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Mr. N’s #NFL Week 16 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – The Cards dominated from the word go with great O, superb D and dominant game planning.  A blowout from the moment it started and a complete laugher.  If I was a betting man, then I would not hesitate to put my money on Arizona being the BEST in the NFL now.

2.            Carolina Panthers (1) – Trying to be undefeated but are meeting a tough challenge in Atlanta.  Will have to really gut it out in the second half to get it done.  Well it turned out that Carolina couldn’t gut it out.  The Panther offense couldn’t muster more than just 2 FGs after an opening TD and that just didn’t get it done.  They went quietly and now they must soul search.  After preventing a bad Giant team back into last week’s game and then letting a poor Falcon team beat them…can they flip the switch?

3.            Kansas City Chiefs (5) – Pretty much rolling over Cleveland with superb D and pretty good O.  Game basically over at the half.  The Chiefs had to really go hard on D to keep this game kind of in control.  They managed to just score enough to seal the deal and they clinched the playoffs.  They were really challenged and won the game.  Evidently KC had the right memo but Carolina and Pittsburgh missed that paper work.

4.            New York Jets (7) – A great start for the Jets.  They need to keep the pressure up and they have a 25% shot of stealing this game.  The Jets had the lead for most of the game playing good D and ok O.  They were only up by 7 late in the fourth and everyone in the world knew what was coming.  Brady ran the field on them.  The Jets lost the toss in OT then were given a late Christmas present by the Pats and got the ball and won the game.  Now New York has their playoff hopes in their control.  A great win.

5.            Minnesota Vikings (11) – Super game from start to finish.  To be fair they faced a team who didn’t seem to try but they were exceptional on D, O, Special Teams and coaching.  They jumped out to a lead and pulled away and blew a team going through the motions out of the water.  It was a dominant win that guaranteed them a playoff spot.  Well done Minnesota.  Can you do it again next week against your dragon in its den?

6.            Denver Broncos (12) – Denver had trouble keeping the Bengals out of the end zone to start and Osweiler had some difficulty getting his feet under him but the Broncos persevered.  The D kept up the pressure and eventually made their presence felt.  The Bronco O got it going and even found an effective run game.  Full credit to Denver that in the end they pulled out the win.  Well done.  Now they are in the playoffs and can figure out what the next step to success is.

7.            Seattle Seahawks (3) – How the Seahawks were unable to match the ferocity of St. Louis on D is beyond me.  Seemed like a lack of effort on all phases and this loss could put Seattle on the road to Green Bay or Minnesota in the playoffs now.  A bad loss for a team that looked bad.

8.            New England Patriots (4) – Pats finding the Jets D hard to deal with and will have to pull out every dirty trick in their book to win this one.  The Pats kept the game within a score until late and once more Tom and Gronk marched the field to tie and went to OT.  Belichick inexplicably gave the ball to NYJ and watched has his D was unable to make any stops and they lost.  They may yet get the home field advantage but they have made that a bit harder now.

9.            Washington Redskins (10) – The Skins took only about 5 minutes to get their legs under themselves.  Cousins was fantastic with accurate and sometimes brilliant throws.  Again and again he threaded the ball into tight spots for first downs and touch downs.  The D played alright and Cousins led a great offense and the Redskins won the NFC Least title.  Someone had to win it!

10.          Cincinnati Bengals (9) – Cincy gave all they had with a rookie QB and a D trying to get it done in tough weather conditions.  In a game with huge playoff implications for both teams the Bengals played better in this matchup than they usually do under Dalton’s leadership. McCarron looked good for the most part and for most of the game the result was in doubt.  In the end they lost a close one but they have to feel good about going forward with McCarron who has proven himself to me that he is a legit NFL QB.

11.          Green Bay Packers (8) – An unexpected result in this game.  Aaron Rodgers was bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the Cards.  He was sacked, sacked, sacked and sacked…he was picked and picked, he fumbled and fumbled.  Green Bay’s D was as bad as everyone but Troy Aikmen knows it is.  The Packer O was unable to do much and a much humbled Pack team must try to R-E-L-A-X before week 17.  A total humiliating blowout and a lot of fun to watch.

12.          Houston Texans (13) – The Texans are playing to keep the Division in their grasp and are dominating in all 3 areas.  Great, great start to the game.  The Texans poured it on and put the game away.  A great win that puts them one more win from being in the playoffs.  They are in control, and albeit a win over Tennessee, looking good.

13.          Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Pittsburgh in a win and win and in and they are not giving the effort to needed to win this game.  They are being outplayed early by a rival who wants to upset them.  The Steelers D just chose a really bad day to not show up.  They let Ryan frickin Mallett to complete about 75% of his passes and the Ravens scored many more than Pittsburgh could muster.  A loss that puts them outside looking in to the playoffs and they need to win next week and get a ton of help.  A bad loss.

14.          Indianapolis Colts (14) – Colts have playoffs on their mind and are playing well and out in front at the half.  The Colts were able to keep it going even with the archeological remains of Charlie Whitehurst starting for them at QB. They fell into a strong prevent and although allowing lots of pass yards late they pulled out a win and keep their nose above water until week 17.  They need to win again and I believe get a lot of help.

15.          Oakland Raiders (17) – Guessing honoring Al Davis with a ‘just win, baby’ was the mantra on Christmas Eve.  Oakland just won.  They were massively penalized, made little offensive headway except in OT and snuck out of possibly the last game in Oakland with a win off the foot of ol’ Seabass.  It was a win; it was ugly but they just won baby.

16.          Detroit Lions (18) – The Lions issues on O and D are apparent again and they are having trouble getting ahead of a game Niner squad.  The Lions kept it rolling and were able to develop a decent pass offense and put the game away.  It is a win for Detroit.  It is meaningless and although it has been strongly stated by paid network talking heads that they have gotten better lately…they are pretty much the same old sorry assed Lions.

17.          St. Louis Rams (19) – The Rams found their good game juice once more.  They have now swept the Seahawks.  In a season of disappoint and failure the Rams have played 2 good games against Seattle.  A terrific defensive game and Case Keenum has shown he is a capable NFL QB.  A great game for St. Louis.  They just only have had 5 of these this year.

18.          New York Giants (15) – Evidently the Giants were only playing to make the playoffs as I have never seen a team not try as well as New York did here.  No offense, no defense, the coaches didn’t seem to care.  They got eliminated and showed 0 heart.  It was shameful and they all owe the Mara’s a game check.  If that is the best they can muster they may as well just forfeit week 17 now.  A terrible effort that is an embarrassment to the franchise.

19.          Buffalo Bills (22) – The Bills are going through the motions but some of the motions have gotten them a couple of field goals.  Not a game of people trying very hard so far.  Best result in a month with the best performance by the Bills D.  Rexy got one good game out of his team and this is a win.  Of course being already eliminated takes some pressure of them but they tried harder than their opponent and got the win.

20.          Jacksonville Jaguars (16) – The Jaguars have been known this year for their excellent O and questionable D and boy did that ring true today.  The D started out slow and got rolled up by the Saints.  By the time the Jags started to claw their way back it was too deep a hole to climb out of.  Good O, although the turnovers were bad and hurt them, and bad D and another loss for a young team that needs to get better on D.

21.          San Diego Chargers (20) – San Diego found some left over heart and gave it a good try in Oakland on a night when Football shouldn’t be played.  The D held down Oakland throughout regulation and only had issues in OT.  Rivers got almost enough done to pull it out but ended up just short.  Another loss for a team on the move.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) – The Bucs are battling to keep the game to one score and if they can keep the effort up they could be in this to the end.  The Bucs D got beat up by the BEARS and the offense turned it over and they just didn’t look in sync.  They got it within one score but it was not enough.  Another loss for a team that will be much better next year.

23.          New Orleans Saints (25) – The Saints brought their A game on O and a mediocre kind of C game on D but that was a good enough combination to tear up Jacksonville.  Brees was on fire basically on one leg and the D didn’t suck the way they often do.  A solid win in a lost season.

24.          Atlanta Falcons (26) – Laughingly still alive in the playoffs, Atlanta is playing this like their Super Bowl and is giving all they have to knock Carolina out of the undefeated ranks.  The Falcons gave their all.  Matty Ice was back and played well. The Falcons D had one of their ‘good’ games.  Much will be made of this win but and it’s a big BUT, the Falcons still are not any good and if they think this makes their season sunshine and roses…they have some surprises coming.(late note…they are now eliminated).

