Mr. N’s #NFL Week 17 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (2) – If the doubters questioning how good this team is wish to continue that discussion please put in this game tape.  When it was all on the line and first place overall was there for the taking they dominated.  Every facet of the game, every aspect, all 60 minutes.  Carolina is the best and the road to Super Bowl 50 goes through Carolina.

2.            Seattle Seahawks (7) – The Seahawks brought their A game on the road.  Explosive offense, dominant defense and this game was over by the half.  A superb game that was a laugher.  Now this team is on a roll and ready to face an opponent on the road on Wild Card Weekend.

3.            Kansas City Chiefs (3) – Kansas City had a shot at the division with a win and help and they played hard on D and pretty ok on O and found themselves well out in front.  The D seemed to fall into prevent and by late in the 4th quarter it was down to a less than one score lead.  Some final inspired D play and Kansas City barely got out with a win.  Now how well will they do in the Wild Card is the question.

4.            Denver Broncos (6) – Osweiler and the Broncos struggled in the first half and turned the ball over 5 times.  The Broncs could barely hold a 1-point lead.  Elway made a call and the archeological remains of Peyton Manning were discovered.  Ol’ flop ball came in and did such amazing things…he handed off the ball over and over.  He threw 5 yard, even 6 yard passes.  He overthrew on deep balls.  He has been risen to stand above Zeus on Mount Olympus now tho.  One would think the Messiah had come back but no it was just Manning.  Wait ‘til he is tossing his ball in the winter weather and watch it wobble.  Nothing has changed, he is still way over the hill and will not lead Denver to a Super Bowl.  It gives them home field but that won’t be enough in my view with that old man at QB.

5.            Minnesota Vikings (5) – It was time to see if, finally, Minnesota could slay its dragon.  It started out slow.  The Vikes D was able to bash the QB who used to be known as a healthy Aaron Rodgers and keep the Pack off the scoreboard for the most part.  The Vikes had issues getting much more than field goals early too.  They kept up the D pressure and finally Teddy was able to get the offense going.  Add to that a bit of defensive magic that saved Teddy’s bacon and the Vikings were up 20-3 over their immortal enemy.  Sure they let in 10 points basically against prevent but the outcome was never in doubt.  An amazing win that finally put Minnesota on top of Green Bay.  Now they earn the right to host the Seahawks.  Good luck guys!

6.            Washington Redskins (9) – The Skins are playing 7 on 7 and ripping up a really terrible Cowboy team.  They were up by 24 in a meaningless game and may just prevent Dallas back into it.  Washington was able to put the foot back on the gas for a couple of more drives and put the game away.  Solid performance and no one key got hurt so they are as ready as they can be for Wild Card week.

7.            Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Battling to be in this game and they need the win for a bye spot.  The Bengals D must really give it in the 2nd half to have a shot here.  The Bengals D did a solid job in the half and the O got the job done.  A good win for Cincy in a game they should have won.  Now they will wait and see what seed they get.  (it was 3)

8.            Arizona Cardinals (1) – Did Arizona get the invite to this game?  It appears not.  There was no evidence they could play O and certainly no evidence of the D showing up at all.  They were blown out right from the start and this is not how you want to prepare for the playoffs.  If they don’t clear this mess up they will be a shocking one and done.

9.            Houston Texans (12) – A team who knows what is at stake and are taking advantage of that with a great performance at the half.  30 minutes to the division title.  The Texans simply rolled over Jacksonville.  Solid O, Solid D and good special teams.  A laugher and a nice way to clinch the division and get into the playoffs.  Can they make any noise in January is the question.

10.          New England Patriots (8) – With few healthy players left the Pats are battling to stay in the game against a Dolphin team set on beating them.  They really will have to cheat in the 2nd half.  The Pats didn’t seem to have much heart in this one.  They even seemed to not try to cheat much.  They lost kind of quietly and if they can lose the first seed that will be funny.  They did and it is.

