D.

22.          Kansas City Chiefs (29) – The Chiefs took a good opportunity to cross the ocean, give it a try and show some life.  Smith has been solid, West terrific on the ground and the D is making the plays.  The total domination of the game in all three phases for 45 minutes.  They are prevent D’ing it out so the final may not represent the total destruction of Detroit by K.C. A solid win over a bad opponent but overseas so that says something.

23.          Cleveland Browns (22) – Cleveland has been able to score at will against the Card D which is confounding.  Really good D by Cleveland and they have a decent lead.  Can they hold the lead? Past history should mean no.  We will see.  The Browns got battered in the second half and McCown was nearly killed on the field.  If Pettine didn’t seem to hate John Manziel with every fibre of his being then McCown might have been taken out for his health.  As it was the destroyed McCown couldn’t get any more O and the Browns were beaten.  They played a good 30.

24.          Jacksonville Jaguars (24) – on the bye…With an explosive offense they needed to use this rest period to find some D to help out what could be a good young team in the second half.

25.          Houston Texans (27) – A poor Houston team is getting a little work done on all parts of the game and the Texans have a slim lead at the half.  The Texans were able to keep the ball moving and their D was able to handle the Titans.  It was a good win for a team struggling for life.  They had to win this one and they did.

26.          Buffalo Bills (26) – on the bye…A team that had high expectations (self imposed and bragged about) and who didn’t live up to them at all.  Can they win 4 more games? That is the question.

27.          Baltimore Ravens (30) – Ravens D is terrible but the O keeps rolling and they are in a dog fight with San Diego.  This game could go either way.  The Ravens gave a good effort despite their defensive short comings.  Flacco wasn’t all that either but he managed to get them close and got the win in the end.  The season ending injury to Steve Smith may be more harmful than this win was good.

28.          Dallas Cowboys (23) – The Cowboys are getting no O but ok D and trail by 4 at the half.  Dallas must like their chances in the second half at home.  The game is winnable.  The game would have been winnable if they had an NFL QB.  Matt Cassel is no longer an NFL QB.  This team has no offense, their D played well but who cares? They have lost 5 in a row and they are almost officially eliminated.  They would have to crawl to the division title at 7-9.  A bad team and it is laughable how people still think they are good.

29.          Chicago BEARS (25) – The BEARS have been struggling to stop the run but have been able to get the pass offense going and they have been able to keep the game within reach and are tied at the half.  Can the D play hard for another 30? We will see.  The BEARS not only kept it up but Cutler drove them to a late lead.  Once again tho the D couldn’t hold up their end of it.  They allowed Minnesota to tie and then win it as time expired.  A good effort but a loss that kills them and now they can play for jobs in 2016.

30.          Tennessee Titans (28) – The Titans are struggling to play Offense and that has them down and possibly out with only a field goal in the first half.  The Titans are in a crying need for the return of Mariota.  Mettenburger just can’t get it done anymore.  I fear he has lost his spark being supplanted.  The Titans play ok D but the O just can’t get anything done.  They were stomped *they were, the score doesn’t show how badly it was* and need to get Mariota back.

31.          Detroit Lions (31) – The sad sack rotten excuse for a crappy Lions team even fired the OC to make them better.  Caldwell felt he could put the Manning 2008 feel to the Lions O.  That Caldwell can even consider Stafford today is like Peyton in his prime says something about the thinking ability of the Lion coach.  As for the game, they never got off the plane.  Two golden turnovers by Stafford gutting the team, terrible D with no effort to stop run or pass and they are down by 4 TDs by the 4th quarter.  Whatever points they put up now are on prevent D.  A terrible team who went over the pond and played terribly.  Absolutely gob-smacklingly awful.  If not the worst team in the NFL they are worst team b.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – A bad team playing ok to bad in the first half.  They are trailing but they have so little on O it’s not surprising.  That this bad D can make any stops is.  An ugly first half to watch.  The Niners played a pretty bad second half to create another really badly played game.  This team is really good at looking really bad.  What a sad sack excuse for a team this is.  Futile is a verb and a noun with this team.

 As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


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