25.          Baltimore Ravens (29) – The Ravens are treating this like their Super Bowl and are dominating and if they can keep it up they will go a long way to sticking a knife in the Steeler playoff hopes.  The Ravens played super on O and D and they were able to muster one good effort to beat their rival and possibly ruin Pittsburgh’s playoff dreams.  That is about all this spoiler team can be happy about in a terrible year.

26.          Chicago BEARS (29) – The BEARS have some O and a little D and are battling the Bucs in a game of two old time rivals who neither have anything to play for.  The BEARS played a solid game on O and even got a bit of D to allow them to grab a win against a good young team.  One of the better games for Chicago this year.  Unfortunately, they have only had about 4 of those.  It was a win.

27.          Philadelphia Eagles (23) – The Eagles came out fast and scored 7, the Eagles D then played like usual crap for a very long period.  The Eagles offense managed to make one quick score late in the game.  Except for the two quick scores the dog and pony show that is the Eagles O was a joke.  Chip Kelly is confident he will return in 2016.  I hope he is renting/leasing in Philly and not a home owner there.  A bad loss with penalties, turnovers and mistakes abundant.  Pretty descriptive 60-minute example of a year in Eagle football. (late note, Chip was ‘released’…hope he was renting)

28.          Miami Dolphins (24) – Miami has nothing to play for and are playing like they are nothing.  The Dolphins got more of an effort out of their guys in the second half and they were able to get the game within 6 but that was all they had.  The Dolphins are a team that needs to start over.  AGAIN.

29.          Cleveland Browns (27) – Kind of like the woes of Scarecrow…if they only had an O.  The Browns D is trying but the O can’t figure out how to beat the Chief D.  This could be a long ugly one.  Cleveland found some traction on offense and even scored a touchdown!  Cleveland tried hard in the second half and put a pretty good scare into KC.  In the end they were just THAT close and they lost another.  Good effort.

30.          Tennessee Titans (30) – Titans are in position to get the first pick and they could use it.  Terrible O and D and this could be very ugly.  It was ugly.  The only positive that Tennessee could pull out of this mess was ‘hey we didn’t get shutout’.  That is little consolation in another butt smacking.  They have first pick overall but I still think two teams are worse than them.

31.          Dallas Cowboys (31) – Decent O and Decent D has the Cowboys tied in a low scoring snorer in Western NY at the half.  Evidently Dallas decided that effort wasn’t worth putting on the plane to NY.  No effort, no heart.  I swear if Dead Man Coaching isn’t gassed on Black Monday he does have incriminating docs and or porn pics on the Jones family.  A terrible effort and they were dominated by a moribund team whose D is nothing close to be effective.  Oh and Greg Hardy is a SCUMBAG.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – I will say this, SF is playing for their jobs and there is a lot of heart and effort on the field as they battle for a win.  The Niners gave a pretty good effort and lost by only a couple of scores.  I credit them for trying in this one.  Tomsula still looks like a guy who can’t figure out a puzzle and is just confused.  They can keep him; they just need to get rid of about 40 of their 53-man roster.  Another loss by the worst team in the NFL.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Happy New Year to all the readers!

Mr. N the still ill with a bad flu BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 15 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – They had a tussle for about 5 minutes and since then have rolled up the Giants, rolled over the Giants, chewed the Giants up and spit them out.  One has to wonder if a 40 burger is in the offing here.  The Panthers pulled out to a 4 score lead and then went into hard core prevent and let a terrible Giant team all the way back to tie it.  A late FG keeps them perfect but they should learn from this that prevent makes bad teams think they are good.  An Ugly win.

2.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – A pretty usual game plan for the Cards.  They kind of mailed it in early and coasted along in a game that was way closer than it should have been.  Then the Card D turned it on and started to pull the game away.  Their young running back was given the rock over and over and he ran over the Eagles!  This game was a blow out and the Cards looked set moving forward…until the best Safety in the NFL tore his mcl.  What impact will the loss of the athlete formerly known as the ‘Honey Badger’ have on Arizona?

3.            Seattle Seahawks (3) – Slow start by a sleepy D was aided by a strong response by Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are close to putting this game on ice by early in the 2nd half.  Seattle never really was challenged after the first 5 minutes.  The D played well and Wilson put the game away.  A good win that puts Seattle back in the playoffs albeit in a Wild Card slot.

4.            New England Patriots (4) – Simply rolling over a nothing opponent.  Yawn. Nothing to see here.  The Pats won and covered at home against a team that didn’t have a chance.  Another win.

5.            Kansas City Chiefs (5) – The Chiefs have their destiny firmly in hand.  Playing a team with nothing to lose and not much talent on O, D or coaching has helped their cause.  Out in front early by being on the receiving end of errors and coaching mistakes.  They can only make this close with serious 2ndhalf prevent.  They didn’t prevent too much.  They cruised out to an easy win and have the playoffs pretty well in hand.  They just need to keep winning.  A good win.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Pittsburgh D is kind of schizo lately.  Today they are working a ‘don’t get beat deep’ scheme that is hurting them on nearly every play.  The Offense is having trouble answering Denver and the D is getting ripped.  Down by 10 in the first half they have a long road ahead of them in the 2nd half to win this game.  The Steelers O stormed back and Big Ben hit Brown over and over and slowly and then quicker and quicker caught up and passed the Broncos.  The D made the final stops and Pittsburgh won a key game and now have their playoff destiny in their hands.

7.            New York Jets (7) – The Jets had to battle, mostly against themselves, for the whole game.  They made mistake after mistake and with missed field goals, extra points, penalties and missed assignments and drops.  The Jets were lucky to be playing a bad team to only be down by 1 at the half.  They pulled it together a little in the 2nd half and managed to eke out a win.  They keep alive and although this was very ugly it counts as a key W.

8.            Green Bay Packers (9) – The Packers took their game on the road and have found much more inclement weather than they expected in the California, albeit northern California.  Uncharacteristic sloppy play on O and characteristically sloppy play on D has the Packers in a tight battle with a young Raider team.  Green Bay could still put this away if they clean up their game in the 2nd half.  Green Bay had a hard time putting this away.  They did but their issues at corner were badly exposed.  Green Bay has clinched playoffs with a not pretty win but it counts.  Rodgers barely got 200 yards passing to keep fans of his concerned.

9.            Cincinnati Bengals (17) – The Bengals had a slow start but the D turned it up and McCarron has been efficient.  The Bengals are not really facing a challenge and one gets the feeling this game is already over barring really bad prevent D.  The Bengals played solid D for the whole game and McCarron was efficient and ran the offense well.  It wasn’t a blowout but it was a decent win for a team that now clinches the playoffs.

10.          Washington Redskins (11) – Awesome start, Cousins is superb and is leading the Redskins beautifully.  Up to a large lead and one wonders what flavor of Slurpee RGIII might be selling from his push cart on the streets of DC.  Cousins is the franchise QB and this team is on a roll today.  A really nice win for Washington.  Great O, solid D.  They now have sole possession of first and can win the division if they win out.

11.          Minnesota Vikings (12) – The Vikings are playing well from the start with solid pass, run, special teams and D. Out to a double digit lead the Vikings are off to a good start in their quest for playoff glory.  The Vikings put this game away and did it pretty easily.  Solid game by Bridgewater and the Viking D.  A great win that puts them about one more win from clinching the Wild Card.

12.          Denver Broncos (8) – Denver D has brought their A game and has been able to keep Pittsburgh mostly in check.  Osweiler has shown that he can respond well to one bad game last week.  He has looked solid and professional and led the offense driving for TD after TD after TD.  A super first half and now we must see if Denver can keep it up in the 2nd.  The Broncos had a 17-point lead and the best D in the league to hold it.  What happened to the D?  People will go on ad nauseum about how Osweiler never got any points in the second half but if the D had not allowed 24 unanswered points then Denver would have won.  A bad loss I put solely on the Defense.  It is no longer the best in the NFL.

