Mr N’s Week 11 Power Poll‏ #NFL #NFLRankings #Thanksgiving

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – The D seemed to mail it in for a 10-minute period then they have poured it on.  Caaaaaaaam is dominating again and the should be NFL MVP has his team well out in front and it would have to be a complete collapse for them to lose this one.  The Panthers put this game away early in the 3rd quarter and cruised.  A great win for the best team in the NFL.  I will be so extremely happy if their week 12 win is the one that ends the Cowboy’s poor excuse for a season.

2.            New England Patriots (2) – Buffalo pretty much created the best possible defensive game plan to stop New England and Brady didn’t look good but *fake shocked look on my face* they still managed to win at home.  Once The Kraft Family sells and Belicheat and Brady are gone I want the stadium blown up and a new one built that can’t be fitted to allow cheating.  Yeah, they won.

3.            Arizona Cardinals (4) – The problem Arizona had going in was that Carson Palmer had worked this game up into being more important than a Super Bowl.  Evidently he still has some issues from when he parted ways with Cincy.  He tried too hard early and tossed two golden picks and put his team down.  He eventually calmed down and spread the ball around and took a nice lead late.  The D got weary and allowed the game to tie but one more good drive by Palmer and a key kick later and the Cards are 3 up in the west.  A gutsy win in prime time.  The SECOND best team in the NFC.

4.            Pittsburgh Steelers (4) – on the bye, never knew that Pittsburgh had this much heart and as they get healthy and the D gets its legs under it…who knows how far they can go.

5.            Green Bay Packers (15) – The Pack D have come to play.  The O is being held to Field Goals only.  Can the Pack play this hard on D for 60? If they do, they can steal a win here.  Green Bay had a much needed return to form here.  Solid play by Aaron Rodgers and best play by their D in more than a month and they won.  They should be able to whip the BEARS a new one on Thanksgiving night now.

6.            Minnesota Vikings (3) – The Viking D is doing their job holding Green Bay out of the end zone early but they need to find answer to the GB D or this game could be a bad one for them.  This was a bad one for Minnesota.  The Vikings had a chance to show the world that the changing of the guard had come.  It hasn’t.  Green Bay is the bully and Green Bay stole Minnesota’s lunch money and made them cry uncle.  A dispiriting loss that hopefully won’t cause a hangover in the Twin Cities.

7.            Indianapolis Colts (7) – The Colts offense has been struggling this time under Hasselbeck’s direction.  The D has had issues and been burned a couple of times early.  If not for a late TD this game would be dicey.  Indy could still use the halftime to come up with a plan that would allow their team to maximize what they have and still have a shot.  The Colts were able to get some action from the vets.  Gore was able to be a good force and Hasselbeck was better under control.  The D kept it close with a super pick 6 and then mega vet Vinatieri hit a game winner.  A poor team that is tied for the lead in their division still with this win.

8.            Kansas City Chiefs (8) – Kansas City is playing a pretty good game early although are being hit by cheap shot after cheap shot from the dirty playing Bolts.  This is quite a battle.  The battle turned into a massacre and KC massacred the Chargers.  TDs on D, Special teams, on the ground and in the air.  They not only survived innumerable ugly cheap shots by the dirty playing San Diego, they destroyed them.  A huge win for Kansas City and sets them up nicely for a run at a Wild Card.

9.            Houston Texans (9) – T.J. Yates has the Texans O clicking. He seems confident in using his WR especially Hopkins.  The Texans D is playing well in the first half and the Houston seems to have a good game plan so far.  Yates kept the Texans going and was able to put together a number of key drives and he led the Texans to a nice win.  They stay tied for first in their bad D.  The Texans are still alive.

10.          New York Giants (10) – on the bye, if they can please win 4 more than that will put a fork in Dallas.  Go Blue.

11.          Seattle Seahawks (12) – A great start for Seattle and they are off to a super lead over their rival.  The Seahawks have the D playing hard and the O working.  This could be over by the 3rd quarter.  The Seahawks D still had some issues showing and the O line needs to focus on getting better protecting Russell still.  In the end the Seahawks won an easy one going way.  A nice win and they are still bubbling under with a shot at the playoffs somehow.

12.          Buffalo Bills (6) – Had a great game plan, executed it to the fullest.  Came as close as any team to shutting down Brady.  And they lost Ernesto.  Best effort in a can’t beat em place, in a can’t win it game.  Play this way against teams that don’t cheat and you won’t be beat again.

