AFC NORTH PREVIEW 2016 #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp #NFLThoughts

AFC North


Cincinnati Bengals – a team that is built with few holes. One only wonders why this team can’t win a playoff game. By far the most talented and balanced team in the division and they are not beset with drug suspensions. Depth at QB/RB/WR/OL/DL/LB/CB. Built to dominate in the regular season. The post season is another story.

If all goes well they will be 13-3 and vie for home field throughout

If all is as it should be they will be 12-4

If they have troubles then 10-6 is likely.

I say 12-4 and win the division.

Pittsburgh Steelers – A team that has great talent (on O) but a touch lack of inner discipline. Missing a key WR for a year long suspension (Bryant), probably missing LeVeon Bell for 4 games due to suspension. Some issues on O line and a D that is build on top picks but needs to step up – especially in the secondary. I think the suspensions kill their chances.

if all goes amazing they will be 11-5

if it is as it should be they will be 10-6

if they stumble bad then 8-8 is likely.

I think 10-6 and sniffing around a wild card spot.

Baltimore Ravens – a team with about two dozen ifs and that is too many to deal with successfully. They have a lot of key players coming back from injury or bad years and they need health and good play everywhere. A long year ahead.

if all ifs come home then 10-6

if many ifs don’t work 9-7

if no ifs come but lots of buts 8-8

I say 9-7

Cleveland Browns – Building for 2018 but have to play in 2016. A team that is lacking in nearly every position and where they have talent it is either untested or has no depth. They have a tough schedule and have all their hopes on RGIII.

If all goes super for them they will be 5-11

if they manage to just sneak a few they can be 3-13

They could lose them all and be 0-16.

I say 3-13 and another top 5 pick.


Mr. N The BEARS Fan



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