13.          Houston Texans (20) – The Texans are losing the field position game and that has them hamstrung on O.  Yates has turned it over, there have been fumbles.  Unless their D makes itself heard from and the O gets going their shot at the division will end.  The Texans, down to their 7th string QB or such – ok 5th…stormed back to take a late lead.  Now Brandon Weeden can put on his resume that he did lead a team from Texas to a victory in the NFL!  I almost had given up hope but no the Houston Texans have slain their dragon!  They for the first time EVER have beat Indy in Indy!  Superb win and now they have the division in their control.  They win out and they are in.  Way to go Houston!

14.          Indianapolis Colts (13) – Hasselbeck seems his best when kinda dinged up.  He is leading the team effectively and with some decent D the Colts are in control.  They need to keep it up but this game is going the way they would like it to.  The Colts couldn’t muster any offense in the 2nd half and the D got beat when it really had to make stops and now Indy is out of first place.  A bad loss and this may finally point to a changing of the guard.  They now need help to make the playoffs.  This team was a preseason Super bowl pick by many.  What a mighty fall.

15.          New York Giants (14) – For a few minutes the Giants seemed like they were battling.  Now they are fighting for their lives as their bad D is being shredded.  Can they keep it within 3 scores?  The Giants went down 4 scores and then were able to score 4 against prevent D.  That they still lost does mean that the Giants suck and are one game behind Washington and the light is getting dim for NY playoff hopes.

16.          Jacksonville Jaguars (10) – The Jags Excellent O hasn’t been able to get on track.  They keep turning over the ball and the D is the missing link.  A pretty bad start for a team that still had a shot at the playoffs if they got help.  The Jaguars were able to make one drive but when the game was on the line they just couldn’t get it done.  A bad loss that pretty much breaks the back of this young team.  They will be heard from in 2016.

17.          Oakland Raiders (15) – After a slow start the Raiders started to make themselves a part of this game.  The D has been able to get key golden turnovers and Carr was able to drive the field late and bring the Silver and Black back within 1.  If Oakland can keep the momentum going, they could yet steal this game from a demonstrably better team.  Carr was able to hit Cooper over and over against bad corners but the D couldn’t make the key stops needed to keep them in this.  They lost a game by 10 but they gave about all they could and it was a game effort.

18.          Detroit Lions (19) – In a dome, on the road, the Lions found their O and tore up one of the most hapless D’s in the NFL.  The Lions D was even able to harry and stop the Saints when they attempted to score.  Solid D and a working O and even with huge prevent in the last half the Lions won a meaningless game.  It was a win.

19.          St. Louis Rams (23) – A team with nothing to play for found their ‘good game’ mantra and played lights out for 3 quarters.  Incredible D, terrific pass and run and good special teams.  This game was over by the end of the 3rd.  They coasted out and let Tampa run the field but they won it.  Another good win for a team that has had 3 games like this in amongst a lost season.

20.          San Diego Chargers (25) – In playing in what could be the last ever home game in San Diego the Chargers are doing their home crowd well.  Solid offense, good D and the Chargers could have a massive blowout if this continues.  The Chargers won this game going away and that is what the team is doing.  I have never witnessed the last game for an NFL team in their current city and it was kind of sad.  The fans of San Diego supported the team, the San Diego city council didn’t.  I think it will be odd to have the L.A. Chargers in the NFL.  A good if melancholy win.

21.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16) – Tampa came out flat and Winston had no answer to a fierce D.  Before the smoke cleared at half time the Bucs were down about 4 scores.  Tampa managed to put up a ton of meaningless points against prevent but the loss pretty much doomed this young team.  They can look towards 2016 for the next step now.

22.          Buffalo Bills (18) – Oh the Bills have issues.  The D can’t seem to make any stops and their lack of effort is painfully visible sometimed.  A terrible first half and this team’s faint playoff hopes are sinking fast.  The Bills D is the reason this team lost today.  The O did ok and did get within 10 but not having any effective D is why this team won’t make the playoffs.

23.          Philadelphia Eagles (21) – The Eagles tried to come out with their ‘fast’ O game plan and the D tried to keep up and for maybe ten minutes it seemed to work.  The Eagles then found out that their O doesn’t work against most any D and their D couldn’t stop a running back…they were blown out and find themselves still two wins from winning the division but it seems very unlikely.

24.          Miami Dolphins (22) – The sad sack Dolphins look sadder than usual.  Tannehill has been ok but the mistakes and penalties on D have combined with simply bad D and they are getting blown out a by bad Charger team.  The Dolphins were thoroughly manhandled and although they got a late score vs. prevent it was a pretty badly played game by a pretty bad team.  Bad loss.

25.          New Orleans Saints (24) – The Saints have a terrible D.  If you have any questions, please review the first half video of this game.  They made the Lions look like the greatest show on turf.  Detroit ran roughshod all over the Saints D.  They fired their D coordinator and that didn’t help.  This team now has an aged QB with a foot injury, a head coach who has been given his ‘look for another job if you feel like it’ papers and they ran up some cheap points against prevent but they didn’t get enough and another loss followed.

26.          Atlanta Falcons (29) – The Falcons are playing like the team with a shot.  Their O is on point and the D is playing very feisty.  The Falcons are out to a nice lead and could have this game put away if the D keeps playing tough.  The Falcons D got beat to get the game tied but Matty Ice didn’t melt today.  Atlanta was able to do just enough to win this game.  This is superbly meaningless for a Falcon team that is all but done this year but it was a win.

27.          Cleveland Browns (26) – Manziel brought the Browns out fast and scored the first points to the shock of a home crowd.  The D was not able to capitalize on the opportunity and has let Wilson rip them time and again.  If Cleveland isn’t careful their fast start may be a distant memory in what could be a blowout.  This wasn’t as bad as a blowout as it could have been but it was a big loss and Cleveland did well to just lose by as much as they did.

28.          Baltimore Ravens (27) – The Ravens have nothing to play for and are playing that way.  Harbaugh went for it on his on 15 and failed and that pretty much defines how this Raven team is playing.  They also are wearing a pretty ugly pair of pants.  Down a ton and pretty much not trying today.  The Ravens never really were in this and lost out quietly.  A team that is beyond circling the bowl.  I do note they have now lost 2 in a row by WAY more than 7 so I hope they keep track of that stat now.

29.          CHICAGO Bears (28) – The BEARS have made mistakes and cannot afford to make them to have a shot in this game.  The O can’t really get it going and the D is making classic BEARS D mistakes and unless Cutler pulls one out of his butt this could be over early in the 2nd half.  This game was over.  The Bears simply had no answer for the Vikings O and the D just isn’t up to stopping much of anyone.  Another ugly loss in an ugly season.

30.          Tennessee Titans (30) – Not really having a chance in this matchup they are playing badly and have turned it over.  This one is over and it’s not even a blowout yet.  The Titans were able to keep the game competitive for most of the second half but faded in the end.  It was no 58-0.  Losing by 17 is a moral victory for this team in a game like this.

31.          Dallas Cowboys (31) – How ‘bout ‘dem Cowboys? What a great performance by Cassel.  The ridiculously bad pick he through got him benched for a never was.  Kellen Moore did throw a TD but the ‘Boy D lost the game with key errors.  In the end the GIF to see is Tony ‘I suck’ Romo watching as Moore throws a ‘Hail Jerry’ and Romo is so excited and jumping, thinking Dez might catch it…then it is like someone tosses a bucket of cold water on Romo as the pass is picked off and Dallas is DEAD.  The Cowboys are eliminated officially and GREG HARDY IS A SCUMBAG.  Oh and Tony, are you still seeing Brady in February? Perhaps you and your wife going to have brunch with Tom and Giselle about the 19th or something?

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – A bad team is playing bad and it doesn’t seem like Gabbert and company have any shot of scoring any points against the Bengal D.  This could end ugly.  It wasn’t so ugly.  SF simply was out played by a kid QB who has never started in the NFL and SF’s O was unable to do much at all.  Basically the worst team in the NFL lost another.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Merry Christmas to all the readers!

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Mr. N’s #NFL Week 14 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – Guess they learned the lesson playing the Saints.  They brought their A game and stomped a mud hole in their division opponent.  Caaaaaaaaaam was amazing.  Ted Ginn even caught some balls.  The D was magnificent pitching a shutout.  The team to beat in the NFL, no Michael Silver that is not Seattle…it is CAROLINA.  Great win by the best team in the NFL.

