#NFLFreeAgency Frenzy: Thoughts and Opinions #NFL

1. Denver Broncos have not QB, are considering RGIII, Kap or Fitzpatrick. The addition of any one of those would still have them needing a QB lol. Signed OL Donald Stephenson and he will fill one of the many holes Denver now has.


2. Carolina Panthers lost their punter…must like the rest of their team.


3. Arizona Cardinals signed S Tyvon Branch and he will be a nice contributor to this solid secondary.


4. New England Patriots. Crickets.


5. Kansas City Chiefs Signed OL Mitchell Schwartz and he isn’t great but he can block sometimes.


6. Green Bay Packers. Crickets.


7. Pittsburgh Steelers signed TE Ladarius Green and he could ably replace Heath Miller in steel town.


8. Seattle Seahawks. Sound of the door closing as many have left the building.


9. Minnesota Vikings signing Alex Boone OL gives a solid player who can work all along the line and help the run and pass game.


10. Washington Redskins. Crickets


11. Cincinnati Bengals. Crickets


12. Houston Texans – signed Brock Osweiler to be their franchise QB. Well if you saw his 7 games you saw him play good and poorly and I for one would not have given him this money but a team with no QB had to do something. A lot for a lot of hope. Signed Lamar Miller RB and for the life of me he is just another Alfred Blue so this is a lot of cash for not a lot of RB. Signed OL Jeff Allen to replace a FA loss and that will work.


13. New York Jets signed Matt Forte and he won’t give them the goal line burst that Ivory had *they could draft a big guy* but his speed and pass receiving skill make him a big addition to a team needing one. Signed RB Khiry Robinson and here is the big power back they need to compliment Forte.


14. Indianapolis Colts. Crickets.


15. Detroit Lions signed Marvin Jones ostensibly to replace the retiring Megatron. They will be massively disappointed. They have paid nearly #1 WR money for a #3 guy.


16. Buffalo Bills Crickets.


17. Philadelphia Eagles Signed Leodis McKelvin CB and he brings a good ability to play better than Byron Maxwell did. Signed Chase Daniels QB to compete with Sam *ow I hurt my arm changing the tv channel* Bradford. Even money says Daniels is starting QB by week 3 of 2016. Signed Rodney McLeod S who NFL metrics rated as a top 10 safety and he will bring ball hawking and Serious Ronnie Lott style tackling to an Eagle team who could use both. Signed OL Brandon Brooks and they were terrible at OL so he will improve a bad situation. Signed LB Nigel Bradham and if he can approach is 2014 work he will be a good one there.


18. New Orleans Saint signed TE Coby Fleener to money normally paid to decent TEs. They got Coby Fleener. He’s not even the Graham of Sea in 2015.


19. Miami Dolphins Signed Mario Williams DE who might be inspired to play Buffalo twice but the amount of inspiration left in his gas tank is debatable.


20. Oakland Raiders signed Kelechi Osemele – a young O liner who has played both G and OT and will bring some road grader power to an Oakland Line that can use it. Signed Bruce Irvin DE and now have a pass rusher to pair with Khalil Mack. A great addition. Signed 38yr old Sean Smith CB who may be old but has at least 1 or 2 years left as a man cover corner and will greatly help the Raider Secondary.


21. New York Giants.- signed Olivier Vernon DE – huge money for a huge young guy. This will bring edge pressure for a team that had no pass rush so it is a big addition. Signing Damon Harrison DL from the Jets shows the G-men are serious about changing out the joke what was their D line. Signing Janoris Jenkins CB to the 2nd biggest contract for a Corner was a reach. He is the girl on the hill…when he is good, he’s great and when he’s bad, he’s awful. Gonna raise Giants fans blood pressure with his inconsistency. They kept JPP, I figure they think he can still bring some spark and provide fireworks to the D J.


22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers keeping Doug Martin was the smartest thing they could have done. Signed OL JR Sweezy and he makes that O line better and will help Martin and Winston.


23. Jacksonville Jaguars – Malik Jackson DE – becomes a key pass rush book end to pair with their first rounder who missed his rookie year and brings some power to a D line that needed it. Signed RB Chris Ivory and this big thumper who is younger than one thinks, will combine with Yeldon to give Jacksonville a serious running attack which Bortles needs. Signed P Brad Nortman late of Carolina and this could be a major addition helping with field position every game. Signed S Tashaun Gipson and his youth and talent make a bad safety position better on a team getting better faster.


24. San Diego Chargers Signed WR Travis Benjamin who can be a decent WR and SD is in dire need of WR talent so he can’t hurt. Signed DE Brandon Mebane and he will give them punch at NT.


25. Baltimore Ravens Signed Grandpa Ben Watson TE to help his team cash AARP checks and maybe catch a few passes.


26. Atlanta Falcons grabbing Alex Mack C makes a bad O line much better and makes Matt Ryan feel better. Signed QB Matt Schaub just in case they need a pick 6, now they have on backing up Ryan. Signed DE Derrick Shelby and if he keeps his off the field stuff in line he could help. Signed WR Mohammed Sanu and he will take over for Roddy White and that makes them better.


27. Los Angeles Rams. Guess changing city was all they needed?


28. San Francisco seeming to be ready to trade Kaepernick because once you go Gabbert you can’t go back.


29. Chicago BEARS signed Danny Trevathan and he brings the best talent to the LB corps since Urlacher was a young man. Signed OT Bobby Massie and he isn’t great but the BEARS play OL as a volume business and the more the merrier.


30. Cleveland Browns did nothing but lose players and keep John Manziel. A more dysfunctional team in the NFL I do not believe exists. Report today was they weren’t ready for free agency to start. Are they a joke?


31. Tennessee Titans signed QB Matt Cassell to give Mariota a good veteran backup. Signed WR Rishard Matthews and he will bring a talent of consistency if not explosiveness to help Mariota. Signed OL Ben Jones and makes the O line better to help both Mariota and new RB DeMarco Murray.


32. Dallas Cowboys. Crickets.



Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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