13.          Denver Broncos (14) – Brock Osweiler is celebrating his 25th birthday in the cold of Chicago.  Not totally effective he has done just enough to have his team up by 4 at the half.  He seems to be having difficulty reacting to the BEARS various defensive set ups.  D is playing well and holding Chicago to only FGs in the first half.  The Broncos D finally let in a TD but were able to stand up and stop the 2-point conversion.  Osweiler did just enough to win the game and that keeps the faltering Broncos atop their division.

14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18) – Tampa Bay allowed an early TD and then Winston turned it on.  Doug Martin has been running wild and the calm and collected Winston has the Bucs out to a nice lead.  The Bucs simply put up a nice 40 burger and put it on cruise control.  A great win for this young team and one they can point to when it all works.  The upcoming loss of Alexander at LB to a PED suspension will destroy the D so that will bear watching.

15.          New York Jets (11) – The Jets are in tough against a Texan team who is playing solidly.  Best line of the day ‘Revis was burned’.  The Revis Island has become the Revis Boat cruise…he just lets people get on top of him and sail down the field.  The Jet O isn’t getting much done and they need much more work out of Fitz to win this one.  Fitz gave his all in this game, including running a tying TD into the end zone and suffering a huge concussive hit.  Did the NFL pull him from the game? No. Is there a standard as to when a badly concussed player is removed or is the NFL full of crap?  Oh and the Jets lost and that could be severe in their trying for a wild card as it’s a conference loss.

16.          Jacksonville Jaguars (24) – Jacksonville had issues with D again although they had effective moments.  Bortles showed the world how talented he is and how great that O is.  Troubled with weather and a solid Titan D the Jags trailed for a lot but managed to pull out a win in the end.  They get full credit on the coaching staff for realizing if you keep kicking field goals all those 3’s add up to a win.  They could be tied for first after Sunday.  A good win.

17.          St. Louis Rams (16) – The Rams are having issues on both D and O.  Keenum hasn’t been revelational for the team.  They are having trouble scoring but are making their presence felt on D.  They need to see if they can get more offensive cohesion in the second half.  The Rams had trouble getting any offense (turning the ball over 4 times is no way to win) and the D did it’s best to keep it close.  In the final two minutes they missed a potential game winning FG and they let Baltimore have multiple shots at it.  Keenum was badly concussed and the NFL didn’t pull him out of the game.  He was still hurt when he fumbled and Baltimore won.  The NFL is shameful for how they sometimes pull injured players for health reasons but not all of them.  A loss that dooms their season after moments of promise.

18.          Detroit Lions (25) – The good is the D is pitching a first half shutout against a less than inspired opponent.  The O has had great issues closing and relying only on field goals will work if you stop the other team for 60.  They need to do this for 30 more.  The Lions were able to just play good enough to beat a team that didn’t try for the first 30 minutes.  It is a win, it wasn’t clean, pretty or much of anything else but it was a win.

19.          Oakland Raiders (17) – Oakland D is playing alright in the first half limiting the Lions to only 3 points per possession.  It appears the Oakland O didn’t find their way to the stadium in the first half.  They need to get the O going or this will be a bad plane ride home for them.  The Raiders just never were able to make up for their lack of effort in the first half.  Now having lost 3 in a row, 3 that they should have won.  Well you can stick a fork in the Silver and Black…they are done.

20.          Washington Redskins (19) – Had one good long pass and a good kick return but other than that the O hasn’t really been heard from.  The D has been shredded by Cam Newton and the Skins find themselves close to having this game run away on them.  The Redskins never found themselves and the game ran away from them.  One of the worst aspects of this blowout loss is how it gives hope to Cowboy apologists.  An ugly loss that puts Washington in a tough spot in their division.

21.          Chicago BEARS (20) – BEARS D playing good enough to keep Chicago in the game.  Cutler and his O haven’t been able to solve the Bronco D and have managed only field goals.  The D needs to keep it up and the O needs to get 7 or this could be a hard one to win.  Turns out the BEARS needed 8 and could only get 6.  They were down at least their top 2 WR and one top RB and if they could only have played a better first half…ah well…I officially stick in fork in my BEARS, they are done this year.  Crippling loss.

22.          Baltimore Ravens (31) – Harbaugh seems to be struggling to control the team and seems to be trying to outcoach his opponent instead of just letting his team play.  The D is making stupid mistakes (yes Elvis is at it again) and the O is having issues now that their number 1 RB is out.  Will be tough for them to win this one unless they step it up in the second half.  The Ravens never really stepped it up.  Their D made some stops and their O made some plays.  It came down to the foot of their kicker who missed twice but hit one when it counted and they snuck out with a win that ended their QB’s season.  They are already out of the playoffs and now they are using a backup QB for the rest of the year.  Do you think John is calling Jim and asking how life is coaching in college?