2.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – The Cards had a tough effort with O efficiency to start but the D played well.  They got an early lead and then let Minnesota back in it.  A late turnover recovery was golden and that propelled them to victory and a locked up playoff spot.  I can’t anoint them anything as Carson Palmer still has the ability to throw golden picks and that could kill them in the playoffs.

3.            Seattle Seahawks (4) – They kind of cruised through the start of this game and they lost their young starting RB.  Wilson then turned it on and tore Baltimore a new one.  5 passing TDs, good defense that stuffed the run and got key turnovers and this was a laugher.  A good win.  They look good but I don’t know how good they would look facing Carolina.

4.            New England Patriots (7) – The Patriots came out with an aggressive defensive plan and totally disrupted Hoyer from the get go.  It was as if Belicheck had every move that Hoyer could do on tape *he does* and the D harried and stopped Houston cold.  Gronk’s return opened up the safety valve for Brady and the Pat O just had to do enough to seal this win and re-take first over all in the AFC playoff race.  No doubt they won’t let this one slip away again.  It was a win.

5.            Kansas City Chiefs (5) – KC has the playoffs in their hands and they had a hard time showing anyone they cared today.  The rain and muck didn’t help but there was little energy shown.  KC managed to keep San Diego basically shut out and cobbled together one TD.  The game came down to a defensive stand to keep KC in control of their own destiny and they got it done.  It was kind of defining as KC got it done.  A great defensive stop and they are still in control of their own destiny.  Good win.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Pittsburgh went on the road with a great game plan.  The gashed the Bengals D with solid rush and when it drew up to stop it, Ben ripped them with deep passes.  The Steeler D was flying all over the field.  The simple fact was that Pittsburgh was in control before Dalton and Eifert got hurt.  They rolled over the Bengals and have put themselves a step closer to the playoffs.  They need help.

7.            New York Jets (8) – The New York Jets will not go quietly.  They stormed all over the Titans.  Solid Rush, good and effective passing.  Pretty good D and before you knew it this game was over.  A pretty easy win for a team that is trying to keep itself alive in the hopes one of the ones in front of it will lose.  This win keeps them alive.

8.            Denver Broncos (3) – Wow, so much for controlling their own destiny.  The Broncos could not manage anything but field goals.  Osweiler looked short and pedestrian today.  The mistakes, flubs, drops, fumbles, turnovers…so un Denver like.  A terrible effort.  For a team who had the capability of making their shot at home field advantage a lock…they stunk it out.  Terrible effort.  A deserved loss.  Cut Vernon Davis.

9.            Green Bay Packers (10) – The Pack turned to McCarthy calling the plays and he brought them balance and good rush O.  Solid line play on both sides and the Pack put this game away pretty easily.  They are almost guaranteed the division now.  It is very unlikely they will meet any real opposition that counts until the playoffs.  A good win.

10.          Jacksonville Jaguars (19) – The Jags came into this key division match up with lots of O and little D.  The first half found them stifled by the Colts and they were barely able to keep themselves in the game.  What a locker room speech that must have been.  Bortles came out and lit up the scoreboard and scored points upon points upon points.  Great passing, super rushing, awesome D and 50+ points later and Jacksonville is 1 game out of first with 3 to play.  If they can have a little D they could be a tricky team to play.

11.          Washington Redskins (22) – The Redskins were able to ride effective and accurate passing by Kirk Cousins to a good early lead.  The traditional Redskin D collapse had them fall into a tie later in the game.  With the ability to run their offense against a D that didn’t seem to care, Washington was able to get a FG and that was the margin of victory.  A win that keeps Washington in first place in the NFC Least and they still hold their destiny in their hands.

12.          Minnesota Vikings (11) – The Vikings came out slow and seemed to struggle to get the O going and the D making good stops.  They drove forward better in the 2nd half and brought the game to a winnable spot and AP the Child Beater fumbled and cost them the game.  The Vikings still can make the playoffs.  They need to beat Chicago and the G-men.  They don’t want the season to come down to a game in week 17 facing Green Bay.

13.          Indianapolis Colts (9) – Indy was leading this division when this started.  Hasselbeck looked good in the first half and the Colt D had some rhythm and was able to hold back the Jag offense.  Unfortunately for Indy they had to come out for the second half.  The D collapsed and they were butchered pillar to post.  You name it and he scored for Jacksonville.  No offense could be found to answer any of it and in the end it was a 50 burger.  An ugly loss by a team that often looks like they don’t deserve to make the playoffs.  Lose a few more and maybe Jacksonville will steal the division.

14.          New York Giants (17) – The Giants took a floundering season and faced Miami.  It was not a brilliant game for most of the 60 minutes.  The Giants D gave up points to match everything Eli could muster.  The see saw went on and on and it seemed like OT was in the cards.  The Giants, buried at their own 16 had to get anything to change the field position battle.  They sent ODB on an up and out and alas he went alone and 84 yards later the G-men had the lead and won.  In the NFC Least any win is good.

15.          Oakland Raiders (18) – The Raiders need to figure out where they keep a defensive effort like this.  If they brought this to every game this year, at least to the last 5 or 6, then we would be talking about how far they could go in the playoffs.  Oakland’s D, led by the prolific Khalil Mack, shut down the Broncos every way possible.  They didn’t get many points but they got enough points and that gave them a very improbable victory.  A superb win for a team that could have been something but there is always next year.

16.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12) – The Rookie wall seemed to be hit by Mariota and Winston in the same game.  Winston wasn’t at his best and he missed many an opportunity with over throws, high throws and bad throws.  The D has been lost since Alexander got suspended *you heard about this impact here first* and they were unable to make the key stops.  They found themselves down late and couldn’t make it happen.  They are technically still alive but they need to win out and have Minnesota lose out and that is a tall order.

17.          Cincinnati Bengals (13) – Cincinnati seemed to be trying too hard to stop the Steelers and opened themselves up for mistakes.  By the time Dalton broke his hand it was already over.  The Bengals got defeated in all three phases of the game and it might have been closer had Dalton been there but a loss is a loss and that opens up the home field potential for the Cheatriots again.  It will be interesting if they can win another without Dalton this year.

18.          Buffalo Bills (14) – The Bills had every opportunity in this game to put the hurt to Philadelphia.  They misplayed on D, they missed plays on O.  When it came down to it and they were down by 3 late with the chance to tie they either went 3 and out and/or turned it over.  They had to have this win to keep their hopes legit this year and they lost and their year is effectively over.  They need to get this D in order so it can be more than its reputation.

19.          Detroit Lions (15) – Detroit was shut out for a long time in this game.  Stafford couldn’t seem to find Megatron.  The O finally got a few things going in the second half but it was too little and too late.  The D missed a few key stops and they found themselves down 7 with time running out.  Once more with a game on the line the Lions simply couldn’t do it.  Another loss in a lost season.

20.          Houston Texans (16) – Houston never had a chance.  They were stopped on every offensive series, they couldn’t run, pass or anything.  The D couldn’t stop Brady when it counted.  They only managed 2 FG and that won’t get it done.  The chance to take over the division with the Colts being dismantled was right there…Houston let that get away again.  They seem perennially close but no cigar.  They have a shot to play a really bad Colt team…can they win that game?  This was an ugly loss.

21.          Philadelphia (31) – The Eagles are still alive in their terrible division and they brought a pretty good effort.  Bradford made some dumb plays but they did play hard on D more than they usually do.  They had a lead for most of the game and only when kinda playing prevent did they fall into a tie.  They got the lead again and then were able to make stop after stop to seal the win.  Philly is still alive but they need to keep winning and hope some others lose.

22.          Miami Dolphins (21) – The Dolphins season has tested the mettle of every Dolphin fan.  They have had a win or two and have been destroyed more than once.  This game they took on the Giants and for most of the game they gave as mediocrely as they took.  For most of the game it looked like they had a shot at stealing a victory.  Then in the 4th quarter they had the Giants pinned deep in their own zone and a 3 and out might give them a FG shot at a victory.  What did they do? They lined up with no one covering Odell Beckham Jr.  He ran free up the field and caught a deep ball and went untouched to the end zone.  How can you not cover the only weapon on New York? Incomprehensible but this kind of mistake to lose a game is symptomatic of the Dolphin season.

