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Oakland Raiders – yes I have drunk the kool-aid and for this to come to pass Oakland will have to find it in them to win easy games, win easy games ON THE OTHER COAST and win tough games *at least half of them*

I like Carr, Cooper, Murray and the D lead by Mack and think this is the year

if all goes superbly and the Silver and Black is back then 12-4 is possible.
If it all goes as it should then 11-5 is it
if they can’t man up it could be a disappointing 8-8

I think 11-5 and Division Champs

Kansas City Chiefs – They have a balanced if not exciting O and a D that can be a force sometimes. And a tough schedule.

If they exceed expectations then 11-5 is possible
if they are who I think they are then 9-7 is their record
if it all falls apart then 7-9 is what is will be

I say 9-7.

Denver Broncos – the laughable world champs will be preseason #1 in my poll but they will fall from that spot as soon as the season starts. No QB, no real offense, a D beset by losses and a tough schedule.

if somehow their QB can complete a pass and not butt-fumble they could be 10-6
If Butt-fumble is their QB and he is who he is then 8-8 it will be.
If they are completely destroyed they could be 5-11

I say 8-8 and an ugly 8-8.

Speaking of ugly I present…

San Diego Chargers – They have destroyed any hope of success with their top pick. They didn’t take a LT at #3 as they had paid their bad LT a lot of money so he is their guy. They have an aging O, a D with major issues and a tough schedule. Combine with a team likely being voted out of their town and run by morons…

If they scrape together some success they could be 6-10
If they are a complete mess then 5-11
if it all collapses then 3-13 is possible.

I say 5-11 but for the life of me I can’t see 5 wins on their schedule.


Preseason Power Poll will be out on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


Mr. N’s NFC South Preview #NFL #NFLThoughts #NFLTrainingCamp

NFC South


Carolina Panthers led the way last year and this year have somewhat of a nice schedule and most pieces back including Benjamin at WR to have another nice road to the playoffs.

If all goes well they could end up 14-2 and have home field throughout
If they lose a few then they go 13-3 and just win the division and maybe have no bye as there are a LOT of 13-3 NFC teams.
If they struggle they will still go 11-5

I like 13-3 and third seed so they are home against a Wild Card team.

New Orleans Saints have a superb offense but really need the D to show up some or this will not be fun and I don’t think the D will show up.

If they find D to go with scoring then 10-6 is on the plate
if the D does what it can then 8-8 is what they will be
If the O can’t work either then 5-11 is that nightmare

I say 8-8 and watch the fun as Brees throws for 5000 yards

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back with Winston a year older and maybe he can connect with his WR a bit better, especially with long passes. The D needs to step up to.

If they find it all comes together then I say 9-7 is their record.
if they have some Winston and D issues then 7-9
If the D is bad then 6-10.

I expect 7-9 which is one better than last year and perhaps playoffs in 2017.

Atlanta Falcons won their first 5 last year and I don’t think they may win 5 in 2016. This is a team led by a poor excuse for a QB and has issues at WR and O line and D. Boy do they have D issues.

If they have success then they could be 7-9.
If they are what they really are then 4-12 is it.
If it blows up then 3-13 is likely.

I give them 4-12 and another ugly year in Atlanta.


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s AFC East Preview #NFL #NFLThoughts #NFLPreseason

afc east


This division has belonged to New England for so long that…it will again this year.

New England – they have no Brady for 4 games, an O-line looking for consistency, questions at RB too. They do have Brady and Belichick for 12 games and a pretty easy schedule.

If they split without Tom and roll their late schedule they could be 13-3

All things equal they will be 11-5

If they get swept early and the O-line collapses it could be 9-7

I expect 11-5 and win the division.

New York Jets – they got Fitz back but have questions on D and at O-line. They have a tough schedule too and they are relying on Fitzpatrick to get them to the playoffs.