11.          Green Bay Packers (11) – The Packers had a win and win the division situation.  They found a Minnesota D that were not able to push around.  For thirty minutes they managed only a field goal as Rodgers was knocked all around and despite getting to his feet looking in pain and dazed many times with a camera right on him…the paid Pyro and the Idiot of NBC never noticed that.  In the second half the Packer D let in a TD fast and then was able to hold down the Vikings but by then they were in a hole.  The O was never able to score enough.  This team stumbles into the playoffs now as a wild card.  They go to Washington.  With a bad O line, an injured Rodgers, no real wide receivers and a D that is suspect I believe these Packers are a one and done.

12.          Pittsburgh Steelers (13) – The Steelers are battling a game Cleveland squad with a bit better D performance and they can possibly steal a playoff spot if they can get it going here.  The Steelers D really attributed themselves well and stymied the Brown O and with the great passing by Big Ben the Steelers sealed the deal and have made the playoffs.  Congrats.  Now get your D to play well every week.

13.          New York Jets (4) – Do the Jets realize they can be in the playoffs if they win? They are playing pretty badly with drops etc. and find themselves deep in a snow drift in Western NY.  They better pick it up.  They didn’t pick it up.  The Jets had every opportunity to get this done but the D couldn’t make the necessary stops and Fitzpatrick ended his good season being Ryan Fitzpatrick.  I have always said this QB is a 2 TD/3 INT guy and that is basically what he did to cost them the playoffs.

14.          Indianapolis Colts (14) – With the Wife of the landlord from Three’s Company at QB the Colts are in trouble against a game Titan team.  The Colts used both the actress from Three’s Company and the QB formerly known as Josh Freeman to get 30 points and a win.  Of course they are out of the playoffs and likely have gotten their coach fired but they did win.  This team needs a HUGE amount of help.

15.          Detroit Lions (17) – The Lions are playing Ok and taking advantage of golden turnovers and have this game in hand without much effort.  The Lions D got taken apart a bit in the 2nd half but Stafford and the O was able to score the last score and win them a meaningless game.  Congrats Detroit, I would fire Caldwell.

16.          Buffalo Bills (19) – Sexy Rexy must like playing spoiler as he is playing it to the hilt.  The Bills are dominating the game and are 30 minutes away from breaking the hearts of the Jets. Revenge was sweet for Ryan today.  The Bills D played decently for maybe the first time in 6 weeks and the Bills O did just enough to break the hearts of the Jets and send them home to watch the playoffs on TV.

17.          Philadelphia Eagles (27) – Playing a team who doesn’t care and using a D that can’t play and this is a bit of a shootout.  Which rotten team scores last wins.  The rotten Eagles scored last and won.  Nondescript D managed to make the necessary stop and the Eagles have clinched their choice of sofa seating for watching the playoffs.

18.          New Orleans Saints (23) – The Saints, with nothing to play for are engaged in a classic NFC South Shootout.  Can Brees toss 400 yards and lotsa TDs? For the sake of one fantasy playoff game I hope so.  It is close at the half.  The Saints D actually played better in the second half and then they got a key pick and were able to take it down the field and win the game.  Congrats to New Orleans a nice way to end the regime of Payton and Brees.

19.          Miami Dolphins (28) – The Fins are playing hard today and are at least tied with New England at the half which is a moral victory.  The Dolphins did better than a moral victory.  They got a victory.  Tannehill looked a bit like an NFL QB and they managed to beat their rival.  Meaningless but shows they had some heart in the last game.

20.          Oakland Raiders (15) – The Raider O seemed to be overwhelmed in the first half by a tough Chief D.  Oakland’s D got beat a couple of times and they had a big hole to climb out of.  Credit to Oakland they didn’t give up.  Albeit against prevent, the Raiders drove to within 6 and had a shot but were just unable to get it done.  A pretty good effort.  This team has a great core of talent and will be heard from often in 2016.

21.          New York Giants (16) – Terrible D that hasn’t tried for 2 weeks but an O that is trying has them in shootout for what should be Coughlin’s swansong.  The Giants scored a lot but when it counted they couldn’t get the last one.  The D let in a ton and that is the story of the Giants.  Another loss and likely the end of Tom Coughlin.  A great coach with a good record but in my view averaging 8.5 wins a year doesn’t equal Canton.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22) – Tampa wound up walking into a buzz saw.  Whatever issues Carolina had in the last two weeks have been taken care of.  Outplayed on O and D the Bucs never had a shot.  This was a slaughter and Tampa probably deserved a better ending to a year in which they made some nice strides.  They will be better in 2016, especially once Kwon Alexander returns at MLB.

