Mr. N’s Week 13 Power Poll‏ #NFL #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – Mailed it in to start but like a boulder rolling downhill they eventually roll over the opposition.  Out finally to a lead in the 3rd and now the D can make its presence felt.  The Panther D pretty much didn’t play very well but darned if Caaaaaam wasn’t able to do everything he had to and in the most unlikely scenario you could have with the Carolina D…. Carolina won a shootout.  It was pretty ugly but it was a win that keeps them undefeated and the BEST team in the NFL.

2.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – The Cards are kinda just skating past a really bad Ram team and not trying hard but have a good lead and pitching a shutout.  If they don’t prevent it, they have this in the bag.  The Cards didn’t prevent it, they put away the Rams and this was a laugher.  A good win over a rotten team.

3.            Denver Broncos (4) – Not having much trouble with the Chargers, the Broncos are starting to look like the team I thought they could be with great D and an O that can move.  Can you find a retirement home Peyton?  Denver D turned it on and just put the game on ice.  Super easy win for Denver and now they look like a complete team.  If they never use Manning again they might make the Super Bowl this year…if they do use Manning…well good luck with that.

4.            Seattle Seahawks (9) – Seahawks came to play and are using dominating D to keep Minnesota shut down while their O is working to get them out to a good lead at the half.  The Seahawks tore this open and it was a laugher.  A great win over what was supposed to be a great D.  Sets them up well for a playoff run if they keep playing like this. Great win.

5.            Kansas City Chiefs (7) – Kansas City finds itself with a chance to solidify their wild card spot but alas Oakland has brought their game and KC is in a fight for its life today.  KC was able to concentrate in the 2nd half and Smith used both good passing and running to take a lead and put the game away and now they have a better hold on a wild card spot.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – Superb win for Pittsburgh, started a little slow, got it rolling and never let up.  Ben was immaculate and Brown put on a clinic.  Superb O, D that flew all over the field making plays.  The Steelers can make the playoffs if they play this kind of D the last 4 games this year.  A great win.

7.            New England Patriots (5) – Should have been out to a big lead but with special teams issues and picks from Brady and they are losing to the worst team in the NFL.  The Pats put themselves down 3 scores and then battled back to get 2.  That didn’t add up and the Wicked Witches of Foxboro couldn’t cheat their way out of this loss.  What a shocking loss and boy I bet B&B are pissed. LoL.

8.            New York Jets (12) –The Jets are battling in the Swamps of Jersey.  They are in a must win game and are giving all they have on O and playing Ok D and this could come down to the 4th quarter.  The Jets D made a lot of mistakes early in the second half and they found themselves down 2 possessions going into the 4th quarter.  A late comeback brought them back from the brink and they got to OT.  A FG for the Jets and a stop that created a miss FG for the G-men and NYJ have still a little playoff life.

9.            Indianapolis Colts (6) – The Colts must keep a list of who they can’t play well against.  I forgot Pittsburgh was on this list.  Every time Ben plays them the destroys them.  Hasselbeck has never won in Pittsburgh and he never has.  Came out with 2 golden picks and the day was pretty much over.  The D couldn’t make any stops, the O couldn’t score any and for fun the special teams blew one too.  A very ugly loss and just exactly how good or bad is Indy?

10.          Green Bay Packer (11) – Green Bay came out flat.  The O line was terrible and Aaron Rodgers was inaccurate, battered and bad.  Before they could barely get a first down they were down 10-0.  The Packer D was unable to stop run or pass and they were shut out in the first half.  Facing prevent D the Packers came back and were within 2 when it came to the last play.  As the Packers started the hook and lateral and time expired we all knew it was over for Green Bay.  As Rodgers was sacked it was a great moment of the end of an…wait…what? That wasn’t a face mask.  The shoulder pad pull had the head turn and go down.  So a bad call gave GB one shot and since their opponent was in shock they didn’t defend the Hail Mary and GB wins.  Um, yay for them, they won a game they had lost but were given by the refs. Rodgers was hit badly again and is injured but won’t admit it, the O line is bad and the D is bad and the O is bad and GB is bad.  It was a rewarded win.