If Fitz has one more year in him and O-line is stout they could be 11-5

If Fitz is Fitz then 9-7 is expected

If the team collapses they could be 7-9

I expect 9-7 and out of the playoffs again.

Miami Dolphins – Tannehill is better but the team is lacking D and depth at O and have a tough sked.

If it all works they could be 9-7

If they tread water expect 7-9

If it collapese 5-11 and a new QB in Miami

I think, 7-9 and more turmoil in South Florida

Buffalo Bills – so long since the playoffs…one more year…beset by injuries and suspensions and a tough schedule and a stupid name change at the Ralph and it is not a good year for the Bills.

If it all works they could be 9-7

If it is what it should be then 6-10

If it fully collapses in a heap they will be 4-12

I think 6-10 and last in the the division


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s NFC West Preview 2016 #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp #NFLThoughts

nfc west


This is the shot for Arizona. * Bruce Arians health issues could derail this *

Arizona Cardinals – They are built for a run. They seem to have everyone healthy and have reasonable depth (everywhere but QB). The schedule is favorable and if any team is going to do it…

If all goes well then 14-2 is likely
If it is as it should be then 13-3 division champs and Homefield throughout
If Carson Palmer gets hurt then 11-5 is likely

I believe 13-3 and in control in the NFC

Seattle Seahawks – Perennially a contender they will be again. With Coach and QB they indeed are the Pats West. Questions abound on the O line and at the efficacy of the running backs.

If all goes well then 11-5 is likely
If all is at it should be then 10-6 is it
If the O line collapses then 8-8 is the end result.

I think 10-6 in wild card hunt.

Los Angeles Rams – good news for LA is football is back and this team isn’t San Francisco, however…

A team beset with questions and growth issues could have a long year

if all goes well then 7-9 is likely
If all is as it should be then 6-10
If it’s a mess then 3-13 and Fisher may be gone

I think 6-10 as Goff takes over about week 5.

San Francisco 49ers – they used to be the cream of the crop in the NFL. Those days are long gone. A team with a gimmicky O and a D with only 1 talented player. The whole NFL knows how to beat Chip Kelly’s O and that O will just exhaust a bad D. Not a good combo.

If all goes well then 2-14 is the high water mark
If all is as it should be then 1-15 will be it
This team could go 0-16

I think they win 1 and it’s another ugly year in the Bay


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

AFC NORTH PREVIEW 2016 #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp #NFLThoughts

AFC North


Cincinnati Bengals – a team that is built with few holes. One only wonders why this team can’t win a playoff game. By far the most talented and balanced team in the division and they are not beset with drug suspensions. Depth at QB/RB/WR/OL/DL/LB/CB. Built to dominate in the regular season. The post season is another story.

If all goes well they will be 13-3 and vie for home field throughout

If all is as it should be they will be 12-4

If they have troubles then 10-6 is likely.

I say 12-4 and win the division.

Pittsburgh Steelers – A team that has great talent (on O) but a touch lack of inner discipline. Missing a key WR for a year long suspension (Bryant), probably missing LeVeon Bell for 4 games due to suspension. Some issues on O line and a D that is build on top picks but needs to step up – especially in the secondary. I think the suspensions kill their chances.

if all goes amazing they will be 11-5

if it is as it should be they will be 10-6

if they stumble bad then 8-8 is likely.

I think 10-6 and sniffing around a wild card spot.

Baltimore Ravens – a team with about two dozen ifs and that is too many to deal with successfully. They have a lot of key players coming back from injury or bad years and they need health and good play everywhere. A long year ahead.

if all ifs come home then 10-6

if many ifs don’t work 9-7

if no ifs come but lots of buts 8-8

I say 9-7

Cleveland Browns – Building for 2018 but have to play in 2016. A team that is lacking in nearly every position and where they have talent it is either untested or has no depth. They have a tough schedule and have all their hopes on RGIII.

If all goes super for them they will be 5-11

if they manage to just sneak a few they can be 3-13

They could lose them all and be 0-16.