23.          Dallas Cowboys (32) – The Cowboys struggled to get points early with Romo looking very rusty.  A defensive 6 and finally a pass from Romo has them up a score at the half.  Dallas has to win or even the Cowboys apologist army will say they are done.  Dallas managed to beat a pretty poor Dolphin team and now Cowboy nation is all ‘our season is saved’.  First of all, you have to win 6 more and second you have to beat Carolina Thanksgiving and third…Greg Hardy is a scumbag and the Cowboys suck.  They won.

24.          Miami Dolphins (22) – Playing in very wet conditions is good for the Fin D but the Fin O looks pretty washed up so far.  A late TD has them still in this game but they need to get the O working or this could be bad for Miami.  The Dolphins couldn’t afford to turn the ball over and they did, they needed to not make dumb penalties and they did.  They needed to play steady D and they didn’t.  A loss for a team that is trying to find who they really are and sometimes they just aren’t that good.

25.          Atlanta Falcons (23) – Ryan seems to have not rested his arm on the bye.  More than once his throws to receivers seemed to be slow and not the sharp lines we are used to seeing.  The loss of Devonta Freeman to injury may really harm the Falcons as the game progresses.  A 7-point lead is a good place to be but they need more points or really strong D to win this one.  The Falcons D got pushed back in the second half and Ryan tossed a golden turnover for 6 and that put them tied late and after giving up a key field goal Matty Melt tossed a failed Mary and the Falcons lost.  This horrible team was once undefeated and I still laugh when people said they were better than Carolina.

26.          Cincinnati Bengals (13) – The Cincinnati Bengals were still being touted as the likely AFC Champion when this game started.  The Bengals D got a couple of golden picks and turned that into points and by the half they had a lead over a tough Zona squad.  The 2nd half brought a defensive collapse that put them down double digits.  The Bengals stormed back and tied the game late.  Another poor excuse of a defensive series and then another bone head penalty by a defender set up the game losing field goal.  Note to Peko, if you are going to simulate the snap count, don’t do it right in front of the umpire.  A loss that brings this ‘elite’ team back down to earth.

27.          New Orleans Saints (26) – on the bye, a team with a lost season that is trying to have Drew Brees have one more year in the sun.

28.          Cleveland Browns (27) – on the bye, they lost Manziel as starting QB due to his alcohol problems and now have McCown (the broken down version) and no hope what so ever.

29.          Philadelphia Eagles (21) – #Buttfumble has a couple of TD passes and looks like a QB.  The Philly D doesn’t look like an NFL D.  The Eagles need to stop the run or this game is effectively over.  The Eagles could not stop the run, the pass or having #Buttfumble insulting his teammates.  Funny how Chip Kelly is the only person who didn’t know that Sanchize gave S**T to Sproles.  Is Kelly even watching the game or is he trying to figure out which next best talented player he should trade or cut?  A bad loss that keeps Dallas hoping they have a shot.

30.          Tennessee Titans (28) – The Titans brought a good D and some respectable O to the short week match and kept themselves in it for the the whole 60.  One of their best complete efforts that had them leading late and with a shot to win it as time expired but for Mariota slipping and getting sacked.  A great effort that ended in a loss.  If this was Dallas, then everyone would say they were going to still win the division.  They lost, it finishes them but they have the beginnings of pieces to build around, starting with Mariota.

31.          San Francisco 49ers (29) – Evidently having a bye only got them Crap-er-nick free but didn’t inspire good play.  They are in danger of having the game run away on them.  They look like an untalented team.  The Niners managed to get a little bit of offense in the 2nd half and even got within 10 points at one moment but they just don’t have any talent on O or D.  They were schooled and lost again and keep battling for the first pick overall.  Gabbert now has this team to run for 6 more games.  Good luck Blaine.

32.          San Diego Chargers (30) – The Bolts are trying but seem to mostly be trying to get flagged for vicious hits.  A team showing an appalling lack of discipline.  Can they calm down and play, we must see.  The Chargers played terribly on O, D and Special Teams.  When they didn’t give up golden picks or fumbles they did horrible cheap shots.  They were just horrid and are an abomination.  Never has San Diego looked this futile in 30 years.  What an embarrassment to the city, the team and the franchise’s entire history.  Ugly doesn’t begin to describe this loss.

 As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


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