11.          Minnesota Vikings (3) – What is wrong with Minnesota?  They have to play with the big boys or this promising season may just be a mirage.  They have to get the rush O working against a tough Run D or this game will be lost.  The Vikings never showed up.  How this happened will be a discussion point all week.  The loss here really doesn’t end their division hopes but the week 1 loss to a terrible SF team did.  They can’t play the good teams and that may just mean this season is a mirage.

12.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Winston is trying hard in a tough division battle and he needs the Buc D to stand up to keep them in this game.  Tampa fell behind but they wouldn’t give up.  Tampa D made the stops late when they had to and Winston was able to make the drives he had to in order to put them in the lead and they won.  A great win for a young team that sits but one game out of the playoffs and if they keep winning they may yet have a shot at something improbable.

13.          Cincinnati Bengals (22) – Playing a team with no one at QB and having a laugh.  Slow start that picked up speed and the question is will they win by a shutout and also will they score 40.  Over already.  The Bengals blew out the hapless Browns.  If they hadn’t it would have been a surprise.  A good win to beat a team you should.

14.          Buffalo Bills (18) – Buffalo off to a good start again but their D is having great issues making stops.  Taylor and his crew do enough to put Buffalo in position to control games and the D keeps letting the other team back in.  If they lose this game they will be done.  They must find more heart or it will all end here today for Buffalo.  The Bills found heart, good rushing O and solid leadership and quarterback play by Taylor.  They then actually got some decent stops by their D and they won!  This win keeps the Bills in the wild card hunt and now it’s just on to next week.

15.          Detroit Lions (16) – Detroit came out and dominated from the start.  Solid D, good rush O and effective pass O.  The Lions got up to a double digit lead and keep the pressure up.  By the 3rd quarter they had decided to go prevent (a mistake) and they let GB nearly tie the game.  They had sacked Rodgers to end the game but a BLOWN call by an official (The zillionth this year despite Blandino the Comedian’s statement) and then not defending a Hail Mary properly and they were awarded a loss.  This always happens to Detroit.  Tough to be ruled a loss by the NFL officials.

16.          Houston Texans (8) – The Texans are in a game for their post season life and the D has had issues off the top stopping the Run.  The Texan O so far has been able to match Buffalo score for score and show signs of wearing down the Bills by the half.  Houston found its defense, that had been trending up in the last month running out of gas.  The Texans fell behind and when push came to shove the offense couldn’t get it done when it had to.  This loss here could put Houston on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

17.          New York Giants (14) – Challenged on D by the Jets the Giants are bringing a good Pass rush but need to cover better.  The Giant O is scoring but this is a must win for them and someone in New Jersey will be heart broken by the end of this.  The Giants took control of the game but then let the Jets claw all the way back.  In overtime they allowed a FG, played kinda badly with the ball and missed a FG to lose.  Just a bad second half effort and this effectively wipes out their playoff hopes and puts them in Dallas territory now.

18.          Oakland Raiders (15) – Excellent effort by Oakland on O and D and if they keep this up they could throw a wrench into a rival’s playoff hopes.  Alas Oakland gave their all but it wasn’t enough.  Carr turned it over and they just couldn’t score when they had to and down they went.  They still could be a playoff team in 2016.

19.          Jacksonville Jaguars (20) – The Jags have good O and no D and that is going to make this game a bit of a pinball game.  Whoever scores last will win.  The Jags O can’t be faulted as they just scored and scored and scored.  Sadly, whatever stands for their D couldn’t make a stop and the problem with scoring 39 is when you allow 42.  A bad loss that lays on the doorstep of that D.

20.          Baltimore Ravens (21) – The Ravens are getting decent play from Matt ‘The Walking Pick Six’ Schaub has them out in the lead.  Not bad play by the D either so they are off to a good start today.  Then mister Pick Six has put them in a hole and he may just be the reason they lose today.  The Raven D actually played really well and totally stifled Miami but the turnovers were the difference and this team lost their 75 billionth game by 4 points or less and they still are eliminated even if math doesn’t agree.

21.          Miami Dolphins (25) – The Dolphins have one serious problem and he plays QB for them. Tannehill is a complete bust and the sooner they realize it the better and faster they can improve.  They are having trouble keeping in this game in the first half until Schaub started the pick fest and now the Fins have a decent lead with a terrible QB.  The Dolphins got less than 200 yards O and won.  That was ugly but hey for Miami it’s a miracle.

