Random Sunday Football Thoughts #NFL



We are getting closer to the preseason and training camp fun that comes with it. What is new in Football? The Rookie Salary cap has mostly ended rookie holdouts unless you are the stupid teams like San Diego. They are engaged in a hold out with Joey Bosa over ‘language’. San Diego wants to be able to reclaim bonus money if Bosa isn’t on SD for 5 years. What kind of cheap crap is that and all it does is put their top pick in the slow lane to stardom.


Dave Dameshek is now on the NFL Network so much you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting him. He is the flavor of the month evidently but I am quickly getting tired of seeing him and hearing his voice.


The Sporting News Picks the Steelers to win the Super Bowl in 2016. Zev must be impressed. I think the jump from ‘a dynamic offense’ to ‘a growing great D’ is a large leap and I need to see the D work before I see this team in the Super Bowl let alone winning it.


My team/division reviews will be starting in August!


Have a great last week of June all!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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