23.          Jacksonville Jaguars (20) – The Jags are struggling on O and having issues on D too.  (as usual).  Down a load at the half the Jags need to get the offense working or this is a blowout.  The Jags never got the O working, Bortles had an uncharacteristically bad day with golden turnovers.  The D gave up points upon points and the O couldn’t even make it close.  A year when Jacksonville made strides.  They have a core, on O, and need to fix up the D so losses like this are much less frequent in 2016.

24.          San Diego Chargers (21) – The Chargers are giving what’s left of their all in this game and kept it within 1 point for 30 minutes.  They fell behind but battled back late and took a lead and then in the end the D let in a TD.  The Chargers are team with terrible leadership, a soon to be fired head coach *probably fired by the time this is posted* and a very old QB.  They need a ton of help and I wish them luck in Los Angeles.  It was a tough loss. (and so far McCoy survives)

25.          Baltimore Ravens (25) – Giving their all again in a division game and they could steal this one from Cincy if they can keep up the pressure.  How about that? Baltimore isn’t very good and can be beaten.  Cincy put the Ravens away and they simply didn’t have the O or the D to get this game.  A loss to end a bad year in Charm City.

26.          Atlanta Falcons (24) – Atlanta playing like a team with a D that is more rep than ability.  In a shootout and keeping pace with New Orleans.  Don’t know who will win this yet.  The Falcons D tightened up and the game see-sawed as a tie for most of the second half.  In the end Matty Ice did his Matty Melt and tossed the game losing golden pick.  A loss that showed how many problems this alleged good team has with defensive lapses and bad turnovers on O.

27.          St. Louis Rams (18) – A team with nothing to play for playing ok on the final weekend.  No real offense but Ok D and they have battled to get the game to OT.  After scuffling about in OT they finally got to within a shot of winning the game with a FG and it was blocked.  A lot of effort by two sad sack teams.  And then the Rams D quit and they lost.  Does Fisher keep his job? Keenum should keep his QB job.

28.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – A team with nothing to play for playing ok on the final weekend.  No real offense but Ok D and they have battled to get the game to OT.  After scuffling about in OT they finally had a defensive lapse that has put them in danger of losing the last game to a FG and they blocked it.  Does anyone want to win this?  SF did.  It is a win and congrats you finish not the worst in the NFL!

29.          Chicago BEARS (26) – What a woeful effort.  Bad Cutler is back; the D is playing ok but the team is barely even going through the motions.  They need a heck of a motivational speech at the half.  Musta been an ok speech as they burst out and scored a couple of TDs and took a lead but the D let one more score in and the BEARS end the year on a loss.  What an ugly home loss but fitting for an ugly year.  Oh and congrats you won just enough games to cost you a top 5 draft pick.

30.          Cleveland Browns (29) – Nothing to play for and no one at QB the Browns are playing hard against Pittsburgh at the half.  The Browns gave effort that they could but being without any ability at QB just was too much and they could barely muster any points.  A loss for a team that now stands with the chance to re-do the QB position again.  Do they use #2 to get one of the top 3 College QBs?

31.          Tennessee Titans (30) – Gotta give Tennessee credit for showing heart on O and D for at least the first 30 and are giving Indy all they can handle.  Tennessee with a cast of ‘who is that’ playing QB at times were able to almost win this game.  A really good full game effort.  The Titans may have the first pick overall but they don’t need a QB and will have their choice of the best available unless they can trade that pick for a bushel basket of talent.

32.          Dallas Cowboys (31) – “I don’t know what Dallas is doing on defense” That quote by the color guy pretty much defines the laughable state of this already ‘Super Bowl contender 2016’ sad sack rotten Cowboys.  They were battered and bashed and once totally destroyed they have scored a couple.  How many naked pictures of the Jones family does DEAD MAN COACHING have?  The Cowboys were able to make it within a couple of TDs but never really contended.  Greg Hardy was, is and will always be a SCUMBAG.  The Cowboys lost again.  Their D is terrible.  I will keep track of how many paid analysts say this pile of crap is a Super Bowl 51 contender.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Mr. N the BEARS Fan


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