AFC South 2016 Preview #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp




We have a changing of the guard in the AFC South…

Jacksonville Jaguars – a team with a great young QB and a superb group of receivers and now a solid run game adds some new depth on o-line. The big addition is a great amount of talent inserted into the woe-begone D. This team will have a pass rush now, they will stop the run and they can cover. They have a pretty easy schedule and this thing comes together in 2016.

If all goes well they are 11-5
if it’s more like 2017 then it’s 8-8

I believe 10-6 and they win the division.

Houston Texans – this team is banking on Brock to be their QB and that is a big maybe. They have added speed on WR and hope their D can keep it up or get better. I am not sold on the O and must see it to believe it.

If all goes well they are 11-5 and sneak the division
if their QB is crap they are lucky to be 7-9

I believe 9-7 and sniffing at a wild card.

Indianapolis Colts – They are paying Andrew Luck $$$$$ to have last year be an aberration and they believe Gore can still run, and their pretty worthless WR core can somehow be good. They have improved the O line. The D has one slightly over rated corner and a very old pass rusher. Their D will be ripped every week. They are like the old time Raiders with maybe scoring lots but letting in lots. Their approach to the D…use the same players and hope they are better reminds me of Einstein’s definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and hoping for different results. A poor team.

If all goes well they go 8-8
If they are battered they could be 5-11

I believe 6-10 and probably the end of Pagano in Indy.

Tennessee Titans – the rebuild continues with QB set and a good TE and, and, and well they have a QB and a TE. They have added Murray and Henry so they can power run but have no WR and their line is still poor. Their D is a joke and their schedule is hard for them.

If all goes well they could be 5-11
If it all falls apart they might be 1-15

I believe 4-12 and one more year of ‘wait til next year’.


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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