23.          St. Louis Rams (25) – The Rams D played pretty good for 30 minutes.  The Rams O does what it can with a pretty dysfunctional group.  The O managed to score 3 TDs which is pretty good for St. Loo.  That their D let only two in is a solid moral victory for them.  It was a victory for a team that once could have made noise this year but now they need to find more consistency in their defensive play.  It has to be solely about attitude since they still have a talented group.

24.          New Orleans Saints (27) – Brees was able to play a strong game and he didn’t turn it over today.  The Saints D was able to bother Winston and make him look like a rookie sometimes.  A solid performance on O with good passing and rushing and the D was able to make the stops to get them a good meaningless win.  Wonder where Payton will be working next year?  Will Brees enjoy retirement?

25.          San Diego Chargers (24) – San Diego came to KC with nothing to play for and found a monsoon.  The horrendous weather really hampered both teams.  It was a wet defensive struggle for most of the afternoon.  San Diego allowed a TD and then had to battle through terrible field conditions and almost, ALMOST got it done.  A game effort but down went San Diego again.

26.          Cleveland Browns (32) – Evidently the spark Cleveland needed wears number 2 on his back.  John Manziel was back under center and his energy and escape ability was key to the Brown success today.  The rush attack was dominant and the Brown D actually played pretty well.  For Cleveland this was one of the cleanest, best played games of the year and they got a good win.  What will next week bring?

27.          Baltimore Ravens (20) – I hope Baltimore will talk about how much they lost this game by.  I grow weary of how they have lost 217 games this season but every one of them by 7 or less.  They had no O and BAD D and got destroyed.  An ugly loss.

28.          Chicago BEARS (23) – Well this should put the BEARS off the list of teams on the bubble.  They had a shot here to get back on the road to .500 if they could just put together a coherent Defensive stand.  The D was terrible.  I had hoped the changes being made via free agency and the draft (and via coaching style) would start to gel in the last quarter of this season but alas no.  Terrible D, bad effort on coverage, tackling, rushing, lane dedication… you name it.  A terrible D output.  Cutler did get a few good drives but his turnover was gold and they can’t win when he makes these kind of mistakes.  5-8 may not mathematically eliminate them but they are eliminated.  Everyone condemns Robbie Gould for the miss but the D never should have had it come down to a kick to tie.  A bad loss.

29.          Atlanta Falcons (26) – The Falcons brought chippiness and little else to this matchup.  I did see Matty Melt get sacked and make bad throws.  I did see Atlanta hit Caaaaaaam late for penalties.  I did see the Falcon D not cover any long passes or seem to stop any runs.  Does anyone remember when “experts” stated this team at 5-0 was one of the best in the NFL? This team sucks, it sucked before they got a new coach and they suck with their new coach and they may just suck till Matty Melts out of the NFL. An UGLY ugly loss.

30.          Tennessee Titans (29) – Mariota seems to have hit his rookie wall and that turnover really hurt what little pressure they were bringing on O.  The D lacking one of their best LB and that really hurt their ability to tackle and or stop the run.  In the end they were simply rolled over and we will have to see if they have any heart to play in three more meaningless games.  An ugly loss.

31.          Dallas Cowboys (28) – How ‘bout Dem Cowboys? Pummeled and punished on the line of scrimmage.  Dez was a non-entity, Cassel was Cassel, Greg Hardy? Oh, he is a scumbag.  They lost, they lost badly.  They looked flaccid, useless and darn funny.  Some say the math says they are alive.  They smell like rotten ground meat left in the sun for 5 days.  That is how alive they are.  It was fun to watch.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (30) – The Bad Niners were so bad that they couldn’t take advantage of multiple turnovers.  No one less than Joe Montana was singing Gabbert praises after the win over Chicago.  Today he threw for less than 200 and couldn’t inspire his team to do much more than field goals.  The lack of effort on D combined with bonehead penalties and cheap shots *especially by Ahmad Brooks who played like a punk today* all combined to send this hapless team to another loss.  It is days like this which makes you wonder how they manage to win any games.

 As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Mr. N’s Week 13 Power Poll‏ #NFL #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – Mailed it in to start but like a boulder rolling downhill they eventually roll over the opposition.  Out finally to a lead in the 3rd and now the D can make its presence felt.  The Panther D pretty much didn’t play very well but darned if Caaaaaam wasn’t able to do everything he had to and in the most unlikely scenario you could have with the Carolina D…. Carolina won a shootout.  It was pretty ugly but it was a win that keeps them undefeated and the BEST team in the NFL.

2.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – The Cards are kinda just skating past a really bad Ram team and not trying hard but have a good lead and pitching a shutout.  If they don’t prevent it, they have this in the bag.  The Cards didn’t prevent it, they put away the Rams and this was a laugher.  A good win over a rotten team.

3.            Denver Broncos (4) – Not having much trouble with the Chargers, the Broncos are starting to look like the team I thought they could be with great D and an O that can move.  Can you find a retirement home Peyton?  Denver D turned it on and just put the game on ice.  Super easy win for Denver and now they look like a complete team.  If they never use Manning again they might make the Super Bowl this year…if they do use Manning…well good luck with that.

4.            Seattle Seahawks (9) – Seahawks came to play and are using dominating D to keep Minnesota shut down while their O is working to get them out to a good lead at the half.  The Seahawks tore this open and it was a laugher.  A great win over what was supposed to be a great D.  Sets them up well for a playoff run if they keep playing like this. Great win.

5.            Kansas City Chiefs (7) – Kansas City finds itself with a chance to solidify their wild card spot but alas Oakland has brought their game and KC is in a fight for its life today.  KC was able to concentrate in the 2nd half and Smith used both good passing and running to take a lead and put the game away and now they have a better hold on a wild card spot.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – Superb win for Pittsburgh, started a little slow, got it rolling and never let up.  Ben was immaculate and Brown put on a clinic.  Superb O, D that flew all over the field making plays.  The Steelers can make the playoffs if they play this kind of D the last 4 games this year.  A great win.

7.            New England Patriots (5) – Should have been out to a big lead but with special teams issues and picks from Brady and they are losing to the worst team in the NFL.  The Pats put themselves down 3 scores and then battled back to get 2.  That didn’t add up and the Wicked Witches of Foxboro couldn’t cheat their way out of this loss.  What a shocking loss and boy I bet B&B are pissed. LoL.

8.            New York Jets (12) –The Jets are battling in the Swamps of Jersey.  They are in a must win game and are giving all they have on O and playing Ok D and this could come down to the 4th quarter.  The Jets D made a lot of mistakes early in the second half and they found themselves down 2 possessions going into the 4th quarter.  A late comeback brought them back from the brink and they got to OT.  A FG for the Jets and a stop that created a miss FG for the G-men and NYJ have still a little playoff life.

9.            Indianapolis Colts (6) – The Colts must keep a list of who they can’t play well against.  I forgot Pittsburgh was on this list.  Every time Ben plays them the destroys them.  Hasselbeck has never won in Pittsburgh and he never has.  Came out with 2 golden picks and the day was pretty much over.  The D couldn’t make any stops, the O couldn’t score any and for fun the special teams blew one too.  A very ugly loss and just exactly how good or bad is Indy?

10.          Green Bay Packer (11) – Green Bay came out flat.  The O line was terrible and Aaron Rodgers was inaccurate, battered and bad.  Before they could barely get a first down they were down 10-0.  The Packer D was unable to stop run or pass and they were shut out in the first half.  Facing prevent D the Packers came back and were within 2 when it came to the last play.  As the Packers started the hook and lateral and time expired we all knew it was over for Green Bay.  As Rodgers was sacked it was a great moment of the end of an…wait…what? That wasn’t a face mask.  The shoulder pad pull had the head turn and go down.  So a bad call gave GB one shot and since their opponent was in shock they didn’t defend the Hail Mary and GB wins.  Um, yay for them, they won a game they had lost but were given by the refs. Rodgers was hit badly again and is injured but won’t admit it, the O line is bad and the D is bad and the O is bad and GB is bad.  It was a rewarded win.

11.          Minnesota Vikings (3) – What is wrong with Minnesota?  They have to play with the big boys or this promising season may just be a mirage.  They have to get the rush O working against a tough Run D or this game will be lost.  The Vikings never showed up.  How this happened will be a discussion point all week.  The loss here really doesn’t end their division hopes but the week 1 loss to a terrible SF team did.  They can’t play the good teams and that may just mean this season is a mirage.

