Less Than 1 Week to Start of Training Camps Thoughts #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp

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Here we are on the cusp of a new season…

What is new?  Brady will miss the first 4 games of the year.  How will the Pats do?  Will Garopolo be able to hold his own?  I think if they go 2-2 without Tom it is a good result.  Will 0-4 make them also rans in the division?  Will be interesting to watch.
Von Miller signed a ridiculous contract to stay in Denver.  Some say this means they can repeat…I say only if Miller can play QB.
It also is being said that since the NFL has way more $$$ than other major sports leagues…why don’t they guarantee contracts like NBA/MLB/NHL.  Perhaps that is one reason why they have way more $$$ than any other league?
Ray Rice thinks he may be running out of time to play again.  The difference between him and AP is that Rice’s evil was caught on tape, AP did worse but there was no video.  Rice was on the start of a downhill slide in terms of production while AP was in his prime.  It is all about talent level if you commit a horrible crime…the more talented…the more chances to play.
Football is nearly back!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan