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nfl draft 2016

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1              LA Rams               Jared Goff QB – An Aaron Rodgers kind of QB.  Shifty feet not a runner but solid pocket passer and he should be under center come Early September and time will tell if he’s the best.  The right pick for L.A.

2              PHIL       Carson Wentz QB – An Andrew Luck kind of QB.  Big arm, fast runner, not much experience so he gets to learn behind Chase and or Sam but he may be a great one…we will see.  Has Wentz been booed much in his life? Welcome to Philly!

3              SD           Joey Bosa DE – Well that is a shocker!  The Chargers had great needs and they didn’t go for any of them.  Bosa is a good pass rusher and now he gets to learn a new scheme and SD still needs OL help.  Interesting but maybe not the best idea here.  This shakes up the draft big time.

4              DALL      Ezekiel Elliott RB – That is a nice pick that shows still Jerry Jones rules the roost in Big D.  The Cowboys have a young RB to go with their young WR (mother beater Dez) and a nearly retired badly hurt never healthy again Romo.  Elliott should give Romo a quieter year so he might not get hurt til week 14.  Greg Hardy may be gone but he’s still a SCUMBAG.

5              JACKS    Jalen Ramsey CB – They can’t believe this guy fell to them and now with the return of their first round pass rusher…the Jags got a D to go with that polished O and we may have to put Jacksonville on the dark horse 2016 playoff list.  Superb pick.

6              BALT      Ronnie Stanley OT – He has been climbing and he jumped Tunsil.  A good pick that will make Joe Fleasy’s life easier.  He can run block too so that could help the Raven ground game.

7              SF           DeForest Buckner DE – A fierce defender who will bring a load of power in the front 7 and if he doesn’t retire in the next 30 minutes he will give SF a powerful force who can blast the run and scare the passer.

8              CLEV      TRADES to TENN               Jack Conklin OL – He is a solid OT and he will keep Mariota upright and is a safe if not superb pick as the best OL is still available but Conklin is ‘safer’.

9              TB           TRADES to CHICAGO BEARS         Leonard Floyd LB – He is a speed defender who may not get to the QB, he may be undersized, he may be like the first round pick of Miami from a couple of years back.  Years from now BEARS Fans may look back at this, watching their QB get knocked down over and over and say ‘we could have had Tunsil at LT right?’ Who’d we draft? Floyd the Barber?

10           NYG       Eli Apple CB – Wow he went before Hargreaves and he is a good DB and will make an absolutely terrible secondary a bit better.  I don’t think people appreciate how bad the Giant secondary was and is and Eli can only bring all he has to a BAD team.  A small reach that won’t do everything they need.

11           CHIC      TRADES to TB     Vernon Hargreaves CB – This guy has been mocked here since the first mocks.  They traded back and got their guy and he will bring a solid presence in their secondary and make a young and improving Buc D better and this team is getting better.  Solid pick, well played by Tampa.

12           NO         Sheldon Rankins DE – Saints needed help on D and this guy brings that help.  He will be able to pressure the QB and Rankins is a bold rusher.  He will need to develop other parts of his game but he can rush the passer.

13           MIA       Laremy Tunsil OL – The Titans wanted him with the first pick, and they traded up and weren’t brave enough to take him.  Now he lands here and this team just got better with the best OT available.  Off field crap not withstanding this guy is going to be a super LT for the next 10 or 15 years.  I am behind Tunsil and he is a beast.

14           OAK       Karl Joseph S – The best safety in the draft is now in the Silver and Black.  He brings youthful talent to one area that Oakland was missing a young star.  Now they have a Great young QB/RB/WR/LB and S…a superb pick, a touch of a reach but he will help them immediately.

15           TENN     TRADES to CLEV                Corey Coleman WR – A team with no WR had to draft one eventually and they took possibly the best one.  He is solid as a speed receiver.  A reach but a decent pick that helps a huge hole.

16           DET        Taylor Decker G – Detroit needed help in all areas and he will help keep a bad QB on his feet to allow Stafford to be more comfortable when he throws picks.

17           ATL         Keanu Neal S – ok, well they had to draft someone and they did.  I can’t say I thought this guy was first round material and Atlanta had some issues and this doesn’t help many of them.  The first significant reach and head scratcher.

18           INDY      Ryan Kelly C – indy has needed a Center since Saturday retired and now they have one.  This will be a great help to the enigma known as Andrew Luck.  A solid pick that helps a bad Colt line where it really needed help.

19           BUFF     Shaq Lawson DE – The Bills D had a severe lack of character and effort.  Lawson has a non-stop motor and he should be able to perhaps be one who leads from example from his rookie game on.  He will make them a better team right away.

20           NYJ         Darron Lee LB – Ok if I am Ryan Fitzpatrick I am happy now and about to get rich.  There is no way the Jets go forward with Geno the welcher.  Oh yeah, Lee helps their D.

21           WASH   TRADES to HOU                Will Fuller WR – The speed burner heads south and gives Houston two excellent weapons on the outside.  They must have thought Cincy was going to steal him so they moved up and got him.  A fast guy but he has a little Ted Ginn dropsy do in him.

22           HOU      TRADES to WASH             Josh Doctson WR – hmmm well I guess Washington felt they needed a WR more than anyone else thought they did.  He will be good for Cousins but this won’t really help the Skin D to stop blowing leads.  Hmmm.

23           MINN    Laquon Treadwell WR – The player Minnesota wanted lands in their lap.  A great possession receiver who will be there every down for Teddy and this will make Rudolph better as he can give up being the go to double covered TE and just be a great weapon while Treadwell catches everything thrown his way.

24           CINC      William Jackson III CB – They really wanted a WR and all the 1st rounders were gone.  They needed secondary help and as a bonus they are cutting the grass of hated division rival Pittsburgh.  I can see Marvin Lewis putting thumb to nose and saying ha ha we took the last good CB!  A decent pick.

25           PITT       Artie Burns CB – Well they really needed a CB and this guy plays that position.  He is a touch of a reach but after Burns the next CB is well down the hill.  He will help the Steelers.

26           SEA        TRADES to DEN                 Paxton Lynch QB – The Broncos just traded up to get their man.  If Elway can get him moving forward quick enough he might surprise people and be a day one starter.  He could be a project but if he can just do a rookie Big Ben thing he can figure it out while handing it off.  A great pick and the franchise QB of Denver.  Great pick.

27           GB          Kenny Clark DT – Well he will be another piece in the Packer D.  He is a decent big guy who can stuff the run and even pressure a little up the middle.  A decent pick for the Pack.

28           KC           TRADES to SF                     Joshua Garnett G – well evidently SF knows something that no one else did as they just traded up to get someone who could probably been drafted in the late 2nd.  I am kerfuffled by this one.  You traded up for a Guard? A Guard? Oh yeah, this is SF.

29           ARIZ       Robert Knemdiche DT – Someone had to take Window.  That is what I call him since he fell out of one once.  Window can play very hard and take plays off very hard.  It is possible that Arians can keep him motivated.  If and it’s a huge IF he can be motivated, he could be a pass rush force.  We shall see if this is a good one or if Arizona just tossed it out the window.

30           CARO    Vernon Butler DT – Well the Panthers took another guy who can just add more power and dominance to an already stout D.  He is a big body that will help make the best linebackers in the NFL better.  Good pick.

31           DEN       TRADES to SEA                  Germain Ifedi OT – The Seahawks just gave an area of their team that needed help some help.  Ifedi could have been a higher pick.  He is a solid addition who will help an area that needs help.  Solid late first pick.

Any thoughts are welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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