12.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Winston is trying hard in a tough division battle and he needs the Buc D to stand up to keep them in this game.  Tampa fell behind but they wouldn’t give up.  Tampa D made the stops late when they had to and Winston was able to make the drives he had to in order to put them in the lead and they won.  A great win for a young team that sits but one game out of the playoffs and if they keep winning they may yet have a shot at something improbable.

13.          Cincinnati Bengals (22) – Playing a team with no one at QB and having a laugh.  Slow start that picked up speed and the question is will they win by a shutout and also will they score 40.  Over already.  The Bengals blew out the hapless Browns.  If they hadn’t it would have been a surprise.  A good win to beat a team you should.

14.          Buffalo Bills (18) – Buffalo off to a good start again but their D is having great issues making stops.  Taylor and his crew do enough to put Buffalo in position to control games and the D keeps letting the other team back in.  If they lose this game they will be done.  They must find more heart or it will all end here today for Buffalo.  The Bills found heart, good rushing O and solid leadership and quarterback play by Taylor.  They then actually got some decent stops by their D and they won!  This win keeps the Bills in the wild card hunt and now it’s just on to next week.

15.          Detroit Lions (16) – Detroit came out and dominated from the start.  Solid D, good rush O and effective pass O.  The Lions got up to a double digit lead and keep the pressure up.  By the 3rd quarter they had decided to go prevent (a mistake) and they let GB nearly tie the game.  They had sacked Rodgers to end the game but a BLOWN call by an official (The zillionth this year despite Blandino the Comedian’s statement) and then not defending a Hail Mary properly and they were awarded a loss.  This always happens to Detroit.  Tough to be ruled a loss by the NFL officials.

16.          Houston Texans (8) – The Texans are in a game for their post season life and the D has had issues off the top stopping the Run.  The Texan O so far has been able to match Buffalo score for score and show signs of wearing down the Bills by the half.  Houston found its defense, that had been trending up in the last month running out of gas.  The Texans fell behind and when push came to shove the offense couldn’t get it done when it had to.  This loss here could put Houston on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

17.          New York Giants (14) – Challenged on D by the Jets the Giants are bringing a good Pass rush but need to cover better.  The Giant O is scoring but this is a must win for them and someone in New Jersey will be heart broken by the end of this.  The Giants took control of the game but then let the Jets claw all the way back.  In overtime they allowed a FG, played kinda badly with the ball and missed a FG to lose.  Just a bad second half effort and this effectively wipes out their playoff hopes and puts them in Dallas territory now.

18.          Oakland Raiders (15) – Excellent effort by Oakland on O and D and if they keep this up they could throw a wrench into a rival’s playoff hopes.  Alas Oakland gave their all but it wasn’t enough.  Carr turned it over and they just couldn’t score when they had to and down they went.  They still could be a playoff team in 2016.

19.          Jacksonville Jaguars (20) – The Jags have good O and no D and that is going to make this game a bit of a pinball game.  Whoever scores last will win.  The Jags O can’t be faulted as they just scored and scored and scored.  Sadly, whatever stands for their D couldn’t make a stop and the problem with scoring 39 is when you allow 42.  A bad loss that lays on the doorstep of that D.

20.          Baltimore Ravens (21) – The Ravens are getting decent play from Matt ‘The Walking Pick Six’ Schaub has them out in the lead.  Not bad play by the D either so they are off to a good start today.  Then mister Pick Six has put them in a hole and he may just be the reason they lose today.  The Raven D actually played really well and totally stifled Miami but the turnovers were the difference and this team lost their 75 billionth game by 4 points or less and they still are eliminated even if math doesn’t agree.

21.          Miami Dolphins (25) – The Dolphins have one serious problem and he plays QB for them. Tannehill is a complete bust and the sooner they realize it the better and faster they can improve.  They are having trouble keeping in this game in the first half until Schaub started the pick fest and now the Fins have a decent lead with a terrible QB.  The Dolphins got less than 200 yards O and won.  That was ugly but hey for Miami it’s a miracle.

22.          Washington Redskins (13) – A team with their playoff hopes in their hands and they just stunk out the house.  Terrible uninspired play on O and ok D and they stumbled and fumbled all the way until they did the key fumble and although they scored one TD late in the end it was the D who let them down and they lost a game they should have won in a walk.  Ugly loss.

23.          Chicago BEARS (17) – What is wrong with Chicago? Their D is letting SF move the ball.  SAN FRANCISCO!!!!  That team has no one on O at all and they are putting together drives.  Cutler tossed yet another pick six and one has to wonder if Chicago thinks so much of their win over GB that they forgot they have to play hard today.  Will see what the half time speech does.  The speech helped the O a little but the D simply was flat and after Cutler drove for a late lead the D was flat and let SF tie the game. In OT the BEARS Secondary sucked and they lost an embarrassing game.  The season is over and they should be ashamed of this loss.

24.          San Diego Chargers (23) – Having issues on O and D this could be a bad day for a team having a terrible year.  SD couldn’t muster any semblance of O against a tough D and they never were able to close the gap and lost another one.  A team with just no hope but maybe one with lots of changes ahead in 2016.

25.          St. Louis Rams (24) – So much for the Rams having the Cards number.  Foles picked, no O, bad special teams plays, poor D.  That this team looked good a couple of time seems like a million years ago.  The Rams were never in this and have bad D and bad O and bad coaching and no hope for anything this year but the shot to draft a new QB.

26.          Atlanta Falcons (26) – The Falcons have Freeman back and are battling in Tampa to just keep their hopes alive. The D is playing well so far.  The Falcons took the lead but they were unable to stop Tampa Bay on consecutive drives and they fell behind.  When it came down to it, once more, Atlanta couldn’t get the points they needed.  Matty Melted again and the Falcons lost.  They are well out of the wild card and barely able to see in.

27.          New Orleans Saints (27) – They had a good start with good D but they can’t keep Carolina down and this bad D is starting to play like a bad D.  The Saint D was terrible but the Saint O was great.  Brees gave everything he had and put the Saints in the position to win over and over. Over and over the Saint D gave up the score to put them in position to lose.  They lost.  That is their best effort but they lost again.  They may not have this energy again. This one breaks what is left of their spirit.

28.          Dallas Cowboys (29) – The Cowboys came out with tough D and no O and the team took part in a terribly sloppy first 3 quarters and showed the world just how bad a team it is.  It got a late turnover and finally scored a TD and then with one more break kicked a FG to win it.  Yes, they are a game out of first in the NFC Least but they are still a terrible team and yes, Greg Hardy is a scumbag.

29.          Tennessee Titans (30) – The Titans are scoring as much as Jacksonville and having D issues.  Last team that scores may win.  Mariota is the difference between this team being bad and good.  Another great effort by Mariota and putting up 40 points was the difference with a D this poor.  Super individual effort that got them a win and keeps the future looking bright for Tennessee. In 2016 or maybe 2017.

30.          San Francisco 49ers (31) – SF is a terrible team but are playing ok on the road.  They got a golden pick six and Gabbert and his crew of non-nflers have scored a TD.  The D is crappy but trying.  Being tied at the half is more than they could have hoped for and they could steal a win here.  San Fran was able to keep scoring and they even drove for the tying TD late in the fourth and then scored the winning TD in OT.  A good effort by a horrible team and they get another win against what is quickly becoming a really bad division in the NFC.

31.          Philadelphia Eagles (32) – The Eagles have no place to go but up and are playing with nothing to lose and amazingly, with a golden pick six from Brady they have a 2nd half lead.  The Eagles put up a huge lead and somehow their awful D managed to hold on to win by the skin of their teeth.  What a colossal upset.  Well done Philly.  You still suck but you won this one!

32.          Cleveland Browns (28) – No O, terrible D that can’t cover.  A team that has simply lost its will to play and this game could be extremely ugly by the time it’s over.  Davis should have just stayed as a small Texas college as being in the NFL doesn’t work for him.  No O, No D.  Destroyed.  A team that is now seemingly in the hunt for one of the top 3 QBs in the draft.