22.          Washington Redskins (13) – A team with their playoff hopes in their hands and they just stunk out the house.  Terrible uninspired play on O and ok D and they stumbled and fumbled all the way until they did the key fumble and although they scored one TD late in the end it was the D who let them down and they lost a game they should have won in a walk.  Ugly loss.

23.          Chicago BEARS (17) – What is wrong with Chicago? Their D is letting SF move the ball.  SAN FRANCISCO!!!!  That team has no one on O at all and they are putting together drives.  Cutler tossed yet another pick six and one has to wonder if Chicago thinks so much of their win over GB that they forgot they have to play hard today.  Will see what the half time speech does.  The speech helped the O a little but the D simply was flat and after Cutler drove for a late lead the D was flat and let SF tie the game. In OT the BEARS Secondary sucked and they lost an embarrassing game.  The season is over and they should be ashamed of this loss.

24.          San Diego Chargers (23) – Having issues on O and D this could be a bad day for a team having a terrible year.  SD couldn’t muster any semblance of O against a tough D and they never were able to close the gap and lost another one.  A team with just no hope but maybe one with lots of changes ahead in 2016.

25.          St. Louis Rams (24) – So much for the Rams having the Cards number.  Foles picked, no O, bad special teams plays, poor D.  That this team looked good a couple of time seems like a million years ago.  The Rams were never in this and have bad D and bad O and bad coaching and no hope for anything this year but the shot to draft a new QB.

26.          Atlanta Falcons (26) – The Falcons have Freeman back and are battling in Tampa to just keep their hopes alive. The D is playing well so far.  The Falcons took the lead but they were unable to stop Tampa Bay on consecutive drives and they fell behind.  When it came down to it, once more, Atlanta couldn’t get the points they needed.  Matty Melted again and the Falcons lost.  They are well out of the wild card and barely able to see in.

27.          New Orleans Saints (27) – They had a good start with good D but they can’t keep Carolina down and this bad D is starting to play like a bad D.  The Saint D was terrible but the Saint O was great.  Brees gave everything he had and put the Saints in the position to win over and over. Over and over the Saint D gave up the score to put them in position to lose.  They lost.  That is their best effort but they lost again.  They may not have this energy again. This one breaks what is left of their spirit.

28.          Dallas Cowboys (29) – The Cowboys came out with tough D and no O and the team took part in a terribly sloppy first 3 quarters and showed the world just how bad a team it is.  It got a late turnover and finally scored a TD and then with one more break kicked a FG to win it.  Yes, they are a game out of first in the NFC Least but they are still a terrible team and yes, Greg Hardy is a scumbag.

29.          Tennessee Titans (30) – The Titans are scoring as much as Jacksonville and having D issues.  Last team that scores may win.  Mariota is the difference between this team being bad and good.  Another great effort by Mariota and putting up 40 points was the difference with a D this poor.  Super individual effort that got them a win and keeps the future looking bright for Tennessee. In 2016 or maybe 2017.

30.          San Francisco 49ers (31) – SF is a terrible team but are playing ok on the road.  They got a golden pick six and Gabbert and his crew of non-nflers have scored a TD.  The D is crappy but trying.  Being tied at the half is more than they could have hoped for and they could steal a win here.  San Fran was able to keep scoring and they even drove for the tying TD late in the fourth and then scored the winning TD in OT.  A good effort by a horrible team and they get another win against what is quickly becoming a really bad division in the NFC.

31.          Philadelphia Eagles (32) – The Eagles have no place to go but up and are playing with nothing to lose and amazingly, with a golden pick six from Brady they have a 2nd half lead.  The Eagles put up a huge lead and somehow their awful D managed to hold on to win by the skin of their teeth.  What a colossal upset.  Well done Philly.  You still suck but you won this one!

32.          Cleveland Browns (28) – No O, terrible D that can’t cover.  A team that has simply lost its will to play and this game could be extremely ugly by the time it’s over.  Davis should have just stayed as a small Texas college as being in the NFL doesn’t work for him.  No O, No D.  Destroyed.  A team that is now seemingly in the hunt for one of the top 3 QBs in the draft.

 As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

 Mr. N. the BEARS Fan


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