NFC EAST Preview 2016 #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp

NFC East


If one watches the NFL Network one would think the Super Bowl winner is coming out of this – the best division in football. However I decided to analyze the whole thing myself and here are the results.

Washington Redskins – The most complete team in a pretty terrible division. They have a solid QB and good WR and TE. They need something at RB but their D is a lot better now that they have a shutdown CB. They play the NFC East so that means 6 wins and if they can go 3-7 the rest of the way?

I think so

all things great and they could be 9-7 and win the division,

all things equal 9-7 and they win the division

all things poor and 9-7 and win the division.

I say 9-7 and win the division.

The Dallas Cowboys – all I heard is how great that O line is and then I see that their LT let in more sacks last year than ever and their Right side is weak. Add that a QB who is a hit in the collarbone from retirement and A RB rookie who is being so anointed he may float in the clouds and a mother beating WR who can’t catch a TD legally in the playoffs AND a d that is terrible and did nothing to improve and watch the fun.

If it all works they go 8-8 and don’t make the playoffs

If it is as it is they are 6-10

If Romo’s shoulder busts week 2 they finish 4-12

I say 6-10.

New York Giants – The New York Giants are a team missing key parts on OL and at RB and they only have OBG at WR. That is Odell Beckham Gloves. He can’t catch a cold with bare hands and his stickem gloves make him what he is. The D is terrible and this team is not going anywhere this year.

If it all works they will be 7-9

if it’s as it is then 6-10

if it’s bad it will all be bad 3-13

I see 6-10 and tied with Dallas in a distant bad 2nd.

Philadelphia Eagles – this team had nothing anywhere and then lost their RT due to drugs. No QB of any talent, no RB, no WR, No linebackers, one pass rusher and maybe one guy who can cover. Gonna be ugly

If somehow they can get some O then 6-10 is possible.

If it is just how it will be then 4-12

if they are bad 4-12

they will be 4-12

A rotten division again that we will see media talk about every single hour of every single day.


Mr. N the BEARS Fan


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