 As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

 Mr. N. the BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s Week 12 Power Poll‏ #NFL #NFLThoughts #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – Super start for Carolina with a great pick 6 from Romo, add a nice FG and a double digit lead off the hop puts the Dallas season on life support.  Can they pull the plug on Dallas?  A half that could only be dreamed of by Panther fans.  The D has been excellent grabbing not one but two pick sixes.  Caaaaaaam is making the ball move and he has cashed in for 3 FG and with a 20-point lead at the half it would be a colossal collapse for the Best TEAM in the NFL to lose this game.  A great 3rd quarter has put this game to bed.  Caaaaaaam ran in the final nail in the coffin of the Cowboys hopes.  A super win.  This one is over, put out the lights in JerryLand.  Great win by the best team.

2.            Arizona Cardinals (3) – Arizona is a cat playing with a baby mouse.  They are trying just hard enough to have a small lead and not even them mailing it in can have them trailing that ugly dressed group of wannabe NFLers.  The Cardinals were busy this Holiday weekend going to the post office.  The amount of stamps required to mail this in this badly must have cost a ton.  The Cards didn’t block a poor excuse for a pop warner D for most of the game and managed somehow to just eke out a win.  Ugly but perhaps this will quiet the growing sound of people calling this second best team in the NFC the best.

3.            Minnesota Vikings (6) – The Vikings have brought a decent D and at times to good O to a critical battle in the NFC playoff race.  Using Peterson and at time good throws and a D that has made the odd stop the Vikes have a small lead on the road at the half.  They will need to make a supreme effort to win this real must win game. The Vikings D was able to keep the pressure on and held the Falcons to only a FG when it mattered and the rush attack dominated.  A great win for Minnesota that solidifies their control as the best in the NFC North *as long as they don’t have to play GB to decide the division anymore*.

4.            Denver Broncos (13) – Denver seemed to have trouble stopping Brady and Co until they were 2 TDs down and it looked like it was gonna be same old same old.  Instead their special teams got a golden turnover and Brock Osweiler got it done.  Osweiler used excellent passing and good use of the run to storm back and take the lead.  The Bronco D was able to get great pressure on Brady and get him off his game.  They did allow a late drive and went to OT.  In OT the Bronc D showed its mettle and shut down NE and then Brock led his team to the winning TD.  A great win for Denver.  They have a QB now and he isn’t Peyton Manning.  This should be Brock’s team going forward and Peyton can have a parade.

5.            New England Patriots (2) – The Patriots got off to a good start in inclimate weather by getting 3 TDs against a solid Bronc D.  The Pats seemed to have the game well in hand until their punt returner (a replacement for injury) fumbled and Denver capitalized quick.  The Pats O quieted down and their D got whipped and found themselves down with only a minute left.  They managed one more great drive and tied it but off to OT their O faltered and their D couldn’t do it and The Wicked Witch is dead.  If Gronk is out a few weeks that will keep even their best cheating held down a bit.  Lucky for them they play Philly next so that should be a walk in the park.

6.            Indianapolis Colts (7) – Hasselbeck is operating efficiently early and has the Colts fully engaged in this game so far.  The Colt D is playing pretty well here too.  This game could come down to last team who scores wins.  The Colts decided to score two of the last 3 scores and won this game handily.  A solid win that was well played and keeps them in the lead in their bad division.  Good win.

7.            Kansas City Chiefs (8) – Terrible start for KC’s D put them down a couple of scores.  Smith got the pass offense working and with a bit of running and the Chiefs have made this a game.  It is critical for KC to win this one or they could find themselves on the outside looking in.  The Chiefs were able to keep the pressure on, on both O and D and when challenged by Buffalo they answered.  The last TD was the game winner and Kansas City continues to surprise with their dogged determination.  A great win that helps put them in solid contention for a wild card spot.

8.            Houston Texans (9) – Hoyer has shown exactly why he is where he is.  He made one of the best QB plays in the first quarter for a TD and then later in the 2nd quarter he made one of the stupidest plays you can make as a QB.  If he was consistently good, he would have been starting in the NFL right from the get go.  The Texan D is playing well and the Texans are doing their part so far to try to keep their control of half of the lead in the bad AFC south.  The Texans D took over and controlled the game.  A pretty easy win for Houston and keeps them sorta tied for the lead in their division.  Well they have the same record and on December 20th they could have one more shot at slaying their personal dragon.  For now, a good win.

9.            Seattle Seahawks (11) – Seattle is battling here but their D got scorched for a TD and now they must find a way to put more points on the board.  Boy did Seattle find a way to put up points.  What they did was run plays against Pittsburgh and but for being either unable to kick an extra point or convert a 2-point conversion they basically couldn’t be stopped.  Wilson drove them to a much needed win and now Seattle has some tough contests ahead.  Losing Graham to injury might help them chemistry wise.  Tough match with Minnesota next as they keep battling for playoffs.

10.          Pittsburgh Steelers (5) – Pittsburgh is battling hard in a tough place and being out to a small lead half way through is a great accomplishment.  Can their D hold the lead?  D? What D? There was precious little D found on either team today.  The Steelers basically traded TD for TD with Seattle until the end when they couldn’t cover one last time and then gave up a pick and they were done.  Pittsburgh now sits 3 spots out of Wild Card and need to tighten up this D to get back into it.

11.          Green Bay Packers (5) – My how the mighty have fallen.  Aaron Rodgers looked terrible, had his worst QB rating ever.  Tossed more picks than Jay Cutler, had his running back fumble all over and then watched as the Packer D couldn’t stop the BEARS and now Green Bay has 4 losses, looks like a team in turmoil and no one is R-E-L-A-X-E-D.  We may be watching the end of an era and I can’t help but smile to myself.

12.          New York Jets (15) – Fitz is playing well at QB and in fact if he had better catches by his receivers then this game would be will in hand for New York.  Decent O in the first half and not bad D has them in front in what used to be a tough division battle.  The Jets rode this one hard and put it to bed early.  They basically had it won by the end of the 3rd and prevented it out.  A solid win that keeps them in the edge of the conversation for wild card talk in the AFC.

13.          Washington Redskins (20) – Super start for Washington.  Cousins hasn’t looked great but the results on the scoreboard is what counts.  Solid first half D combined with productive O and the Skins find themselves 30 minutes from an unlikely place in their division…first.  Washington let the Giants back into the game with some less than impressive D in the second half.  Getting the chance to run out the clock they basically did and they won it.  They looked great in the first half, ok in the second and now are unlikely as it seems, in first place.  Washington holds their own destiny in their hands.  I give them a 30% shot at winning their division.

14.          New York Giants (10) – For a game that has first place in their division on the line, the Giants couldn’t really be playing worse.  Eli has tossed two golden picks early and the Giants D can’t tackle or cover.  Unless they mount a monumental come back they will find themselves under .500 and in 2ndplace in the terrible NFC East.  The Giants finally found their energy and drove the team back to within one score.  In a play that will be discussed for a least a few days they decided to kick it away instead of onside.  Evidently Coach Coughlin thought he had the Cardinal D and not the Giant D.  The Giants simply couldn’t make stop and they lost.  A crushing loss that puts them on the outside and keeps the insane hopes of Cowboy apologists alive.

15.          Oakland Raiders (19) – The Raiders seem to have brought their game to Tennessee and Carr has made more good plays than bad.  The D isn’t playing badly either and Oakland is showing more effort this week than they have in a month.  Well amazingly there was no quit in Oakland today.  They were pushed down the field and fell behind late but then they showed heart rarely shown lately and drove for a winning score.  This win kind of keeps their nose above water but for all intents and purposes it is still over for them but it was a good win.

16.          Detroit Lions (18) – The Lions look like they ate a lot of Turkey early and were totally sleepy and undisciplined to start.  When the O woke up they got something going and now have an early lead.  Detroit D and O are rolling by the end of the first half and seem to have the game in control.  Good play by Stafford *for a change*.  Superb play by the Lion O and now it is not whether they put up a 40 burger but if they can put up a 50 burger.  The Lions have turned things around but let’s not get Joe Buck carried away and start talking about their potential playoff hopes.  I will say this, if they play Philadelphia every week for the rest of the year they can win out.  Good win.

17.          Chicago BEARS (21) – The Bears faced an impossible situation…terrible weather, Short week, Brett Favre retired jersey night, last Bart Starr appearance, Green Bay now on a roll again, Cutler always terrible here.  What happens? A tremendous D performance that bred golden turnovers.  When the offense had its chance it was Jay Cutler himself who slew his personal dragon.  He led them to two great TDs and didn’t turn the ball over and then the D stood up in the last 2 minutes and held on for an improbable but incredible win.  Does this win take the fork back out of Chicago? They may yet still have a pulse.  They need to build off this amazing win.  Great win.

