How The Gronk Turns‏: Random Pre Combine Football Thoughts #NFL #Patriots

We are now well past our Super Bowl break and but a few days from the Combine.  Much has and is going on in the NFL…A few thoughts…


So Gronk had his ‘cruise with the Gronk’ event and thousands young people got to go and get drunk ‘with’ Gronk.  During the festivities Gronk took to the stage and offered 10 Grand to any couple who would come up and have sex in front of everyone.
This has been laughed off as boys being boys.
When serial cop basher LeSean McCoy tried to only invite attractive women to a party…this was conduct unbecoming a man and damaging to women and so low class.
The analysis of the McCoy party isn’t wrong but isn’t it interesting that when McCoy does it, that’s wrong and when Gronkowski does it…he’s being fun.
Goodell wants any player with two personal fouls in a game next year to be ejected from the game.  I support that.  Now it appears this will turn into the college ‘targetting’ rule.  Every time a player gets a 2nd and faces auto ejection then replay may step in to review if the 2nd call was a good call.  That is what the NFL needs…another long replay break.
How many people are shocked that Randy Gregory of the Cowboys got caught using drugs and was suspended first 4 games of 2016?  This is the guy who was caught using in College – suspended – caught using AT THE COMBINE – fell to the ‘Boys in pick 60.  How ’bout them Cowboys?
Interesting discussions in regards to what Tennessee may do with #1.  Do they take the best LT and give themselves bookends to protect Mariotta? Do they trade for a bunch of picks?  Fun to watch.
That’s just a taste of what is going on in the NFL!
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MR N’s #NFL #Superbowl Weekend Power Poll #SB50 #Superbowl50

 NFL Power Rankings

1.              Denver Broncos (2) – The Broncos came out with a solid game plan and executed it to a tee.  They relied on D and got a lot of help from Carolina mistakes and Ref decisions.  The offense was beyond putrid but the D was able to get the job done.  They won one for Pat and for Peyton and the next person who says they can repeat is the stand up comedian of the year.  A team that finished first because of their win but I tell you this team is in no way the best in the NFL.

2.              Carolina Panthers (1) – The Panthers came out nervous.  Caaaaaam missed at least 3 wide open receivers for what would have been long gains or tds.  There was a challenge that the NFL got wrong and ruled not a catch and that changed the game completely and took away what would have been a Panther lead in the 1stquarter.  For all the over throws, penalties and turnovers the Panthers deserved to lose.  They were the worst team today.  I would love to see the Panther effort that they used against Arizona –  play against the Broncos.  I see them as the huge fave for the Super Bowl in 2016.  A bad loss for a great team.

3.                Arizona Cardinals.

3a.            New England Patriots.

4.            Kansas City Chiefs.

5.            Green Bay Packers.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers.

7.            Seattle Seahawks.

8.            Minnesota Vikings.

9.          Washington Redskins.

10.          Cincinnati Bengals.

11.          Houston Texans.

12.          New York Jets.

13.          Indianapolis Colts.

14.          Detroit Lions.

15.          Buffalo Bills – LeSean McCoy offseason training is beating 2 off duty cops nearly to death with a champagne bottle.  Methinks he is in a load of trouble once he is arrested.

16.          Philadelphia Eagles.

17.          New Orleans Saints

18.          Miami Dolphins.

19.          Oakland Raiders.

20.          New York Giants.

21.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

22.          Jacksonville Jaguars.

23.          San Diego Chargers.

24.          Baltimore Ravens.

25.          Atlanta Falcons.

26.          Los Angeles Rams.

27.          San Francisco.

28.          Chicago BEARS.

29.          Cleveland Browns – Evidently they covered for Manziel when he showed up drunk at practice.  The fine for the Browns should be huge for this horrific behavior..

30.          Tennessee Titans.

31.          Dallas Cowboys.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

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