Mr. N’s Wild Card Weekend Power Poll #NFL #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – On the bye and they get to host the seemingly ‘Super Bowl fave’ Seahawks.  My thinking is that this may just not be close and it will be a lot of footballs handed to kids in the end zone by Cam before he dabs all over the place.  They know how to beat Seattle and this may not even be a speedbump for them.

2.            Seattle Seahawks (2) – Seattle came out in the cold and had terrible problems getting the O working.  Unable to muster anything in the first half the only positive was that they had a D that held Minnesota to only Field Goals.  Once the second half started it continued the same.  When it seemed that Seattle might just be shut out there was a miracle bad snap, terrible D, lucky toss and suddenly Seattle was in business.  A moment later and they had a touchdown.  Then a golden turnover and it was a FG and a lead.  The D played hard but the O was quieted down.  With the game on the line the D made 2 huge mistakes and Seattle was about to be eliminated.  But for a missed field goal this team was done.  They will now take their horse shoe up their ass hides to Carolina where the Panthers should not be so accommodating.  A lucky, LUCKY L-U-C-K-Y win for a team that is a shadow of what it used to be and no they are not very good.

3.            Kansas City Chiefs (3) – Was going to be a battle of two strong D’s.  The Chiefs came out with solid D and pulled out 4 super turnovers in the first half.  The Special teams have amounted for all the points and Alex Smith has missed some key shots.  If they can put up even 3 more in the second half this could be over.  It is still a ball game.  KC came out and kept picking off the ball and finally got production from the O.  A TD put it out of reach and the second TD made it a laugher.  Great win.  They lost Maclin and that could hurt but for now if they pack that D they can give NE a hell of a battle next week.

4.            Denver Broncos (4) – On the bye heading into a showdown with a battered Pittsburgh team with an old man at QB.  They need the D to perform lights out or even a beaten up Pittsburgh team might take them down.

5.            Arizona Cardinals (8) – On the bye they have lucked out with getting an over confident GB team coming to town.  The Card D and blazing pass O should be able to rip apart the Packer line and laughable secondary.  We are going to see if Zona can beat Carolina me thinks.

6.            New England Patriots (10) – On the bye a team struggling with injury and lack of talent faces a game KC team.  It is even money if New England can cheat enough to beat the Chiefs.

7.            Green Bay Packers (11) – The true Packers played the first quarter, their O line sucked, they had no secondary and trouble stopping the run.  The Pack got lucky with a pass and kept up the pressure and took over the game.  Much is being made that this team is good on D *they are not* and that Rogers has the O working *he is an injury waiting to happen*.  Barring a humungous upset this sad excuse for a team should be slaughtered by the Cards next week.

8.            Pittsburgh Steelers (12) – The Steelers found themselves playing a bitter division rival in a monsoon.  The offense was unable to get any real traction for most of the early part.  Tomlin was smart enough to keep kicking threes and he had a lead and a shutout.  Finally, the Bucs got a TD and held a lead.  The D played a very good game *you never know how well the Steeler D will play on any given Sunday*.  They let in a late TD and then let in a FG and then a very late TD and found themselves down with less than 2 to play.  The late FG won them the game.  Now they take this motley crew to Denver.  Oh by the way, the game was a disgrace.  Pittsburgh’s coaches were out of control, members of the O line played dirty too.  Unfortunately, both Big Ben and Antonio Brown were badly injured by illegal hits by a madman.  Had the refs properly called every dirty play from the first moment this game would have been in control.  Terrible reffing led to this mess.  It was a win.  Oh and a superb catch by Bryant *makes ODB’s catch look like an easy grab*

9.            Minnesota Vikings (5) – Minnesota played solid D for the first 45 minutes.  The Vikings O couldn’t get more than 3 points at a time but Zimmer wasn’t afraid to kick them when he had a shot.  They had a bad defensive lapse and allowed a late TD.  AP the child beater fumbled and it was golden and suddenly they trailed for the first time all game.  They made a good defensive stop and got the ball back with 2 minutes or so.  A great drive and they had a chip shot FG to win the playoff game.  Blair Walsh missed.  It was a gimme and he missed.  I would cut him immediately.  You can’t miss that kick and be on my team.  Terrible heart breaking loss.  Teddy did his job, the D did the job, Zimmer did the job and Walsh didn’t do his.

10.          Washington Redskins (6) – Came out on fire with solid D, that forced a safety.  Solid O that led to a quick 11-point lead.  Pitched a shutout and had the game in control early.  Then it all just fell apart.  Turnovers, bad plays, misplays on D and before they turned around they were down by 3 scores.  A team that has a future but seems to still need to work on getting consistency on D and tightening up their O to be mistake free.  We will see what they can do in free agency and the draft to keep moving forward.

11.          Cincinnati Bengals (7) -The Bengals O had great trouble getting anything going in a monsoon.  Shut out for the first half basically.  The Bengals D was able to hold the Steelers to only FGs.  The second half brought a new McCarron who drove the field and he did all he could to put the game in the hands of Cincinnati.  McCarron was excellent in the second half and he did everything he could to win the game.  The fumble by Hill was a critical error.  The egregious, vicious, evil, intent to kill hit by Burfict on Brown was unconscionable and he should be BANNED from the NFL forever.  Adam Crapman Jones needs to be removed from the game *he is out of chances*.  Marvin Lewis should be fired immediately.  It is up to him to control his team and he didn’t.  Horrible way to end their season.  Colossal embarrassment for the Brown family and the Bengals should be ashamed.

*That the NFL thought it was a good idea to have the same Ref at this game as was at the last matchup that went out of control puts some of this blame on the NFL.  The Stand Up Comedian is at fault there.  Those Refs who worked last night should never work in the playoffs again this year.  They missed so many calls that could have controlled this game.  The NFL should be ashamed*

12.          Houston Texans (9) – Just about as bad a first half as they could have.  Hoyer terrible and his decision making has turned the ball over 4 times.  D has been solid but with no O and 4 golden turnovers they are lucky to be down 13.  They need to get it together or this is over quick.  They didn’t get it together.  Hoyer turned it over more times than Waffle House does pancakes on a Sunday.  What a rotten effort and terrible injury to Watt and this was over.  Ugly way to lose a game and end a season.  They need a QB and perhaps some consistency from the Head Coach.

13.          New York Jets.

14.          Indianapolis Colts.

15.          Detroit Lions.

16.          Buffalo Bills – Rex has hired his brother Rob to coach the D.  Bet Rob will like not being screamed at so much on the sideline now!

17.          Philadelphia Eagles.

18.          New Orleans Saints

19.          Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins hired Adam Gase to be their coach.  The former BEARS O/C wasn’t nice enough to Chicago to at least take Cutler with him.

20.          Oakland Raiders.

21.          New York Giants.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

23.          Jacksonville Jaguars.

24.          San Diego Chargers – part of a 3 team race to LA and the early word is they may be the odd man out.

25.          Baltimore Ravens.

26.          Atlanta Falcons.

27.          St. Louis Rams – one of the teams that may be outmaneuvering the Chargers out of a L.A. home.

28.          San Francisco 49ers – Their search for a head coach has led them to interview the O/C of Cleveland.  Yes, Cleveland.  If that doesn’t say San Fran has a problem I don’t know what does.

29.          Chicago BEARS – The BEARS say they are fully committed to Jay Cutler at QB in 2016.  My thinking is that they should be fully committed to a loony bin for thoughts like that.

30.          Cleveland Browns.

31.          Tennessee Titans.

32.          Dallas Cowboys – it is official, dead man coaching will be back in 2016.  I don’t know what he has on the Jones family but it must be gold plated.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


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