18.          Buffalo Bills (12) – Bills got off to a super start and pulled out to a huge lead.  The D slowly let KC get back in the game and at the half the Bills find themselves in a dogfight for the edge in the AFC wild card battle.  Can Buffalo find it in themselves to get this win?  Nope.  Buffalo battled in the second half and kept it close, they even seemed to have a shot at stealing this game but it was not to be.  Once again the Bills D was not able to make the plays that were needed and down went Buffalo.  This doesn’t end their season but it makes the road forward a lot more difficult than it would have been with a win.  A very tough loss.

19.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14) – The Bucs are finding themselves in a tough matchup against a pretty equally talented opponent.  Martin is ripping it on the ground, Winston is making good throws but the D has been victimized more than once.  The Buc D needs to see if they can get better without Kwon at MLB.  Well Tampa really needed to turn it on in the second but couldn’t.  Can’t help but think I was 100% right and Alexander being out has destroyed their ability.  A bad loss that sets back their march to playoff contention and now they must try to see if they can recapture what may have been a fleeting moment for them.

20.          Jacksonville Jaguars (16) – Good offense from Jacksonville which isn’t a surprise.  Poor D, which is also not a surprise, has the the Jags trailing at home to a team they should be easily handling.  They have to find a lot better effort on D or this could be a very long day for Jacksonville.  This was a long day for Jacksonville.  The D let them down and this loss coupled with wins by both Indy and Houston put them in a very difficult place now.  I would suggest that despite mathematics, this team is done now.

21.          Baltimore Ravens (22) – The Baltimore Ravens quickly got a taste of life under Matt Schaub.  Mr. Pick Six lived up to his name with a nice pick six.  The Ravens got out to an early lead in this game but then fell behind as their horrible defense made an appearance.  The Ravens got back out in front, Schaub tossed his millionth pick six and then with the game tied and all they needed was to get it to their kicker…Schaub tossed another pick.  The D let Cleveland get to within FG range and but through a miracle block and bounce they won.  This does neither make them a playoff threat or any good.  This is a terrible team and having Schaub leading them…. can you say pick six, pick six, pick six…?

22.          Cincinnati Bengals (26) – Solid game for a struggling Bengals team.  Dalton is having one of his good games, the D is making good turnovers.  Facing at team that at times can quit better than anyone seems to be a good remedy for a skidding Cincy team.  What will the 2nd half bring?  The Bengals simply cruised to the easy win.  One can’t make too much of this as they simply beat a really bad Ram team but the world will re-anoint this team as elite.

23.          San Diego Chargers (32) – Rivers seems to have found the fountain of youth in the jungles of Jacksonville.  The Bolt O is playing at the top of their game and the D has actually had moments of not sucking.  So far the dirty play hasn’t appeared.  If the Chargers keep this up they could win a game in this lost season.  The Chargers Offense was able to score more than they have in a long time.  The Charger D managed to make a few stops and get a couple of turnovers.  In the end the Chargers did get a win here.  This means nothing for anything but it is a win and shows they can care for a minute or two.

24.          St. Louis Rams (17) – St. Louis is reduced to using a half healthy QB and he isn’t that good when he is 100%.  The D is getting shredded early by the Bengals and Foles can’t get anything going.  The Rams are in danger of being blown out here by the start of the 4th quarter.  The Rams never got anything going but without a QB that isn’t a surprise.  Totally manhandled, destroyed and defeated.  This team once won a good game or two but now they can’t seem to win a quarter.

25.          Miami Dolphins (24) – Tannehill tossed a pick, which he is wont to do lately.  The Dolphins D is having issues getting the Jets under control.  The effort here seems to be backsliding and the Dolphins need to really give it all they have in the second half to keep in this game.  The Dolphins were run over and by the time NY took their foot off the gas it was a joke.  Tannehill looked like pretty solid crap until prevent allowed him to put up hollow numbers.  Another bad loss for a team desperately searching for direction.  Where do thry go from here and is Tannehill part of their future?

26.          Atlanta Falcons (25) – Atlanta’s D has had severe trouble stopping the run and even has had issues covering.  The D needs to be a lot tighter in the 2nd half.  Matty Melt has had issues but has managed to get a little production but must find a way to score or they could find themselves nearly out of the wild card and that would be so defining of this terrible team.  The Falcon O never got anything going.  Matty Melt simply melted away into a puddle.  The Atlanta rushing D was ripped and torn by Minnesota generally and AP the child whipper specifically.  A hard loss that could put this bad team where they belong which is outside the playoff hunt and looking in as they fall and fall and …. f…a…l…l…

27.          New Orleans Saints (27) – Brees and his O can’t seem to get a lot of traction against a pretty resilient Texan D.  The Saints D? terrible is a compliment for this awful D.  They have been picked apart by Bryan Hoyer and that says something.  If they can’t figure out how to stop the Texans, then this game is already over.  Hmmm, I thought firing the D coordinator was going to fix all those D issues? Evidently it isn’t systemic but player based.  The Saints just got schooled and never got the O going.  A bad loss for a team that is rating the QB draft class in 2016.

28.          Cleveland Browns (28) – Cleveland had issues keeping Baltimore down early then McCown got it going for a bit.  Then McCown got killed again and Austin Davis Peay came in.  The only team who has a small Texas college playing QB is Cleveland.  Peay got them tied and Cleveland D got a few good picks *silver platter presented but they count* and got to within a shot at a FG from grabbing a win but it was blocked and it was hard luck loss.  Good try.  Now that McCown is done, what will Pettine do? Can he find John SMU to play with Austin Davis Peay or will John Manziel be brought out of liar’s purgatory?

29.          Dallas Cowboys (23) – Great start for Romo tossing a pick six.  Greg Hardy is a scumbag.  Here’s hoping they will go quietly into the darkness of non-playoff land.  Romo knew that he couldn’t let that one pick six define his first half…he added a second and tossed another pick for the sake of it.  The Cowboy O is circling the bowl; the Cowboy D has held Carolina to 3 FG. Unfortunately, that is 3 more than Dallas has kicked.  They are 30 minutes away from being eliminated from the playoffs.  Start the preparations for the party now.  The Cowboys have 15 minutes left before being officially eliminated by the playoffs.  That is a technical fact.  The Cowboys are done, their O has sucked, their D not much better.  They have lost badly at home and it is funny.  #HowBoutDemCowboys? lol

30.          Tennessee Titans (30) – Tennessee is having some trouble stopping the big receivers for Oakland.  Mariota is trying to find holes in the Oakland D and the Titans still have a shot in this game. The Titan D is the culprit here.  Mariota took the team and drove the field and got them a lead with just about 4 minutes left.  All they needed was the D to make a few stops.  They didn’t.  Another loss.  I think they better concentrate on drafting D in 2016.

31.          San Francisco 49ers (31) – I thought SF was just ugly in their play and coaching but they top it with uniform selection.  Gabbert just plays to lose and the D does what it can with no talent.  Down by only 3 at the half is their moral victory.  The Niners used their ugly uniforms to distract Zona and get pressure on Palmer.  Gabbert managed to complete a few passes and score a TD too.  In the end they self-destructed with stupid penalties and when it counted they turned it over on downs.  A ‘good’ effort in what is another loss for a bad, bad team.

32.          Philadelphia Eagles (29) – The Eagles started out with a strong drive against a sleepy Det D and ended it with a missed FG.  Then the bad Eagle D appeared and didn’t realize you had to cover a receiver in the end zone and now they trail.  Eagles seem to have lost their mojo after one drive and now face a considerable challenge to not just be blown out in this game in the second half.  It is barely into the 2nd half and Philly finds themselves down by 24 and have allowed 4 pass touchdowns already.  They let in 5 last week but I am confident they can let in six at least.  The Eagles are in the unique position of having problems on offense, no talent on defense and no ability at coaching.  When Chip calls USC they may just hang up.  A terrible team who now is battling for worst in the NFL. Troy Aikman quote of the day “Why would you want to show your face on TV today if you’re an Eagle” lol.

 As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!