I say 3-13 and another top 5 pick.


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


NFC EAST Preview 2016 #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp

NFC East


If one watches the NFL Network one would think the Super Bowl winner is coming out of this – the best division in football. However I decided to analyze the whole thing myself and here are the results.

Washington Redskins – The most complete team in a pretty terrible division. They have a solid QB and good WR and TE. They need something at RB but their D is a lot better now that they have a shutdown CB. They play the NFC East so that means 6 wins and if they can go 3-7 the rest of the way?

I think so

all things great and they could be 9-7 and win the division,

all things equal 9-7 and they win the division

all things poor and 9-7 and win the division.

I say 9-7 and win the division.

The Dallas Cowboys – all I heard is how great that O line is and then I see that their LT let in more sacks last year than ever and their Right side is weak. Add that a QB who is a hit in the collarbone from retirement and A RB rookie who is being so anointed he may float in the clouds and a mother beating WR who can’t catch a TD legally in the playoffs AND a d that is terrible and did nothing to improve and watch the fun.

If it all works they go 8-8 and don’t make the playoffs

If it is as it is they are 6-10

If Romo’s shoulder busts week 2 they finish 4-12

I say 6-10.

New York Giants – The New York Giants are a team missing key parts on OL and at RB and they only have OBG at WR. That is Odell Beckham Gloves. He can’t catch a cold with bare hands and his stickem gloves make him what he is. The D is terrible and this team is not going anywhere this year.

If it all works they will be 7-9

if it’s as it is then 6-10

if it’s bad it will all be bad 3-13

I see 6-10 and tied with Dallas in a distant bad 2nd.

Philadelphia Eagles – this team had nothing anywhere and then lost their RT due to drugs. No QB of any talent, no RB, no WR, No linebackers, one pass rusher and maybe one guy who can cover. Gonna be ugly

If somehow they can get some O then 6-10 is possible.

If it is just how it will be then 4-12

if they are bad 4-12

they will be 4-12

A rotten division again that we will see media talk about every single hour of every single day.


Mr. N the BEARS Fan

AFC South 2016 Preview #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp




We have a changing of the guard in the AFC South…

Jacksonville Jaguars – a team with a great young QB and a superb group of receivers and now a solid run game adds some new depth on o-line. The big addition is a great amount of talent inserted into the woe-begone D. This team will have a pass rush now, they will stop the run and they can cover. They have a pretty easy schedule and this thing comes together in 2016.

If all goes well they are 11-5
if it’s more like 2017 then it’s 8-8

I believe 10-6 and they win the division.

Houston Texans – this team is banking on Brock to be their QB and that is a big maybe. They have added speed on WR and hope their D can keep it up or get better. I am not sold on the O and must see it to believe it.

If all goes well they are 11-5 and sneak the division
if their QB is crap they are lucky to be 7-9

I believe 9-7 and sniffing at a wild card.

Indianapolis Colts – They are paying Andrew Luck $$$$$ to have last year be an aberration and they believe Gore can still run, and their pretty worthless WR core can somehow be good. They have improved the O line. The D has one slightly over rated corner and a very old pass rusher. Their D will be ripped every week. They are like the old time Raiders with maybe scoring lots but letting in lots. Their approach to the D…use the same players and hope they are better reminds me of Einstein’s definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and hoping for different results. A poor team.

If all goes well they go 8-8
If they are battered they could be 5-11

I believe 6-10 and probably the end of Pagano in Indy.

Tennessee Titans – the rebuild continues with QB set and a good TE and, and, and well they have a QB and a TE. They have added Murray and Henry so they can power run but have no WR and their line is still poor. Their D is a joke and their schedule is hard for them.

If all goes well they could be 5-11
If it all falls apart they might be 1-15

I believe 4-12 and one more year of ‘wait til next year’.


Mr. N The BEARS Fan