Thoughts from the #NFLCombine and the Past Week‏ #NFL



I had been meaning to write then the Atlanta Falcons inspired me.  Evidently when the Falcons, who’s secondary has been terrible for a long while, are faced with the prospect of drafting a top corner-back their first thought is his sexual preference.  For a team that can’t cover a WR even if they throw large blankets over them they need to worry more about drafting ball hawking CBs and Safeties who can cover and not worry about things that are not part of the football equation.

Evidently Peyton Manning is retiring tomorrow.  He can ride off into the sunset and follow his reputation and all his commercial endorsements that have already set in the west.  I could say you could stick a needle in him but I believe he has personally done that many times already.
From the Combine…there are a lot of solid Offensive linemen available including Tunsil who should go #1 to Tennessee.
You need a QB?  Wentz and Goff are pretty sure fire franchise options.  Someone may get a good one with Hackenburg and don’t over look Cook.
There is at least 1 good first round RB in Elliott.
There a a lot of good edge rushers again and teams can bulk up their D with this crop of draftees.
Free Agent frenzy hits March 7 and that will be interesting to watch.
Free Agent thoughts will come next week.
MR N the BEARS Fan

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