2016 NFC North Preview #NFL #NFLThoughts #TrainingCamp

NFC north

Hey everyone, normally I start AFC East and go by the numbers but if the NFL Network can spend 80% of its training camp coverage on the 4-12 Dallas Cowboys I get to start with a preview of my favorite team’s division.

The Green Bay Packers appear to be the class again. Rodgers seems healthy * a hit in the head away from retiring *, Nelson appears back, Their RB has lost weight, their D is younger and their schedule is easy.

If it all breaks for them, 14-2, if it’s a bad year with injuries 10-6. I suggest 13-3 and they win the division.

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off a great year that ended with a bad kick. They have gotten more weapons on offense and the D is still solid. AP is a child beater but seems still capable. The sked here isn’t bad either (whole division plays the NFC Least so that is a good thing).

I think the Vikes could get 11-5 and maybe sneak the division but they could also find Teddy can’t get it done and fall to 7-9. I bet 10-6 and in the wild card discussion.

My CHICAGO BEARS are back and are once more trying to fix the O line, get the D better and hope Cutler can play decent. They could have weapons on O and they could have better O and D. The Sked is easy.

If the BEARS find it all they might get to 10-6 and be in the wild card talk. It could all blow up and be Cutler’s last year with 6-10. I think 9-7 and just out of the playoffs.

Detroit Lions are a team that can’t take another losing season so this will be painful for them. They have a new line on O, no receivers to speak of, questionable RB who fumbles a lot and a QB who is a joke. The D is missing pieces and has about one great LB and CB and that it’s it. No schedule helps this hot mess.

If they have a great year they are 6-10, a bad year will end 4-12. I think they are 4-12.

AFC South next…


MR N the BEARS Fan


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